I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 34

Jiang Hao didn’t have time to evade at all, and the fist hit his face hard.
Jiang Hao couldn’t stand still and fell straight down.
“Fool, you fucking said that you didn’t hook up with Qin Yun? I saw him fucking. I think you have anything to say this time?”
Li Yao pointed at Jiang Hao, scolded angrily.
Jiang Hao was also very angry because he was so wronged by this fist.
Furthermore, don’t say that you have nothing to do with Qin Yun, just have a relationship with you, Li Yao? You are not a parent!
Jiang Hao looked at Li Yao angrily and said, “Why are you hitting me?”
“Bah, I fucking want to hit you, because you’re poor, and you fucking hook up with people, I’ll see you hit me again in the future. You once!”
After speaking, Li Yao took a sip, turned his head and left, muttering: “Damn, anyone dared to toad and want to eat swan meat!”
Jiang Hao touched his face, and felt a little pain. , I feel so angry.
At this moment, Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming also rushed out of the bedroom.
When they saw Jiang Hao being beaten in the room, they rushed down.
“Are you okay!” Zhang Jie quickly helped Jiang Hao, and said angrily, “Damn, what’s the matter with that Li Yao? I fucking chase him, the three of us must fuck him beat him!”
Ji Xueming He frowned and said, “Brother Jie, don’t be impulsive. That Li Yao is said to have a good relationship with the demon of the school. Don’t be happy for a while, but it’s us!”
Zhang Jie doesn’t care about that much. His face was so angry that he looked at the direction of Li Yao’s disappearance and sipped: “Go fuck, what devil, it annoys me, I will kill them!”
Jiang Hao knew Zhang Jie’s temper and his temper was even more fierce. If you really encounter something wrong with your temper, you really dare to rush to kill you.
Besides, Jiang Hao had also heard about the school’s demon heads before, all of them were either from family background or background, or were cruel masters.
Although they don’t beat people to death or mutilate, they always find you uncomfortable. No one can bear it.
Jiang Hao pulled Zhang Jie and comforted: “Forget it, let’s stay away from these people in the future. Don’t pay attention to them.”
Zhang Jie looked in that direction again, and he was taken back by Jiang Hao.
There was nothing to say all night, and just after the next morning, Jiang Hao ceremoniously cleaned up and was about to go out.
In fact, what he calls grand is those old clothes that are cheap but still 70% to 80% new.
Last time in the mall, Jiang Hao only bought a pair of shoes and met Zhou Yuanyuan. As a result, many of the things he planned to buy were not bought.
Jiang Hao sighed. As the saying goes, people are clothes and horses or saddles, and he should really take the time to buy decent clothes, otherwise he will always be ridiculed by others if he always wears such old clothes.
At the school gate, Qin Yun glanced at the lady’s watch in her hand, then glanced in the direction of the school through the car window.
Qin Yun drove a BMW mini with beautiful cars and beautiful women, which really attracted many students to look at her.
Suddenly, Qin Yun smiled and honked the horn gently.
Jiang Hao glanced here, and when he saw the car, he couldn’t help being stunned.
He used to know that Qin Yun’s house was in good condition, but he didn’t expect that it turned out to be a BMW mini. You must know that the minimum cost of this car is 160,000 or 70 thousand.
Jiang Hao got into the car and looked at the interior of the car curiously. He couldn’t help thinking, when he should get a car and drive.
“It’s punctual!” Qin Yun smiled and said to Jiang Hao, “In this way, I will go to the piano shop to buy some musical instruments, and then we will go to eat. I know that there is a restaurant on the third ring road in the city. We will go there.”
Anyway, they were all treats, Jiang Hao just smiled and didn’t say much.
On the contrary, Qin Yun said that she was going to the piano shop, Jiang Hao thought: Didn’t she still plan to pay Xue Yuning a music stand, just just bought it.
Twenty minutes later, Qin Yun slowly stopped the car at the door of Yuedu Music Store.
This is the best piano store in Chujiang and the highest quality of musical instruments.
Qin Yun asked Jiang Hao to get out of the car first, and then went to find a parking space.
Jiang Hao waited at the door for a while, and saw that Qin Yun hadn’t come over, so he walked in first.
The music in the piano shop was melodious, and as soon as Jiang Hao entered the door, a young female salesperson hurriedly greeted her, but looking at Jiang Hao’s dress, the vigor on her face faded a little.
“Need something?” the female salesperson asked lightly, seemingly unmatched.
Jiang Hao smiled at the other party, and said just take a look.
Jiang Hao first took a stroll in the piano area. There were several pianos priced at hundreds of thousands, and the pianos looked simple and heavy.
Jiang Hao then strolled to the stringed instrument area, his eyes just casually looking.
Suddenly, he stopped and his eyes fell on a guitar.
“This is the Yamaha LL81, one of the best guitars.” The saleswoman said in an impatient tone.
She had been shopping with Jiang Hao for a whole circle, but this person didn’t buy anything, and when the saleswoman saw Jiang Hao’s eyes looking at the musical instrument, she knew that he was a layman who didn’t understand, she was just here to hang out. of.
She hates this kind of people the most, so her attitude towards Jiang Hao is even lower.
Just when Jiang Hao was about to reach out to touch the Yamaha guitar, the saleswoman suddenly said: “Don’t touch it, that guitar is more than 100,000!”
Jiang Hao was taken aback, pointing to the guitar and said: “It’s a dozen Wan, what does it matter if I touch it?”
Jiang Hao felt that the other party’s words were a bit ridiculous, and he meant clearly: You can’t afford to pay for it if you break it!
The saleswoman secretly blanked Jiang Hao’s eyes, and only cursed the turtle in her heart. She already understood what she meant. Are you a fool? You don’t understand.
Seeing that the female salesperson didn’t say a word, Jiang Hao sighed in his heart, and slowly put his hand back.
He knew very well in his heart that he didn’t need to be angry with this kind of person. This is also a dog-seeking master. He couldn’t buy that guitar just because he was angry with her, right? I can’t talk about it myself.
Jiang Hao went shopping again, and finally the female salesperson really couldn’t bear it. Then she asked, “If you are here to buy musical instruments, I advise you to consider watching a drama!” She pointed to the one standing next to her. He took a wooden guitar and said, “This is the cheapest instrument in this shop, and it costs 7,000.”
Although the other party didn’t say anything behind, Jiang Hao understood what she meant. He just looked down on himself and thought he couldn’t afford it. chant.
Jiang Hao sighed, thinking that such a person doesn’t need to talk to her.
“Do you have a music stand here?” Jiang Hao gave the female salesperson a brief description, and said, “I want better quality.” The female salesperson smiled when she heard the words, and said that it was true. After a while, she said Your true purpose.
She said angrily: “When you buy a music stand, you just talk about how good it is to buy a music stand. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. Come with me.” The female salesperson led Jiang Hao to a corner not far away, where various This kind of music stand, after all, this thing is not a valuable item, and there is no chance even to be on the table.
In the eyes of the female salesperson, Jiang Hao’s dress is just like buying such things.
“There are more than forty, and the more expensive one is more than 70. Which one do you want?” the saleswoman asked impatiently.
Jiang Hao took a look, chose the more expensive one, and then said, “Please pack it for me, thank you.”
“Packaging?” The female salesperson couldn’t help but sneered when she heard the words, and glanced at Jiang Hao, “Sorry, we sell such worthless things here, we never give them packaging, after all, these things are not there yet. The packaging costs are expensive! You can just take it and take it away. Should it be credit card or cash?”
Apparently the patience of the female salesperson has been completely worn out, and she has begun to urge Jiang Hao to leave.
Jiang Hao was also a little uncomfortable, and he said with a bit of anger: “Even if the packaging is ten times more expensive, you pack it for me.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao walked to the front desk of the piano store.
Jiang Hao felt that this female salesperson was simply unreasonable. She wanted to give it away, so what if she wanted a package?
After all, I am also a customer who comes here to consume. If you have such an attitude, who will come to you in the future.
Jiang Hao’s words really made the female salesperson angry. She curled her lips and thought: “Poor, you can’t afford a piano and just buy this kind of stuff to pretend to be coerced, and you have to pack it? As expected, the poorer the more careful!”

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