I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 35

The female salesperson called, and Jiang Hao turned her eyes blank, and walked to the side to answer the phone.
“Cousin, why haven’t you come yet? I’m leaving you!” On the other end of the phone, a girl’s voice appeared anxiously urging.
The female salesperson sighed when she heard the words, looked at Jiang Hao, covered her mouth and whispered: “Hey, my cousin met a stupid guy here. I just can’t buy it. You wait for my cousin, I’ll go there right away, OK?”
After answering the phone, she hung up, but her face became more impatient.
Originally, I still had things to do today. I even asked the boss for a vacation, but when he was about to leave, Jiang Hao came.
There are actually a few people in the piano shop, who usually take turns. Today, she went to work by herself. She wanted to leave Jiang Hao quickly, and she hurried away, but Jiang Hao slowly started walking around.
It was so angry that the roots of her teeth were itching.
After hanging up the phone, the female salesperson walked directly to Jiang Hao and said directly: “Hey, let’s be busy. Go to the store across the street. The things there are cheap.”
Jiang Hao was taken aback and looked at it. The female salesperson was a little at a loss: “Go to that store?”
He didn’t understand what the other party meant. The female salesperson quickly said impatiently: “I’ll tell you the truth. I don’t think you can be here. Those who can afford a musical instrument here, if you just want to buy a music stand, go to the opposite store and waste less time here. To be honest, we don’t usually entertain customers like you at all.”
Jiang Hao Hearing what this woman said, she was stunned again, and she said that she was too straightforward.
The woman simply said: I look down on you, you can get out.
“Why do you have this attitude?” Jiang Hao said very dissatisfied, “Anyway, I am your customer too? Is it possible that your store treats customers like this normally!”
The female salesperson glanced at her watch anxiously, really didn’t want to talk nonsense with Jiang Hao, she said with a displeased face: “What is wrong with you? How can you be so nonsense? What’s my attitude towards you? You have a good attitude. Can you afford a piano or what’s wrong?”
“I’m so desperate, I don’t know why you are coming here!” The female salesperson murmured, watching Jiang Hao’s gaze like water and fire .
“What do you mean?” Jiang Hao looked at the woman, a little sullen, if his classmates told him to be forced, even a small salesperson would dare to call himself that.
The female salesperson smiled disapprovingly: “It doesn’t mean anything, isn’t I telling the truth? It’s not poor, you just buy me a piano? Haha, can you afford it? Can’t afford it, why is it not poor?”
Jiang Hao was completely irritated by the other’s attitude, and angrily took out his bank card and pointed to the quaint grand piano in the center of the piano store.
“Hehe, I can’t afford it?” Jiang Hao sneered, and directly slapped the bank card on the side table. “I bought this piano!” The female salesperson was taken aback by Jiang Hao’s battle. After taking out his bank card, is it possible that he can really afford it?
That is a piano of the German Schmier brand, worth more than 700,000 yuan.
The female salesperson thought about it, and she felt that her talent was a bit ridiculous. Jiang Hao’s outfit, with seventy dollars in her pocket, was pretty good.
“Okay, hehe, I’ll just swipe your card, and I’ll see if you can afford it!”
After speaking, the female salesperson turned around and left.
But almost at this moment, the door of the piano shop was suddenly opened, and Qin Yun walked in quickly and heard Jiang Hao and the female salesperson arguing.
Qin Yun frowned, ran over and snatched the bank card from the female salesperson.
“What’s wrong?” Qin Yun looked at Jiang Hao and said, “What are you arguing about?”
The female salesperson sneered and said: “Hehe, then I have to ask him, your friend is really a local tyrant. He just patted the table and said that he wants to buy that Schumier piano!”
Qin Yun heard this. , Suddenly stunned.
She often comes to this piano shop, and naturally knows that the piano is expensive, even if it is herself, only Wang Qin sighs, Jiang Hao’s conditions are so poor, it is only strange to be able to afford it!
Qin Yun knew that the two of them must be stunned, but what can be stunned? Speaking such a big talk, he also dumped the bank card to others.
After a while, someone swiped the card and found that the balance in the card was only a few hundred or even dozens of dollars. Don’t you want to be laughed out of it?
Qin Yun suddenly felt that she probably didn’t know Jiang Hao well before, but now she realized that he was so naive and even thoughtless.
This is deliberately letting people grab your handle.
Qin Yun sighed, frowned and forced the bank card to Jiang Hao, and said: “Okay, don’t be impulsive, just listen to me.”
Jiang Hao was still a little angry, and continued: “You know what she just said. Am I a customer, and I have to be angry with her?”
Qin Yun nodded, she thought to herself, she just estimated that the female salesperson also stimulated Jiang Hao by talking, so he did this kind of thing.
After all, Jiang Hao’s conditions are very poor, so he will definitely be very sensitive to certain words.
Qin Yun said or said, finally done Jiang Hao’s work, let him go out and wait for herself in the car.
“Hey, okay, then I will go out and wait for you.” Jiang Hao sighed and walked out of the piano store angrily.
In fact, he calmed down and thought about it. It seemed that he was a little naive just now. The other party is a salesperson. What is his name with such a person?
And this kind of person is estimated to be like this for a lifetime.
Seeing Jiang Hao go out, the female salesperson curled her lips and said with disdain: “Hehe, people are poor and short-minded, and they like to pretend to be forced. Since you have to buy more than 700,000 pianos, why are you leaving again? It’s ridiculous, too. It’s worthy of this kind of place…”
“Well, you!”
Qin Yun scolded the female salesperson before she finished speaking, and Qin Yun really hated this woman.
Obviously this is what I did, and I still look down on others.
Qin Yun glanced at the half-packed music stand, and asked, “Did he buy it?” The female salesperson nodded and smiled contemptuously: “Yes, I just wandered around so much, I thought I was going to buy it. What? I bought something to write in the end, really haha…”
Qin Yun stared at the woman impatiently, and interrupted: “Enough, I warn you, I know your boss, if you are so nonsense , I’ll let her fire you! You wrap this for me now, I’ll pay the bill!” The female salesperson immediately turned red when she heard the words, a little angry, but still a little apprehensive. After all, this job is very good, not only is it not tired , There are eight or nine thousand in a month, she doesn’t want to lose her job.
A few minutes later, those music stands of Qin Yun left the piano shop. The moment she walked out of the door, the saleswoman slapped her back.
“Bah, what is it, it’s great to think that you have two bad money? The ghost knows where you came from, which bad old man keeps you from?”
The saleswoman muttered angrily: “And that poor man That’s right, shit, I’m so annoyed to delay my mother’s business!”
Qin Yun got on the car, handed the music stand to Jiang Hao, and smiled: “Here you!”
Jiang Hao was taken aback, somewhat surprised: “You ……You bought it?”
Qin Yun nodded, Jiang Hao flushed, and quickly said, “Then I will give you the money.”
He was about money, he was stopped by Qin Yun: “Oh no, I know you gotta conditions are not good, forget it, when I gave you, we are all friends Well!”
When it comes to friends With two words, Jiang Hao immediately felt warm. Now that Qin Yun said so, he would be frustrated with dozens of dollars, which really hurt others’ face.
Qin Yun started the car and slowly left the piano shop. She opened her mouth and said, “I’ll take you to a good place. They have a few signature dishes that are delicious.” The car drove for ten minutes and stopped at Fu. On the parking lot of Ruilou.
This restaurant has three floors and is an independent building. It looks like a European-style castle and is very majestic.
The two entered the door and were directly arranged to sit in a position on the first floor.
Qin Yun ordered a few dishes, and was about to hand over the menu to Jiang Hao, but Jiang Hao suddenly smiled awkwardly: “Well, you order first, I…I’ll go to the bathroom…”
After speaking, Jiang Hao got up and walked away, but what he didn’t expect was that he just went to the bathroom, and it caused a lot of trouble…

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He drives me nuts…is he slow or what? This is the second time a woman pay for him. He was there to buy a stand and he just walk out without buying it and have then the woman pay for it? Why doesn’t he insist on paying? You are making the ML and all the protagonist dumb, author,

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