I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 36

As Jiang Hao walked, he said that he was really disappointed.
However, when he reached the bathroom on the first floor, he realized that there was no room at this time. Jiang Hao sighed and walked towards the second floor…
On the second floor of Furui Building, Liu Siya looked anxiously and looked around for a long time. , I always feel that there are fewer classmates invited.
At this time, she saw Zhang Jie, and suddenly thought of something, she hurried over to take a picture of Zhang Jie.
“Hey Zhang Jie, didn’t Jiang Hao come?”
Zhang Jie raised his head and glanced at the other person in disgust, somewhat displeased: “Jiang Hao has something to do today, but he didn’t come.”
Liu Siya snorted and said with a smile: “Okay .” Well, you and Ji Xueming are here. It doesn’t matter if some people come or not. I didn’t plan to invite him anyway!”
Liu Siya thought for a while and said with great interest: “Zhang Jie, you said Jiang Hao didn’t come. Come here, after all, he was so embarrassed that day, haha
, maybe he didn’t have the face to meet people?” After speaking, Liu Siya covered her mouth and laughed, her smile very bright.
At this moment, a voice came from the side, and also a sneer: “Hehe, it’s better if the kind of people don’t come, and the ears are clean. They are obviously poor, and they like to brag everywhere. The most ridiculous thing is, obviously. Some things have nothing to do with him. He still likes to put gold on his face. This kind of person is really…haha idiot…”
It was Gao Jun who was talking. At this time, she was talking and walking away. Coming over, in front of everyone, he put an arm around Liu Siya’s waist.
When he heard Gao Jun’s words, Zhang Jie suddenly became a little angry, and pointed at Gao Jun and said, “Hey, be careful when you speak, who are you scolding!”
Gao Jun smiled disapprovingly, and didn’t put Zhang Jie in his eyes at all. , Sneered: “Can you control who I scold? I like scolding, who fools me to scold me! Besides, am I wrong? Ha ha, didn’t that foolish shame enough that day?”
After so many days, Gao Jun has no longer had his original psychological burden, and even assumed that Liu Siya had been rescued by himself before.
Think you have money and you are great!
Zhang Jie didn’t care so much, but when he heard Gao Jun say this, he became angry instead.
But before he could speak, he heard Liu Siya yell: “Cousin, cousin, here!”
Liu Siya looked very excited, jumping her feet, waving her hands in the direction of the stairs, and then going there. Ran over.
At the entrance of the stairs at this time, only a woman in her twenties, dressed in work clothes that had not had time to change, also walked towards Liu Siya.
This is no one else, but the female salesperson from the music store just now.
Liu Siya went up and hugged the woman, looked at the woman’s professional overalls, and frowned: “I said cousin, why did you come here?”
This woman’s name is Zhuang Qian, who is the daughter of Aunt Liu Siya. The relationship with Liu Siya is very good.
Zhuang Qian sighed, her face was full of smiles, and a hint of displeasure suddenly appeared: “Hey, Siya, don’t mention it. Just now, I was going to be mad at me. I was going to leave. The boss pleased me, but when I was about to leave, I ran into a stupid guy . When I walked in, I didn’t say what to buy, so I wandered around, or I would have come out.” Liu Siya nodded and smiled comfortingly: “Hey, Sister, don’t mind, isn’t this all over? Did that stupid say something?”
Zhuang Qian looked even more upset when she heard this, and said, “This is nothing, you know that stupid What’s the most annoying and the most ridiculous?” After a pause, Zhuang Qian said: “This idiot is obviously looking in tatters, but he has to pretend to be forced. Hearing what I said, he immediately became unhappy and pretended to be forced. Pointing to our most expensive Schumier and said that I want to buy this for me to see! That piano is 700,000, you say it is ridiculous?”
When Liu Siya heard the words, she burst into laughter and patted Zhuang Qian on the shoulder: “Sister, don’t tell me. Listening to you, I suddenly remembered someone in our class. That’s the same as that fool. He’s like a fucking play, he’s just like a dog, and he likes to play around!”
“Oh, you remember I told you before, when I was detained, there was a stupid guy there Gloating, saying that he can get me out as long as he makes a phone call! It’s that person, and I feel sick when I think about him!”
“Hehe, indeed, I don’t know how many such fools are now!”
Zhuang Qian sighed. Turning her head and looking around, when she raised her head and glanced over the stairs on the second floor, her eyes suddenly condensed!
“Cousin, cousin, that’s the idiot!” Zhuang Qian suddenly yelled, pointing to a figure not far away, her face couldn’t help but wondering, “Why is this idiot here? He…couldn’t he follow me? Right? Bastard, what does he want to do?”
Jiang Hao had just gone upstairs at this time, looking around, looking for the bathroom.
As soon as Zhuang Qian said this, everyone immediately cast their gazes, and everyone was shocked.
Because Zhuang Qian is not referring to others, but Jiang Hao!
“Why… why is it him?” Liu Siya was also a little surprised, but she did not expect that the person her cousin just said was Jiang Hao.
What made her even more surprised was that Jiang Hao would actually appear here.
When Liu Siya saw Jiang Hao, it was as if a cat had seen a mouse, and suddenly rushed over.
“Hey Jiang Hao!”
Liu Siya stopped Jiang Hao directly, sarcastically, “Hehe, can’t you tell me? Why are you here again? You are really disgusting, I know, you just don’t want to take my favor, think Come over sneakily and eat the meal, ha ha you are so disgusting!”
Jiang Hao was surprised when he saw Liu Siya. When he saw Gao Jun and the other people beside Liu Siya, he instantly understood that the place where Liu Siya chose to arrange the dinner was this Furui Building!
This is a coincidence!
“I didn’t!” Jiang Hao quickly defended, “I came over for dinner with a friend, and I didn’t expect you to be here.”
Liu Siya sneered after hearing this, and said loudly, “Can’t you change something else? That’s what I said at the bar this time, and this time, you fucking think of me as a fool?” After a pause, Liu Siya said again: “Moreover, the first floor of Furui Building serves individual guests, and the second floor is the banquet hall. , You fucking came up, dare you to quibble?”
Jiang Hao looked speechless, and said quickly: “I’m here to go to the bathroom, the first floor is full, I just…”
“Bah, you really didn’t tell a lie. Level, you treat us as fools ? Who do you think will believe your nonsense?” Liu Siya yelled at Jiang Hao contemptuously.
At this time, Zhuang Qian also rushed over. After seeing Jiang Hao, her face suddenly became gloomy.
“Haha, today is really disappointing, you can meet stupid guys everywhere!” Zhuang Qian blanched Bai Jianghao and said, “Did you just want to buy the 700,000 Schumier? Haha, how did you go? Huh? Pretending to be so unrealistic!”
“Siya, do you know him?” Zhuang Qian asked.
Liu Siya chuckled and said disdainfully: “Sister, I told you that we were all wrong just now. There are not many fools in this world. Coincidentally, we can always be met by us! I was not with you just now. Speaking of my poor and stupid classmate? This is the person!”
Zhuang Qian was so surprised when she heard Liu Siya’s words, she looked at Liu Siya in surprise, and then at Jiang Hao.
“Really? There is such a coincidence in this world?” Pretending to be exclaimed, “It turned out to be him? Haha, what you said is really right, there are many stupid and realistic things in this world. But I think, He also came to eat your dinner and banquet today?”
“Haha, when it comes to this, it would be more interesting sister!” Liu Siya said, “Originally, I thought, everyone is a classmate, even if you treat me that way, I I have to think that you are not, so I kindly called him to eat, but the result? This idiot not only doesn’t appreciate it, but also can’t say it. You say it is annoying and not annoying?”
“Why is he here?” Zhuang Qian did not Asked the solution.
“Either this kind of person is disgusting, he promised well, I can’t say it! It turned out to be sneaky just now!” Liu Siya said contemptuously, “In this way, I can eat without being impersonal? , How terrible?”

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At the beginning someone said this character was infuriating, I have to agree . Jiang Hoa let’s everyone walk all over himself. He needs to start acting like the rich family background He comes from and not some turtle who hides inside a shell.

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