I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 42

When the saleswoman heard Jiang Hao’s words, she couldn’t help but smile contemptuously.
Anyway, now Qin Yun is also gone, she feels that Jiang Hao can’t afford to pay for the clothes at all. And when this kind of thing happened, looking back, she definitely had to take care of this kind of thing herself.
Since this was the case, she simply ignored that much, and directly challenged Jiang Hao.
“Hehe, who do you think you are? You are pretty sensible. Yes, I just don’t think you can afford it. I know you are a poor man and you deserve to come to this place too?”
The female salesperson also gave up. If you know those clothes were trampled on like that, she will be punished when she turns around, and her anger towards Jiang Hao has become more intense.
“Hehe, I brought a girl last time. I was begging to let someone buy you a pair of shoes. This time I brought another one. I want people to buy you clothes! I’m not ashamed of you. Man, do you want to be shameless…” The female salesperson became more angry, and finally started to insult Jiang Hao.
After hearing this woman’s words, the few salespersons who didn’t know much about it all pointed to Jiang Hao.
“Oh my God, this person is like this? Really shameless, let women spend money to buy clothes…”
“And, at first glance, he is a poor man, and he deserves to come to us, what do you think…
” This kind of man feels disgusting when he looks at him, he doesn’t need a bit of spine, and asks the woman to pay for himself and choke to death in the toilet…”
Hearing the ridicule, Jiang Hao was furious at first, but soon It was relieved.
His unusual for TV drama female salesperson smiled slightly and said: “?! Oh, if you say you did not say enough is enough, you’d better say a will, a will because you have no chance” that a few When the female salesperson heard Jiang Hao’s words, they immediately looked at each other, thinking in their hearts that Jiang Hao couldn’t say anything and was ready to do it.
“Huh, what, do you still want to hit someone? Really shameless, a big man wants to do something to a woman!” the female salesperson who humiliated Jiang Hao said loudly, “Huh, believe it or not, I’ll call the security guard?”
Jiang Hao shook his head: “Hit you? Ha ha, no, you are wrong, you are not worthy at all!”
Jiang Hao looked at the Chanel store, the store is not small, it is four to five hundred square meters, and the decoration inside is also very good. Elegant.
“Then… Then what do you want to do?”
Jiang Hao sighed and smiled: “Don’t do anything, didn’t you say that I am a poor man? Then I will let you see who is the real poor man! Now call your manager or boss, I want to buy this store!” As soon as Jiang Hao spoke out, the female salesperson was taken aback, and the other few also looked confused and looked at each other.
But soon, these people burst into laughter almost at the same time, very presumptuous, very arrogant!
“You? Buy this store? Haha, you are so ridiculous, you don’t want to weigh yourself!” The female salesperson made no secret of her contempt for Jiang Hao, and mocked, this store only costs a year’s rent. More than one million, the goods in the store are still several million, and we have directly signed a sales contract with Chanel. Do you know how much the contract is? More than two million, huh… just you?
This female salesperson didn’t even look down on Jiang Hao at all. In addition to highlighting the nobility of the store, she was mocking Jiang Hao.
And highlighting the nobility of the store is obviously elevating herself. After all, she is an employee here. For Jiang Hao, she has a natural sense of superiority.
But the female salesperson said so much, in Jiang Hao’s eyes, it was simply ridiculous.
After all, according to what she just said, this store, which is six or seven million, can be bought easily.
And his current bank card, but a full 2 ​​billion.
As long as Jiang Hao is willing, it is not a problem at all to buy this half of the mall.
Jiang Hao smiled and looked at the female salesperson playfully, and said: “Now go and call your boss, I will wait for him here!” When the female salesperson heard this, she poked her lips and mocked. Said: “Hehe, just pretend to be forced, what kind of character do you really think of yourself? Why should I call you the manager? Who do you think you are?” The female salesperson did not take Jiang Hao’s words seriously. It just became more and more ridiculous.
She was about to continue to ridicule Jiang Hao. When she raised her head subconsciously, her gaze condensed because she saw someone.
He was a middle-aged man in his forties. He looked fair-skinned and well-proportioned. He had an innate temperament.
“Zhang…Manager Zhang?” The saleswoman subconsciously called out when she saw the visitor.
Originally, she had an arrogant expression on her face just because she had just ridiculed Jiang Hao. At this time, after she saw the manager Zhang, she immediately obeyed.
Zhang Wei was visiting the following stores on a routine basis today. He has more than a dozen stores and walks from house to house almost every week.
Hearing someone greet him, he subconsciously hummed.
Then he glanced at Jiang Hao’s body, first he was taken aback, and then his entire expression suddenly became astonished.
Zhang Wei opened his mouth for a long time, but because of his surprise, he couldn’t tell the few words.
Seeing the expression on her own manager, the female salesperson couldn’t help but was stunned for a moment, and then she thought to herself, did Jiang Hao’s words just be heard by Manager Zhang? Is Manager Zhang dissatisfied with this?
Thinking of this, her heart suddenly tensed. Without waiting for Zhang Wei to say anything, she hurriedly said: “Manager Zhang, don’t mind, this person is sick, I will drive him away immediately!” While she was talking
, the woman hurried up and pushed. Jiang Hao.
But before she did it, she was pushed by Zhang Wei fiercely, and the latter yelled at her: “What are you doing?”
“I…I’m driving this person out!” The woman said with a dazed expression, “You I don’t know how disgusting this person was just now. I asked a woman to buy him clothes, and said without shame that he would buy your store. Are you saying that this person is too shameless…”
“Pa…” The woman hasn’t finished speaking yet. , He was puffed up.
“You shut up!” Zhang Weike did not feel soft, pointed at the woman angrily, “You are too presumptuous, what are you? Dare to speak to him like this?” The woman was taken aback again, obviously she didn’t know at all. What kind of identity Jiang Hao is, even more bewildered why Zhang Wei suddenly became angry.
She covered her face, she had a lot of thoughts in her heart, but she didn’t have a clue. Suddenly she felt, was it because Manager Zhang felt that she had just had a problem with her attitude towards customers?
Thinking of this, she hurriedly explained: “Zhang…Manager Zhang, you may have misunderstood. The reason why I have such an attitude towards him is because he is not here to shop sincerely. He…” did not wait for the female salesperson. After speaking, Zhang Wei hurriedly pointed at her and scolded: “You shut up, what are you, you dare to say such things in front of it? Okay, you are now fired, and I don’t want to see you again.
Just a glance!” Just after Zhang Wei’s words, the female salesperson was completely dumbfounded. In almost an instant, tears burst out and said aggrieved: “Manager Zhang, why, this person is so poor, he can’t afford anything. , I just said casually, why did you fire me?”
Zhang Wei glanced at the female salesperson contemptuously, and snorted coldly: “Hehe, he can’t afford clothes? You are so ridiculous, if he wants to buy it, half Chu Jiang and he can buy it. You count as a fart, and you deserve to laugh at him? Get out of here, I’m for your good!”
After speaking, Zhang Wei hurriedly bowed to the two with a nervous expression. Said: “Jiang…Jiang Shao, why are you here? I’m really sorry, this is because I am not strict in discipline, please don’t be angry…”
Hearing what Zhang Wei said, and seeing his humble behavior, the female salesperson was struck by lightning, and she couldn’t move.
Buy half of Chujiang? Manager Zhang bowed and apologized. What is the origin of this person? What kind of big shot does this have to be?
If so, what did you do just now?
Thinking of this, the woman almost broke down.
If he is far away, he has offended Manager Zhang. With his energy, he can almost make himself unable to stay in Chujiang.
And the one who offended him, but even Manager Zhang would have to bow to his knees!

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