I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 43

Thinking of this, the woman would collapse instantly.
I still want to live in this Chujiang River. After offending such a big man, what should I do in the future?
Originally, she felt that it was a honour for herself to have the privilege of entering this Chanel brand store. For this reason, she still praised her with her friends.
But now it seems that not only is he unable to keep this job, but I have to say whether he can stay in Chujiang.
The woman was anxious, crying and begging: “Manager Zhang, you can’t let me go. My child just went to school, and my mother is not in good health. My husband is out of town. I…”
But it’s no use, now Zhang Wei hated this woman completely.
There was no way for her to fawn on Jiang Hao, but now she actually took the initiative to offend this top young man. She didn’t do anything to her, it was considered kind!
“Okay, stop talking nonsense. Starting today, you don’t want to show up again, huh, I also tell you, the entire Chujiang clothing industry, you don’t want to do it again!”
Upon hearing this, the woman suddenly Desperate.
She has a low degree of education. She has sold clothes for more than ten years. She has finally made it to today. If she doesn’t let herself be a bank, what else can she do in the future?
The woman knelt on the ground with a puff, crying bitterly.
“Don’t be funeral here, let me go out!” Zhang Wei screamed at the woman, “I knew today, why should I be in the past? This is the price of your dog’s eyes, you leave!”
Zhang Wei said This woman was not at all polite at all, and she was even resentful in her heart.
But seeing this woman so pitiful, Jiang Hao was also unbearable.
After all, she said just now that she has children at home and an old mother, and her husband is still out of town.
If this dismisses her and prevents her from finding a job when she turns around, wouldn’t this be pushing people on the road to absolutes?
Jiang Hao felt soft for a while, sighed, and said: “Hey, forget it, I don’t know who I am when she reads, let this matter go, if you dare to do this again in the future, then punish her again.”
Zhang Wei Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, he was a little surprised.
Just now she humiliated herself so much, Jiang Hao said she didn’t care about it? Anyway, I can’t do it.
This is Shen Haoting’s son. As long as he is happy, he can upset Chu Jiang.
However, it is obvious that the other party can die without a place to bury, but he chooses to forgive. This kind of measurement is something ordinary people can have. Anyway, Zhang Wei has seen so many young masters for so many years, but he has never seen someone like Jiang Hao. .
Thinking of this, Zhang Wei’s admiration for Jiang Hao is a bit more sincere.
“That… forget it then?” Zhang Wei asked again.
Jiang Hao nodded:. “Is not easy, let her learn a lesson like”
Zhang Wei heavy emphasis nod, he turned to the woman salesperson loudly: “You did not hear it do not come thanked the little river?!”
That The woman was stunned for a moment, and then tears came out like a flood. She didn’t care about that much anymore, she just thumped and knelt down.
“Thank you, Jiang Shao, thank Jiang Shao…” The woman’s action made Jiang Hao very embarrassed. After all, people are in their 30s. It is really ugly to kneel to oneself. Besides, there are many people and people who don’t know. , I thought what happened to me.
Jiang Hao hurriedly said: “Okay, okay, get up quickly and pay attention to it later.”
Jiang Hao turned around and picked up the clothes on the floor, and handed them to the female salesperson: “Go and help me deal with it. The expenses are as usual. I’ll swipe my card later.”
“Oh, how can you pay?” Zhang Wei hurriedly stopped Jiang Hao, and said with a smile, “Hurry up and find some new clothes for Jiang Shao, and pack them all.”
Zhang Wei seemed to have thought of something, and then he spoke again: “Jiang Shao, I heard you just now, do you want to take this storefront?”
Jiang Hao scratched his head and smiled and said, “Hehe, I just said something out of anger. . ”
Zhang Wei quickly said:”?. Hey look at you say, and if you are like, the store, I will give hello, and looking back I follow the above transfer procedures, ”
Jiang Hao quickly shook his head:” this can not be ”
He doesn’t want to ask for other people’s things casually, even if this person is his father’s.
Zhang Wei hurriedly smiled and said: “Jiang Shao, you are not worrying too much, I am, Zhang Wei can have today, not because of Mr. Shen’s support, not to say that it is a shop, that is, I give you all of my industry, and I am also Zhang Wei. I can’t say a word!”
Although this is a polite remark, Zhang Wei is still somewhat sincere.
I gave it to Jiang Hao’s family of more than a dozen stores, and he would not even consider it.
It’s just a storefront, compared to giving Jiang Hao a good impression of him, it is really not worth mentioning.
Besides, in Chujiang, none of the people under Ye Yunjie had such achievements because of Shen Haoting’s overt and secret help.
These people were convinced by all means to Shen Haoting, and they would naturally take a high look at Shen Haoting’s son.
Jiang Hao was shitting again, but Zhang Wei still insisted on sending it.
The two of them were just like you and me, Qin Yun walked back quickly from outside.
She looked gloomy and looked very upset.
She suddenly discovered that the misunderstanding between herself and Wang Jiani was getting deeper and deeper.
“Are you all right.” Jiang Hao looked at Qin Yun apologetically and asked.
Qin Yun shook her head and mumbled: “She is simply unreasonable…Have you chosen your clothes? I…I want to go back.”
Jiang Hao let out a sigh, and immediately the few already packed clothes: “Okay, let’s go.”
Jiang Hao looked at Zhang Wei again and smiled slightly: “Brother Zhang, thank you today. , I will go back first, and see you later. ”
Jiang Hao actually called himself Brother Zhang? Zhang Wei couldn’t help being a little surprised. He hurriedly smiled and said, “Okay, if you have any questions in the future, just call me.” While talking
, Zhang Wei hurriedly handed over his bank card.
Jiang Hao took the bank card and followed Qin Yun out of the store instead.
When the two got in the car, Jiang Hao looked at Qin Yun, who still hadn’t recovered from her loneliness, and said lightly: “I blame me, let you and your friends…”
Qin Yun shook his head and interrupted Jiang Hao: “How can I blame you, it’s all hers, it’s unreasonable. It’s you Jiang Hao, I really feel sorry for you. I didn’t finish my meal just now. I came to accompany you to buy clothes and encountered this kind of thing. , Another day, I’ll treat you to dinner again…” Jiang Hao smiled, although he didn’t say a word, he thought to himself, how can he treat himself to dinner afterwards.
Qin Yun took Jiang Hao back to school, and then drove home.
Jiang Hao first sent the clothes he bought back to the bedroom, then smiled at the music stand, thinking that he would send it to Xue Yuning for a while.
He even looked forward to how happy Xue Yuning would be to see this new music stand.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao smiled, and then went out.
He knew that Xue Yuning was a student of the music department, and the dormitory building of the woman in the music department was not far from here. Jiang Hao went downstairs and happened to meet a girl who had just left the house and hurried forward to talk.
“Hello classmates, do you know Xue Yuning from the music department? They are thin and thin, some…”
Before Jiang Hao finished speaking, the girl interrupted him directly.
“Why are you looking for her?” The girl looked at Jiang Hao, then chuckled, “She is not in the dormitory, she should be on the school playground, hehe, she is a big star, singing all day, so annoying! “When she said this, the girl’s tone was a little bit more impatient.
Jiang Hao said nothing, and turned around and left.
But the girl suddenly stopped Jiang Hao and asked curiously: “You…couldn’t it be her boyfriend?”
Jiang Hao frowned and shook his head repeatedly: “No, we are just ordinary friends, what’s wrong? The girl seemed disappointed when she heard this answer, and then sneered: “It’s okay!”
After speaking, she turned around and left.
Jiang Hao sighed, feeling a little inexplicable, but he naturally heard that this girl must know Xue Yuning.
Jiang Hao didn’t think much, turned around and walked to the playground holding the music stand.
At this moment in the playground of Chujiang University, a girl was holding the smashed guitar and crying, and beside her, a boy was pointing at her and cursing.

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