I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 461-470

Chapter: 461
Seeing the person coming, the man in the blue suit suddenly smiled: “Haha, what did you say is coming, you see it has come.” As he spoke, the man had already reached him and reached out and handed him the portfolio. He whispered: “Feng Gong, the result came out!” The man in the blue suit nodded. He seemed to know the result of the past few years from the smiling face of the other party.
It was the moment the portfolio fell into the hands of the man in the blue suit that almost all the media present focused on his hands.
More than a dozen cameras snapped a frantic shot at his hand.
“Engineer Feng, take it apart quickly. Everyone wants to know what the result is here!” Suddenly a confidant shouted.
“Yes, I have waited for a day, isn’t it just for this result? Hurry up and announce it to the public.”
“Hey, there is a good show to watch now!”
The people present were chattering, and some people said this. The results inside must indicate that there is a problem with the quality of the Chengnan project, and some people say there is no problem.
At the time when the argument was fierce, the man in the blue suit put his hand directly on the portfolio, as if he was about to open her.
But at this moment, his hand suddenly stopped, he seemed to have thought of something, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Suddenly he stretched out his hand and handed the portfolio to Ye Yunjie, who was aside, and said with a smile: “I think it’s better for Miss Ye to take a look at it in person, so I don’t want to say what I do. Are you right?”
Ye Yunjie snorted. He took things unceremoniously, and said in a low voice, “If you want to do tricks, you probably did it a long time ago, and will it last till now? Are you afraid?” The other party shrugged and said with a smile: ” Call me whatever you want. I didn’t see it, and I don’t know the result. Just like everyone else, I am eager to know what the result is inside.”
Ye Yunjie glanced at her opponent, opened the portfolio and took out the documents directly.
There are more than 20 documents, which are all test data, and at the end of all the data is a summary test report.
Ye Yunjie couldn’t wait to turn to the back and looked at the last line of words.
It’s just that she should have smiled relieved after reading, but her smile never waited. Instead, she was full of shock and consternation!
Ye Yunjie’s pupils contracted, and she stared at the last few lines of the report in amazement, her face suddenly changed.
“No…impossible!” Ye Yunjie suddenly slapped the table and shouted, “Absolutely impossible, you have falsified this data, there is a problem!”
Ye Yunjie’s actions really shocked everyone present.
Everyone looked at Ye Yunjie with face-to-face, and many quick-reacting media hurriedly pointed their cameras at Ye Yunjie and captured her shocking scene.
“Ms. Ye, what’s the matter? Does the report say that the Chengnan project really has quality problems?”
Suddenly, someone on the scene asked directly.
And the heart seemed to be the beginning, and then someone asked Ye Yunjie one after another.
“Miss Ye, shouldn’t this be the case? What do you mean by what you just said? Don’t you want to admit the test result? Or do you want to regret it? Can you make it clear?”
“Miss Ye, get the test result quickly? Let us all take a look, we are also very curious, what is going on…” The scene was chattering, and it was a mess for a while.
But at this moment, Ye Yunjie’s thoughts were long gone.
She seemed to have insulated all information from the outside world, looking at the test results in front of her, she was dumbfounded.
On the contrary, it was the man in the blue suit next to her. After seeing Ye Yunjie’s behavior, he suddenly snorted and laughed.
“Ms. Ye? What’s the matter, why are you reacting so violently? Is it true that I have said it seriously? No, no, no, I shouldn’t be blamed, I can only be blamed for the fact that your Chengnan project is really problematic, haha, Congratulations… Oh no, look at my mouth, I really sympathize with you!”
At this moment, Ye Yunjie finally recovered, she stared at each other fiercely, and said in a low tone: “You did your hands and feet right. Right?”
The man in the blue suit immediately made an innocent expression when he heard the words, and said loudly: “Oh hello, have you heard? It’s such a big mistake, we are socially credible, OK? Now, we are the referees, how dare we do such a thing? Do tricks? Miss Ye, you value me too much, don’t you? Haha, you can’t do this, you can’t have a problem with your Chengnan project, and you are unwilling to accept it. Us? We are really wronged!”
The words of the man in the blue suit, to put it bluntly, meant to be heard by the dozens of media present, because he knew very well that whether it was his own words or Ye Yunjie’s words, they must be It will be recorded, and it will eventually reach the ears of everyone in Chu Jiang.
And the more so, the more interesting it will be. What else can you say to see Ye Yunjie? It is estimated that by tomorrow, as long as all the media present on the scene broadcast all of today’s events, whether it is the Chengnan Project or Ye Yunjie herself, it will become a rat crossing the street, and everyone will scream.
In this way, his goal was achieved.
Immediately afterwards, the man in the blue suit spoke again: “Miss Ye, show us the result, no matter what the result is, you can’t do this, right? You said it was announced to the public, do you regret it? Haha, you Say we count you, then you always want me to see, how did I count you?”
After speaking, before Ye Yunjie could react, he snatched the inspection report from Ye Yunjie. Then read it out loud in a playful tone.
“Everyone, please be quiet, listen to me and read the results, and I will let you take pictures later, can you see it? The official seal of our department is deducted on it, and it is binding!”
” Here , I re-reviewed by the Ministry of detection, detection Chujiang south of 22 large projects indicators, of which 14 projects qualified, unqualified eight indicators, two indicators is a serious failure, specially identified …… ”
blue suit and the man All the text on the test report was read aloud, and after he read it, the whole press conference was completely silent.
Because at the beginning, everyone felt that the Chengnan Project was such an important project, even if one of the projects failed to pass the test, that was just an example.
But no one thought that in the end there would be more than one-third of the major items, which were unqualified!
“Is this a tofu project?”

Chapter: 462
Suddenly someone on the scene shouted: “One-third of the project quality is not up to standard. You treat human life as a child’s play, right? After this Chengnan project is completed, there are thousands of people living and working here. Yes, you are trying to kill people ?” As soon as that person’s voice fell, another person stood up and pointed at Ye Yunjie and shouted angrily: “Huh. You black-hearted businessmen, all of you are eating people without spitting out bones. Lord, human blood buns are very fragrant, right? Don’t you have nightmares at night?”
Those present, after the man in the blue suit read the quality inspection report aloud, he exploded in no time.
Almost instantly, Ye Yunjie became the target of everyone present.
Everyone got up from their chairs, some were surprised, some were filled with righteous indignation, and some pointed at Ye Yunjie, with words that were difficult to hear.
On the contrary, it was the man in the blue suit who looked proud at this time.
To be honest, this result is almost exactly the same as he expected.
The so-called promise before was nothing more than he was setting a trap for Ye Yunjie step by step, and he seemed to know very well that Ye Yunjie would jump inside.
“Oh, I didn’t expect that the Chengnan project is so serious. Miss Ye, you can’t help but say something? Should you say something? After all, you just did it in front of everyone present. Promise!” The man in the blue suit smiled and groaned.
Ye Yunjie’s face was sometimes blue and sometimes pale. Undoubtedly, she was almost caught off guard by the incident today, and even now, she still feels a little weird.
Of course, the first thought in Ye Yunjie’s mind was that the report issued by the other party was false.
After all, Ye Yunjie knew very well that her sister Ye Xiaorou was personally responsible for the Chengnan Project. Even though Ye Xiaorou was still young, wouldn’t she make such a mistake?
You know, the record of committing such a fatal mistake is like a candle placed next to you in the middle of the night. Either you are blind, or how could you not be aware of it and not discover it?
This is absolutely unimaginable!
That being the case, there is only one possibility. This report is false, it is the other party deliberately making it against himself!
Ye Yunjie stared fiercely at the extremely proud man in the blue suit, and suddenly stood up and shouted, “Do you think it’s interesting?”
Ye Yunjie turned to look at the people who were yelling frantically at her, and shouted with cold face. “Everyone, please be quiet, I have two words to say!” As soon as Ye Yunjie’s voice fell, a voice came from the crowd.
“What else do you have to say? Now that the results have come out, you still think about how to give us big guys and give Chujiang people a reasonable explanation and explanation!”
The person who spoke was the first one just now. He got up and said that the Chengnan Project was the person from the Tofu Residue Project, and Ye Yunjie also noticed that this person was always the happiest dancer. Obviously, either this person has a grudge with him, or he came with a standpoint. I didn’t want to hear myself finish.
At this moment, Ye Yunjie gradually calmed down from the shock and consternation.
She looked at the person coldly, and suddenly said: “Why can’t I explain? Can you be sure that there is no possibility of falsification of this data?” Ye Yunjie snorted coldly, and continued: “I think if all of you present should Remember, just last year, the department where this engineer Feng worked had a black gold scandal. It seems that their data was faked that time? Huh, a department with a history of history, why can’t I? Can’t doubt that his results are false? Why can’t I explain to myself?” The fact that Ye Yunjie just said, in fact, many people present have the impression.
Because of that incident, it was a sensation in Chujiang.
The person involved at the time was also the Feng engineer, and the other important participant in the incident was also the Chujiang Xu Family.
At that time, this incident seemed to put a lot of pressure on the Xu family, and many people even advocated a thorough investigation of the Feng engineer.
However, the final outcome of the matter was surprising. Not only was the other party to the incident, Xu’s family, safe and sound, the projects involved were still proceeding smoothly.
Moreover, the Feng Da engineer did not receive any punishment in the end. On the contrary, only seven weeks after the incident, he changed himself and became the person in charge of the quality inspection business.
In the end, the incident was left alone. Instead of being punished, the person involved was promoted and raised. Too many people in Chujiang have not forgotten this matter, and even still remember it fresh.
So after Ye Yunjie shook the incident, the restless crowd suddenly calmed down a lot.
After all, what Ye Yunjie said is reasonable. You, a person with a prior history, just take out a so-called result, want to sentence such a big project to the death penalty for the Chengnan Project?
That is pure dreaming.

Chapter: 463
Ye Yunjie immediately said: “And I have commissioned a third-party testing agency before, and the results there have not yet come out, so I hope everyone stays safe. Ye Yunjie hereby promises that if the third-party testing results, if It is in full compliance with this test result, so I have no complaints and will completely follow my previous promise!”
Since Ye Yunjie has already said something, she has made a desperate decision.
After hearing what Ye Yunjie said, the mood of everyone present gradually calmed down.
Ye Yunjie turned to look at the man in the blue suit and sneered: “Are you happy, isn’t it too early?” The other party heard the words, but didn’t say a word, just glanced at Ye Yunjie with a gloomy expression, and said lightly: “Okay. , Then wait for the result.”
Finally, Ye Yunjie glanced at Jiang Hao who was sitting aside, and she was surprised to find that Jiang Hao’s face was still a little uneasy.
The incident soon passed more than two hours, and everyone present was full of expectations for the third-party test results, and was a little impatient to wait.
Some people even lowered their heads and began to whisper.
It is true that this kind of waiting, no matter who it is, will feel a bit embarrassing and uneasy.
Especially Ye Yunjie, just because of the test report issued by the man in the blue suit, her current situation is in jeopardy. If the third-party test results really show some unexpected results, then it will be for him or for The Chengnan project will be a huge blow.
Ye Yunjie thought, while looking towards Qi Zhou, she couldn’t help frowning, because Ye Yunjie hadn’t seen Ye Xiaorou for a whole day today.
Normally, if Ye Xiaorou had something, she would basically tell Ye Yunjie, and on such an important occasion today, even if Ye Xiaorou’s identity was hidden, she would secretly crowd in the crowd.
It’s just that Ye Yunjie looked at it twice, and couldn’t help but feel a little curious when she didn’t see her sister.
But at this moment, another group of people walked in at the press conference.
These people are the members of the Lei group who Ye Yunjie sent to supervise the third-party testing agency.
By the side of Lei’s group, there are three third-party testing agencies.
The person from the third-party inspection agency looked serious, and carried a silver-white password box in his hand.
As soon as this group of people entered the door, almost all their eyes were attracted.
Some people even showed excitement on their faces, muttering something in a low voice.
The man walked directly in front of Ye Yunjie and the man in the blue suit, nodded slightly and said hello, and said, “Miss Ye, Engineer Feng, here are the results of our agency’s sampling from the Chengnan project, please Rest assured, our institution is a Grade A testing institution, and every result issued by it is legally valid and responsible, and is fair and objective. If the two of you have objections to the test results later, you can ask another testing agency Perform an inspection. If it proves that there is a problem with the results of my organization, then my organization is willing to take responsibility to the end.” After this person’s words, he looked at Ye Yunjie and the man in the blue suit with a serious face, and said: “Then please, I can announce now Did the test result?”
Ye Yunjie took a deep breath, nodded, and said: “Of course, please announce the result, so that it will make some people shut up!”
Hearing Ye Yunjie’s words, the blue suit beside him The man chuckled. He looked at Ye Yunjie and joked: “Miss Ye, are you sure? Or let me see it or let it go. If the audit result is the same as the result issued by us, then you really There is no room for regret!”
“Regret?” Ye Yunjie sneered, “I don’t know what regret is. I want to ask, isn’t you afraid? If you are afraid, then publicly admit that your inspection report is falsified. It’s good, and it saves everyone’s troubles.” The other party chuckled and muttered in a low voice: “Arrogant!”
Then he said to the person from the third-party inspection agency: “Okay, hurry up and publish the results. Or let everyone give up!”
Hearing this, the person from the third-party inspection agency nodded and entered a string of passwords. Later, I opened the password box and pulled out a stack of test reports.
The person looked at the numerous media present, bowed slightly, and said, “Everyone, my organization was commissioned by Ms. Ye Yunjie to take samples from various project sites of the Chengnan Project and conduct all types of tests. Now I will announce the test results. As follows…”
The person from the third-party testing agency first talked about a lot of data that no one understood. It took more than half an hour before finally reaching the final point.
During this period, the whole press conference was silent, and everyone was waiting for the announcement of that result.
The man suddenly looked back at Ye Yunjie, a hint of helplessness in his eyes.
And he also saw that Ye Yunjie’s expression at this time seemed to be extremely nervous.
Ye Yunjie was indeed very nervous, with a cold sweat in her palms.
Obviously, a word from this person will determine the life and death of the Chengnan Project.
“I announce that, after sampling and testing from the Chengnan Project by our institution, 14 of the 22 indicators of the Chujiang Chengnan Project have reached the standard and are qualified. However, eight of them did not meet the engineering design commitment standards, and two of the indicators As a serious failure, this result is the authoritative test of our institution. If in doubt, other institutions are invited to participate in the test and approval…” After this person’s words, the whole scene fell into a dead silence again.
Everyone was stunned and looked at Ye Yunjie one after another, seeming to want to see how Ye Yunjie would react.
And the person from the third-party testing agency, after reading the results, bowed slightly to everyone, and then said to Ye Yunjie: “Miss Ye, we have completed the testing work you entrusted our agency. For this result, I… I apologize, but it turned out to be the case. If you have any questions, you can apply to other agencies to review the results, and you can also contact our agency through the legal department…”
After speaking, the person turned and left.
But this time, Ye Yunjie was really stunned, her face pale as paper.
“How is it possible?” Ye Yunjie gritted her teeth fiercely, her face in disbelief.
“Hehe, impossible? How could it be impossible?” The man in the blue suit heard the words and immediately stood up, pointing at Ye Yunjie proudly and yelling, “Ye Yunjie, what can you say now? Your Chengnan Project There is a problem, do you still want to quibble?”

Chapter: 464
“Have you all seen it? When I took out the test report before, what did Miss Ye say? He said that my report was falsified, and he also took out some previous misunderstandings for no reason, as if he was so wronged. It seems like, but what’s going on now? Everyone has seen it? Now who is black and who is white, I don’t think we need to explain more. Everyone can see clearly, right?”
“The Chengnan project has a problem. There is no doubt about this. I now want Miss Ye to give me and Quan Chujiang people an explanation. Do the promises you made before count?”
The man in the blue suit seemed incomparable at this time. Excited, he almost tilted out the words he wanted to roar at Ye Yunjie before.
What the other party is waiting for seems to be this moment.
So that when he just took out the test report by himself and was suspected by Ye Yunjie to be false, he didn’t argue too much.
It seems that everything ends as he expected.
And the man in the blue suit was followed by the “mad bombardment” of the numerous media present.
Everyone has waited four or five hours for this result. In fact, many people have already complained.
Now that the results came out, these people were already prepared to ask questions, but now they are even more irritated before they burst out.
Soon, the first person yelled: “Yes, Miss Ye, didn’t you just promised that there would be no problems with the Chengnan project? Now the two test results have come out, and the test results are exactly the same, may I ask you Is there anything else I want to quibble? The Chengnan project has quality problems, and it is a big quality problem. Now it has been dealt with. I want to know, how do you want to apologize?”
“Haha, I heard that the Chengnan Project claims to have invested billions of dollars. It is about to build a new district in Chujiang. At the beginning of the construction, I still remember that some people promised that the Chengnan Project would not have any quality problems. It hasn’t been long before the time has elapsed before such a serious problem broke out. I would like to ask Miss Ye, does your face hurt? Would you not feel heartache or get retribution if you make black money?”
“Miss Ye, As one of the most dark-hearted developers that Chujiang has been exposed to so far, can you tell everyone, do you have to invest in ideas? Is it all about profit? What shit life and promises are not counted? No wonder you have such a big industry at a young age? I would like to ask, how much blood is on your hands?”
“It’s ridiculous. I just insisted that the quality of the project is fine, and I even found a third-party testing agency to prove my innocence. I want to know, is Miss Ye not enough money? Or you simply miscalculated and misunderstood the wrong person? Want to sincerely expose the tricks of your Chengnan project? Haha, I really did respond to the old saying that many unjust actions will kill you, Miss Ye, I wish you good luck with your Chengnan project!” In a moment, dozens of people on the scene Opening his mouth, he turned into a machine gun, and sprayed it mercilessly at Ye Yunjie.
And among these people, there are only a few people who are asking questions about the matter. Most of them are completely gloating or even provoking vengeance.
But even so, Ye Yunjie was helpless. Her face was flushed at this time. For so many years, the situation at this time was already the most embarrassing situation she had encountered. She didn’t even know what to do.
Ye Yunjie tried to explain to everyone, but the final result was that many people’s words were sprayed back, and faced with other people’s questions about 9 why the quality of the project would be problematic, Ye Yunjie was still at a loss and did not know what to do. answer.
Because of the current result, even she herself hadn’t expected it at all, and it exceeded her expectations.
Ye Yunjie believes in her sister and believes that Ye Xiaorou will not disappoint her expectations and will do her job well.
But now it turned out to be like this, and Ye Yunjie’s heart was so angry.
“What the hell did you do!” Ye Yunjie wanted to ask Ye Xiaorou this question incomparably.
But now the occasion is not allowed, Ye Xiaorou is also gone.
“Could it be…” Ye Yunjie suddenly had a terrible thought in her heart, but immediately swallowed it back, and kept admonishing herself in her heart, “Impossible, Xiao Rou is my sister, she is Wouldn’t do such a thing, absolutely would not…” But if not, then why is this situation happening?
Ye Yunjie was very upset in her heart, and she was even more disappointed with Ye Xiaorou.
How to do? What should I do now?
Even though Ye Yunjie has experienced many big scenes, she is still struggling to cope with today’s results.
She hurried to look at Jiang Hao, but saw a helpless and extremely disappointed look on Jiang Hao’s face.
Jiang Hao sighed heavily at Ye Yunjie, seemingly helpless.
Moreover, Jiang Hao’s performance at this time was already very restrained when such a thing happened.
After all, just before, Jiang Hao had persuaded Ye Yunjie not to be too risky, not to be too full or too dead.
It seems that Jiang Hao’s thoughts were right at the time. Being cautious sometimes makes you miss a lot, but sometimes it can save your life.
At this time, both Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie’s understanding of this sentence has already fallen into the woods.
Facing the question, Ye Yunjie froze, and it seemed that she was no longer as decisive and fierce as she was before.
And at this moment, the man in the blue suit on the side began to oppose Ye Yunjie again.
“Miss Ye, please stop making any useless explanations. Now the results have come out. Everyone is not a fool. You can’t deal with it in a few words!” The blue suit man asked with a sneer, “We only have one question now. , That is, will you abide by your previous promises to demolish all the Chengnan Projects that are already under construction at this time?”
As soon as the other party’s words landed, many media present also echoed them: “Yes. Yes, Miss Ye, please answer us quickly? Will you abide by your promise and dismantle the project under construction?”
“Would you take your promise as a shit? There is no integrity in business, who will believe you? Get out of Chu River!”
“Yes, if you don’t keep your promise, get out of Chu River. I call on all colleagues present, let’s put a resounding slogan on the front page of tomorrow’s headlines, and let the Chengnan Project get out of Chu River. !”

Chapter: 465
Everyone at the scene seemed extremely emotional at this moment. Everyone present at this moment shouted in unison the slogan: Get out of Chu River!
Ye Yunjie looked embarrassed, she felt that she could hardly stand it anymore.
And although she had made such a promise before, it was because she was sure she would not lose, so she dared to say that.
This ending made Ye Yunjie unexpected, and she didn’t dare to say that she had to fulfill her promise easily.
Because I said a word, but tens of billions of funds were wasted in vain.
Even though she grew up next to Shen Haoting and had a father-daughter relationship with Shen Haoting, she did not dare to make such a decision.
Besides, in the current situation, I am the culprit. How can I dare to let Shen Haoting and Jiang Hao pay for their wrong decision?
Ye Yunjie thought for a while, it seemed that her gaze was a little more determined.
At this point, it seems that I can only sacrifice myself. Of course, the Chengnan project must not be abandoned easily. This is not only about the success or failure of the tens of billions of funds, but also about the success or failure of Shen Haoting’s plan.
So what Ye Yunjie can do now is to take all the responsibilities for herself and resist all the pressure by herself, even if she says she will not fulfill her promise in front of everyone…
But then, Ye Yunjie’s whole person has also become a mouse crossing the street, becoming the object of everyone shouting and beating.
What Ye Yunjie valued most was her reputation. She knew very well that after this incident, her reputation would be discredited, even if she left Chujiang and went to other places or even abroad.
But this incident has already become a scar, a clear mark on Ye Yunjie’s body, and a basis for others to mock her in the future.
That’s it, it’s over, let’s take a step and look at it.
Ye Yunjie finally looked at Jiang Hao, her eyes full of apologetics, she lightly spit out the three words “I’m sorry” on her mouth, and then with an expression of willingness, she grabbed the microphone in front of her.
Ye Yunjie sighed heavily and was already ready to speak.
“I…” Ye Yunjie stood up and was about to speak, but the microphone in front of her was snatched away.
Ye Yunjie was taken aback for a moment and looked around, and saw that Jiang Hao had already stood in front of her for some time, looking at her indifferently, holding the microphone tightly in her hand.
“What are you going to do?” Jiang Hao asked in a low tone.
Since Jiang Hao had just seen Ye Yunjie’s expressions and actions, he had already guessed what she was going to do.
Jiang Hao thinks he knows Ye Yunjie very well, and knows more that this kind of thing happened. With Ye Yunjie’s character, there is a 99.99% possibility that she will take all the responsibilities by herself.
And what will she bear? Of course, it is only possible to take everything to yourself.
“I…” Ye Yunjie wanted to speak, but paused for a while, and said lonely, “This is the end of the matter, and all the responsibilities are mine. Of course I have to bear it. In any case, the most important thing is to keep the Chengnan project!”
Jiang Hao said, He couldn’t help shaking his head again and again, with a little displeased expression on his face: “I will hold you accountable for your responsibility, but I can’t just leave you out and watch you become the target of everyone!” When
Jiang Hao spoke, his eyes were extremely firm, This kind of firmness even Ye Yunjie had never seen before.
At this time, Jiang Hao seemed to have completed the transformation in an instant. From an ignorant young man who didn’t know the world, he suddenly became a leader who can be alone.
Jiang Hao’s sudden change caught Ye Yunjie by surprise and surprise.
Ye Yunjie seemed to have something to say, but was interrupted by Jiang Hao: “It’s nothing, this matter, listen to me now!”
After Jiang Hao finished speaking, he suddenly grabbed the microphone, turned and looked at all the media present, and said, “Don’t worry, since Mr. Ye has just made a promise, then we will definitely fulfill this promise!”
Jiang Hao Suddenly raised a finger and solemnly said: “Give us one day, tomorrow, as long as tomorrow, all the construction in progress of the Chengnan Project will be demolished!”
Jiang Hao’s sudden appearance, originally let all the people present Surprised.
And at this moment, he unexpectedly said this again, which really made everyone confused.
The people below first looked at each other and then whispered to each other.
After a while, a person stood up from his seat, pointed at Jiang Hao, and questioned with a bit of disdain: “Who are you? Do you say these things, do you use them?”
As soon as this person said this, everyone present suddenly A echo broke out: “Yes, who are you?”
“We don’t want you to say this. We want Miss Ye Yunjieye to say this. What you said is useless! We don’t know you!”
Jiang Hao smiled Looking at those people, there was a touch of disdain at the corner of his mouth, and he said indifferently : “Heh, what I said is useless? Okay, then I will introduce myself!” Jiang Hao cleared his throat, and was about to speak, but was caught by Ye Yunjie behind him. After a while, the latter frowned and shook his head and said in a low voice: “No, you…”
Jiang Hao didn’t pay attention to Ye Yunjie, but looked at everyone present again and said, “Maybe you all know. Ye Yunjie is the general manager of the company that invests in the Chengnan Project, but you may not know who is behind this company? Now that this is the end of the matter today, then I will pick it out. I am the boss behind this company. , All the funds for the Chengnan Project are taken out of my pocket. Therefore, today I said that the demolition will begin tomorrow, and it will definitely be demolition tomorrow. Are you satisfied now?”
Jiang Hao spoke loudly. And after he finished saying this, almost all of the people present had their mouths open, with an incredible look on their faces.
Because Jiang Hao’s words just made them feel unbelievable.
“He… he is the owner of the Chengnan Project? Really?”
“There have been various rumors about the owner of this company before. Some people say that the Shen family is behind, and some people say that Ye Yunjie came to the big Boss, but… I didn’t expect this boss to be… a student?”
“My god, this is another big news today. The mysterious and mysterious Chengnan project boss actually jumped out by himself? And Is he still so young? This is really… it’s getting more and more interesting.”
“At such a young age, there are more than 10 billion in funds? Which big family is he?”
Suddenly, everyone present focused. All concentrated on Jiang Hao.
Some people marveled that Jiang Hao was in charge of so many industries at such a young age.
Some people are still questioning Jiang Hao’s identity.
And more people are actually thinking, what Jiang Hao said just now is not counted!

Chapter: 466
After all, that’s an investment of tens of billions. If according to Jiang Hao’s words just now, wouldn’t the tens of billions be just like that?
And in the end, he was not only a slap in the face, but he also became infamous.
What makes these people even more confused is why Jiang Hao jumped out at this time.
You know, the two inspection results now prove that the engineering quality of the Chengnan project is problematic, and the Chengnan project has become a hot soldering iron overnight.
Now it is estimated that many people want to understand the relationship between themselves and the Chengnan Project.
Although Jiang Hao is the boss behind the scenes, fortunately, no one knows his identity. In this way, Jiang Hao may lose his money, but at least he won’t be ashamed and he is targeted by many people.
And since the promise was made by Ye Yunjie herself, no matter what the result was, she still had to bear it on her own.
At this moment Jiang Hao jumped out, clearly setting off the fire, extremely unwise.
You know, as a real estate developer, everyone knows that there is a problem with the project you are dealing with. Who will buy your real estate next time and buy your property?
This is the way to stop!
Ye Yunjie already knew this, so she was ready to sacrifice herself without hesitation at the beginning.
But why doesn’t Jiang Hao know these things?
Of course he knew very well, he jumped out hastily, what will be faced.
If you don’t choose your identity, Ye Yunjie will bear all the responsibilities and culprits in the future.
But after identifying herself, it was obvious that Ye Yunjie’s pressure would be too much less, and instead she would become the person accused, abused, and humiliated.
Who makes him the boss? According to the logic of normal people, since you are the boss of this company, cutting corners and making tofu dregs projects are definitely what you advocate, and at least they are tacitly approved.
For this kind of person, who will let you go?
But Jiang Hao finally stood up without hesitation, because he felt he had the responsibility to stand up.
Jiang Hao looked at everyone present, and then said loudly: “We are willing to bear all losses. Since there is a problem with the quality of the project, then we are also responsible for resolving the problem. So now that this occasion is here today, I will simply clarify what I have said. Please all the media friends present here to report my next words truthfully.”
Jiang Hao cleared his throat and said louder: “No matter how much cost, since we made a mistake, we will definitely correct it, so I hope everyone Can supervise us and give us a chance to make corrections, and I also believe that with this lesson, we will only do more excellence in our future work!”
Jiang Hao’s words were loud, and his words came out. , And immediately cooled down the hot mood on the scene.
Many people can’t help but sigh at Jiang Hao’s courage, and they are even more shocked by Jiang Hao’s words.
Because of such a huge project, suddenly apart from this serious problem, it is estimated that a normal person will first think of how to perfuse this problem, try to shirk the responsibility of the matter, remove yourself clearly, and let yourself lose. Reduce to a minimum.
This kind of thing had happened many times before Chu Jiang, and the most famous one was nothing more than the accident before the Xu family.
The Xu family’s approach is nothing more than shirk responsibility, reduce the pressure of public opinion, and finally wait for the limelight to pass, continue to work on the problematic projects.
But like Jiang Hao, not only did he clarify his identity when he came up, but he didn’t shirk responsibility at all. Instead, he kept acknowledging that it was his own problem. This was the first time that Chu Jiang and even many people knew it.
It can be said that Jiang Hao’s move really refreshed the cognition of many people and amazed many people present.
“Hehe, it’s pretty fast to admit it, but what’s the use? There are such things the first time and the second time. Do you think someone will listen to you? Report these?”
The man in the blue suit suddenly He opened his mouth, looked at Jiang Hao with a mocking look, and said, “Don’t you think you are particularly naive?”
Of course he thinks Jiang Hao is a little naive, because of course he knows it, thank the media, what you want is the gimmick of bloggers , What you want is the news headlines, who cares what you will do next?
They will be happy if you continue to have problems.
But just when the blue suit male voice just fell, a voice suddenly came over the scene: “Who said that? I will report this incident intact. For nothing else, I will direct this. This gentleman has the courage to take on it!”
It was a female reporter who said this, with short hair and looking shrewd and capable.
She looked at the man in the blue suit with disdain, but sneered: “In fact, it is not terrible to have a problem. The terrible thing is that you dare to admit it and take it. I feel that compared to this gentleman’s courage to take it. Some people hid behind the Xu family like an ostrich, waiting for the Xu family to settle the matter before they came out. How many times stronger, right?”
Obviously, the words of this female reporter were for Feng who carried him. The engineer listened.
When the latter heard this, his face suddenly became gloomy, and he stared at the other side fiercely, as if he wanted to say something, but he wanted to say nothing.
Faced with so many media and exposed Laodile again and again, of course he didn’t dare to say something.
Jiang Hao smiled slightly at the female reporter, and said, “Thank you very much. Now that this is the case, I will stop here for today’s press conference. I repeat it again, since the Chengnan Project Sure enough, there is a problem. We admit our mistakes and apologize to everyone. We will also actively rectify and reform. What I hope is that everyone will not lose hope for the Chengnan Project. We will still work hard to build the Chengnan Project!”
As soon as Jiang Hao said this, the female reporter who had just picked up support for Jiang Hao hurriedly applauded, and then, other people present also applauded.
Although the Chengnan Project has suffered tremendous losses today, there is no doubt that Jiang Hao’s remarks just now are still very moving.
To be able to admit mistakes and promise to correct them is already very difficult for many people. More people choose how to quibble.
But Jiang Hao’s words today really convinced everyone present.
And just for his courage to take it, he can also bear the applause.
“Hey, hey, what do you think? He is the culprit who created such a big engineering quality problem. You applauded him? What do you media want to do?” Seeing this, the man in blue suit got up and shouted stand up.

Chapter: 467
Obviously, Jiang Hao is naturally a complete loser at this time. This engineer Feng Da is really a little angry, why these people applaud Jiang Hao.
And as soon as he finished speaking, the short-haired female reporter just sneered and said, “Perhaps he is a real villain, but that’s better than a hypocrite!”
After speaking, the female reporter Shuai left the press conference first. , And the others hurriedly followed and left.
In a short while, all the media present were almost gone, and only Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie and their subordinates, as well as the engineer Feng and a few subordinates, remained.
Obviously, the words of the female reporter just now made the arrogant engineer Feng feel embarrassed.
But the person who annoyed him had already left. He looked at Jiang Hao and seemed to feel that he had found a target to vent.
He sneered and said, “I really didn’t expect that the man behind the Chengnan Project turned out to be just a kid?” The other party’s tone was so contemptuous, he had obviously never put Jiang Hao in his eyes.
Jiang Hao sneered, then replied: “Do you think you have won?” The other party smiled: “Of course, I have won, didn’t I? Haha, well, well, I think I should leave too. , I leave you a lot of time for you to think about it and how you should end up next!”
After speaking, he stepped out of the press room.
Looking at the other side’s back, Jiang Hao gritted his teeth, his eyes still cold.
What the other party said is indeed correct. From now on, I should really think about how I can save the mess.
At this moment, Ye Yunjie also walked in front of Jiang Hao. She seemed extremely lost. It seemed that this incident had hit her so hard that Jiang Hao could feel it. At this time, Ye Yunjie seemed completely different from the past. Up.
“You shouldn’t stand up, all this stems from my blind arrogance, six should let me bear the consequences!” Ye Yunjie said.
Jiang Hao turned to look at Ye Yunjie, and smiled scornfully: “Let you bear the consequences? So that I can hide behind you as a big man? Haha, I can’t do it!”
Jiang Hao sighed and said to Ye Yunjie: “Okay, now that this is the end of the matter, it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. It’s no longer important to take a bite to gain wisdom. Obviously, whether it is you or me, we underestimate our opponent too much. He is far better than you and me. It’s scary to imagine.”
Jiang Hao frowned, fell into a moment of contemplation, then raised his head and said: “Do you know now, what exactly is the problem?”
Ye Yunjie shook his head discouragedly, and said: “To be honest, I I don’t know, because the Chengnan project has been secretly supervised by Xiaorou. If there are some small mistakes, it would be excusable, but this is one-third of the project is not qualified, even a blind person can see it. If something went wrong, how could
Xiao Rou not notice it?” “Hey, I blame me, maybe I trust her too much, Xiao Rou is still too young.” Ye Yunjie glanced at Jiang Hao and said, “Shao Jiang, this one Although Xiao Rou has a great responsibility, the main responsibility is still with me, so I hope you can let Xiao Rou go. As for how to deal with me, I don’t have any opinion, because I asked for everything…”
Ye Yunjie looked like she was willing to give up, she seemed to have prepared for the worst.
But Jiang Hao shook his head: “I have said that now is not the time to be held accountable. What we have to do now is find out where the problem is. Obviously, there is such a big problem in our project. There must be a problem internally, or an internal ghost. If we don’t find it now, the consequences will be disastrous.”
Ye Yunjie nodded repeatedly when she heard the words, she was surprised to find that she and Jiang Hao seemed to have changed their positions.
In the past, Jiang Hao was like a primary school student, obeying his own opinions everywhere.
But at this moment, Ye Yunjie felt that she had become so incompetent when she encountered this situation, and her mind was a mess.
But Jiang Hao has become clear-cut, wise and decisive.
Regarding Jiang Hao’s decision, Ye Yunjie nodded and followed his instructions.
Suddenly, Jiang Hao looked around, and suddenly frowned and asked, “Hey?
Where’s Xiaorou? Didn’t she come today?” Ye Yunjie shook her head, “I don’t know. Normally speaking, she asked. It is necessary to be present, but I haven’t seen her from the beginning to the end today.”
Ye Yunjie hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called Ye Xiaorou , but what was shocking was that the call was not answered at the end.
“What’s the matter? This is the first time she has been like this.” Ye Yunjie couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.
She glanced at the time and made another call, but she was still not connected.
Ye Yunjie suddenly felt an ominous premonition in her heart.
Obviously, Ye Xiaorou’s failure to answer the phone and unable to contact must have a lot to do with today’s affairs. Otherwise, how could this coincidence be explained?
She was absent on such an important occasion and did not answer the phone, and the work she was in charge of, at this moment such a major problem appeared.
“Is she really…” Ye Yunjie whispered, as if thinking of something, but quickly swallowed it back. She just thought of this possibility, and the more she couldn’t contact Ye Xiaorou, Ye Yunjie felt herself His suspicion became stronger.

Chapter: 468
“What’s the matter with her?” Jiang Hao heard Ye Yunjie’s self-talk, and hurriedly asked, “Is she related to this matter?”
In fact, the first person Jiang Hao suspected was Ye Xiaorou when this matter came out.
It’s just that it was Ye Yunjie’s younger sister. Even if Jiang Hao doubted it, she could only keep it in her heart, but now it was Ye Yunjie who had said this by herself, and Jiang Hao immediately followed up.
Ye Yunjie glanced at Jiang Hao, and shook her head slightly: “I…I don’t know, but she is a little abnormal today.”
“If…” Ye Yunjie suddenly looked at Jiang Hao hopefully, and asked hesitantly, “Jiang Shao, if this matter has something to do with Xiaorou, can you…can you let her go?”
Ye Yunjie gritted her teeth and said this. She is a person with strong self-esteem, facing this kind of self-made Ye Yunjie could hardly wait to get in from the ground.
But she knew that the more this time, the less she could retreat.
The responsibility of the Chengnan Project is his own, but Ye Xiaorou is his sister, and it is still his responsibility to protect her.
“If…if possible, I am willing to take my life for…for Xiaorou’s care…” Ye Yunjie said in a low tone.
Jiang Hao frowned when he heard the words, and sighed secretly in his heart. He didn’t answer Ye Yunjie or anything, but gave her a quiet look.
“It’s not the time to talk about this, now I still think about how to deal with the matter in front of me.” Jiang Hao deliberately changed the subject, unwilling to answer Ye Yunjie’s question.
Of course he didn’t want Ye Yunjie to make any mistakes. This is why he stepped forward and blocked Ye Yunjie’s sword.
Jiang Hao knew in his heart that both public and private could not do without Ye Yunjie.
Although she is her subordinate in name, Ye Yunjie is more like her teacher, like a sister.
She always defended herself at her most critical moment, and suddenly appeared when she needed her the most to resolve the crisis.
Jiang Hao is a person of love and justice. He remembers everything Ye Yunjie did for herself in the past, and he also felt that these things were heavy in his heart.
And the more he thought of this, the more Jiang Hao understood that he couldn’t see Ye Yunjie’s mistakes.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, and suddenly a sentence came out: “Sister Ye, I hope that if there is a problem, everyone can bear it together.”
Jiang Hao’s words suddenly made Ye Yunjie stunned. Obviously, this sentence was a bit inconsistent.
But Ye Yunjie suddenly felt a warm current in her heart, and she felt a touch of indescribable touch.
She didn’t say a word, just nodded slightly.
Jiang Hao then continued: “I need you to cheer up as soon as possible. You are a person who has gone through a big scene. I don’t want you to sink into the face of such setbacks. There will be a lot of work for you in the future. , I need you, we all need you, do you know what I mean? Sister Ye.” Ye
Yunjie heard this, but her eyes were hot, as if a warm current was flowing in her eyes.
She almost resisted, and finally nodded heavily and turned her head to the side.
Ye Yunjie sighed, closed her eyes slightly, a drop of crystal clear tears slipped from the corner of her eye, and she wiped it dry.
Ye Yunjie took a deep breath, and when she opened her eyes again, she seemed to have changed back to her original appearance again.
Her eyes were cold and arrogant again, firm, and sharp seemed to be sharp.
Yes, Jiang Hao has already said these things, how can he not cheer up?
Ye Yunjie rushed to the bathroom and patted her face severely with cold water.
She felt like a piece of red-hot iron, which had cooled down a lot at this time.
Ye Yunjie looked at herself in the mirror, pondered for a moment, and finally walked back quickly, seemingly more tenacious in her steps.
“Is it better?” Jiang Hao asked, looking at Ye Yunjie.
The latter nodded, looked at the empty press conference site, and said to the men on the side: “Now you go to inform all the engineering contractors, tomorrow morning at 7 o’clock in the Haoyue Hotel, I want to have a conference! ”
Ye Yunjie glanced at Jiang Hao and continued: “Actually, it seems now that it is certain that there are internal ghosts among these contractors, so the matter is over. I don’t think we need to be kind to these internal ghosts anymore. Just find them directly, and make them pay the price one by one!”
Actually, there is no need for Ye Yunjie to say, everyone knows that this is the case.
Regardless of Jiang Hao or herself, both are the investors of the project, and when there is a problem with the quality of the project, the problem must lie with the contractors.
And it is almost certain that these people deliberately manipulated the quality of the project.
This kind of person is holding his own money, but doing things that disgust him, it is impossible to be let go anyway.
And now the road ahead of Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao is running out.
The steps they have to do now are also very simple, find the inner ghost, and then remove the inner ghost. Next is to consider how to knock down the project and rebuild.
And since the promise has been stated, then they must fulfill the promise.
Both Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie must admit that they have already lost in this round.
What they can do is try to recover their losses and hope to turn defeat into victory in the next game.
In the evening, Ye Yunjie urgently asked her subordinates to inform all the project contractors of the Chengnan Project about the meeting tomorrow, and then she plunged into a suite of the Haoyue Hotel and did not come out for a long time.
Ye Yunjie sat in front of the window, with a pack of cigarettes, an ashtray and a lighter beside her, and she always held a mobile phone in her hand.
What happened today has obviously dealt her with no small blow.
She originally thought she had a chance to win, but she didn’t want the final outcome to be her own defeat.
In the past, Ye Yunjie had experienced life and death, but in her heart, even what happened at that time was far less humiliating than today.
Ye Yunjie is arrogant. She always feels that she has been around Shen Haoting for so many years and has experienced too many winds and rains. Even if someone wants to design her own project, she can easily settle it.
But at this time she suddenly realized that it was her own arrogance that ultimately ruined herself and the Chengnan Project.
Ye Yunjie, who gradually calmed down, thought a lot, and the more she thought, the more helpless and guilty she felt.
I was really too ashamed of Jiang Hao and Shen Haoting, and I was too self-righteous, and finally lost myself and others.
At this time, Ye Yunjie couldn’t let go of her little sister.

Chapter: 469
Ye Yunjie kept calling Ye Xiaorou since sitting here.
A few calls, a dozen calls, and dozens of calls in the end.
At first, Ye Xiaorou’s phone could still be connected, but no one answered it, but later, the phone turned off unexpectedly.
This made Ye Yunjie, who hadn’t found the decline in her heart, suddenly felt like she was being pressed by something in her heart.
There was a mess in her mind, she thought of many possibilities, but the more she thought about it, the more worried she became.
She thought about whether it was her own sister who betrayed her. In fact, she had known all this for a long time…
This possibility is very high, and it seems reasonable. After all, the quality supervision of the Chengnan Project has always been Ye Xiaorou’s secret from beginning to end. Responsible.
Moreover, she worked hard and conscientiously. If there was such a big problem with the quality of the project, he might have known it.
So why didn’t you tell yourself this in the end? Obviously, there seems to be only one answer, that is, all of this is Ye Xiaorou’s conspiracy.
Maybe she has already taken refuge in the person who is hiding behind and calculating the Chengnan project.
But there is still some discord and logic, because why did Ye Xiaorou do this?
She is her own sister, and she treats her well, why should she treat herself like this?
Doesn’t she know that if she did this, she would put her sister to death in minutes?
Or is Ye Xiaorou being coerced by others?
It seems that the possibility is not too great, because Ye Yunjie knows Ye Xiaorou too much.
She has a personality similar to her own, and even more extreme. She is almost never threatened or oppressed by anyone, so Ye Yunjie can’t think of a person like this, who can intimidate her!
Or… Or is she in any danger?
This is also what Ye Yunjie is most worried about.
Although Ye Xiaorou has been trained by her since she was a child, it is estimated that even strong men of her age are not necessarily her opponents.
But she is a girl after all. If something happens, would Ye Yunjie feel sad and regret it for a lifetime?
The more she thought of this, the more flustered Ye Yunjie’s heart was. She quickly picked up the phone again and called Ye Xiaorou.
This time, the phone turned on unexpectedly, which made Ye Yunjie a little excited.
And the phone rang about a dozen times, but when Ye Yunjie felt that the phone would definitely not be connected, the phone went through.
Ye Yunjie suddenly excited from the ground up, full of excitement, said: “?? Hey, dough, where are you ah sister called you dozens of calls, and how did you pick ah”
at first, over the phone a Dead still, Ye Yunjie shouted again and again, and Ye Xiaorou’s extremely slight voice came from the other end of the phone.
“Sister, I’m sorry.”
Ye Yunjie was still asking, but when she heard Ye Xiaorou’s words, she was shocked.
Ye Xiaorou’s words seemed to make Ye Yunjie understand something at once, and it seemed that the things she didn’t want to see had finally come true.
Ye Yunjie stunned for a while before trying to smile: “Silly boy, you say what you …… I’m sorry ah, you ah you come home, sister are anxious??.”
Over the phone Ye Xiaorou’s voice was cold and flat. She said, “You know what I mean, I didn’t want to get through your phone, but I think I should still say sorry to you because I lied to you, maybe you I should have thought of it already? I actually did all of this.”
Ye Xiaorou didn’t speak loudly, but every word passed into Ye Yunjie’s ears like thunder.
Ye Yunjie stood blankly on the spot, shaking slightly involuntarily.
She had already thought of this result, but when Ye Xiaorou admitted it in person. She felt it was so unacceptable.
Ye Yunjie seldom cried, but at this moment, she finally couldn’t stand it anymore, tears rushed down her cheeks.
She bent down and squatted on the ground, holding her forehead with her hand, seemingly at a loss.
“Why? Why did you do this? Do you hate your sister? Do you know what you did?” Ye Yunjie asked Ye Xiaorou a series of questions.
At this moment, she really felt what despair is.
Even so, it is difficult for her to accept the fact that her own sister betrayed her.
She cried and whispered: “Rourou, did my sister do something wrong? Why are you doing this? Do you know how to do this…”
Ye Yunjie was interrupted indifferently by Ye Xiaorou before she finished speaking. “Okay, don’t say anything. What I want to tell you is that everything I do is for your own good. As for the reason, I will explain it clearly to you later.”
“In addition, I have one more thing to do. Tell you, leave that surname Shen as soon as possible, everything you do now makes me feel sick!”
After speaking, Ye Xiaorou hung up with a “bang”.
Ye Yunjie was taken aback again. She felt unclear about Ye Xiaorou’s words.
What does she mean? Why do you say that? Why let yourself leave Mr. Shen? Why do you feel that what you have done makes her sick?
What is going on all this?
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help sinking into a period of contemplation, but as she thought about it, the heart-wrenching despair surrounded her again.
Even in front of others, Ye Yunjie seemed to be a steel-hard woman, but at this moment, she still felt helpless and desperate.
Ye Yunjie curled up her knees, buried her face deeply in it, sobbing from time to time.
The woman who was as ice as snow in the past is as sad as a girl who has lost love.
I don’t know when, Ye Yunjie was patted on her shoulder suddenly, and then a familiar voice came over: “What’s wrong with you? Isn’t it better?”
Ye Yunjie hurriedly raised her head and wiped her undried tears in a panic. Traces, shook his head repeatedly: “No… it’s okay…”
Jiang Hao reached out and handed Ye Yunjie a tissue, and asked: “Is there no news from Xiaorou?”
Ye Yunjie was questioned for a moment, hesitating whether to take care of the matter. Tell Jiang Hao the truth.
After a moment of silence, she said: “No, not yet…”
Jiang Hao nodded: “I have asked President Qiao to send someone to help find it. Don’t worry, there will be results soon.”
Ye Yunjie said, her face turned. Unnoticed, he changed slightly and was silent for a while before he asked again: ”
Young Master Jiang , I…I…” Jiang Hao sat next to Ye Yunjie, turned his head and asked: “What’s the matter? Hesitating.”
Ye Yunjie took a deep breath and said, “I want to know, if… I mean, if you find that Xiao Rou is behind the Chengnan Project, what will you do?”

Chapter: 470
“I…” Jiang Hao hesitated, he hadn’t really considered this question.
After all, it was Ye Yunjie’s own sister, so Jiang Hao felt this was a little difficult.
“Why are you asking this?” Jiang Hao frowned suddenly and turned to ask Xiang Ye Yunjie, as if he had found something.
Ye Yunjie shook her head quickly: “It’s nothing, I just ask. Okay, Jiang Shao, you go back to sleep, there are still things to deal with tomorrow.”
Ye Yunjie issued a eviction order to Jiang Hao, and apparently today’s affairs also made her feel The body and mind are exhausted.
Jiang Hao said with an “um” and said: “Don’t think too much, you should rest early, I don’t think you will let me persuade you?”
Jiang Hao smiled and walked out of the room.
Ye Yunjie looked at Jiang Hao’s back and murmured, “Yes, I should know how to do it myself, don’t I?”
After speaking, Ye Yunjie’s eyes suddenly became sharp.
She pondered for a while, and muttered to herself: “Why are you betraying me?” Then she said again: “Anyway, I have to figure out this matter, and the person behind you, I will also Let him pay the price!”
One night passed quickly. That night, Jiang Hao lived in the suite next to Ye Yunjie.
Early the next morning, Jiang Hao got up early and went straight downstairs.
Because at seven o’clock, he will meet the dozens of contractors of the Chengnan project at Haoyue Hotel.
The Chengnan Project has today, and many of them must have “contributed” a lot of strength.
That being the case, Jiang Hao certainly would not choose to spare them lightly.
So this meeting is nominally to discuss the next direction of the project, but everyone knows that the Chengnan project has been completely stopped, and it will face the result of all the projects under construction.
Where is the discussion going? What is the future of this project?
This was clearly a Hongmen banquet arranged by Jiang Hao. Not only Jiang Hao knew it in his heart, he also knew it, and the contractors of those projects also knew it.
These people, from the time they chose to play tricks in the Chengnan Project, they probably thought of today.
Of course, Jiang Hao would severely punish these people. This time, he would never be more merciful.
As soon as seven o’clock arrived, Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie appeared in a prepared conference hall on the sixth floor of Haoyue Hotel.
It’s just that Jiang Hao opened the door, but couldn’t help being slightly surprised.
Because what he didn’t expect was that there were only three or five people in the huge conference room at this time.
You know, the total number of contractors of the Chengnan project is forty or fifty people, and every time whether it is Jiang Hao or Ye Yunjie calling these people to have a meeting, even if they do not arrive at the venue an hour in advance, they will be early in half an hour. Sit in their respective seats.
Obviously, today is something unusual.
Jiang Hao glanced at Ye Yunjie, neither of them looked pretty.
In fact, when he said that he was going to prepare for this meeting, Jiang Hao knew in his heart that this meeting would definitely not be full, and there would definitely be people not coming.
In fact, this is exactly what Jiang Hao wants to see, because whoever doesn’t come at the Hongmen Banquet can only show that whoever has the guilty heart, who must be the one who has the problem.
When the time comes, it will be clear who is the inner ghost and who has raised the sand for himself.
But the result really made Jiang Hao a little unexpected, even a little surprised.
Ninety percent of the people did not show up. What is the situation? Do 90% of people have problems?
This is obviously impossible, and Jiang Hao is also a little unwilling to believe in such outrageous things.
“Hehe, it seems that things are much more interesting than we thought!” Jiang Hao looked at Ye Yunjie, with a gloomy expression and walked directly to his seat.
Ye Yunjie also glanced indifferently at several people present, shook her head slightly, and quickly followed.
Jiang Hao sat in his seat, looked at the few people present, hesitated for a moment, and asked, “Just…how many of you are here?”
The few people looked at each other and nodded one after another.
Jiang Hao sighed, raised his head and glanced at the electronic wall clock not far away. It was already seven and five minutes ago. Five minutes have passed since the time that all project contractors were notified of the meeting yesterday.
Jiang Hao looked at Ye Yunjie and whispered: “Wait another half an hour!”
Ye Yunjie nodded, and was about to say something, but was interrupted by a voice on the side.
The speaker was one of the five project contractors who came to the site, a man in his thirties with a jacket, a leather bag under his arm, and a small foreman.
The man smiled, stood up and interrupted Ye Yunjie, and said, “Young Master Jiang, don’t wait.”
Jiang Hao looked at Ye Yunjie again, frowning and asked, “Why?”
“Because they won’t be coming. “The man added, “I’m talking about everyone.”
“How do you know?” Jiang Hao asked in a low tone.
The man grinned and said, “Of course I know, because a few of us didn’t plan to come over today, but someone has to inform you, so we came.”
Jiang Hao felt a little in his heart when he heard this. , Sure enough, the situation that I most wanted to see still happened.
Is it possible that all these people are in collusion?
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao rushed upward, but he still tried his best to control his emotions, and asked the other party: “What are you going to tell me? Are you already stunned? It’s the Chengnan project, that is, you work together. The ghost?”
Jiang Hao seemed to have thought of something, and hurriedly asked: “Liu Guohao is also with you?”
At this time, Jiang Hao was not only angry or angry, but he didn’t understand. These people took their own money. In the end, he was digging a grave for himself?
Jiang Hao laughed back in anger, let out a cold voice, staring at the other side coldly.
The other party seemed to disagree with Jiang Hao’s questioning, and even a little dismissive. That kind of disdain was like a successful person’s disdain and contempt for a loser.
“A few of us came here, just to inform you that the Chengnan project has been forced to suspend construction, but the construction contract between us and you is still there. You have to perform the contract and give us the construction money. We have 53 companies in total. The total is 2.3 billion!”
“Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t give it, then we will have to see you in court!” The other party was arrogant, and the logic of his speech was even more problematic. Jiang Hao was a bit crazy and fierce. “You’re farting! I pay for your project? What do you think? I still have to hold you guys accountable now. The Chengnan Project has produced such serious engineering quality. The problem, you can’t blame it!”

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