I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 471-480

Chapter: 471
“You are a project contractor. If I remember correctly, the project contract clearly states that if there is a problem with the quality of the project, I have the right to terminate the cooperation with you people, and I have the right to claim compensation from you!” Jiang Hao shouted angrily, “I haven’t waited to ask you for compensation, but now you are taking a bite, and I ask for the project money? What about your faces? Have you been eaten by a dog?”
Jiang Hao’s teeth were straightened out of his mouth. itch.
He didn’t expect the other party to come here to make such a rude request.
Do they have no brains?
I spent money to hire you to do the project for me. You cut corners and cut corners, and finally caused my project to stop. In the end, you lost billions of dollars. Not only did you not have a trace of shame, you even licked your face to ask me for money?
I didn’t directly care about you asking for money, it is already a great gift, okay?
Jiang Hao looked at the other party angrily, and then shouted angrily: “Didn’t you just say something to sue me? Ha ha, okay, go quickly? I just want to sue you now!”
“Sue us? Ah, then please go hurry up, haha!” The man sneered at Jiang Hao, turned to leave, and finally said, “Okay, my words have been brought, if you have anything else to say, then you’d better ask yourself to Hao Yuan Group, it is really not Xiangman, other contractors are now in there, I know you have much to say, Oh, to see if you dare to go! ”
finished speaking, The man turned around and left, leaving Jiang Hao flushed with anger.
“It seems that we have been trapped!” Ye Yunjie sighed, looked at Jiang Hao, and asked, “Shall we go?”
Jiang Hao clenched a fist and slammed it on the table, angrily said “Go, you must go, I’m going to ask what’s going on today!”
Ye Yunjie nodded: “Okay, then I will call some people in case of accidents.”
But Ye Yunjie was about to do it, but was stopped by Jiang Hao. Up.
Jiang Hao shook his head and said lightly: “No, we can go there.”
“Huh?” Ye Yunjie was a little surprised when she heard that, “Young Master Jiang, that’s a Hongmen Banquet, we two go, I’m afraid…”
Jiang Hao With a sneered sneer, he said firmly: “Since we know that it is a Hongmen Banquet, what are we taking so many people to do? I don’t expect them to do anything. If they dare to do something to me, it would be better.
Put it all away!” Jiang Hao paused, and continued with a negative test: “Since these people are willing to make cannon fodder for others, how can I fail them? There is a way to heaven, you don’t go, and hell has no way to come. I’m sorry!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao walked outside in a stride, and said to Ye Yunjie without looking back: “Sister Ye, get ready for the car!”
Ye Yunjie frowned upon hearing this, and trot with him. When I got on to Jiang Hao, he said: “Jiang Shao, you think about it again, it would be too risky, right?” A few minutes later, in Ye Yunjie’s Mercedes-Benz G car, Jiang Hao looked forward blankly, faintly
Said : “I can’t give up the child to find a wolf, let’s drive.” Ye Yunjie sighed, seeing that she couldn’t persuade Jiang Hao, so she shook her head again and again, kicked the accelerator and started the car and left.
Half an hour later, Haoyuan Group.
Ye Yunjie had just drove the car into the parking lot. Before she could stop, Jiang Hao jumped down and questioned Liu Guohao’s office along the way.
Obviously Jiang Hao was out of anger this time, and even seemed to lose his mind.
Of course Jiang Hao was angry, and he also had reason to be angry. He was angry with all the contractors, and even betrayed him all in his head.
Even more angry with Liu Guohao, even he betrayed himself?
You know, I have let him go twice. Which time I can’t just openly deal with him?
But Jiang Hao didn’t. He repeatedly let go of Liu Guohao, asking him to finish the Chengnan project finally.
But what about Liu Guohao? Not only did he not appreciate himself, but finally chose to use this method to retaliate against himself? What about his conscience? Is he human?
Now Jiang Hao just wanted to question Liu Guohao back then, what was he doing all this for? Does he think he did this, and someone in Chujiang would dare to cooperate with him in the future?
Or, is Liu Guohao fundamentally planned behind all this?
Jiang Hao walked quickly, and Ye Yunjie parked the car and trot all the way to follow.
Jiang Hao hurriedly broke into the Haoyuan Building. Two security guards at the door had noticed Jiang Hao long ago, and one of them yelled in a low voice in his intercom: “Strong young man, people are coming.”
Then the two rushed directly. Arriving in front of Jiang Hao, he stopped his way.
“Stop, who are you? Do you know where this is?” A security guard gave Jiang Hao a sneer and said.
How he didn’t know Jiang Hao, he was here before, but Jiang Hao almost repaired Liu Qiang to death. At that time, it was a huge shock to them like ants.
Originally, they thought that Liu Qiang’s kind of big and young was already a heavenly existence.
But he didn’t want to, Jiang Hao really let them know what it means to be a person outside the sky.
At this time, these two people said that they didn’t recognize Jiang Hao, just because they were instructed by others.
Jiang Hao glared at each other and shouted angrily: “Get out of here, let Liu Guohao come down and see me!” While talking
, Jiang Hao was about to rush in again, but was stopped by two security guards again, and the two directly struck him. Arms in arms, with a face of disdain, he yelled at Jiang Hao angrily: “Do you think who you are? Dare to run here? Still clamoring for us to come down, Mr. Liu? What are you!”
While they were talking, the two looked at each other, sneered, and were about to deal with Jiang Hao directly.
As one person stretched out his hand, he yelled, “I’ll show you some color today!”
The person stepped forward, but before the hand that just stretched out touched Jiang Hao, he was suddenly straightened by a slender. He squeezed his black hand, and then applied a slight force on the straight hand, and the security guard who had been clamoring just now suddenly grinned in pain.
“Oh, it hurts… You let go, let go…”
Ye Yunjie had already appeared in front of Jiang Hao at some unknown time, and she clasped the security guard’s wrist tightly with one hand, and shouted coldly: “It hurts. Did I let it go?”
Ye Yunjie sneered.
The security guard was really painful. Hearing what Ye Yunjie said, he didn’t think much, and hurriedly said: “Yes, right, you should let go, it hurts me…” Ye Yunjie said coldly, with a fierce wrist force. , And then heard a “click”, the security guard’s wrist was directly twisted.

Chapter: 472
“Ah…” The security screamed, and his painful face turned green.
Ye Yunjie threw away the other party’s hand and sneered: ”
I can’t help you, you’re looking for death!” At this time, where can the security guard hear what Ye Yunjie said, rolling all over the floor in pain, crying tears. The lungs.
And this scene really shocked the other people in the lobby on the first floor of Haoyuan Building. Many people looked at this side, wondering what happened.
Ye Yunjie looked at the other security guard coldly, and continued to ask, “Do you still want to stop us?”
The security guard saw her companion’s crooked wrist and howling miserably, and the cold sweat suddenly ran down. .
He shook his head quickly, looked around, and said nervously to Ye Yunjie: “I…I warn you not to mess around. This is the Haoyuan Group. I… If you dare to mess around, I’ll call someone. Ah!”
Ye Yunjie sneered: “Okay, scream, call all your people over!”
The security guard trembled slightly in fright, wiped his sweat, and quickly took out the walkie-talkie and shouted: “Quickly… …At the door, all come to the door!”
Within a short while, a dozen security guards from the Haoyuan Group gathered around.
When everyone saw the painful companion rolling on the floor, they couldn’t help being slightly surprised, and hurriedly asked the security guard what was going on.
The security guard told the whole thing and the many security guards who had arrived. Everyone suddenly felt a little surprised and looked up and down Ye Yunjie.
One of them sneered, and pointed at Ye Yunjie, “You said she broke the fifth hand? Who are you so stupid? A girl, how capable!”
The person who was speaking was a tall man with a fierce face. He looked at Ye Yunjie contemptuously, and sneered, “Miss Ye, right? Haha, I actually know you, but you were arrogant before. At all, we didn’t put our brothers in the eyes. At that time, if you big guys uttered a word, we people would have to follow behind like dogs…”
“Hahaha…” This person is presumptuous. He laughed, and then said, “But the times are different now. What’s the matter? I heard that your project has been played to death? Billions of funds have been squandered? Hey, it’s so happy, I hate some of you, usually There are five people and six people, how are you doing now? Can you still be open? Huh, our brothers just won’t let you in, what can you do to us?”
The man said provocatively while taking a step. Stepping closer to Ye Yunjie.
The security guards had long received instructions from Liu Qiang. To Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, there was no need to be polite.
The boss has spoken, what are their worries, of course how presumptuous came.
Moreover, he felt that for a weak woman like Ye Yunjie, she could sip herself at best. She was such a delicate skin and tender flesh, it might be difficult to get close to herself.
As for Jiang Hao, he is even less concerned. A poor student who has no identity and money, is he a shit?
At this moment, the man had already walked to Ye Yunjie’s, squintingly looking at Ye Yunjie from top to bottom, his eyes peeping in from Ye Yunjie’s collar.
“Hehe, do you want to go in?” The man said provocatively, “How about meeting my little condition? If I am satisfied, I will let you in.”
Ye Yunjie sneered, “Satisfy you? Ah, let’s talk, what conditions?” The person squinted, licked his lips and said: “Let me touch…”
Ye Yunjie looked gloomy, raised her head and looked at the person, and smiled: “Okay, come here Right.”
When the man heard the words, he was enraged, laughed, stretched out his hand, and said with a big smile: “This is what you said, don’t regret it…”
Ye Yunjie is the best of the best in body and face. For these people, it is simply a big temptation.
Perhaps these people just dared to think about Ye Yunjie.
But now it’s different. The problem of the Chengnan project has long been known to all Chujiang people through the media, and even more people have threatened that Ye Yunjie will go bankrupt.
A bankrupt woman, how could they take it seriously, what they didn’t dare to say or do, now they are ready to move.
It’s just that the moment that person just reached out his hand, his originally smiling face suddenly froze.
Because he suddenly discovered that Ye Yunjie actually swayed and disappeared from her eyes.
This person was surprised for a while and was about to search for Ye Yunjie’s figure, but at this moment, he suddenly felt his hands stretched out from the back of his neck, and then clasped his hands on his throat.
This person was shocked, knowing that it was not good, and hurriedly got rid of it.
It was just that before he had time to move, he felt a huge force coming from behind him. Then he was suddenly lifted by the hands that locked his throat, and he leaned back.
He suddenly felt that although the pair of hands clasping his throat were very slender, they were extremely powerful, almost like iron tongs, stuck tightly on him, no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t get away.
At this time, the many security guards on the side were completely dumbfounded, because in front of them, Ye Yunjie and the strong security guard made a particularly strange movement.
Ye Yunjie knelt on one knee, and with her hands backwards, with a dry field pulling onion, she abruptly carried the burly man on her back, her hands stuck in her throat, her eyes were full. It is killing intent.
Ten seconds, twenty seconds, fifty seconds…
The man was in a panic, almost desperate, because no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t get rid of the restraints, but the arm that stuck himself was tightened tighter and tighter, the more he It’s getting harder to breathe.
“Let…let go…” The man tried all the methods of struggling, and found that no effect, he was completely blinded, and hurriedly exhausted all his strength and shouted, “I’m going to be suffocated, suffocated… ……”
At this time, the man’s face flushed, his mouth was wide open, his hands kept clinging, but he couldn’t shake Ye Yunjie a bit.
At this moment, his eyes were full of despair, and he couldn’t believe it, that Ye Yunjie, who looked soft and weak, would have such great power!
This is a force that can easily kill him!
Even if he felt that he was about to be strangled to death, Ye Yunjie still didn’t have the slightest intention to let go, and the strength in his hand was even greater.
In the end, the man seemed to be suffocating completely, and the strength of his struggle was a bit weaker.
At this moment, Jiang Hao, who was always silent on the side, said: “Stop it.”

Chapter: 473
Jiang Hao asked Ye Yunjie to stop, of course not because of pity for these people.
Now Jiang Hao’s heart is full of anger, not to mention Liu Guohao, even if he has something to do with Liu Guohao, he doesn’t want to let it go now, not to mention that the security guard just said nothing about himself and Ye Yunjie. It is no problem to teach some lessons.
It’s just that Jiang Haosheng was afraid that Ye Yunjie’s hand was heavy for a while, and it really made the matter worse, but it didn’t end well.
Although these people will deserve what they end up, if Ye Yunjie suffers hardship because of them, Jiang Hao feels that it is not worth it.
So Jiang Hao finished speaking and waved his hand to Ye Yunjie, signalling her to forget it, and just give a lesson.
Ye Yunjie heard the words, glanced at Jiang Hao, nodded slightly, and then with a fierce force, she directly threw the man with a 180-degree back fall and threw it heavily on the ground.
Then Ye Yunjie stepped on the opponent’s face and said indifferently: “Do you still want to touch it?”
At this time, the person’s face was extremely pale with fright, and she shook her head repeatedly: “No…Don’t dare…”
Ye Yunjie snorted coldly. Lian Shang’s high heels kicked the man fiercely, and the hard toe of the shoe hit the man’s waist.
“Ah…” The man screamed, and again, like the previous security guard, he clutched his waist and rolled on the ground with pain.
Ye Yunjie then looked at the other security guards again, her eyes glowing with chills, and said, “Do you still want to stop me now?”
The many security guards looked at each other after hearing this, and shook their heads.
But they just shook their heads and still did not move their positions.
After all, they got the order of Liu Qiang. They were the young masters of the Haoyuan Group. They were just a group of young people. The young masters didn’t speak. How dare they let Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao go in.
You know, although the strength that Ye Yunjie showed just now is a bit frightening, they know even better that Liu Qiang’s talent is even more cruel.
Anyway, today they can’t fall on both sides, but at the very least, even if they offend Ye Yunjie and get repaired, they can still keep a job!
As these people thought, they still bite the bullet and poked in place.
Ye Yunjie’s cold eyes glanced over everyone again, and she coldly shouted: “Don’t let it?” This time, Ye Yunjie did not wait for these people to answer, and stepped on the arm of the person just now.
There was another crisp bone cracking, followed by a scream from the person, and then fainted directly in pain.
But under Ye Yunjie’s foot, one of his arms was obviously completely abolished.
Faced with such a bloody scene, Ye Yunjie ignored it, without even turning her head, to see how miserable the person was.
Just looking at the few people in front of him, he whispered: “Get out of the way!”
This time, everyone present was completely stunned and stunned.
Facing such a woman with such a stern method, these people tremble all over, and they can’t help but breed fear in their hearts.
Their legs seemed to be a little unwilling, and they all made way for Ye Yunjie obediently.
On the contrary, Ye Yunjie did not have a trace of pride or even the pleasure of victory on her face. After all, in her eyes, these people were too insignificant.
Ye Yunjie glanced at Jiang Hao and whispered: “Let’s go.”
Jiang Hao nodded and walked directly into the Haoyuan Building.
It was only a few steps before Jiang Hao could walk to the elevator, but was suddenly stopped by a voice.
“Stop it for me!”
Jiang Hao stopped and turned his head, and saw Liu Qiang walking slowly towards him, with a little chill on his face.
Of course Jiang Hao knew that Liu Guohao was already openly against him now, and Liu Qiang didn’t say anything.
“Why, Master Liu’s scar is healed?” Jiang Hao asked jokingly.
Liu Qiang thought that Jiang Hao would ask himself what he was doing, but he didn’t want him to mention it directly. This really made Liu Qiang a little bit uncontrollable, and he was extremely angry.
“You say it again!” Liu Qiang’s face suddenly became gloomy. He pointed at Jiang Hao and shouted angrily, “Huh , you are now a bereaved dog, dare to be so arrogant?” At this moment, Ye Yunjie suddenly passed by Liu Qiang. He said coldly: “I advise you to retract your wanton fingers. Your people have already told you that you are going to end. If you still live or die , I will be very welcome.” Ye Yunjie’s words immediately made Liu Qiang feel behind him. Chills.
Because he knew very well, just when Ye Yunjie walked past her, she had all the time and the opportunity to break her finger.
Obviously, she didn’t do that, she was already warning herself.
Liu Qiang’s face was ugly, he swallowed a mouthful of water, and slowly retracted his fingers, but still bravely said: “How can you think you can get me? It’s a joke, do you know where this is? Do you know that I am waiting for you,” How long have you been waiting?” As soon as
Liu Qiang’s voice fell, dozens of figures sprang from all directions of the Haoyuan Building.

Chapter: 474
Obviously, Liu Qiang has been preparing for a long time in order to wait for Jiang Hao.
In order to return the previous humiliation to Jiang Hao, Liu Qiang waited for a long time.
The humiliation in the past kept Liu Qiang still unable to let go. He couldn’t restrain the hatred of Jiang Hao in his heart. He just thought that one day, he could double all the shame on Jiang Hao.
In the past, I could only think about these things in my mind, but Liu Qiang knew that now the opportunity came.
In the past, Jiang Hao was very powerful, relying on nothing more than a huge amount of property and a brilliant identity.
At that time, his father had to live like a dog in front of Jiang Hao.
Not to mention yourself?
But now it’s different, Jiang Hao’s good days are gone forever.
Liu Qiang already knows that Jiang Hao has lost all his wealth due to the Chengnan Project, and may still be in debt.
And the Chengnan project, which made him look extremely noble in the past, was also approaching bankruptcy.
Jiang Hao now seems to have become a bereavement dog, the target of all Chujiang crusades.
Now, as long as you go out and read the media reports of Chu Jiang, it is not difficult to see that all of them are articles about the crusade against Jiang Hao and the Chengnan Project.
Some people even gathered around the door of Ye Yunjie’s company to ask for an explanation.
Although many of them have nothing to do with the Chengnan Project.
But even so, it can’t resist the enthusiasm of many people. Many people just enjoy the thrill of pushing the wall down.
At this time, Liu Qiang was not only enjoying the pleasure, he was even thinking about how to make Jiang Hao more humiliating.
So when he heard his father accidentally say that he wanted Jiang Hao to come to his company, he started planning these things.
Obviously, the security guards at the door just now were just an appetizer and dessert. The main dish prepared for Jiang Hao today is exactly the dozen brawny men who just sprang out.
These people directly surrounded Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, with a vicious look, and seemed to be ready to do something at any time, and put Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie into an appearance that their parents did not recognize.
Seeing the sudden arrival of a group of people, Jiang Hao immediately understood what was going on. He secretly glanced at Ye Yunjie, feeling a little nervous in his heart.
Originally, Jiang Hao thought that even if he came here by himself, Liu Guohao would not dare to do anything to himself.
But Jiang Hao suddenly realized that Liu Guohao didn’t seem to be, but this Liu Qiang would not care about any kindness.
Because this person is an ungrateful thing.
“What do you want?” Jiang Hao asked coldly, “Liu Dashao, don’t heal the scar and forget the pain, have you forgotten your own fate? Haha, if I didn’t tell you before, It is estimated that you are about to burn your first seven now, why do you want to avenge your gratitude ?” From Jiang Hao’s point of view, he is indeed kind to Liu Qiang.
You know, last time this dog imprisoned Xue Yuning, he had already murdered him, and then walked in his company, wanting to attack himself.
Of these two things, it was enough for Liu Qiang to die several times, but for the Chengnan Project, in order to win Liu Guohao, he chose to let him go.
But what about him? And his Lao Tzu, the way he returns to himself now is really interesting.
Maybe this is the father and son.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao not only did not have a trace of fear, but was full of anger.
He and Liu Qiang looked at each other angrily, and said coldly: “And you are naive, what do you think you can do to me? Ha ha… And I have to tell you a little bit, a very important point, you still have you Father, really annoys me now!”
When Jiang Hao said the last sentence, his eyes were full of chills. Obviously, he was not talking about it for fun, he was really angry.
He was angry at the betrayal of these people and their ignorance.
They always feel that if the Chengnan Project fails, they will be completely defeated, and they will be reduced from the superior “Jiang Shao” to the bereaved dog that they can bully at will.
Hehe, what is this not ignorance?
You know, even if the Chengnan project is completely overturned and restarted, Jiang Hao still has enough capital reserves to crush everyone.
Even if he is on the cusp of the storm, as long as he is willing to take action, he can still swallow the mountains and rivers.
And these people who think they can bully and crush themselves don’t even know that their pitiful force is not even a fart in front of them.
Because even if it was the most brilliant Xu family in Chujiang, all of its forces added together, it is probably not enough for the thunder team under his father’s for half a day.
Do they mean they can ride on their heads and shit? What do they think?
Jiang Hao shook his head and smiled bitterly. What smiled was their ignorance and a hint of stupidity.
But until now, Jiang Hao can still laugh at himself, which is a great insult to Liu Qiang.
He roared at Jiang Hao angrily, and said, “Shut up and take revenge on me? Hehe, you are too ridiculous to speak? Why are you making me ashamed in front of all Chujiang people, you What kind of kindness do you have for me?”
Before Liu Qiang finished speaking, Jiang Hao coldly interrupted: “I didn’t kill you, that’s kindness!”
“I’m pooh!” Liu Qiang sipped hard and continued. Snarled, “Who do you think you are? You are a fart, even if you are not as good as a fart now, but my dad and I angered you, so I provoke you, so what can you do to me? Rubbish, miserable dog, do you think you were yesterday? Ha ha…”
While talking, Liu Qiang took out a pendant from his pocket, stretched it to Jiang Hao and shook it, proudly saying: “Haha, I guess you should remember this? Haha, do you know why it is in my hand?”
Liu Qiang held it. It was the sapphire pendant Jiang Hao gave to Xue Yuning.
And the moment he saw the pendant, Jiang Hao’s heart couldn’t help but hesitated.
He suddenly widened his eyes, staring at the opponent fiercely, and exclaimed: “Why is this thing in your hand?”
Liu Qiang let out a lewd laugh, as if he was deliberately provoking Jiang Hao, and said, “Does that still need to be said? Haha, to be honest, the chick feels really good, I wanted to fuck her before, but you did a good thing, but now I get what I want, haha…do you feel that you have green on your head? Huh?”
Of course, Liu Qiang was deliberately told Jiang Hao.
He hadn’t even touched Xue Yuning’s finger, and the pendant was nothing more than borrowed from Xu Tianlin. His purpose was simple, just to stimulate Jiang Hao.
And obviously, he succeeded.
The moment he saw the pendant, Jiang Hao erupted like a volcano.

Chapter: 475
“What the hell did you do?” Jiang Hao nearly exhausted his energy, thinking about Liu Qiang rushing up.
Due to the recent Chengnan Project, Jiang Hao has been devastated. He has not contacted Xue Yuning for a long time.
But Liu Qiang suddenly took out the sapphire pendant and said something very provocative. Jiang Hao’s head suddenly became hot, really thinking that this guy did something to Xue Yuning.
After all, he didn’t know exactly what Xue Yuning was like now.
But Jiang Hao was about to rush forward, but was stopped by Ye Yunjie.
“Don’t worry, I will take care of it. If he really does something, I will make him better than dead!” Ye Yunjie comforted Jiang Hao, “Don’t be impulsive.”
How could Jiang Hao not be impulsive, his girlfriend is out now? No matter what happens, no one can be angry.
It’s just that the more angry Jiang Hao is, the more proud Liu Qiang feels.
What he wanted was this kind of effect. He wanted Jiang Hao to be angry, and let him feel helpless. Finally, he thoroughly felt what despair was.
Immediately afterwards, he laughed loudly and said: “Haha, not only I played with that little girl, but my group of brothers also played, otherwise you think, why do they follow me?
No longer, what’s the point of being alive?” Jiang Hao was burning with anger, as if there was fire burning in his chest, desperately trying to get rid of Ye Yunjie, and rushed towards Liu Qiang.
But no matter how Jiang Hao struggled, he couldn’t get rid of Ye Yunjie.
Of course Ye Yunjie was very angry, but she knew that the punishment of these people was done by herself and must be done by herself. Jiang Hao would not have any effect except being cleaned up and messed up by others.
Ye Yunjie stared at Liu Qiang coldly, and said coldly: “You are looking for death, don’t worry, I will fulfill you.”
Liu Qiang sneered and said with contempt: “Are you the only one? How old are you?”
Liu Qiang looked at Ye Yunjie’s body and couldn’t help but licked his lips, and said, “Hehe, you also have a good taste, or if you are obedient, how about letting you go?”
Ye Yunjie sneered: “Let me go. Horse?”
“Yeah, I am actually very pitiful, especially for beauties, I really can’t do anything…” Liu Qiang smiled and said, “There is my office upstairs, do you want to go? I promise to make you fly!”
Ye Yunjie sneered again, and shook her head: “No, I think it’s here!”
Ye Yunjie’s words immediately caused everyone present to burst into laughter.
Especially Liu Qiang, who was so presumptuous, pointed at Ye Yunjie and said to the subordinates beside him: “Haha, look, this girl is so pretty, here? Okay, you take it off?”
Ye Yunjie looked teasingly. He patted Jiang Hao at the other party, motioned for Jiang Hao to flash aside, and said, “It’s up to you!” After that, Ye Yunjie opened her arms and made a gesture of grabbing with all hands.
This made Liu Qiang happy, he thought Ye Yunjie was really ready to compromise with him.
After all, there is only Jiang Hao by her side, and Jiang Hao’s small body is simply dispensable in front of her own hands.
For Liu Qiang, it was simply a pie from the sky. He grew up so big, but he hadn’t tasted a stunner like Ye Yunjie.
Liu Qiang squinted and walked towards Ye Yunjie unpreparedly, but he didn’t know that in Ye Yunjie’s eyes, at this moment, he was like an ant who had fallen into a spider trap without knowing it.
Liu Qiang took two steps forward and directly stretched out his hand to pull Ye Yunjie’s clothes.
But in an instant, Ye Yunjie suddenly grabbed a hand at lightning speed, and directly pinched Liu Qiang’s wrist. Then, after breaking it, he heard a “click” and Liu Qiang’s wrist completely changed shape.
Liu Qiang let out a miserable cry and wanted to break free, but Ye Yunjie pulled his arm along the way, and then suddenly slapped a palm with the other hand, directly hitting the opponent’s chest.
Ye Yunjie’s hand seemed to have little power, but Liu Qiang felt as if he had been hit by a huge boulder. The whole person was pushed back by the huge force in an instant, and his arm pulled by Ye Yunjie was also In an instant, he was torn apart by huge force.
Then Ye Yunjie threw Liu Qiang far away with a violent fall.
“Boom…” Liu Qiang fell heavily to the ground, and for a short while, he had just survived, but he lost half his life in a flash.
Liu Qiang spit out blood fiercely, and painful feelings spread all over his body.
Especially the palm that Ye Yunjie had just slapped on him. It seemed insignificant, but it was sturdy. Liu Qiang felt that at that moment, his internal organs seemed to be shaken in the wrong position.
At this moment, there was a fiery pain in his chest, as if he was about to fall apart.
And Ye Yunjie’s actions just now scared Liu Qiang’s men directly.
These people stared at the scene in front of them blankly, and they couldn’t believe that all this was actually done by a woman.
After all, Ye Yunjie looked so weak, how could such a huge power burst out?
But that’s the fact. The scene before me really refreshed a lot of three views.
Ye Yunjie didn’t seem to agree at this time, even after the high-intensity movements just now, she didn’t catch a breath.
This is even more surprising.
Not to mention Ye Yunjie’s body, even those strong men like them will feel tired after just a few violent movements.
Who is this woman? These people can’t help thinking of this question at the same time.
And Liu Qiang, who was on the side, was piercing in pain at this time, especially when he saw that all of his subordinates were standing on the spot at this time, without a trace of reaction, he was even more angry.
“What are you looking at? Give it to me…” Liu Qiang roared with all his strength, ”
Kill me this bitch, quickly…” Liu Qiang was obviously completely angry. Of course he didn’t expect Ye Yunjie. There is such a skill.
But at this time he was even more angry that he was beaten so badly.
Damn, even if you are good, can you still be better than these twenty people combined?
At this time, Liu Qiang couldn’t care more about bullying more than less, what group of men bullying women, what she wants now is to get rid of Ye Yunjie.
And let Jiang Hao kneel at his feet and admit his mistakes!
After hearing the words, many of Liu Qiang’s subordinates just reacted from the state of stunnedness just now, and one by one quickly turned their eyes on Ye Yunjie.

Chapter: 476
These people looked at their companions, and the expressions on their faces gradually became ugly.
It is true that the strength that Ye Yunjie showed just now surprised them, but after all, they are a group of men, a group of men who have been in the society for many years. It is not a problem to fight a few on weekdays. Now facing a Ye Yunjie, how can they be afraid .
What’s more, Ye Yunjie, no matter how good she is, is still alone.
She had to face, but there were more than twenty people. Even if one of these twenty people gave her a punch and kick, it is estimated that Ye Yunjie would die.
What’s more, they have never been so easy to start.
They were employed by Liu Qiang, so naturally they would do it just as Liu Qiang relieved his anger.
These people looked at Ye Yunjie and took steps one after another, gradually narrowing the circle surrounding Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, and each of them was also ready to do anything at any time.
At this time, Liu Qiang also gradually got up from the ground. He looked at Ye Yunjie with a grim look, gritted his teeth and said: “You curse, there is a way to heaven, you don’t go, there is no way to hell. No wonder I, give it to me, don’t have any scruples, it’s okay to kill this girl today, I’ll settle this matter if I die, not to die… Hmph, then I’ll give it to you for fun, in short, I’ll do it today Let her know how to offend me!”
Liu Qiang seemed to have foreseen Ye Yunjie’s end, after all, he knew the best of the people under his team.
No matter how powerful you Ye Yunjie is, you can only be repaired!
But at this moment Ye Yunjie disagrees.
She didn’t even look at the twenty-odd people who surrounded her, and sneered: “Why, so few trash want to move me? Are you too naive?”
Call yourself trash!
Many of Liu Qiang’s men immediately quit after hearing this.
Each and every one yelled at Ye Yunjie in a vicious manner: “Smelly bitch, I think you have a hard-headed mouth when you die, I will see you dare to say rants!”
“Damn, you are not allowed to die today ! He, I want her to know whether Laozi is a waste…” The group of subordinates howled like crazy bulls, and then rushed directly to Ye Yunjie.
No matter how they clamor, Ye Yunjie still saw no waves on her face. She just smiled, turned her head and looked at Jiang Hao, and whispered: “Close your eyes, there may be some bloody next time.”
Ye Yunjie said . After falling, Jiang Hao heard a howl like a wild beast erupting outside the crowd, and then he heard a shocking sound of footsteps. The footsteps were loud, and it quickly seemed that every time he fell, he could The big earthquake is generally cracked.
And the sound of footsteps from far to near, seems to be coming to the front soon.
Jiang Hao didn’t close his eyes, but looked at the direction of the huge footsteps with a slightly worried expression.
Soon, a “giant” appeared in Jiang Hao’s vision.
It is true that each of Liu Qiang’s subordinates is about 1.8 meters tall, and looks extremely strong.
But even so, in the contrast of that “giant”, they are like children.
The man was at least two meters tall and his body was as strong as a rhinoceros.
He was dressed in a black suit, and the whole person rushed at the speed he shouldn’t have. Then he roared loudly, and violently waved his arms as thick as a street light pole, and he immediately sent someone ready to attack Ye Yunjie. The man flew out.
The man let out a terrible howl, and then fell heavily to the ground five meters away.
But at this moment, the big guy turned and stretched out his hand to another person beside him. He grabbed the person as easily as a chicken, and then slammed it out, as he flew away. The man said loudly: “With me, who dares to move Miss Ye!” Before the voice fell, he rushed to the crowd again.
At this moment, he was like a hungry wolf rushing into the flock, almost completely crushing everyone present.
I saw that Liu Qiang’s twenty-odd subordinates had no chance to fight back in front of him.
He threw a punch to the left and a kick to the right. After one punch and one kick, Liu Qiang’s men all flew far away, falling to the ground and couldn’t get up again.
Even those who were lucky enough to still be conscious, saw this brawny man with such a vicious look at this time, they were so scared to lie on the ground, and did not dare to move anyway.
In less than half a minute, the arrogant people were all lying on the ground and wailing in pain.
And the brawny man walked to Ye Yunjie’s side, bowed respectfully, and said, “Miss Ye, it’s done!”
Ye Yunjie nodded slightly: “Thanks.” The brawny smiled and scratched his head. , Said: “Why is this so hard? A few small vegetables, doubled is not enough for me to fight!”
This man is King Kong, as his name is!
Since the last time in the company, the members of Lei Group provoke Ye Yunjie, and everyone urged King Kong to challenge Ye Yunjie, and finally was repaired, King Kong has sincerely admired Ye Yunjie.
Xinyue was convinced that it was not just a lip service. Just after Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao left the Haoyue Hotel, Ye Yunjie privately sent a message to the Lei group.
And King Kong rushed over to the address regardless of it.
As soon as King Kong entered the Haoyuan Building, he happened to see this group of people preparing to act on Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao.
Where did King Kong care so much, he rushed up directly.
“Miss Ye, are you and Jiang Shao okay?” King Kong peeked at Jiang Hao, not daring to look up, and asked in a low voice.
Ye Yunjie shook her head: “It’s okay, thanks to you for coming. What about the other people?”
King Kong hurriedly said: “They linger, I came first. Grandma’s, these gangsters, if you dare to touch you and Jiang Shao a hair, I squeezed them to death . What do they do next, Miss Ye?” Ye Yunjie looked at the mess all over the floor, her eyes turned around, and finally fell on Liu Qiang.
“Go and destroy him, but don’t kill him, take me upstairs with me!” Ye Yunjie said lightly.
Liu Qiang, who was on the side, heard Ye Yunjie’s words, and was trembling with fright. He hurriedly got up and wanted to escape.
But how quickly King Kong reacted, even if he was on weekdays, he might not be able to escape King Kong’s palm, not to mention that he was still injured at this time.
So Liu Qiang hasn’t taken a few steps yet. He was grabbed by King Kong, then grabbed and lifted high, and then fell to the ground fiercely.
King Kong swiftly turned to Liu Qiang for repairs. Suddenly, Liu Qiang’s long wailing sound echoed in the lobby on the first floor of Haoyuan Building.
For a long time, Liu Qiang’s wailing stopped abruptly, because at this time, he had been tortured and passed out.

Chapter: 477
At this time, Liu Qiang was horrible, leaving almost nothing intact.
His limbs were completely useless at this time, and the things below were directly stepped on by King Kong into furnishings.
At this moment, Liu Qiang seemed to breathe more than the dead.
“Dead?” Ye Yunjie asked.
“No, I just passed out.” King Kong said.
“Okay, take it upstairs and make a gift for Liu Guohao!” Ye Yunjie said overcastly, “Today is just his son, but one day, he will be the result!”
After speaking, Ye Yunjie turned to walk towards Elevator, but before he took a step, he was stopped by Jiang Hao.
“Wait a minute.” Jiang Hao said to King Kong indifferently, “Wake him up!”
King Kong nodded heavily when he heard the words, dragged Liu Qiang up like a dead dog, and slapped Liu Qiang directly: “Bastard, wake me up. Come here!”
King Kong’s slap is not heavy, otherwise, given Liu Qiang’s current situation, it is estimated that he might never wake up again.
After a while, Liu Qiang slightly opened the eyes that were swollen into egg tarts. Although he could barely open a gap, he could let people know that he was awake.
Jiang Hao walked right in front of him. At this moment, there was no trace of pity in his eyes.
“I’m asking you, what’s wrong with Yu Ning?” Jiang Hao asked coldly, “You’d better tell the truth, if there is a lie, I will destroy you here!”
Of course Liu Qiang knows well, Jiang Hao This is definitely not to scare myself. I nodded with all my strength and whimpered in his mouth: “I haven’t done anything to her. Recently I…never saw her.”
Jiang Hao frowned when he heard this. There was a hint of curiosity, but after hearing this answer, my hanging heart really let go.
But he still had a cold face, and asked, “Why are you kidding me? Then where did you get this pendant? I gave it to Yu Ning. How could it be in your hand?”
Liu Qiang trembled. Shaking his head, shook his maimed arm hard, and said hard, “This…I lied to you. Feng Pingping stole the pendant and sold it to me. What I just said was all Fake, really, I’m like this, I don’t dare to lie…” After
Liu Qiang said so, Jiang Hao was completely relieved, otherwise he would still be curious why the pendant he gave to Ye Yunjie was in Liu Qiang’s hand .
Jiang Hao breathed a sigh of relief and waved at King Kong, motioning to take him away.
Immediately afterwards, the three of them got directly into the elevator and headed straight for Liu Guohao’s office along the way.
A huge room on the top floor of Haoyuan Building was crowded with people at this time.
These are not others, but the contractors of the Chengnan Project.
They were here early in the morning, studying in twos and threes how to do it next.
In fact, the Xu family had quietly settled these contractors long before Liu Guohao.
Xu Tianlin’s method is nothing more than drawing big cakes for everyone, and these people who are deeply interested in the interests obviously eat this set, so that Xu Tianlin did not take much effort to get the gang of mobs.
In the Chengnan project, these people secretly manipulated the project’s raw materials, and while charging them as shoddy, they paid for the top raw materials given by Jiang Hao.
On the other hand, they also received the benefit fee given by the Xu family.
Inside and out, these people really make a lot of money.
And today they gather here, nothing more than to carve up benefits.
Everyone knows that as long as the Chengnan project is destroyed, it will be a huge cake in the future. Who doesn’t want to come and divide it up?
So these people are very excited at this time, and they are more full of hope for the future.
Some people even got close to Liu Guohao and began to make suggestions.
However, Liu Guohao sneered at these people, and didn’t pay much attention to them.
Of course, Liu Guohao can see clearly that these people are at best a mob. No matter when they come, they can only be used.
Of course he wouldn’t be low enough to work with these people, but now that the various forces on the Chengnan Project are intertwined, he is also thinking about how he can make more profits in it.
And now that he has torn apart Jiang Hao, there is nothing to worry about.
Liu Guohao knocked on the table suddenly, signaled everyone to be quiet, and then smiled: “Everyone, I think the time is almost up, and Ye Yunjie’s people are probably about to arrive. I will tell you one last time, since we have turned our faces with them now. , Then there is no need to bow to knees anymore. After a while, everyone has to show their attitude and show their momentum. Our interests are the only ones we can fight for. Does everyone understand?”
Everyone present heard the words and lighted together. head.
Liu Guohao smiled and continued: “Very well, everyone, this Chengnan project is really fat. Although we are cooperating with the Xu family, we have to defend our rights? We are the same, the Xu family
Treating you and me as guns at best, so I hope everyone will listen to me for a while, and I will…” Liu Guohao hadn’t finished speaking, suddenly “bang”, the double-opening wooden door of this room was suddenly removed from the outside Crashed.
Immediately after that, a figure flew in directly from the door, and finally fell heavily to the ground.
This scene came so suddenly, it really shocked everyone.
When everyone came back to their senses and looked intently at the person who flew in the door, like a sack that fell to the ground, the crowd suddenly erupted in exclamation.
“I… my goodness, this… isn’t this Liu Dashao?”
“Yeah, yeah, this is President Liu’s son. He… why is he so like this? Who beat this?”
“Fuck… I’m afraid it’s not dead, right? Are you still breathing? Who did it?”
“Mr. Liu, don’t say anything, this is your son Liu Dashao, come and take a look…”
Suddenly someone in the crowd yelled at Liu Guohao, greeted him eagerly.
Liu Guohao’s face turned pale when he heard the words, he hurriedly walked around the table in front of him, and rushed towards Liu Qiang who was lying in the middle of the room, motionless.
“Er… my son, what’s the matter with you?”
Liu Guohao directly threw himself over, and saw that there was no one intact Liu Qiang all over his body, and his whole body trembled with excitement.
Liu Guohao looked extremely angry, looking around aimlessly as if he was searching for something.
“Who the hell did this? Who did it? My son, what’s the matter with you?” Liu Guohao hurriedly looked at Liu Qiang again. When he saw that Liu Qiang’s pants had been stained with blood, the whole People seemed dumbfounded.
He is such a son!

Chapter: 478
The Liu family is a single pass for three generations. By the generation of Liu Qiang, all the old and young of the Liu family regarded him as a treasure, so Liu Qiang was spoiled as he is now.
But no matter how spoiled you are, you won’t be the queen!
Liu Guohao trembled all over, his eyes turned to the direction of the door, and then he saw Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie slowly walking in from outside the door.
Liu Guohao understood at once, and the hatred in his heart surged like a tsunami.
“Is it you right?” Liu Guohao shouted heartbreakingly, “Is your son who beat my son, right?”
Faced with Liu Guohao’s madness, both Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie seemed extremely calm.
Ye Yunjie faintly replied and said, “He asked for it, and you asked for it.”
“You…you…” Liu Guohao pointed at Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie with trembling hands, and quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed. He gave a number and shouted, “You…you hand in all your brothers to me now, bring the guys, and call them all!”
Liu Guohao called, one of his brothers.
Although Liu Guohao had already washed his hands in the golden basin, he asked about the situation, but after all, he came from that step. He still has the number one hundred and ten subordinates in his hands.
As soon as Liu Guohao said this, those who knew Liu Guohao were all startled in a cold sweat.
Obviously, Liu Guohao is going to make a big move.
At this time, it is estimated that neither Jiang Hao nor Ye Yunjie can get out of this Haoyuan Group.
And it’s so hard to die. Even if Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie hate Liu Guohao, they should keep a back hand when they do things. How could Liu Guohao let you go after they are absolutely extinct!
The crowd murmured in pieces, and some people even started to discuss how Liu Guohao would deal with Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie.
Even though these two people have some backgrounds, if Liu Guohao is sensible enough, he will certainly not embarrass them too much.
But unfortunately, Liu Guohao at this time has long lost his reason. He is obviously like a mad dog, just wanting to bite his enemy to death and tear it apart!
Faced with Liu Guohao’s call, Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie didn’t make any response, not even an expression.
The two were standing here, and the entire large room seemed to be quiet at this moment.
In the room, only Liu Qiang made a silent sob and scream, and Liu Guohao’s painful cry.
During this period, someone came to comfort Liu Guohao and told him that he had called an ambulance and would come soon.
But Liu Guohao pushed the man away angrily, still holding his son and crying bitterly.
The man stepped aside with a look of embarrassment, and stopped speaking.
The room was quiet again for a few minutes. Everyone seemed to be waiting to see what Liu Guohao would do with Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie when Liu Guohao came up.
Soon, about a few minutes later, everyone heard a rush of footsteps in the corridor outside.
Listening to the voice, it is estimated that there are no less than a hundred people.
At this moment everyone held their breath, waiting to see what would happen.
It’s just that the sound of footsteps suddenly stopped when they were approaching the door of this room.
Immediately afterwards, there seemed to be a sound of scolding and arguing in the corridor outside.
Then there was a scream of screaming and killing…
Then there was a noise in the corridor, messy clanging and dull sound of crashing into each other.
The sound came, really stunned everyone in the room. They were a little unclear, so they waited and talked about each other, but no one knew what happened.
At this moment, a voice came from the corridor again.
It was a burst of screams, one after another, and the voices came from different people, but the same thing was that each of them seemed extremely miserable and painful.
This scream lasted for seven or eight minutes, and finally came to an end.
And so far, Liu Guohao’s hundred and ten brothers have not seen a single figure.
“This…what’s going on outside here?” Suddenly someone asked silently, “Did someone just have a fight? It seems to have stopped? Where is Mr. Liu’s person?”
As soon as this person’s voice fell, the whole room started to roar again. Everyone was talking about what happened.
At this time, a young man looked at Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, hesitated for a moment, and plucked up his courage to walk outside the door.
He wanted to see what happened, and his actions instantly attracted the eyes and attention of everyone present.
The man stepped to the door, and just stepped out with his front foot, but his foot suddenly stopped in the air, and then the man’s head was raised high, as if he had seen some terrible monster, his face showed a panic.
“This…what’s wrong with this?” When everyone saw him move like this, they hurriedly pointed and discussed.
Some people shook their heads suspiciously, expressing that they didn’t know why, while others followed the person’s horrified gaze and tried their best to look out the door.
Soon, the man who was about to step out of the door retracted his feet, and then quickly took a step back, and then another step…
This man’s behavior, but everyone was dumbfounded.
But soon, they seemed to understand why this person had such strange actions.
Because just as this person stepped back, a huge figure suddenly appeared at the door of the room.
The figure bowed slightly and squeezed in from the door.
I saw that this person was more than two meters tall, tall and wide, and it is estimated that he weighs three hundred jins.
Although he is wearing a suit, his strong muscles can be seen through the suit.
This person looked like a monster, he was half taller than everyone present. Everyone looked at him, naturally full of fear.
As soon as this person entered the door, he walked straight to Ye Yunjie’s side. He bowed slightly to Ye Yunjie, and whispered, “Miss Ye, do you need anything?”
Obviously, anyone can tell that this person is Ye Yunjie’s subordinate. .
Especially Liu Guohao, seeing this man with wisps of blood on his suit, suddenly became a little nervous, and asked: “Who are you? Where is my person?”
King Kong raised his head and glanced at Liu Guohao with disdain. I couldn’t help but sneered: “Your people? They are all at the door. If you want to call an ambulance, you’d better call more, otherwise it’s not enough!”
Liu Guohao was shocked when he heard the words, staring at King Kong dumbfounded, surprised “You…what did you say? I…I’m brother No.
100 , you…” Before Liu Guohao’s words fell, he heard King Kong sneer: “I, you are the No. 100 straw bag, count. Fart, I was dealt with by some of my brothers before I could take the shot. You are embarrassed to show me that kind of role? ”

Chapter: 479
“What? They were all killed?”
King Kong’s words caused an uproar in the room.
Everyone looked at each other in disbelief, and then there was a heated discussion.
Some people find it incredible, while others question King Kong’s words.
And more people are still staring at the door, wanting to see what the scene is outside the door.
It’s just that how hard they tried, it didn’t help in the end. In the end, they couldn’t see anything. They only heard the wailing. That wailing sounded creepy.
“What are you talking about?” Liu Guohao looked surprised, and obviously he did not believe what King Kong said.
After all, he is the number one hundred and ten. No matter how strong this King Kong physique is, how strong his companion is, can it be so strong?
After a few minutes, you can get the number one hundred and ten, then who are they? Superman? How many of them are there?
Liu Guohao gritted his teeth, he glared at the opponent fiercely, and hurriedly yelled at the door: “Come on, man? Come on…”
But he kept shouting for a long time, but no one responded. he.
Outside the door at this time, there was no other sound except for the sad screams of his group of men.
Liu Guohao didn’t believe in evil, so he quickly put down Liu Qiang and walked quickly into the corridor outside the door.
As soon as he left, those who wanted to know the situation outside the door hurriedly followed him to the door.
It’s just that everyone walked out the door expectantly, but was stunned by the scene in front of them.
“This…what’s going on?” A person suddenly exclaimed. Obviously, he felt extremely shocked and terrified about the scene in front of him, and the eyes of this person were filled with fear. .
Because right in front of him, the long corridor was full of people at this time, and these people wailed at this time. There was no good place on the whole body, or they were beaten to black eyes. , Or the leg was interrupted, and everyone seemed so tragic.
And beside these people, leaning against a corner at this time, poking a few people in black.
Although these people do not have the strong bodies that make people look scared like King Kong, they can still see the bodies of these people. Quality is different from ordinary people.
“This… four or five of them, they’ve overturned so many people?” Suddenly a voice from the crowd sounded, and the tone was full of suspicion.
“Is this still a human? It’s terrible, isn’t it? Oh my god, it’s still a win after commenting on one person dealing with more than twenty?”
“This…what can I do about this?”
Obviously, the thunder group in front of me A few people easily settled Liu Guohao’s one hundred and ten men. This scene really shocked everyone present.
While they were shocked, they felt even more panic.
Because these people were brought by Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, a few of their subordinates are enough to overturn so many people, what about yourself?
These people looked at each other with pale faces. Everyone knew very well. They betrayed Jiang Hao and calculated the Chengnan project secretly, causing them to lose several billion yuan at once. What kind of deep hatred is this?
But today Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie brought such powerful subordinates, so can they let them go?
Everyone has no bottom in their hearts. They don’t know what will happen in the next scene, and one by one becomes nervous.
Suddenly, a Lei group member outside the door raised his head, looked at Liu Guohao, and asked with a joking smile: “Anything else? If so, let’s come together?” Liu Guohao’s face changed slightly when he heard the words.
He still has a fart. The family that he has run for many years is now here, and they have all been overwhelmed by them without any effort.
Liu Guohao knew very well that no one could count on him now.
He snorted and went straight back to the room, and the contractors who squeezed out to watch the excitement also hurriedly followed back.
If they had just been full of indifference and contempt for Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, then at this moment, they would not dare anymore.
These people know very well what the fate will be if they continue to recreate the situation.
When everyone returned to the room, they were surprised to find that Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie had each pulled out a chair and sat down, looking at everyone present coldly.
Ye Yunjie sneered, and said, “Mr. Liu, can this meeting ceremony be what you like?”
Liu Guohao looked at Liu Qiang on the ground, and his anger surged again, but he knew better that at this time, he was unable to go with Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie. Fight.
“You are too much!” Liu Guohao shouted angrily, “I don’t care if you kill those people outside the door, but this is my son, you…you actually…”
Liu Guohao hasn’t finished speaking yet. Ye Yunjie was interrupted by indifference.
The latter said coldly: “This is all you asked for. We are kind enough for the betrayers. We have shown the greatest kindness and trust to you, but what about you? You secretly colluded with others and caused us losses. At the time, have you ever wondered if you were too much?”
Liu Guohao was speechless. The fact is, he is certainly unable to refute.
Ye Yunjie snorted coldly and continued: “Okay, let’s start talking now. You call us, don’t you just have something to say?”
Liu Guohao gritted his teeth and said: “There is nothing to talk about, we call you over today , For one thing, you have to calculate the project and pay us the original amount, otherwise…”
“Otherwise, what do you want?” Suddenly, Jiang Hao spoke with a stern tone, “Shit logic, I hired you to build the Chengnan project, but you secretly colluded with others and killed the Chengnan project. Looking back, you are still shameless. He came over and asked me for money? May I ask if you have a long face or something?”
Jiang Hao didn’t want to come, but he felt that he couldn’t swallow this breath. He came over, actually just want to ask Liu Guohao this sentence.
Ye Yunjie immediately said: “When I signed the contract before, I remembered that I signed it very clearly. If there is a project quality problem, then the final responsibility is to be borne by you. As for the payment or not, I still ask you. Go and take a look at the original contract!”
Ye Yunjie certainly remembers every clause in the original contract. In fact, she originally planned to find these large and small contractors to settle the accounts today, but she didn’t expect that these people would go ahead of her directly. Torn their last fig leaf.
However, Ye Yunjie is naturally not too worried about what these people will quibble about, because according to the terms of the contract, the Chengnan project has problems. These people are the first to be held accountable, and there is no exemption clause in the contract, that is, as long as If the quality of the project went wrong, these people could not shirk the blame.

Chapter: 480
Of course, if they want to remove their responsibilities, there is no way, unless they have the project quality verification certificate signed by Ye Yunjie himself.
The significance of this certificate is to prove that the quality of a certain project has been qualified, and only after the project has passed the acceptance.
It’s just that, as soon as the Chengnan Project has not completed a project, it will not be possible to issue a certificate if it is not completed.
Second, the hand is on Ye Yunjie’s body. She has never signed such a thing. She knows better than anyone else. Even if the other party wants to fake it, it is impossible.
In other words, no matter how quibble the other party wants, since they choose to engage in problems with the engineering quality of the Chengnan Project, they can only reap the consequences.
But Ye Yunjie still seems to underestimate these people too much.
As soon as she finished speaking, Liu Guohao sneered and asked: “Then Miss Ye, are you sincerely planning to settle the project payment to us?”
Even now, Ye Yunjie can’t laugh. I’m not afraid of anything, and I didn’t even respond.
Liu Guohao sneered, and directly stretched out his hand, and asked someone on the side to hand over a stack of documents. He smiled and said, “In that case, I want the two of you to look at something good!”
After speaking, Liu Guohao directly asked people to take things. Passed it to Ye Yunjie’s hand.
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help being a little curious, but when she read the pile of documents, her face suddenly changed!
“This is fake, it’s impossible, I haven’t signed this kind of thing at all!” Ye Yunjie repeatedly vetoed it, her expression unbelievable.
When Jiang Hao saw this, he hurriedly took the things and looked at it again. After reading it, Jiang Hao also looked extremely shocked.
Because the documents in their hands were nothing else, they turned out to be dozens of acceptance certificates, and at the end of each acceptance certificate, it was Ye Yunjie’s official seal and handprint!
“This is a forgery!” Jiang Hao also got up and said, “Do you think you can shirk your responsibility if you just take out this kind of thing?”
Liu Guohao laughed and said nonchalantly: “What else to mention to me? Responsibilities? What responsibilities do I have now? All the responsibilities are yours. The project is completed by you. Now that the project has been accepted, then the project quality problem will naturally have nothing to do with us. Haha, who do you want to give Are you responsible?”
“You fart!” Ye Yunjie shouted angrily, “Most of the Chengnan Project has just started construction. So far, no building has been completely completed. What acceptance certificate should I give you? Not to mention, I can One hundred sure, I have never signed this qualification certificate, so you must be fake!”
Ye Yunjie is very convinced of this, hasn’t she done anything she didn’t remember?
However, Liu Guohao smiled again and said meaningfully: “Miss Ye, please take a closer look at the first sentence of the qualification certificate. Is it written? At the request of Party A, he gave the project under construction and issued the project. Acceptance certificate. This was proposed by your Party A on the initiative. What does it have to do with us? And I will deny you, so I have been determined by someone. The official seal is indeed your official seal, and the handprint is also It’s really yours, what else can you say?”
Liu Guohao said as he threw a fingerprint firm report to Ye Yunjie, on which it was written in black and white, that the fingerprint was indeed Ye Yunjie’s!
Ye Yunjie was shocked, she couldn’t believe it.
And she quickly thought that if the fingerprint really belongs to her, then this time she seems to have been calculated again.
Ye Yunjie crazily recalled in her mind, who could get her official seal and her fingerprints?
It seems that there is only Ye Xiaorou!
Thinking of this, Ye Yunjie fiercely slammed her hand on a small table from a year ago, and there was a trace of cracks in the table.
Ye Yunjie looked upset, she really couldn’t understand that Ye Xiaorou was her own sister, why did she calculate herself like this?
Over the years, she has given her what she wants, and has never even scolded her or hit her finger.
But in the end, she betrayed herself in such a way, and she really wanted to push herself on the road to absolutes!
Ye Yunjie was very distressed, gritted her teeth, and muttered to herself: “This white-eyed wolf!”
She was full of hatred, and she wished to catch Ye Xiaorou to her and ask everything clearly.
But now I don’t even know where she is…
Ye Yunjie sighed heavily, at this time she finally felt a little weak.
“Sister Ye, what’s wrong with you?” Suddenly, Jiang Hao gently touched Ye Yunjie and asked, “What the hell is going on? Could it be…Is it really you…”
“No!” Ye Yunjie shook decisively He shook his head and said, “I will tell you in detail when I look back on this matter, but now it seems that what they have in their hands seems to be real, and I can guarantee that we have been calculated!”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao only felt Somewhat uncomfortable!
It has been calculated again, what is the origin of the person who wants to put himself to death?
At this time, Liu Guohao seemed to feel a bit proud of moving back to the game.
He proudly said: “How about it, do you believe it now? Haha, I believe it, so please settle all the project funds clearly, otherwise…”
“Otherwise, what do you want?” Ye Yunjie stared at Liu Guohao, her eyes widening. A trace of killing intent.
Liu Guohao also took a stance of going all out. Now his sons are already like this. He, Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao have become unshakable enemies. Of course he will not back down. Even what he thinks now is how to get revenge. go back.
“Otherwise, let’s see you in the court!” Liu Guohao sneered. “I believe that as long as this matter goes to the court, then you will surely suffer. Now no matter how miserably the Chengnan Project is defeated, you still have a chance to survive. There are still several billion in reserved funds. But if we take the matter to the court and you refuse to pay, then the court will definitely freeze your bank account. At that time, you will really be dead!”
Of course, Liu Guohao didn’t just talk about it. He knew the doorway inside. He knew what Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie were most afraid of at this time.
Although Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie are currently in a difficult situation, they still have a lot of funds on hand to turn around.
But if the funds are frozen, the end will be sad.
Liu Guohao was very proud. He felt that he had grasped the pain points of Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, and as long as he could grasp their pain points, he would be able to pinch them to death!

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