I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 531-540

Chapter: 531
“How do you feel?”
Suddenly, a voice came in Jiang Hao’s ear.
Jiang Hao looked up and saw that he was right across from him, Zhang Xiangyu was looking at him with a sinister smile.
The other party was holding an empty goblet in his hand, and the wine in the glass had already been poured on him.
Zhang Xiangyu grabbed a whiskey bottle on the side, poured another glass of wine into the glass, shook it, looked at Jiang Hao through the glass, smiled and said, “Do you feel surprised to see me? ”
Jiang Hao recalled what happened before, thinking that Qiao Dong had lost his life for saving himself, an invisible grief came out again.
He stared at the opponent fiercely, and asked in a low voice , “You did it, right?” Zhang Xiangyu didn’t deny it, but smiled triumphantly: “Actually, I wanted to blow you up. Quan should teach Shen Haoting a lesson. Yes, but I didn’t expect that your kid’s life is really hard enough, and at critical moments, there will always be someone who is willing to give up their lives to save you, haha…Do you want to live?”
Zhang Xiangyu looked at Jiang Hao, as if he had already grasped Jiang Hao’s life and death. .
Jiang Hao gritted his teeth and tried his best to break free, but in the end he tied the ropes, but he didn’t react at all.
“You kill me!” Jiang Hao said coldly.
Although Jiang Hao still had a trace of fear in his heart, he was relieved when he thought of Qiao Dong who died because of himself, and thought that this Xiangyu would inevitably use himself to blackmail his father.
After all, he died, and his father was Shen Haoting. Even if he didn’t have the ability of his father, he still had the backbone to inherit his father.
“Isn’t it a life? You didn’t succeed just now, come and get it now!” Jiang Hao continued.
Hearing this, Zhang Xiangyu chuckles, in his eyes. Jiang Hao’s Xu stubbornness is really ridiculous.
“Puff…Since you are not dead, why should I send you to death?” Zhang Xiangyu smiled, “And now you are alive, far more useful than a corpse! With you, I will No longer worry about Shen Haoting not handing over Shang Dian! But you are very backbone?”
Sure enough, he kept himself to threaten his father. Jiang Hao could not help but sigh in his heart. He was a little arrogant, why did he every time They are all people who are holding back.
He raised his head, glared at each other, and said lightly: “I have the backbone, because my dad is Shen Haoting! Don’t worry, it won’t be long before you people will pay for what you do!”
Jiang Hao As soon as this remark came out, Zhang Xiangyu then let out a louder sneer.
“Hahaha… You laughed at me, why, do you think Shen Haoting is very spine? Haha, this is really the most ridiculous joke I have ever heard.” Zhang Xiangyu said, “Boy, do you know that? In order to survive, he kneeled on the ground and begged us for mercy like a dog? Hehe, he is spineless? You are tarnishing the spine !” When Zhang Xiangyu said this, Jiang Hao was stunned for a while, then lifted up. Started to stare at the other person fiercely, and shouted: “Shut up, you don’t spread rumors here anymore, my father is standing upright, how could he beg for mercy from you choppy ? Do you think this kind of obscenity of yours is interesting?” Zhang Xiangyu is not in a hurry After taking a sip of the red wine, he sneered: “Sure enough, Shen Haoting will not tell you such a shameful thing. In that case, I will tell you.”
“Heh, kid, do you want to I know, what happened in the Pingyang Valley of Chu River back then?” Zhang Xiangyu walked up to Jiang Hao and asked with interest.
The other party’s words immediately aroused Jiang Hao’s curiosity, because he once asked Shen Haoting about a series of secrets about his family, and how the entire Shen family was destroyed, how he himself survived.
But Shen Haoting’s answer was evasive, even as if something was deliberately concealing himself.
Jiang Hao knew at the time that something unspeakable must have happened in it.
“Is it possible…Is it possible that my father really…” Jiang Hao slandered in his heart. He thought about it, but he didn’t dare to think about it, because he knew that if Zhang Xiangyu really said, then his father was in his mind. His tall image will collapse instantly.
Jiang Hao has been telling himself that his father is perfect and he is an upright hero. He can’t imagine that if his father really survived by kneeling down and begging for mercy, it would be a blow to him. …
Jiang Hao was thinking, but Zhang Xiangyu on the side had already spoken.
“Things have to start with the Shen family. The Shen family is a family of warriors that have been inherited for a thousand or hundreds of years, and your father’s line is the Shen family. And the family has the advantage of the family, that is, you can inherit the Shen family. For more than a thousand years, Shangdian is in his own hands.”
Zhang Xiangyu said this, suddenly raised his head to look at Jiang Hao, and asked, “Do you know what Shangdian is?

Chapter: 532
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but shook his head, and the fox questioned: “What is it?”
Jiang Hao asked his father and Ye Yunjie before, what is the inheritance of the Shen family, but they are always half-concealed and unwilling to tell Tell yourself the truth.
And what made Jiang Hao feel ridiculous was that now he wanted to know what it was, he even wanted the enemy Zhang Xiangyu to tell him.
Zhang Xiangyu smiled bitterly and shook his head, and sighed helplessly: “It seems that Shen Haoting really doesn’t want to involve you in this dispute. Even your Shen family’s baby has never told you? Ha ha, naive, you are The only blood of the Shen family, he is really naive to think that you can take care of yourself ?” Zhang Xiangyu looked at Jiang Hao, and then said: “Well, because you really don’t know anything about it, I will Reluctantly tell you everything I know!”
“The so-called Shangdian is a wonderful book that records the laws of the heavens and the earth. As long as you can understand the contents of the book, you can use the heavens and the earth proficiently. Use your strength for your own use, so that you can be unmatched!”
“Do you know why the Shen family or Shen family can exist for so long without being killed by other warrior clans? Hehe, it’s because you hold it in your hands. This baby, his existence, makes everyone feel terrified. Of course, it also makes everyone covet, and it is not just outsiders, but also people in the Shen family! Just like Shen The overseas Shen family, one of the
36 clan families !” Zhang Xiangyu paused, and continued: “Over the past few hundred years, the overseas Shen family has been obedient to the clan family and completely abides by the Shen family rules. The overseas Shen family has gradually become stronger. After gradually gaining a foothold overseas, their ambitions have become more swollen, and in the face of this huge family business, they also feel more and more that their strength is a little weaker, so they can make themselves become A more powerful Shangdian seems to be their best choice!”
“In front of about thirty or so, the overseas Shen family once passed through the Zongjia ditch, trying to borrow Shangdian, but was rejected, and the Zong family was viciously humiliated. The Sect Master was your grandfather. That was a cruel The role not only abolished the overseas Shen family, but also viciously humiliated the overseas Shen family in front of the 36 families. How can this make the overseas Shen family bear their hatred? So hatred and desire forced the overseas Shen family to want Rely on his own strength to take Shangdian!”
Zhang Xiangyu found a chair, sat down and continued talking.
“Then probably for the next ten years or so, the overseas Shen family continued to use the method of cannibalization to gradually gain a greater voice among all the Shen clan, and gradually ignored the Shen clan rules. Because they knew very well that it was not the Shen clan family that really stopped them from taking Shangdian, but the damn family rules!”
“In this case, they will meet each other sooner or later.” Zhang Xiangyu suddenly laughed, ” That is to say, in the bloody battle in Pingyang Valley 17 years ago, the overseas Shen family united eight of the other 36 families to fight against the Zong family in Pingyang Valley, as well as the only Shen clan who supported the Zong family. I have to admit, the Zong family. If the strength of the Shen family is singled out, none of the 36 Shen’s is an opponent, but there are nine of them here, and there are also a large number of advanced weapons purchased by the Shen family from overseas. The final result is self-evident. The clan was slaughtered, and the other branch of the Shen clan that supported the clan, the entire clan, and even the bones, were never left!”
Zhang Xiangyu suddenly frowned, “Oh no, it is said that that clan is the same as you. , A baby who was still in the swaddling clothes escaped this disaster, but it’s not important anymore. A dried shrimp would not be able to turn up the huge waves long ago, just like you!”
Zhang Xiangyu finished, watching with a smile on his face Jiang Hao, his eyes were full of contempt.
Jiang Hao gritted his teeth. After listening to the other party’s narration, he hesitated and asked: “Then…my father…”
“Oh yes!” Zhang Xiangyu patted his forehead and smiled, “I almost forgot the most important thing. , Your dog-like father.”
Zhang Xiangyu seemed to recall for a while, and continued: “Your father should have had something to do back then, and he did not arrive at Pingyang Valley the first time. When he arrived, the entire Pingyang Valley was already bloody, and there were a few people left in the entire clan. At this time, they were all gathered together, preparing to execute the final death sentence. It was exactly at this time that Shen Haoting appeared. He wanted to fight at the beginning, but every time he fights, the Shen family overseas will kill a clan family. In the end, Shen Haoting seemed to really collapse. In the end, the overseas Shen family offered a condition that as long as Shen Haoting kneeled on the ground and begged for mercy, the overseas Shen family would let his clan relatives go, hehe…”
“The result?” Jiang Haoleng Staring coldly at each other, questioned.
“Of course he really knelt down!” Zhang Xiangyu said contemptuously, “He repeatedly kowtows, thinking that he can save his relatives by this, but this is all to blame on your grandfather, the overseas Shen family that he abolished back then. People of, didn’t mean to abide by the agreement at all. After your father knelt down and kowtow, he still killed all the clan families, ha ha, only your father was left!”
“Then you didn’t kill him?” Jiang Hao He gritted his teeth and continued to ask.
Zhang Xiangyu smiled and shook his head: “When the fashion book was hidden, your father, Shen Haoting, was the only one who knew. If he killed him, wouldn’t Shang Dian really be unable to find him? The Shen family overseas chose to slaughter the entire clan, in fact, I asked about Shang Dian’s whereabouts, but none of those cheap bones said, so they are more than guilty!”
“As for your father Shen Haoting…I don’t know what Shen Tianyang said to your father at the beginning, but in the end your father still persuaded him. Now, he knelt on the ground and banged his head three times towards all the people of the Shen family overseas, only to save his dog’s life! Haha… don’t you know how humiliating your father Shen Haoting was at that time, he knelt down. Begging for mercy in front of more than a hundred people, those who have participated in the bloody battle in Pingyang Valley so far, I am afraid that they still remember that scene! They agreed that in 17 years, this year, he will give Shang Dian his hand!” Zhang Xiangyu Suddenly his eyes sank, he snorted coldly, and said, “But your father has been perfidious!”
“Shut up!” Jiang Hao gritted his teeth and stared at each other fiercely, saying, “What do you want to talk about with people like you? When you violated the clan rules, Xinyi is worthless in front of you. Up!”

Chapter: 533
“Tsk tusk, why, do you feel disappointed? Haha, your proud father once did such humble and dirty things, why, can’t you accept it in your heart?”
“You shut up, I don’t want to listen. Now!” Jiang Hao’s eyes were full of anger, and he scolded at the other party.
But how could Zhang Xiangyu stop because of Jiang Hao’s disgust.
He slammed the glass of wine on Jiang Hao again, stood up, and said loudly, “In order to monitor and control Shen Haoting’s actions, he was taken overseas and became a puppet of the overseas Shen family. It’s just that he is still too cunning, and he can secretly make a lot of small actions under the nose of the overseas Shen family, such as developing his own strength, and what kind of thunder team, hehe, when the overseas Shen family finds out, what It’s too late. From that moment on, Shen Tianyang already knew that there would be a decisive battle between him and Shen Hao Ting, and now we are just making an opening for this decisive battle!”
Zhang Xiangyumeng He threw away the wine glass in his hand, and the goblet suddenly fell to pieces.
Zhang Xiangyu took out his cell phone and looked at Jiang Hao with a smile: “Look, the show is about to begin!”
After speaking, Zhang Xiangyu quickly dialed a number.
The phone rang a few times before the other party was connected. Zhang Xiangyu smiled and said, “Shen Haoting, do you feel surprised to hear my voice? Haha, yes, you already know, your son is in my hands now , But don’t worry, he is not dead yet, but it’s up to you whether he will die or not!”
Shen Haoting on the other end of the phone looked very excited and exclaimed, “If you dare to do anything to Jiang Hao, I promise
Shake you down!” Zhang Xiangyu smiled disapprovingly: “Hahaha…Don’t scare me, it’s useless, if I am afraid of this, will I be involved in this matter? I only ask you, do you want to If you want your son to live, then hand over Shang Dian obediently, otherwise, don’t blame my subordinates for being ruthless!”
“You dream!” Shen
Haoting furiously said, ” I will save my son, as for you…I will kill you too!” “Haha, don’t talk so full!” Zhang Xiangyu sneered, “Hope When I cut your son’s throat with a knife, you can still be so stiff! I will give you one day, and one day later, I will send Shangdian to No. 36 Qingshui Street, and at that time, I will also send your son Give it back to you, but if you dare to play tricks, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”
After speaking, Zhang Xiangyu hung up the phone without waiting for Shen Haoting to reply.
At this moment, Zhang Xiangyu seemed to be full of excitement. He kicked the chair in front of him with a kick, clenched his fists in both hands, as if he was in a proud posture.
However, Zhang Xiangyu’s hands were still intact at this time.
You know, before at Jinghu Lake, he cut off a little finger in front of Shen Tianyang… It’s just that Jiang Hao didn’t know all of this. At this time, he stared at Zhang Xiangyu in disgust, wishing to use his eyes. , Just kill each other.
But what makes him feel frustrated is that it is impossible for him to move his body at this time!
On the other side, on the way Shen Haoting everyone returned from Haisheng Yipin to the hotel, Shen Haoting had already ordered to find Jiang Hao’s whereabouts anyway.
“Mr. Shen, what should I do? I really watched Jiang Shao him…” Ye Yunjie stopped talking, looking at Shen Haoting, and asked softly.
Shen Haoting leaned on the sofa and shook his head firmly: “Jiang Hao is my only son. I already owe him too much. I don’t want to let him suffer unnecessary harm because of me…”
“Then what do we do? Do?” Ye Yunjie frowned and asked, “Could it be possible that we actually handed over Shangdian?” Of course, Ye Yunjie knew that Shen Haoting would not do this. For this thing, he once gave up his most precious dignity.
And for more than ten years, isn’t he just for one day, relying on Shang Dian’s power, to thoroughly wash away the humiliation and avenge the whole family?
However, Shen Haoting sat up abruptly and looked at Ye Yunjie and said, “Can’t I use Shangdian to exchange my son’s life?”
Ye Yunjie was asked for a moment. She couldn’t believe it. This was from Shen Haoting’s mouth. Speak out.
“But Mr. Shen…”
Ye Yunjie seemed to say something, but she was interrupted mercilessly by Shen Haoting.
“Okay, don’t say any more, my heart is determined, you go get Shangdian out, and I will go to the
36th Qingshui Street in person!” Three hours later, Zhang Xiangyu’s cell phone suddenly rang and he glanced at it. Number, suddenly smiled.
“Why, have you figured it out clearly?” Zhang Xiangyu asked with a smile.
On the other side of the phone, it was Shen Haoting. His tone was extremely indifferent, and he said, “I have prepared the things and I will deliver them in an hour. But if you dare to play tricks, don’t blame me for being impolite!”
Zhang Xiangyu laughed. I laughed: “Remember, it is 36 Qingshui Street. I will take your son there and wait for you. If you dare to play tricks, then I’m not welcome, don’t forget, your son is now In my hand, as long as I exert a little effort, he will be dead!” After speaking, Zhang Xiangyu hung up the phone in a hurry.
Jiang Hao stared at him and asked, “Shall we leave now?”
Jiang Hao had already given up his mind. What he thought was that later, as long as the other party said to take him to No. 36 Qingshui Street, wait for Zhang Xiangyu to loosen his restraints. The moment he roped himself, he fought the opponent.
What only stunned Jiang Hao was that Zhang Xiangyu’s ridicule was caused by his own questioning.
“Hehe, go? Where are you going?” The other party looked at Jiang Hao like a fool.
“Go… Go to No. 36 Qingshui Street? Are you going to be there to trade with my dad?” Jiang Hao frowned and asked.
Suddenly, Jiang Hao felt that he seemed too naive, and he believed the other party’s words.
Sure enough, Zhang Xiangyu laughed again: “Hahaha…what’s your mind? You don’t really think that I will take you to deal with Shen Haoting? Haha, it is really naive and ridiculous, you people, hehe , I’m really curious sometimes, how did you live until now!”
Zhang Xiangyu sneered, and continued: “To tell you the truth, the 36th Qingshui Street is nothing but a trap I set up, just wait It’s just that Shen Haoting got the bait. It’s true that it was a closed coffee shop. I bought it later. At this time, the room was full of potent explosives. As long as Shen Haoting entered the door, even if he had the ability to understand the sky, It must be fried to pieces!”

Chapter: 534
“It’s despicable!” Jiang Hao glared at Zhang Xiangyu. He didn’t expect that there would be someone so shameless in this world.
“You killed my father, didn’t you also get nothing?” Jiang Hao asked loudly, “That Shangdian, only my father knows where it is. If you kill him, you won’t even want to get it in your life. !”
Zhang Xiangyu smiled when he heard the words, and said, “Hehe, Shen Haoting is dead? Wouldn’t it be better? As long as he dies, Shang Diande’s whereabouts will become an unsolved case. Don’t say it’s you, it’s the Shen family overseas I can’t find it, huh, isn’t this kind of result very good?”
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but froze for a moment when he heard Zhang Xiangyu’s words. He was a little confused, so: “You…what do you mean by this? You are not for the overseas Shen family. Do you work? Isn’t you doing so many incidents just to get the Shen family abroad?”
Jiang Hao was really confused by what Zhang Xiangyu said just now.
However, his curiosity was quickly pierced by Zhang Xiangyu.
“Haha, overseas Shen family? What kind of thing is that? Do you really think that I would be willing to sell my life for them?” Zhang Xiangyu suddenly revealed his true face and smiled sinisterly, “Perhaps in Shen Tianyang’s eyes, I am nothing more than It’s just a dog he raised. He can come and go as he calls it. As everyone knows, in my eyes, he is not a stupid pig. He doesn’t know at all. For so many years, I take his In name, what did you do!”
Zhang Xiangyu’s words were so informative that Jiang Hao was even a little surprised.
Is it possible that Zhang Xiangyu, who seems to be loyal to the Shen family overseas, is actually pretending to be? Is everything he did fake?
In name, he obeyed the orders of the overseas Shen family, but in fact, what has he been planning for himself?
If this is the case, then this person seems too scheming.
He lied to himself and his father was enough. Could it be that he and the overseas Shen family were also lied to?
It seems that he really has some ability!
Jiang Hao had to marvel at this Xiangyu a little bit more.
Jiang Hao thought for a while. He seemed to have figured out something. He couldn’t help but sneered and said, “Hehe, if I’m right, you have been dormant in the Shen family overseas for so many years, for Shangdian, right?”
Zhang Xiangyu nodded “Otherwise? Although you are a descendant of the Shen family, I’m afraid you still don’t know what kind of Shangdian exists? If anyone owns it, it is equivalent to owning everything and what money. , Status, woman, and strength. If you use it, you have it all. Hehe, it’s ridiculous that your Shen family has hidden such beautiful things for more than a thousand years. You are simply embracing Qiantian. Things, so you don’t deserve to have it at all! Such a beautiful thing can only be used to reflect its greatest value!” At this point, Zhang Xiangyu’s eyes seemed to glow with greed.
At this moment, he seemed to have seen the scene after he got the Shangdian.
However, Zhang Xiangyu’s words are still somewhat inconsistent. Jiang Hao frowned and asked: “No, you want to blow up my father, just to prevent the overseas Shen family from getting Shangdian’s whereabouts, but if my father dies, no Just overseas Shen family, even you can’t know where Shang Dian is hiding. Didn’t you block your own way too?”
Jiang Hao discovered that this is a huge loophole in Zhang Xiangyu’s logic. Since the purpose is to obtain Shang Dian, but to kill Shang Dian’s only insider, his father, does that mean that he has also cut off his only possibility?
Jiang Hao frowned and stared at the opponent, just wanting to know how the opponent would answer.
Who knows that Zhang Xiangyu just smiled faintly, and said, “Hehe, the place where Shen Haoting was killed and Shang Dian’s hiding place, of course, will not be known to everyone. Naturally, the Shen family overseas will never know, and this is me. What I want to achieve. Hehe, the reason I did this is because, in this world, it seems that apart from your dad, only I know where Shangdian is located!”
“You know?” Jiang Hao yelled in surprise, “How is it possible? No, it’s impossible. If you knew, you might have secretly got things in your hands. Would you wait for today? You’re lying!”
Zhang Xiangyu shrugged and said, “Haha, a joke, do you think we have been operating in Chujiang for so many years? To be honest, since the Battle of Pingyang Valley, we have been looking for Shang Dian’s whereabouts, Xiao Twenty Years, the entire Chu River is about to be dug three feet by us. How can we not know the whereabouts of Shang Dian? As for why we have not done it for so many years, it is because we have objective reasons. But soon, this objective reason will be eliminated. At that time, we will be able to get Shangdian effortlessly!”
Zhang Xiangyu showed greed at the corner of his mouth, and smiled: “Hehe, I may keep you, let you see with your own eyes how we will take Shangdian at that time
Get it !” Zhang Xiangyu’s words made Jiang Hao take a breath, he couldn’t believe it, this Zhang Xiangyu already knew the whereabouts of Shang Dian!
And what makes Jiang Hao more uneasy is that Zhang Xiangyu just used “us”, that is to say, they may be a group of people, and not just this Xiangyu alone!
In this way, it seems that the situation has become complicated again!
Jiang Hao was a little anxious. Of course, he was afraid of his father’s accident. Of course, he was even more afraid that one day, the treasure that had been in the Shen family for more than a thousand years would fall into the hands of outsiders!
Jiang Hao was in a state of confusion. He was a little discouraged. Now the situation has reached such a critical juncture, but he can’t help a little bit. He can’t even tell his father that No. 36 Qingshui Street is a trap… …
An hour later, at 36 Qingshui Street, a Rolls-Royce car slowly stopped at the door of the cafe where the plaque had faded for an unknown period of time.
Soon, a young man in black ran down from the co-pilot and hurried to open the door to the back seat of the car.
Then, a burly middle-aged man in a blue and black suit walked down from behind.
He looked around, there was a little hesitation in his eyes, but after a short pause, his hesitation was replaced by firmness.
Afterwards, he walked towards the door of the closed cafe…
At this moment, in the abandoned factory building, Zhang Xiangyu was holding his mobile phone in one hand and holding Jiang Hao’s hair in the other, forcing him to force him. Look at the picture on the phone screen.
At this time, on the screen, it was a video of Shen Haoting walking towards No. 36 Qingshui Street.
Zhang Xiangyu smiled coldly and said: “Haha, take a good look, maybe this is the last time you see your dead ghost dad, this is a live broadcast!”

Chapter: 535
Obviously, this video was taken from a window opposite the closed cafe.
The picture is very clear. Although Jiang Hao can only see the person’s back, he knows that it must be his father, because the back is exactly the same.
At this time, Jiang Hao watched his father helplessly, step by step towards the fire pit, towards the abyss.
Seeing Shen Haoting stepping up the stairs step by step, he didn’t seem to realize that the danger was approaching.
He walked to the door of the cafe and looked inside through the mottled window, seeming to hesitate a little more, but finally reached the doorknob and gently pushed open the door of the dilapidated cafe.
At the moment when Shen Haoting opened the dilapidated door, inside the cafe, a thin thread connected to the dilapidated door was suddenly tightened and pulled.
The thin line immediately linked a switch device not far away, which was suddenly triggered, and then inside the device, a string of faint sparks “choked” and instantly ignited an army located under the device. Green package.
Almost instantly, a series of chemical reactions invisible to the naked eye occurred inside the package, followed by a huge shock wave that gushed out of the package.
The shock wave seemed to be a space from small to large, spreading rapidly from the place where the package was the center to the entire room.
In less than a tenth of a second, the shock wave destroyed everything in the closed cafe. All the blasted furniture and all the porcelain furnishings were instantly destroyed into countless fragments. Finally, Entrapped in the shock wave, Yu rushed out to the outside.
In fact, as soon as he put his hand on the doorknob and opened the door, Shen Haoting seemed to have noticed something wrong, and the thought of running away suddenly rose in his heart.
It’s just that this idea just came to his mind, that huge unmatched shock wave has already rushed out, directly smashing the dilapidated door into countless fragments, and finally the fragments flew straight into the Shen Hao Ting. In the body.
In fact, at this time, a special bulletproof clothing had already been passed on inside his suit, but even so, the immediate impact force at that moment teared out countless fragments from the surface of the bulletproof clothing.
As for the parts of his body that were not covered by the bulletproof vests, countless fragments were interspersed and penetrated almost instantly, and his body instantly became fleshy and bloody.
After that, Shen Haoting was pushed upside down by the huge shock wave and flew straight for more than ten meters before falling heavily to the ground.
With a “bang”, there was a loud noise from the abandoned cafe again, and the second explosion occurred.
This time it was more violent than the first time. The entire front of the cafe was almost completely blown up, and all the windows and door frames were knocked out in the first place.
Almost the entire neighborhood nearby was affected, with a distance of 300 meters, and almost no window glass was intact.
In an instant, the flames blazed into the sky and wailing sounded everywhere.
The few people that Shen Haoting had brought back had just remembered, and hurriedly rushed towards Shen Haoting’s side.
One person hurriedly picked up Shen Haoting, only to realize that his face had long been completely unrecognizable, his body had been cut out with countless openings, and a calf was also scrapped.
“Mr. Shen! Mr. Shen!” The subordinate quickly called out loudly, but Shen Haoting didn’t even react at all.
“Quick! To the hospital!” One of his men hurriedly picked up Shen Haoting and ran towards the Rolls-Royce car parked not far away.
And the Rolls-Royce’s originally smooth mirror-like car body was also marked out at this time.
But at this time no one cared so much anymore. Those few people took Shen Haoting and galloped directly towards the nearby resources…
In the car, the young man who carried Shen Haoting in the car touched the pulse of Shen Haoting, and his expression suddenly became difficult to look at.
Seeing this, the young man sitting in the passenger seat quickly turned his head to look at him, and asked in a low voice: “Why…”
The young man sighed heavily: “It’s too late, it’s not working!” Several people in the car heard. They looked at each other, and finally the young man in the co-pilot shook his head, took out his cell phone, dialed a number, and finally whispered: “Miss Ye… Shen… Mr. Shen has something wrong, I’m afraid it won’t work! “In the abandoned factory building, Zhang Xiangyu kept let Jiang Hao see those young people carrying Shen Haoting into the car.
After watching the video, Jiang Hao’s tears couldn’t stop long ago.
He glared at him, wishing to kill him with his eyes.
Jiang Hao really didn’t want to accept this fact in his heart. All this happened so suddenly that he didn’t even have the slightest defense.
“No, it’s impossible, my dad won’t die!” Jiang Hao shook his head, and said angrily, “You won’t succeed!”
Zhang Xiangyu heard the words, but laughed out of joy: “Haha, immortal How is it possible that although Shen Haoting is very powerful, he is a mortal body after all. With such a close explosion, do you think he is a tank? He can survive?”

Chapter: 536
“Haha, how do you feel after reading it now?” Zhang Xiangyu looked at Jiang Hao with a smile, and said, “Hey, it’s a pity to say that he is a real hero in the end. It is estimated that he has never thought of it even if he dreamed of it. One day, this will end, right?”
After speaking, Zhang Xiangyu also seemed to feel relieved. It is true that Shen Haoting’s death is great news for him. His joy is definitely not just because Now he can enjoy the secret of Shangdian.
It’s because I got rid of such a strong opponent, an opponent whose strength is much higher than my own, and I feel gratified from the bottom of my heart.
Once Shen Haoting died, no one in this world would be able to compete with him for the treasure that the Shen family had cherished for more than a thousand years.
Zhang Xiangyu thought for a while, and couldn’t help feeling a bit ridiculous. The Shen family hid this treasure for more than a thousand years and couldn’t bear to use it. In the end, he was picked up by himself for a huge bargain. I really don’t know this is good luck. Fooling people is really lucky.
It seems that at this moment, Zhang Xiangyu is a little impatient to get the Shangdian, but he knows that there is no time yet. He has been waiting for this Shangdian for many years, and it seems that these months are not bad. Six months.
Zhang Xiangyu showed an extremely expectant expression on his face, but it was not long before his expression appeared, his expression suddenly condensed, and then his entire face suddenly became extremely shocked, so he turned his head in another direction. , Slowly the eyebrows are all vigilant.
And just in the direction Zhang Xiangyu was focusing on, some people suddenly appeared unexpectedly at some point.
Zhang Xiangyu was shocked by the sudden appearance of these people, because it was a place carefully chosen by him. Except for himself, almost no one knew the existence of this place and how these people appeared.
Moreover, the astonishment on Zhang Xiangyu’s face didn’t last long. After he fixed his eyes on the few people, the whole person was instantly stunned. There seemed to be a buzz in his mind, and he was a little at a loss for a while. I can believe everything in front of me.
Because there were four figures standing on the side that Zhang Xiangyu was focusing on, and these people were not others, they turned out to be Shen Haoting, Ye Yunjie, Qiao San and a Shen Haoting.
After seeing Shen Haoting’s handsome face like a carving knife, Zhang Xiangyu was silly, pointing at the other party and yelling impossible.
“You… are you a man or a ghost? You… how could you still be alive? Haven’t you been killed just now?” Zhang Xiangyu looked at Shen Haoting in shock and exclaimed.
With his shouting, Jiang Hao, who was immersed in grief, immediately recovered his senses. Jiang Hao hurriedly looked in that direction. The whole person was taken aback for a moment, and then he cried out with joy and tears: “Dad, You… Are you okay?” When he saw Shen Haoting standing in front of him unscathed, Jiang Hao felt that everything was like a dream, and tears welled up in his eyes.
Originally, he thought that he had just realized his father’s love for only a few days, so he lost his father forever?
But at this time Jiang Hao was very moved. His father was fine. He laughed happily and said loudly, “I knew you would be fine …” Shen Haoting was fine when he saw Jiang Hao, and a huge rock in his heart seemed to be instantaneous. Falling on the ground, he comforted in a deep voice: “Don’t worry, son, my father is a cat, he has nine lives, and he won’t be counted so easily. Are you okay? Don’t worry, my father will take you home. ”
Jiang Hao was so touched that he didn’t know what to say, but he nodded heavily and looked at his father again.
Jiang Hao is not interested in knowing what happened just now. As long as his father has nothing to do, it is more important to Jiang Hao.
It was only at this moment that Zhang Xiangyu, who was so excited when he saw Shen Haoting, felt his scalp numb.
He was very flustered, looking at Shen Haoting and said: “Impossible, how could you still be alive? Didn’t you have been bombed to death just now? I just saw you being carried away by Bi’s hands, and even if you weren’t dead, you It is impossible to appear here so soon? You…who are you?”
The sudden reappearance of Shen Haoting completely disrupted Zhang Xiangyu’s overall plan.
Originally, he thought that Shang Dian would really become his own thing once Shen Haoting died, but he didn’t want to. This guy had just been bombed so horribly that he now stood in front of him intact.
This impact on Zhang Xiangyu is definitely no less than detonating a nuclear bomb in his heart.
Regarding Zhang Xiangyu’s doubts, Shen Haoting just sneered. He said lightly: “Do you think I, Shen Haoting, who have lived under the nose of the Shen family overseas for so many years, will be killed by you so easily? Besides, you just said it yourself. That I was seriously injured just now, how could I be here so soon?”
Shen Haoting’s words made Zhang Xiangyu startled, and immediately he seemed to have thought of something, looking at Shen Haoting with a look of surprise.

Chapter: 537
“What do you mean, the one that was blown up was a fake?” Zhang Xiangyu asked loudly.
Shen Haoting smiled: “Otherwise? Do you think I will not be able to guess your calculations? To be honest, that person is a stand-in for me. I have been in the Shen family overseas for so many years. You think I will be there in person on many occasions. What?”
Shen Haoting’s words made Zhang Xiangyu very upset. He never thought that Shen Haoting would do such a trick with himself.
substitute? Hehe, it seems that he still underestimated this Shen Haoting, he was scheming.
Shen Haoting then sighed: “If it were not to stabilize you, I wouldn’t even send a substitute, but he has been with me for ten years, and he will eventually die in your hands…”
Shen Haoting’s eyes suddenly became fierce. When he got up, he stared at Zhang Xiangyu fiercely and said, “Today, I will avenge him!” As he spoke
, Shen Haoting sprinted forward and galloped directly in Zhang Xiangyu’s direction.
At the moment Shen Haoting appeared, Zhang Xiangyu was already ready.
Just in the process of talking with Shen Haoting, Zhang Xiangyu has moved slightly towards Jiang Hao’s direction.
Facing opponents like Shen Haoting, he had to be prepared, because in front of Shen Haoting, as long as he was negligent, he might lose his life instantly!
As soon as Shen Haoting left, Zhang Xiangyu rushed towards Jiang Hao, and then a cold light flashed from his waist, and a dazzling dagger sprang from his waist…
Zhang Xiangyu jumped behind Jiang Hao with one hand. Hugging Jiang Hao’s neck, the dagger in his other hand directly pressed against Jiang Hao’s throat!
In an instant, Shen Haoting stopped abruptly and looked at the opponent with a vigilant expression.
Zhang Xiangyu gave a sneer, and the dagger in his hand came again towards Jiang Hao’s throat by a small half inch: “Come on, Shen Haoting, believe it or not, if you dare to step forward, my dagger will immediately pierce your son’s artery!”
While talking, Zhang Xiangyu’s sharp tip of the dagger had already pierced Jiang Hao’s neck with a wound, and blood spilled out instantly.
“If you dare to touch him any more, I will crush you!” Shen Haoting pointed at Zhang Xiangyu, while shouting loudly, “Now let him go!”
Shen Haoting thought that he could be at Zhang Xiangyu at such a close distance. Without reacting, he controlled him first, but didn’t want this Xiangyu to be an idle person.
Obviously, the speed that Zhang Xiangyu demonstrated just now is already considered a mid-level expert.
Moreover, at this moment Jiang Hao fell into his hands again, and Shen Haoting threw a rat restraint, a little anxious.
“Haha, let me let him go?” Zhang Xiangyu sneered, “Why? I let him go, so you kill me directly? Shen
Haoting , do you think I am a fool?” Zhang Xiangyu knows very well that Jiang Hao is in his palm at this time. The biggest and last hole card in the game, let Jiang Hao go? Is he really crazy?
Moreover, Zhang Xiangyu was also looking around at the beginning. It was obvious that the current situation was unexpected, and he had not even thought about how to get out.
Now Zhang Xiangyu is so flustered and sweaty in his palms!
Obviously, Shen Haoting on the other side is not doing well. He is now afraid that Zhang Xiangyu will be really angered. In the end, this guy will jump over the wall in a hurry and really start with Jiang Hao. Then he has prepared so much, isn’t it all in vain?
And I am afraid that I will not only lose a stand-in, but also Jiang Hao, the only son.
Shen Haoting sighed heavily and said in a low voice: “Let’s make a deal. I will let you go. You let go of Jiang Hao. I promise you will not touch you today!” “What guarantee do you use?” Zhang Xiangyu sneered and shook his head, “Just With your red mouth and white teeth? Shen Haoting, no one is a three-year-old kid anymore. Do you think this is interesting?”
Zhang Xiangyu thought for a while and continued: “I can go, but I have to take your son. This kid is my shield now. Without him, you can kill me in minutes! I take him away, and I am here. I will naturally let him go where I think it’s safe. When the time comes, everyone will not be in the water. I promise not to show up in front of you again. How about?” After
Zhang Xiangyu finished speaking, Shen Haoting and Ye Yunjie looked at each other. All shook their heads.
Shen Heights Lengheng soon, big shouted: “! In your dreams, you do not have to negotiate terms with my capital, must be released Jiang Hao, you let me go, I sink to my personality as a guarantee Heights, certainly did not hold you.”
“I Pooh , Your personality?” Zhang Xiangyu said, “I’m sorry, I don’t believe in your personality. I only believe that your son is my only trump card, Shen Haoting, you didn’t find out, are you giving me capital for not negotiating terms with me? ”
While speaking, Zhang Xiangyu applied a slight force on his hand again, and suddenly a bloodstain deeper than before appeared on Jiang Hao’s neck, and the blood almost stained the entire dagger.
Seeing this situation, Shen Haoting hurriedly waved: “Wait…wait a minute, don’t hurt him, let’s talk about it!”

Chapter: 538
“What to talk about? There’s nothing to talk about!” Zhang Xiangyu didn’t mean to relax at all, “Either let me take your son and leave here, or everyone will die together! Haha, Shen Haoting, it doesn’t matter if I die, I just die. , But your son is the only bloodline of Nepal, and also the last seedling of your Shen family. If he dies, I don’t need to say more about the result?”
Zhang Xiangyu clearly pinpointed Shen Haoting’s pain points, so he seemed very proud. He even thought that he could control Shen Haoting this time.
He knew that it was impossible for Shen Haoting not to agree to his terms, because he didn’t get the election.
Shen Haoting hesitated for a moment, he looked at Jiang Hao, his eyes full of dismay.
After a while, he nodded and said solemnly: “Well, I will let you go, but I want you to guarantee that you must ensure Jiang Hao’s safety, otherwise I will look for a guarantee to chase to the ends of the world, and I will also take you Bone to pieces.”
Shen Haoting’s decision was obviously extremely difficult and hesitant.
And Ye Yunjie behind him frowned when he heard the words, and whispered: “Mr. Shen…you don’t think about it anymore? If he takes Shao Jiang away, then…”
Shen Haoting raised his hand to stop Ye Yunjie from saying: ” Okay, you don’t have to say any more, I know how to do it!” After
Shen Haoting finished speaking, he looked at Zhang Xiangyu solemnly and said: “I can let you go, you can also take Jiang Hao, but…I can Can’t say two more words to him?”
This request of Shen Haoting really made Zhang Xiangyu vigilant. He looked at Shen Haoting suspiciously, seemingly hesitant: “What are you going to say?”
Shen Haoting did not say a word, but took a step forward. , But as soon as his foot fell on the ground, Zhang Xiangyu called out loudly: “You stop me! Just stand there and say anything, if you take a step forward, don’t blame me for being polite!”
Shen Haoting is steady. He stopped, looked at Jiang Hao, and said softly, “Son, I’m sorry, Dad!”
Jiang Hao was taken aback when he heard the words, and then he felt lighter, and saw Zhang Xiangyu’s dagger instantly cut the rope that held him up. Jiang Hao felt sour all over his body and almost fell down.
But Zhang Xiangyu held Jiang Hao in his hand, and then pulled him to the outside and tore him: “Okay, are you finished? Let’s go after talking !” As he spoke, Zhang Xiangyu couldn’t help but look back at Shen Haoting, his eyes filled. It is proud.
He felt that he had beaten Shen Haoting again this time, and he was ecstatic!
It’s just that he didn’t expect that at this moment, at the window behind him, a black hole wound suddenly appeared. The muzzle was aimed directly at Zhang Xiangyu’s head, and immediately after hearing a “bang”, the barrel came out. A ball of fire… Almost the moment the gun barrel appeared, Zhang Xiangyu had already noticed something was wrong, he almost subconsciously turned his head suddenly, and the bullet flew past his scalp, the high temperature attached to the bullet. He even scorched a bunch of his short hair.
But before Zhang Xiangyu had time to be happy, he suddenly realized that he seemed to be fooled!
Because just when he exhausted all his energy to avoid the deadly bullet, he grabbed Jiang Hao’s hand and subconsciously sent it away at that moment.
Immediately afterwards, almost at the same time, Shen Haoting also moved!
He dashed straight towards Jiang Hao, the speed was as fast as lightning, even before Jiang Hao had time to see his father’s figure clearly, his whole person was already in his arms!
After that, Shen Haoting quickly jumped a step back, and instantly moved to three meters away, almost at the same time as he landed, Shen Haoting shook his right hand, flashing a white light “swooshing” with a burst of sound, and shot out from his sleeve tube. , Went straight to Zhang Xiangyu who was still in shock.
Zhang Xiangyu had just dodged a bullet, and still had a lingering fear. Then Jiang Hao, the biggest trump card in his hand, lost his hand.
Now Shen Haoting darts at himself again!
Everything happened almost instantaneously. Zhang Xiangyu only felt that his heart was tight. Before he even called out “bad”, the whole person dodged a position here.
Zhang Xiangyu knows his own destiny today, so let it go!
As he dodges, the waist is also activated, a black steel nail suddenly flies out under the action of the spring, and the target of this steel nail is not Shen Haoting, but Jiang Hao in his arms!
Shen Haoting was shocked when he saw this, and suddenly waved to block…
“Swish…” With a sound, the dart thrown by Shen Haoting was impartial, hitting Zhang Xiangyu’s chest, and immediately a stream of blood spouted from Zhang Xiangyu’s chest, and the whole was covered by the dart. The force of the entrapment pushed back a few steps, and the whole person directly hit the wall.
Zhang Xiangyu originally wanted to get up and flee again, but when he was about to leave, he realized that he couldn’t move at all. He felt soft and could no longer stand up. Then he convulsed all over, and the blood on the chest wound could not stop gushing. come out.
The steel nails shot by Zhang Xiangyu were also blocked by Shen Haoting’s impatient hand, and the direction was directly changed, and the tip of the knife slammed into the concrete wall on the side.
“Mr. Shen…”
And at this moment, Ye Yunjie and the others just realized what had happened just now, and they rushed up.
Almost at the same time, from all sides of the abandoned warehouse, no less than 20 or 30 people rushed in. Some people went directly to check Zhang Xiangyu, who was still convulsed, but the people were already confused, and more people rushed to Shen Haoting’s. In front of him, check if Shen Haoting is injured.
But at this time, Shen Haoting had long been unable to control himself, and he was most worried about Jiang Hao now.
“Son, are you okay?” Shen Haoting quickly untied Jiang Hao’s rope, and looked at Jiang Hao whole body with worry.
When he saw the wound on Jiang Hao’s calf that was penetrated by steel bars, his whole heart seemed to be pulled!
“This…is the injury so bad?” Shen Haoting said eagerly, “Quickly, get ready for the car, take Jiang Hao to the hospital, go quickly…” As soon as Shen Haoting said this, his subordinates rushed out.
And Jiang Hao still seems to be a little bit unrecollected, he has experienced too much this day, and his innocent nerves seem to be on the verge of collapse.
He just shook his head, as if trying to prop up his body, but then he softened and fell into Shen Haoting’s arms again.
Upon seeing this, Shen Haoting suddenly felt a huge boulder hanging in his heart. He was really afraid that his precious son might be left with any sequelae because of today’s events.
He hurriedly picked up Jiang Hao, got up and ran outside.
It’s just that Shen Haoting just got up, but suddenly felt that he was weak, his eyes were dark, and he fell heavily to the ground.
“Mr. Shen…”
This scene really frightened everyone present. Several people hurried to help Shen Haoting, but saw that Shen Haoting’s face was pale with a bit of purple.
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help being shocked when she saw this, she quickly grabbed the hand that Shen Haoting had just blocked the steel nails to see what was going on. With this look, Ye Yunjie’s face suddenly turned pale!

Chapter: 539
I saw a slender wound on the back of Shen Haoting’s hand, and this wound was now a purple-red color, and the blood leaking from the wound turned black.
This scene really stunned everyone present.
Those people looked at Ye Yunjie nervously. Someone couldn’t help being curious and asked nervously: “Miss Ye, what’s going on? What’s going on?”
“Yeah, yeah, this…this How could the wound be like this?”
At this moment, everyone looked at the steel nail that was blocked by Shen Haoting and plunged into the wall.
The steel nail was completely black. Although it looked like a steel nail, there were still two sharp blades that looked like wings on the arrow at the front of it.
Unsurprisingly, the wound on Shen Haoting’s hand must have been scratched by Jiang Shao’s blade.
But this is just scratching a small wound, how can it show up like that?
And what puzzled everyone the most was why Shen Haoting suddenly fell to the ground, as if he was emptied of energy in an instant, with weakness and collapse all over his body.
In the end, everyone’s eyes fell on Ye Yunjie. Among them, she seemed to be the only one who was knowledgeable and able to give everyone an explanation.
The fact seems to be true. After seeing Shen Haoting’s face and the purple-brown wound with black blood, Ye Yunjie immediately guessed what was going on!
“That thing is poisonous!” Ye Yunjie pointed at the dark steel nail with a gloomy expression, “and I see Mr. Shen’s symptoms, it seems to be very poisonous…”
Very poisonous?” When she heard Ye Yunjie’s words , Everyone present immediately blasted the pot and turned into a pot of porridge!
“Miss Ye, what should I do?”
“No…no? It’s just a slap, and Mr. Shen is a powerhouse in the middle stage of the transformation, he won’t be so…”
“Oh , don’t say it, quickly, send Mr. Shen and Shao Jiang to the hospital! Say it when you get to the hospital!” The crowd suddenly roared, and then someone picked up Jiang Hao and Shen Haoting and rushed out.
At this moment, Zhang Xiangyu, who was already breathless, finally brought up the last trace of his life. He looked at the chaotic crowd, and the corners of his mouth worked hard to make a proud look…
and Jiang Hao on the other side was listening. After Ye Yunjie said that her father was very toxic, the whole person also lost too much blood due to the large and small wounds on her body, and gradually fainted …I don’t know how long it took, Jiang Hao finally slowly recovered from the coma. Woke up.
The first thing that caught his eyes was a snow-white room and a branch of lilac that came in through the window.
Jiang Hao rubbed his head, still feeling a little heavy, and then he tried very hard to get up from the bed.
And when he moved, he suddenly awakened the young man who was sitting on a chair not far away and resting.
He hurriedly shouted: “Jiang Shao is awake, Jiang Shao is awake!”
While shouting, the young man ran to Jiang Hao, ready to help him.
But Jiang Hao waved his hand and whispered, “I’m fine, don’t help me!”
Jiang Hao looked out the window, suddenly thought of something, and quickly asked, “Where is my father? He… is he all right?”
Although he did not know how long he was in a coma, Jiang Hao still clearly remembered that the last sentence he heard before he fell into a coma was that his father was very poisoned.
How is he? Whether it is innocent or not, this is what Jiang Hao wants to know most at this moment.
When the young man heard the words, there was a sense of loss on his face, he still went to hold Jiang Hao’s arm, and said lightly: “Mr. Shen…Mr. Shen…”
Seeing the other party hesitating, Jiang Hao’s heart shook, he immediately thought , There may be something wrong, otherwise why is this guy so vague.
“What’s wrong with my dad?” Jiang Hao grabbed the opponent’s collar, tears already rolling in his eyes.
And in Jiang Hao’s heart, he had actually prepared for the worst.
He couldn’t believe it, did his father really have an accident?
I have just experienced the fatherly love for so many days, is it about to lose it again?
God, are you too unfair to me?
And the thing that made Jiang Hao unacceptable the most was that his father’s accident was all because of himself.
If it wasn’t for saving myself, if it wasn’t for blocking the nail that came for myself, maybe my father would be fine.
The dead person should be himself!
In addition to self-blame, Jiang Hao still blames himself. Although it was Zhang Xiangyu who directly killed his father in the end, Jiang Hao knew that his father died because of himself.
He has a responsibility that can’t be pushed back anyway. This guilt and self-blame may make him feel guilty and regretful for a lifetime!
Jiang Hao grabbed the opponent’s hand with great strength, and the opponent felt a little painful.
The man originally wanted to explain, but just as he was about to open his mouth, he suddenly heard the sound of the door of the ward being pushed open, and then, a figure hurried in!
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Chapter: 540
Seeing the person coming, Jiang Hao was startled first, and then he was surprised.
“Dad, you…”
That’s right, the person here is Shen Haoting, and from the face of Shen Haoting, it seems that his body has not been greatly affected.
“Dad, are you okay?” Jiang Hao hurriedly greeted him, and Shen Haoting hurriedly supported Jiang Hao, who was staggering.
He smiled and said, “What can you do with dad, don’t you think I’m fine?”
“But didn’t you…have you been poisoned before?” Jiang Hao exclaimed, “I thought you already… ”
Shen Haoting laughed loudly: “Do you think Dad is dead? Hahaha, you look down on Dad too much. I am Shen Haoting, and I am not that easy to die. Moreover, we haven’t reported a grievance. How could Dad die?” Don’t worry, I’m fine with that little injury.”
Shen Haoting then looked at Jiang Hao all over again, and said with some relief: “Dad sees you’re okay and feels more at ease, you don’t know. When I was sent to the hospital, the doctor said that your blood was almost draining, but my dad was terrified, but your kid just followed me. The body’s recovery ability is very strong. You see it’s only a few days now They are all almost done!” The two chatted for a while, and they were all right to see each other. Whether it was Jiang Hao or Shen Haoting, they were extremely relieved.
Shen Haoting looked at the time, and finally said, “Okay, you can clean up first. Dad will take you to a place later, and I have something to deal with. Let’s go busy!”
After speaking, Shen Haoting got up and turned towards Went outside the ward.
Jiang Hao looked at his father’s back and sighed sincerely.
Seeing that his father was okay, he was really relieved. If his father really had an accident for saving himself, Jiang Hao would probably blame himself for a lifetime!
But at this time Jiang Hao was still a little curious. His father said he would take him to a place? Where is he taking himself?
It seems that he must be very anxious, otherwise he has recovered from a serious illness, and his father is unlikely to take him away in such an emergency.
While thinking, Jiang Hao looked out the window…
On the other hand, when Shen Haoting left the ward, he appeared very anxious, and in the end he even ran out.
And as soon as he closed the door of the ward and turned his head, his face suddenly turned blue, and then a mouthful of reddish-brown blood spurted out of his mouth.
At this moment, Ye Yunjie was outside. She saw Shen Haoting coming out of the ward, and she wanted to step forward. Seeing this situation, she immediately rushed up nervously.
“Are you okay?” Ye Yunjie asked nervously.
Shen Haoting held on to the wall with one hand, waved his hand again and again, signaled Ye Yunjie not to speak, and then staggered towards the distance.
After walking through a corridor, Shen Haoting let out a long sigh of relief, leaning back against the wall of the corridor, and slowly sat down.
His complexion was extremely ugly, and his sweat soaked the shirt inside.
“You need to rest now. Didn’t I tell you everything, Jiang Shao is all right.” Ye Yunjie said distressedly.
Shen Haoting smiled very hard: “No, I still want to see him with my own eyes. Just now I forced to use real pressure to inhale the poison in my body, so I almost helped it… Xiaoye, don’t let Jiang Hao know me. ! things ”
Ye Yunjie eyes were slightly red, nodded helplessly:” Mr. Shen, or else …… or else you will still go abroad for treatment about it, just Professor Chen said, and now if you are going abroad, or a hundred With a 20/20 chance, the poison in your body will be cured. If you blindly suppress the spread of toxins by the real pressure in your body, not only will you fail in the end, but you are drinking poison to quench your thirst. You…”
Shen Haoting waved his hand, seeming to feel more comfortable, and sighed: “My body, I know better than anyone, haha, don’t listen to their rhetoric, even if the poison goes abroad, it can’t be cured, and I also It is impossible to wait any longer. For this day, I have endured the humiliation for more than ten years. This is my only chance for revenge. Even if I fight my life in the end, I have to fight for it. Besides, even if I go abroad, I can save me. A life, but that will make me completely lose the chance of revenge.”
Shen Haoting gritted his teeth: “If I just live alive, then I would rather choose to die vigorously! And this matter must be kept secret, and no one should know about my poisoning. ”
Ye Yunjie nodded when she heard the words, and then Shen Haoting continued: “You go to prepare the car, we will go to Yunwu Mountain in a while!”
“Go to Yunwu Mountain?” Ye Yunjie was startled, “Do you want to take Jiang Hao to see… …”
Before Ye Yunjie finished speaking, Shen Haoting raised his hand to interrupt her: “After I die, Shang Dian will be inherited and guarded by Jiang Hao sooner or later, so letting him contact early is definitely not a bad thing. Go and prepare.”
“Oh, right!” Shen Haoting asked suddenly, “I asked you to send someone to pick up Jiang Hao’s mother. Have you gone?”
Ye Yunjie nodded and looked at her watch: “I have already gone, I guess I will be there at noon today. Jiang, I have asked Qiao San to arrange a place to live.”
Shen Haoting said, he suddenly frowned, and muttered, “Nothing will happen, right?”

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