I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 6

In Jiang Hao’s mind, he was still reminiscing about his entire day. He didn’t even look behind him. When he heard a car coming behind him, he was shocked. He was embarrassed in an extremely awkward posture. Jumped aside.
Jiang Hao’s feet were smashed, and the crazy BMW stopped abruptly not far from him.
“Fool!” Liu Yan put down the car window, sneered at Jiang Hao with a mocking face, “Aren’t you fucking looking at the road in the middle of the night? If I didn’t react quickly, now I’m fucking hitting you to death… Yo, Isn’t this Jiang Hao? Haha, it’s a coincidence. I never thought I could meet you everywhere. I came back so late. Did I spend all the money for your errands?”
Jiang Hao grinned in pain as he rubbed his mouth. Feet, the moment he looked up and saw Liu Yan, he gritted his teeth fiercely: “Are you deliberately correct.”
Liu Yan smiled with a smile on your face, and said, “Hehe, my fucking Just deliberately, what can you do to me? To tell the truth, I just didn’t take the accelerator and hit you to death. I could do it with a cost of more than 100,000 yuan. Do you really think that your fate is worth more?”
At this moment, Fang Xiao got on and off the car from the co-pilot position, and walked around the car with a worried expression. Finally, he coldly scolded Jiang Hao: “Jiang Hao, can’t you just watch when you walk? But BMW, if you are scratched, you can’t afford it for the rest of your life! ”
Can’t afford it?
Jiang Hao gave a wry smile, and Liu Yan’s two BMW X1s cost less than 400,000 yuan for the new roof. Is driving a car like this worth showing off? It’s ridiculous.
If you want to pretend to be compelling, you can buy dozens of them without even a little pressure.
On the contrary, it was Fang Xiao. If Jiang Hao remembered correctly, in the morning, she still gave him a hug for herself. How long has it been?
Sure enough, if a woman changes her heart, she really won’t work fast.
Fang Xiaobai glanced at Jiang Hao, and got into the car angrily, as if Jiang Hao had a deep hatred with her.
When Liu Yan saw this, he even chuckled, and said sarcastically, “Haha, did you see it? Are you unconvinced? Are you very angry, but you should just think about it in your heart and know why you are so right. Are you? Because you are poor? If your mother is the son of Shen Haoting, do you think I would dare to do this to you, but unfortunately you are not, you are a fucking poor, and you are only worthy of being trampled underfoot for the rest of your life… …”
Liu Yan sipped to the side of the road, got into the car and drove away.
Jiang Hao, sitting on the side of the road, looked at the BMW car going away, and couldn’t help feeling a little melancholy.
He is really the son of Shen Haoting.
He was still thinking, if one day, these people know that their father is Shen Haoting, what would they think? Fang Xiao will regret his death, right?
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao seemed to have a lot of balance, and he even looked forward to that day. He rubbed his feet, got up and patted the dust, and found that his pants had made a cut.
It must have just been made.
However, I have worn these pants for two years. The pants that were originally the right length have become nine-quarter pants, so I should change them.
It’s great for Jiang Hao that tomorrow is Saturday, so he took the time to visit the nearby shopping mall.
In the morning of the next day, Jiang Hao got up very early. After a brief refreshing, he first went to the cafeteria for a meal, and then directly took a taxi to Wanda Plaza in the center of Chujiang.
In fact, Jiang Hao didn’t think about what kind of clothes to buy. He just felt that if the son of the richest overseas Chinese man always wears his clothes, he will be embarrassed and lose his father.
As soon as Jiang Hao walked into the mall, he saw an Armani store in front of him. He looked at his shoes. Jiang Haoxin said that he would go and check his shoes first.
As soon as Jiang Hao entered the door, he picked it up for a while. He looked at hundreds of thousands of shoes. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and his eyes fell on a pair of sneakers.
A pair of 3780.
Jiang Hao hesitated a little. Although he had a lot of money, he was used to being poor, and he couldn’t change his mentality.
Just when he was hesitating, three girls walked into the store talking and laughing.
One of the girls with short hair, the door to look around, Jiang Hao suddenly suddenly look to the side, and quickly pulled the girls their own side: “? Yuanyuan, Yuanyuan You see, it is not Jianghao” speak The girl who was in Jiulong Lane yesterday was Yao Lili, and the person she pulled was Zhou Yuanyuan.
Zhou Yuanyuan heard frowned brow, quickly refers to the direction along the Yao Lili look at the past, then a bit on the gloomy face, Leng Heng said: “! Well, really bad luck, which can be met at how this sucker” finished speaking Zhou Yuanyuan walked towards Jiang Hao angrily. The other girl she came with, who was eating together at Jiulong Alley yesterday, named Su Junting, quickly wanted to hold Zhou Yuanyuan: “Yuanyuan, why are you going? ? ” ” why? I would like to ask this sucker, what he poor chink, but also the nerve to come to this place? ”
Su Junting listen to this voice, you know bad things, quickly followed.
At this time Jiang Hao was still looking at those sneakers, and he couldn’t put it down.
“Heh, I advise you to put these away quickly, this poor can’t afford it, and he will get dirty in a while!”
Zhou Yuanyuan appeared so suddenly, Jiang Hao was taken aback.
And the female salesperson who had been with Jiang Hao heard Zhou Yuanyuan’s words and looked up and down Jiang Hao again, only to realize that Jiang Hao’s body was nothing but a stall, and his strips faded somewhat. There was a hole in his pants.
It is indeed shabby enough to wear this body when going out.
The female salesperson’s attitude towards Jiang Hao suddenly became a bit cold, and she was no longer as enthusiastic as before.
“Sir, do you want to buy it?” the female salesperson asked, “These shoes are thousands of dollars. If you don’t buy them, please put them back. After all, we need to maintain these shoes regularly, and if they are If it is a little damaged, this shoe can’t be sold.”
Although the attitude of the female salesperson is not extreme, the implication of this is obviously that Jiang Hao is not worthy of consideration.
When she heard the female salesperson’s words, Zhou Yuanyuan felt that her goal had been achieved, and she was very proud: “Have you heard? You are told to put it down. If you break this shoe, can you afford it? It’s really interesting!”
Jiang Hao turned her head, somewhat I glanced at Zhou Yuanyuan impatiently, sighed, and said how I could meet this woman everywhere.
“Who said I can’t afford it?” Jiang Hao replied angrily. He was still hesitating to buy or not. With Zhou Yuanyuan’s words, Jiang Hao finally confirmed his intention to buy shoes.
“Just blow it up, is it true that in yesterday’s dream, your local tyrant Dad Shen Haoting gave hundreds of millions of dollars as pocket money, haha…” Zhou Yuanyuan smiled contemptuously, “It’s a pity, dreaming is dreaming. You haven’t woken up yet?”
“Haha…” Yao Lili and Su Junting also caught up at this time. Yao Lili burst into laughter when she heard Zhou Yuanyuan’s words, “Yuanyuan, you are so funny.” The two people Su Junting suddenly burst into laughter again, but Su Junting heard Zhou Yuanyuan talking like that, and hurriedly pulled her up, a little annoyed: “Yuanyuan, how can you say that to others? Everyone is a friend, why are you doing this! ”
Su Junting also gave Yao Lili a blank look, and finally said to Jiang Hao: “Jiang Hao, don’t care, you know, Yuanyuan is the mouth, she has a good heart, don’t be angry…”
Finally met one. Being able to speak human language, Jiang Hao was somewhat thankful, and nodded at Su Junting. Before she could say anything, she heard Zhou Yuanyuan say loudly: “Who is a friend with him, a poor man, hehe…Junting, you are Why, go and apologize to him, is he worthy! Look at the trash he is wearing, worthy to be friends with us?”
Zhou Yuanyuan said to the female salesperson again: “I advise you to pay more attention to it. I know this person. He is usually poor. Do you think he can afford these sneakers? He knows he came here. The purpose is to do what, don’t wait for you to be inattentive, he stole this sneaker, then you will regret it and it’s too late.” When the female salesperson heard Zhou Yuanyuan’s words, she suddenly realized that she hurried from Jiang Hao. I grabbed the sneakers in my hand, but didn’t turn my face directly, he said casually: “Um…we want to use this shoe for maintenance, you should go to another place to check it.”
Although the female salesperson’s behavior was a bit excessive, there is nothing wrong with it. Even if I sold these shoes, the commission would be tens or hundreds, but if the shoes were really lost, I would have been doing nothing for a month.
Jiang Hao looked at the female salesperson, and it seemed that the other party also concluded that he could not afford these sneakers.
Jiang Hao sighed and said faintly: “You don’t need to take it away. Wrap these shoes for me. I’ll buy them.” When
Jiang Hao said this, the few people present seemed a little surprised. The female salesperson was taken aback. Inquired: “Sir, are you sure you want to buy? These shoes…but more than three thousand.”
Apparently the female salesperson was a little bit disbelieved. A person wearing ripped pants could afford shoes for several thousand dollars. And even if he can afford the money, can he be ruthless to buy it?
“Isn’t what I said clearly enough?” Jiang Hao slowly took the shoes back from the female salesperson. “Are you cash or credit card?” When the female salesperson heard this, she immediately swept away her indifference, her face full of indifference. He smiled and said, “Mr. it’s okay, now we have activities in the store, and you can still get a 5% discount.”
Jiang Hao nodded, deliberately glanced at Zhou Yuanyuan, and said every word: “Are you discounted? No, I can buy it.
Get up!” He said this to Zhou Yuanyuan on purpose.
Zhou Yuanyuan was about to be blown up with anger, her eyes looked like a knife, and she stared at Jiang Hao fiercely, as if she was going to swallow him alive.
Jiang Hao followed the female salesperson to the front desk. Zhou Yuanyuan pouted unconvincedly: “Grandma’s, this idiot came out from the west side of the sun today? I’d like to see if he is pretending to be coercive with me, or does he really have It’s money!”
Zhou Yuanyuan dragged Yao Lili and Su Junting to follow along. Yao Lili quickly said: “Hey, don’t worry, Yuanyuan, I guess he just pretends. If it’s a checkout, he will be sure Turned his head and ran away, huh, then you will look at him ashamed…”

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