I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 5

They had nothing to say this time, Jiang Hao turned to leave, but was stopped by Liu Siya again.
“Jiang Hao, where did you get so much money?” Liu Siya asked, interrogating a mortal.
“It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you.” Jiang Hao said coldly, “My own money.”
“I’m pooh, your money? Your family is going to be poor. Where did you get tens of thousands of yuan? “Liu Siya snorted coldly, “Isn’t it a steal? I advise you to explain it honestly, otherwise I will call the police!” Does my money have anything to do with her? No matter how bad it is, Her own money was really stolen, and it was not her turn to act as a garlic clove.
Jiang Hao glanced at Liu Siya with disdain, and solemnly said, “I will say it one last time. This is my own business, and it has nothing to do with you.”
“Who told you that it doesn’t matter? You are a classmate of my class. You have done bad things. To discredit our class, I think you should be put in a prison cell for a scumbag! Poor ghost, steal if you can’t survive, are you really OK? Sure enough, the inferior is the inferior. Haha…”
Liu Siya finally got a bit of joy on her lips, once again returning to the state of complacency.
“You’d better pay attention to what you say, otherwise I’ll be polite to you!” Jiang Hao glared at the other person, no matter how good his mentality was, he wouldn’t allow people to humiliate himself so much.
Seeing Jiang Hao’s anger, Liu Siya seemed to be happier, and she disdainfully said, “I just said that, what can you do to me? Poor, scumbag, thief and scum, I’ll just say what can you do? Humph, you What kind of thing do you dare to threaten me?”
“You…” Jiang Hao flushed angrily. He was about to say something. He suddenly saw a figure flashing in front of him, rushing directly to Liu Siya, raising his hand suddenly. A slap, and the slap is extremely straightforward.

Pl …” “Ah…” Liu Siya screamed, and was directly fanned onto the chair. A clear palm print appeared on his face visible to the naked eye.
“You’d better close your mouth. If you dare to be presumptuous, I promise to make you a dumb forever!” Ye Yunjie raised her eyebrows and stared coldly at Liu Siya and the others.
Everyone in Liu Siya was taken aback for a moment. After the recollection, Miss Liu Siya sprang up with a temper, and roared like a tigress: “Who the hell are you? Why hit me? Do you know me? Who is it? My dad is Liu Peng, the owner of the temple restaurant. Believe it or not, as long as I hit me and tell my dad, you will die very badly.”
“Yes, who the hell are you? Why do you beat others? We don’t know you, so you quickly apologize to me!” The earring boy also echoed, “Do you know who you are offending? ?”
But in Ye Yunjie’s eyes, this threat was naive and ridiculous.
She is in charge of the Shen family in Chujiang City. If Lian is frightened by this threat, wouldn’t it be laughed off if it spreads out?
“Oh, now the daughter of a restaurant owner dare to be so rampant? Since your parents didn’t teach you well, let me teach you.” Ye Yunjie snorted coldly, and immediately dialed the phone on her mobile phone. A number.
Ye Yunjie knows very well that as long as she dials this number, not to mention that Liu Siya and the stud boy here, but their parents and family, will be destroyed in an instant.
Perhaps their family is intricately rooted in the Chu River, as if it has a solid foundation, but in front of the huge Shen family, this small character is as insignificant as dust. To crush them completely is a matter of raising their hands.
But all of this, whether it was Liu Siya or the man with earrings, obviously didn’t know it. In their opinion, Jiang Hao was still the poor girl in the past, and this woman who appeared suddenly was a daredevil at best.
Ye Yunjie was about to broadcast her number, and suddenly a hand blocked her. It turned out to be Jiang Hao. He shook his head and said, “Forget it, let them go.”
Ye Yunjie was taken aback, she couldn’t believe it, these people treated Jiang Hao like this before, but now he says forget it.
“They just…” Ye Yunjie was interrupted by Jiang Hao before she finished speaking.
“I don’t want to make things too much, forget it.” Jiang Hao said calmly.
Naturally, he knew in his heart that if Ye Yunjie were to deal with this matter, using the power of the Shen family, it is estimated that Liu Siya’s family would be implicated, and the other party would just slap himself, really wanting to destroy the other’s family, Jiang Hao couldn’t bear it.
Now that Jiang Hao has said so, Ye Yunjie had to give it up, sighing secretly in her heart, and said unwillingly: “Fortunately for you, if there is another next time, I promise you to confess your mistakes for the rest of your life!”
Ye Yunjie said vowedly. Naturally, she didn’t lie at all. She always said the person in charge of the Shen family in Chujiang was the same.
But Liu Siya didn’t know, and when Ye Yunjie was about to leave, she sneered and sneered: “Ye-yo-yo, don’t forget? Are you awesome? Hurry up and find someone to take care of me? Hehe, one by one likes to brag. As a human being?
Dare to move me, my dad keeps you from getting out of Chu River !” Ye Yunjie gave Liu Siya a cold look. She suddenly regretted what Jiang Hao said before. There is no such person who does not cherish the chance of survival. It’s not worth living in this world at all.
“Haha, okay, let me take a look, how good your father is.” Ye Yunjie smiled contemptuously, touched the phone with her finger, and a text message was sent out immediately.
But just a few minutes after the mobile phone text message was sent, the entire Chujiang world, whether underground or on the ground, began to take action. There was only one goal for all forces-the temple restaurant.
It’s just that Liu Siya doesn’t know about all of this. After hearing what Ye Yunjie said, she just smiled contemptuously and said: “Pretend to be forced, if you have a kind, just move me and try, who do you think you are? Also for the sake of being so poor, I now finally know why Fang Xiao would dump Jiang Hao’s idiot. The emotional idiot has hooked up with you. Hehe, I said he dared to drink tens of thousands of red wine just now. People have taken care of them. As expected , the poor are spineless and sell them if they can’t survive.” Ye Yunjie glanced at Liu Siya with a mentally handicapped look, and said to Jiang Hao lightly: “Let’s go, follow this If people say more, they are insulting themselves.”
Jiang Hao nodded and left.
On the contrary, it was Liu Siya. At this time, the anger was still not quenched. Looking at the two people’s back, they stared contemptuously, and cursed: “Damn, what is it? I really think I’m so awesome, a bitch, a bitch. The stinky cock who was kept by a bitch, really what kind of product look for what kind of product.”
“Siya, did the slap hurt just now?” The earring boy asked warmly, “I know some people on the road,” Do you want me to find someone to clean up these dog men and women ?” Liu Siya curled her lips and nodded, and said with a grinning smile: “Yes, take care of them. If you don’t know the height of the earth, let them grow their brains!”
On the other side, Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie Go straight out of the bar.
Seeing Jiang Hao’s lonely appearance, Ye Yunjie had a sense of protection in her heart, but then she smiled bitterly.
He is the son of the current patriarch of the Shen family. Can he use his subordinate to protect it? He still has the mission that Shen Haoting entrusted to him.
“Why didn’t you pursue them?” Ye Yunjie thought for a while, and couldn’t help but curiously asked, “As long as you didn’t stop me just now, they may have been punished now.”
Jiang Hao was startled, looking at Ye Yunjie in a panic. “The punishment you said is…is it killing her?”
Ye Yunjie smiled slightly: “It’s possible, but this kind of person is more than guilty.”
Listening to the life and death of a person, and what Ye Yunjie said so calmly in her mouth, Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling a bit chilly in his back.
“So, forget it.” Jiang Hao said, “She just slapped me, haven’t you already returned? Even if it is even, it will be fine if the well water does not violate the river in the future. There is no need to kill people. ”
Ye Yunjie was stunned for a moment. It was obvious that the young master in front of her was a world away from any Shen family’s elder brother she had seen in the past.
Those people in the past, if they were bullied, they must mobilize the power of all their families to crush the opponent into a fan, and even take pride in it, but Jiang Hao is so different.
“They usually do the same to you in school?” Ye Yunjie changed her conversation and shook her head, “You are very different, Jiang Shao.”
Jiang Hao shook his head quickly, for fear of answering “yes” by himself, and Ye Yunjie turned around again. Send someone to do something big. After all, they are all classmates. If anyone really breaks down because of himself, Jiang Hao will probably feel guilty for a lifetime.
“Well, I’ll take you back to school.” Ye Yunjie smiled at Jiang Hao, took out the car key and pressed it, and suddenly a pure white Mercedes-Benz G500 rang not far from the bar.
“You drive this?” Jiang Hao looked at the car in surprise. Although he didn’t understand very well, he had also heard that the price of the car was one or two million. Ye Yunjie’s age seemed to be more I’m just that few years older.
“Do you like this?” Ye Yunjie could see the clue from Jiang Hao’s eyes, and smiled, “If Jiang Shao likes it, this car will be given to you.”
Jiang Hao shook his head quickly, he really liked it. A car, but he didn’t dare to ask for such valuable things casually.
“I…I don’t have a driver’s license yet.” Jiang Hao scratched his head awkwardly and got into the car.
Ye Yunjie didn’t say much, if Jiang Hao just said she wanted it, she would give it to Jiang Hao without hesitation.
After all, compared to pleasing Shen Haoting’s son, a Mercedes-Benz G is really nothing.
A few minutes later, at the gate of Chujiang University, Jiang Hao got out of the car and said, “Thank you for taking me back.” Ye Yunjie smiled and said nothing. By the way, she gave her mobile phone number to Jiang Hao: “If you have any difficulties, give me a call. The phone is fine .” Jiang Hao nodded, turned around and walked towards the school, Ye Yunjie also started the car and left slowly.
At this moment, a BMW X1 slowly drove into the school, with Liu Yan and Fang Xiao in the car.
Liu Yan’s gaze has been watching the Mercedes-Benz G that has just left, marveling in her heart, and she doesn’t know which local tyrant it is. Compared to his BMW X1, the top-fitting Mercedes-Benz G, I don’t know how expensive it is.
As soon as Fang Xiao sitting in the co-pilot looked up, he suddenly saw Jiang Hao walking towards the dormitory, and shouted in surprise, “Husband, isn’t this Jiang Hao that stupid?”
Liu Yan turned back and glanced up. , A joke suddenly appeared on his face, and then the accelerator slammed out, and the BMW rushed towards Jiang Hao…

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