I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 64

It was Jiang Hao, who had just got out of the taxi and was looking up at the restaurant plaque.
Fang Xiao was a little upset when he heard Liu Yan was leaving.
After all, on the way here, Liu Yan praised this place. He still wanted to go in and have a look, but Liu Yan said he was leaving, and Fang Xiao was naturally very upset.
And at exactly this time, he saw Jiang Hao again, and Fang Xiao’s anger suddenly became even more intense. Especially when I think of the perfume that I just smashed.
At this time Jiang Hao also entered the door, and when he looked up, he saw Fang Xiao and Liu Yan, and suddenly felt a little surprised.
But Fang Xiao walked over angrily, indiscriminately, and slapped Jiang Hao: “What the hell do you want? Stupid, I asked you if you were following me before. You said no, now Don’t you dare to say it?”
Jiang Hao was beaten for a moment, looked at Fang Xiao in a daze, and said angrily: “When did I follow you? Fang Xiao. Don’t you think you are very brainless? Why should I follow you? Who do you think I am?”
Fang Xiao was even more upset when he heard Jiang Hao’s words. He raised his hand and started beating again. He cursed, “Fucking sophistry? Now I have caught him. It’s current! Huh, the ghost knows what you want to do. You are such a pervert, what you do is not surprising!”
Fang Xiao’s words directly made Jiang Hao angry, and he grabbed Fang Xiao’s wrist. The tone became much harder: “Fang Xiao, I advise you to be normal and don’t be like a madman all day! I warn you, I have no time to follow you. I met you here by coincidence. I came to eat. !”
Jiang Hao shook off Fang Xiao’s hand casually, and the latter screamed in pain, but looked a little surprised!
Because this is the first time Jiang Hao has done something to himself!
In the past, when I was with Jiang Hao, no matter how he treated Jiang Hao, he was always obedient, but now he dare to treat himself like this?
It was just Jiang Hao’s words that immediately made Liu Yan laugh.
“What? What? I heard it right?” Liu Yan said, “You, come here to eat? Who do you lie to? Don’t look at your own virtues, you are worthy to come here to pretend? Open your eyes and take a good look, here But Pujiang Hotel!”
From Liu Yan’s point of view, Jiang Hao came here suddenly, what did he want to do to keep everything up? It was impossible to eat anyway.
After all, Jiang Hao is famous for being poor, and this Pujiang Hotel. It costs tens of thousands of yuan for a casual consumption. How can Jiang Hao have such economic strength?
On the side, Fang Xiao recollected it and chuckled: “Hehe, yes, don’t pretend Jiang Hao, we all know that your perfume is purchased for someone else. Do you think we don’t know about this kind of thing? Who of us don’t know who? What’s the point of pretending to be with us? Let’s just say, why are you here!”
Jiang Hao looked at the two of them, couldn’t help sighing, and said helplessly:” Believe it or not, I said, I’m here to eat, please let me go.”
Liu Yan smiled contemptuously, and really gave way to Jiang Hao, and said, “Well, well, you I’m here to eat, go quickly, do you see that side? Then there is a perfect location, you can sit there and go, huh…”
Liu Yan naturally knew that the female welcoming guest just said. That position was booked in advance by a VIP, and Jiang Hao was naturally even more futile because he couldn’t ask for it just now.
Moreover, he said that Jiang Hao said that even if Jiang Hao has no money, he would try to save face. After all, didn’t Jiang Hao always be like this in the past several times in Chujiang?
Liu Yan’s heart was full of laughter, and he said: I’ll see how Jiang Hao makes a fool of myself!
Don’t talk about the VIP positioning, even if it is an ordinary seat, Jiang Hao can’t afford it.
However, Jiang Hao didn’t care about Liu Yan’s words at all. He looked at Liu Yan and Fang Xiao indifferently, without any expression on their faces, and walked directly in the direction of the female welcoming guest.
However, his behavior really made Liu Yan laugh again.
“Hello, I made a reservation before!” Jiang Hao said flatly to the female welcome guest.
The female welcoming guest did not judge people by their appearance, she was still respectful to Jiang Hao, and politely asked: “May I ask your last name?”
“My surname is Jiang.” The female welcoming guest hurriedly searched the table catalog. However, she frowned: “Sorry sir, no gentleman with the surname Jiang has reserved a seat?” When the female greeted the guests, Jiang Hao couldn’t help being taken aback, and her heart panicked slightly.
When Liu Yan heard the words, he suddenly laughed. Pointing to Jiang Hao and said: “Hahaha, it’s so ridiculous, Jiang Hao, can’t you slap your face? Obviously you are not so capable, and you want to come out and pretend to be forced. What are you trying to do?” Fang Xiao snorted. Covering his mouth and laughing, he became even more proud: “Hehe, it’s really ridiculous, not ashamed? You also book a table? Why don’t you say. You set the empty table?” The two laughed, suddenly let Jiang Hao flushed a bit, he quickly took out the phone and wanted to call Ye Yunjie.
But something seemed to have been thought of, Jiang Hao hurriedly asked again: “Um, I may have misremembered, is there a lady named Ye Yunjie who made a reservation?”
Jiang Hao hurriedly said Ye Yunjie’s phone number to The other party confirms.
The female welcoming guest checked the cash again, but at this time, Liu Yan and Fang Xiao next to them did not take Jiang Hao’s words to heart. They just felt that Jiang Hao was nothing more than delaying time and a powerless struggle.
Because this matter is almost obvious, Jiang Hao is probably embarrassed this time!
But just when the two were smiling and happy, the female welcoming guest suddenly showed a bright smile and said: “Ah, I found it, Ms. Ye Yunjieye, it is true, please come with me!” The female welcoming guest said, Jiang Hao suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, smiled on his face, and then followed the female welcoming guest in.
At this time, Liu Yan and Fang Xiao who heard the news were almost struck by lightning, and the two stood blankly on the spot, with expressions of surprise.
“What the hell…what’s going on?” Liu Yan muttered dumbfounded, and the scene that happened afterwards almost made his jaw fall.
Because Liu Yan discovered that the female welcoming guest had brought Jiang Hao directly to the place called “VIP booking”.
“What the hell is going on?” Fang Xiao on the side saw it. The whole person was also dumbfounded, looking at Jiang Hao’s direction blankly, with a dull face, but a bit of jealousy spontaneously murmured. “Is it wrong?”
At this time, Jiang Hao was already sitting in that position, looking at them lightly, smiling slightly, but his smile was full of contempt!
“Fuck you! This…can anyone tell me what’s going on?” Liu Yan suddenly jumped into a rage. Seeing the female welcoming guest who had gone back and forth, he hurried up and yelled at the other person, “Are you right? How did you arrange that kid to the best position?”
“Yes! “Fang Xiao said with jealousy. “I think you did it on purpose just now, that person is so poor, why did you arrange for him in? Let us wait? Humph, don’t you know that poor dick? I…I want to complain to you!”
The female welcoming guest looked at Liu Yan and Fang Xiao indifferently, but felt that these two were more ridiculous.
Poor cock? At this time, you two are more like poor dicks!
There is no real ability, only the ability to rant here!
However, the female Yingbin did not say these words directly, she just expressed her dissatisfaction with an indifferent face, and then smiled and said: “Hehe, you said that is a poor dick? Then you have seen that, directly prepaid one hundred thousand yuan Where’s the poor cock?”
If the female greeted the guest, Liu Yan and Fang Xiao were suddenly surprised!
Pay one hundred thousand in advance? How can it be? How does it sound, it doesn’t look like something Jiang Hao can do?
However, what they didn’t know was that Ye Yunjie had already taken care of everything before Jiang Hao came here.
And if you talk about buying perfumes before, Liu Yan and Fang Xiao feel that Jiang Hao is purchasing for others.
But what was happening at hand really made these two people puzzled!
And at this time, in Fang Xiao’s heart, the tide of jealousy was almost surging into a huge wave.
She gritted her teeth and stared at Jiang Hao, who was sitting tightly inside, wondering and not convinced!
Why is such a poor man sitting here? What has he experienced? Could it be…

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