I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 66

Fang Xiao doesn’t have any common sense about antiques, but she seems to be able to hear it from the other person’s tone, and she seems to be in trouble again!
“Wh…what blue and white?” Fang Xiaoxin suddenly hung up, and asked with a look of stunned expression, “this thing…is this thing valuable?”
Although Fang Xiao’s words didn’t move much, as soon as he finished speaking, they suddenly It caused a roar of laughter.
Those who had already put down their chopsticks and watched the excitement here, at this time they leaned forward and closed with a smile. Some people even whispered.
“This fear is do not understand anything silly woman, right? Oh, still worth it? That was antique, although only things the Republic of China, not a single piece of twenty thousand, all get down, not to mention it or one pair?”
“Is Ah, antiques have always been an orphan and not of high value, but if something is made into a pair or a set, the value can be doubled immediately…”
“Hehe, as expected, no one is afraid. This kind of stupid woman, come here. What are you doing here? Is it purely to be ashamed? It’s ridiculous!”
“I’m so ridiculous. From beginning to end, she is like a clown. At best, this kind of person is poor and rich. He doesn’t have any cultivation, come out. What are you fucking with?”
Fang Xiao was a little panicked when the crowd talked one after another. The look in his eyes looking at the male foreman no longer had the same air, but an expression of anxiety on his face.
“This…Isn’t this just two plates…” Fang Xiao said, “Then… Then you say a few hundred, and I will give it to you.”
In fact, Fang Xiao can also hear that today’s matter is not a few hundred yuan. The money can be done, but she still has the last thought in her heart.
“Hundreds?” The male foreman sneered again, said. Did you just hear what I said? This is a blue and white porcelain plate from Jingdezhen in the Republic of China. At the beginning, our boss specially bought it from a collector for 50,000 yuan. Do you want to pass a few hundred yuan?
“As soon as he heard about fifty thousand yuan, Fang Xiao’s hair was almost frightened.
She looked at each other with horror and said, “You…are you kidding me? Only these two plates cost 50,000 yuan?”
Fang Xiao had a dead heart at this time, and she felt that today was her own. The saddest day of my life.
In the morning, I smashed fifty-eight thousand perfumes, and then smashed fifty thousand pairs of plates.
One hundred thousand yuan was broken in one day, and this luck was utterly lost.
“Could it be cheaper?” Fang Xiao pretended to be a little weak and looked at the male foreman, and said, “I…so much, I can’t afford to lose it?” The male foreman obviously didn’t care, he sneered, his tone of voice slightly. Said with sarcasm: “Hehe. Didn’t you just say that we are a store that can’t afford to live? Why, you are so wealthy, you can’t even afford a pair of dinner plates?” The male foreman sarcastically kept Fang Xiao. But she didn’t even dare to let go of a fart.
She knew that she was at a loss, and saying more would not help, but it would make people more difficult.
But what makes her worse is that she can’t afford it at all!
She has more than 20,000 yuan in her pocket now, but it’s still half way short.
If I don’t give it to the other party, I might decide how others treat myself.
Thinking of this, Fang Xiao quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed Liu Yan’s number.
Now, she can only rely on Liu Yan. After all, in this vast sea city, she knows no one except Liu Yan.
“Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off, please try again later…”
Fang Xiao’s face suddenly stiffened when he heard the voice prompt from the phone.
“Why the hell are you shutting down this time?” Fang Xiao was impatient, and hurriedly hit again in a panic.
But the result is the same, the other party is still off!
” Hey, may I ask if you pay or not? If you don’t pay, don’t blame me for calling the police directly? ”
The male foreman hurriedly urged Fang Xiao to come, looking a little impatient, and even took out his mobile phone.
Xiao Xiao was so frightened that she couldn’t reach Liu Yan now. What if you are taken away by the police?
“I…I immediately contacted my boyfriend and asked him to send money…” Fang Xiao was so anxious to cry, he called several times, and finally even called his classmates and friends several times, but Still can’t quench the near thirst.
This time Fang Xiao was really desperate, tears streaming down, thinking: What can I do about this…
Seeing Fang Xiao like this, the male foreman also sighed.
In fact, he didn’t want to embarrass Fang Xiao too much. After all, she broke something, so she only needs to pay the price, but if she really can’t afford it, she will have to go along with her in the end.
The male foreman rolled his eyes and quickly pulled Fang Xiao aside, and whispered: “You have no money, don’t you?”
Fang Xiao nodded, thinking that the other party had other ideas, and hurriedly said: “No, no, I Please give me another chance. If I were to raise money like that, I would not do it anyway…” The male foreman sighed and said impatiently, “What do you want? I ask if you can compensate. since? you can not pay, you do not know who over there? you go ask him, maybe it works? I see people not significant mountain watertight, but the people are the real money Zhu Er! ” male foreman such a On demand, Fang Xiao also suddenly realized. Hastily looked at Jiang Hao hopefully.
But soon Fang Xiao hesitated.
After all, she treated Jiang Hao that way before, and now she wants to take care of others for money? Even if I think about it with my toes, I know that the probability of Jiang Hao’s promise is almost zero.
“No…” Fang Xiao tangled.
But before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by the male foreman: “Then you just don’t want to pay compensation? Haha, that would be embarrassing, we can only meet with officials!”
After speaking, the male foreman left a message without hesitation to call the police.
“Wait…” Fang Xiao looked at Jiang Hao, and said, “I…I’ll go. Isn’t it OK!”
After speaking, Fang Xiao hesitated and walked towards Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao was still eating at this time. Although Fang Xiao ridiculed Fang Xiao, she threw the thing to the ground again, but Jiang Hao ordered another one.
He saw Fang Xiao approaching, looked curiously, but didn’t say a word.
“That…Jiang Hao, I was so sorry just now, I talked to you that way. Actually it was just a joke…” Fang Xiao squeezed out an awkward smile, apologizing, “I hope you don’t get angry.”
Jiang Hao He smiled, thinking Fang Xiao was a little ridiculous.
“Okay, I’ll call you a idiot, and I’ll call you one by one. I will green you once again in front of everyone. See if you will be angry?”
Jiang Hao said, Fang Xiaoman Her face flushed, she knew that Jiang Hao wouldn’t forget these hatreds so easily.
But now, don’t say that Jiang Hao is sarcastic and derogatory, even if it is the scolding of her ancestors in the eighteenth generation, she can only bear it.
Fang Xiao smiled shyly, and said: “Jiang Hao, look at what you said, didn’t those things have passed, and actually… Actually, I still have you in my heart. Do you know? I left you at the beginning. It’s for your own good. I think you are muddled all day long and have no fighting spirit. I want to stimulate your fighting spirit. Look. If you didn’t have those things before, would you have today? This Pujiang Hotel is one of the best restaurants in Haidu… ”
Fang Xiao’s words made Jiang Hao disgusting.
You have to be shameless enough to say such things.
Jiang Hao smiled and looked at Fang Xiao. Said: ” Ha ha, Fang Xiao, Fang Xiao, I really didn’t expect that you were the first one I saw, and you could say shameless words. Such a high-sounding person, you are really ridiculous…”
Jiang Hao said a few words, Fang Xiao’s face was red, and his heart was filled with hatred. If it weren’t for getting money from Jiang Hao, now Fang Xiao wants to kill Jiang Hao.
Seeing that the set was almost impossible, Fang Xiao was completely desperate now, tears came out again, and choked up: “Yes, yes, it’s all my fault, I’m sorry for you, it’s all because I dislike the poor and love the rich, right? ”
Fang Xiao’s actions really surprised Jiang Hao.
Then he heard Fang Xiao continue: “But I really got planted today. I just smashed those two plates. It costs 50,000 yuan. How can I afford that much money? Liu Yan also ran away. There is nothing wrong, so I can only ask you Jiang Hao!”

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