I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 71

Jiang Hao has already given Zhou Yuanyuan’s face. She originally wanted to look at Su Junting’s face, and didn’t care about her.
But no matter how she went after her, Jiang Hao made up her mind.
Isn’t she Zhou Yuanyuan looking down on herself? Then in front of so many people, see for yourself, who is the joke.
Jiang Hao knew very well that as soon as he made the call, Ye Yunjie would definitely come over in person, so when the time came, he would simply take advantage of this occasion. Explain all past misunderstandings clearly.
But Jiang Hao just dialed in, he suddenly felt that his hand was empty, and the phone was suddenly snatched by Su Junting.
Su Junting seemed to be a little impatient, she hung up the phone and put the phone directly in her pocket.
Jiang Hao was blinded… “Junting, you…” Jiang Hao looked at Su Junting with a dazed expression.
Su Junting also sighed. She looked at Jiang Hao, then at Zhou Yuanyuan helplessly, and said in a very frustrated tone: “What the hell is going on with you two? Do you consider me a friend? Can you? If you’re not together, don’t you think it’s very interesting, don’t you think it’s interesting?”
Su Junting immediately said: “I’ll say it one last time, if you really treat me as a friend, please respect me. Especially Yuanyuan you, I don’t Understand, what’s wrong with Jiang Hao? Why do you look down on him so much? When you see someone else having a problem, please think about yourself, OK?”
Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t hold on to Su Junting’s words. He snorted softly and turned his head over.
Then Su Junting looked at Jiang Hao again, but only sighed helplessly.
Su Junting feels that Jiang Hao is indeed a little naive today.
Why is it that Zhou Yuanyuan and that Li Sen’s suit are stuck, and want to make a call?
From Su Junting’s point of view, who can he call? In this huge Chu River, Jiang Hao knew only a handful of people, that is, a few people here.
He just wanted to try his luck for the sake of face, so he probably called his classmates.
But what about calling classmates? Is it possible for others to meet him? Send a bunch of gifts?
In Su Junting’s heart, she felt a little disgusted with Jiang Hao’s naivety.
In her opinion, the same problem has been solved for Jiang Hao more than once, but why didn’t he grow?
However, Jiang Hao was extremely embarrassed at this time!
After all, Su Junting’s movement just now was too sudden, and the phone was already in her hands before she could react.
Jiang Hao felt a little upset, originally he wanted to control Su Junting’s mobile phone.
But Su Junting had just said those things, Jiang Hao thought for a while and let it go.
After all, Su Junting has kindness to herself, and now that her health is not well, if she suffers a little loss today, it will be better if she suffers a little.
However, Jiang Hao still feels a little troubled, he really thinks Zhou Yuanyuan and her boyfriend are particularly annoying.
Suddenly, Jiang Hao had an idea. It suddenly occurred to me, didn’t I have bought two bottles of perfume before? And one of them was given to Su Junting.
When Jiang Hao thought of this, he couldn’t help but smiled, asking why he didn’t bring a gift? And it is a hundred times more precious than the fruit Zhou Yuanyuan brought!
Jiang Hao hurriedly searched in his backpack, smiled at Su Junting and said: “Junting, I’m sorry I forgot, I actually brought a gift!”
Jiang Hao said, whether it was Zhou Yuanyuan or Su Junting, both slightly For a moment.
“Brought gifts?”
“Yes.” Jiang Hao said with a smile, “I went to Haidu City for the first two days. At that time someone in our class asked me to bring some cosmetics. I happened to go to the Chanel counter in Haidu City, and I gave it to You came back with a bottle of perfume!” As soon as I heard the words Chanel, the people in the room suddenly stared at this side.
Chanel, this is an internationally well-known luxury brand, and especially their perfumes, but high-end luxury goods, any of them are expensive.
Upon hearing that Jiang Hao had brought such a thing to Su Junting, those relatives in Su Junting’s family looked over with curiosity and excitement.
Even Zhou Yuanyuan, when she heard Jiang Hao utter the three words Chanel. Can not help but startled.
But it was only a moment, she changed her expression, sneered, and said: “Hehe, you can really blow it, and what Chanel perfume is there? Why don’t you say you brought Jun Ting back with a bottle of elixir Huh? Hehe, it’s ridiculous, you don’t have to lie to the edge!”
Su Junting’s relatives naturally don’t know Jiang Hao’s situation, and when they hear Zhou Yuanyuan’s words, they are all confused.
Zhou Yuanyuan hurriedly smiled and said: “Dear uncles and aunts, don’t be fooled by this man. You don’t even know how poor this guy is. He usually relies on my brother to help him for meals. He said he bought Chanel. Huyou ghost go! Haha…”
After speaking, Zhou Yuanyuan glared Jiang Hao with contempt. She didn’t take Jiang Hao’s words seriously in her heart, and she laughed straight in her heart. If she said, you can blow vigorously. , Will see how you end up!
And this time. Li Sen also hurriedly patched up the knife with a smile, and said: “Yeah, yeah, maybe everyone is not sure, but my mother said that Chanel’s customers, their cosmetics are average. Maybe a few hundred can get a set. But Chanel started as a perfume. The quality of perfume is extremely high, and the price is still very good. It is said that the cheapest one starts at 10,000 yuan. Hehe, do you think that people like him can buy it. Are you up?”
Hear what these two people said. The relatives of Su Junting’s family, who were still hopeful, frowned, and looked at each other looking at each other.
Some even whispered.
“Look, the second generation of rich people said so, I guess this kid is here to lie?”
“Hehe, the cheapest is more than 10,000 yuan, how do I think this kid can’t afford it, shouldn’t it?
Maybe I bought a fake to fool us Junting? In that case, the character of this person is questionable!” “It is estimated that it is blown. Even if there is, it may be fake. Maybe it is a fake. I think I wanted to lie to us
Junting , but I didn’t expect that Yuanyuan’s boyfriend knew the goods and would just expose it!” Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help but smile after hearing her relatives in Su Junting’s family. She thought to herself, this Let’s see how Jiang Hao is ashamed.
But at this time, Jiang Hao was very disapproving of those discussions and doubts.
He smiled slightly, and said to his heart that what they were willing to say was their business, because as long as he took out something by himself, he would definitely shut up these people!
At that time, see what else they can say, and Zhou Yuanyuan, isn’t it because she loosened some of the fruit, she thought she was more awesome and great?
At that time, see where she put her face!
Compared to the fifty-eight one bottle of Chanel perfume, her little fruit is simply not worth mentioning.
Jiang Hao searched for a long time. Finally took out a beautifully crafted box from the backpack.
The box is only the size of a palm, with delicate patterns embossed on it. In the most conspicuous position of the box, there is also a huge Chanel logo.
At the moment Jiang Hao took out the box, Zhou Yuanyuan was stunned. Because she didn’t expect Jiang Hao to bring out something.
And looking at the exquisiteness of the box, it is obviously of great value in itself. Is it possible that it is really the Chanel boutique perfume inside?
At this time, Su Junting’s relatives, after seeing the exquisite perfume box, all looked at him. Although I didn’t say anything, I still admit from the bottom of my heart that this box is too beautiful.
Jiang Hao looked at everyone’s eyes and couldn’t help but smile, and looked at Zhou Yuanyuan. Said: “Do you believe it now?”
Zhou Yuanyuan recovered from her dazed state when she heard the words, snorted, and said with disdain: “And, who knows you are real? What’s the use of a beautiful box?”
“Hehe, you just have a hard mouth. This box has a separate QR code on it. You can find it by scanning it. You still don’t admit it?” Zhang Jie on the side grinned after seeing Jiang Hao’s box. He patted Jiang Hao and said, “Okay Jiang Hao, really amazing! This thing must be worth a lot of money?”
Jiang Hao smiled, and handed the box to Su Junting, while saying: “Five thousand eighty!”

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Why is the author of this novel so naive and shallow with his mind towards this novel with a stupid character like jiang who is too foolish that always wants to prove and end keepi failing over and over without shame of letting go. Please learn from my millionaire mom and see how things are done with the character of chuck.

Haven’t read My millionaire mum yet. After this daft novel I shall check it out and compare. So far any story has got to be better than this one.

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