I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 70

However, when Su Junting saw Jiang Hao, she seemed to have automatically blocked the discussion of those people, and she wanted to struggle to get to the ground happily.
When Zhou Yuanyuan came, Su Junting also sat up from the bed. It can be seen that, in the eyes of Su Junting, Jiang Hao actually paid more attention to Jiang Hao than Zhou Yuanyuan.
Jiang Hao hurried over and held Su Junting in his hand. He smiled slightly and said, “Jun Ting, how are you? I’m sorry, I haven’t been in Chujiang these few days, and I don’t know that something has happened in your house.”
Su Junting didn’t care, and smiled: “Oh, it’s okay. , If you have something, you should go to work first, why do you come back in such a hurry.” “What’s the matter? Yesterday, I heard Zhang Jie said that you had an accident, so I hurriedly booked a ticket back. Are you better?” Feeling guilty, he said, “I’m so sorry, I came back straight after getting off the plane, and didn’t even buy any fruit…”
Jiang Hao did just ran to the hospital. I simply forgot to buy fruit.
Even if he remembered this and let Ye Yunjie prepare for it, naturally he would not come over empty-handed.
Su Junting didn’t think there was anything, and smiled: “You are fine when you come. I’m very happy. Look, when you come back, I’m half cured!”
Hearing Su Junting’s words, Jiang Hao’s heart was warm, and he felt more guilty for Su Junting.
Although they didn’t get along for a long time, Su Junting treated herself sincerely, which moved Jiang Hao to the bottom of her heart.
However, when Su Junting’s words reached Zhou Yuanyuan’s ears, she felt a little uncomfortable, even jealous!
I kindly came to see you regardless of the predecessors, and brought such precious fruits. I didn’t see you saying that you are more than half cured of any illness. Now when Jiang Hao appears, you say this?
Do you treat me as a friend?
Zhou Yuanyuan’s expression became gloomy as she thought about it and got more angry.
In her opinion, Jiang Hao is to blame for all this, because between him, herself and Su Junting. There are so many contradictions, even to the point of incomprehension!
Originally, she was expecting that through this time, she would reconcile with Su Junting, but she never thought that Jiang Hao would come out again!
“Heh, false feelings!” Zhou Yuanyuan glanced at Jiang Hao contemptuously, and said with contempt, “Why didn’t you say that you came back from an alien when you came back from a foreign land ? You don’t know you yet?” Zhou Yuanyuan said. , Suddenly the anger on the scene became embarrassing.
Su Junting looked at Jiang Hao awkwardly, she didn’t know what to say for a while.
Jiang Hao was also very speechless. She didn’t even provoke Zhou Yuanyuan for nothing. Why did she treat herself like this?
After a long time, Su Junting squeezed out a smile and said, “Hehe, Yuanyuan is kidding, don’t mind, Jiang Hao, sit down.”
While talking, Su Junting pointed to a seat beside her.
Jiang Hao nodded, I had never thought of flew, I heard Zhou Yuanyuan said: “Oh, let him sit ah Why are so many seniors still standing here yet, what his face sitting there??”
Yuehua Jian. Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help snorting coldly, she didn’t even look at Jiang Hao.
Indeed, this ward is not big. Several of Su Junting’s relatives are standing right now, although there are vacant seats on the side.
However, when Zhou Yuanyuan spoke, she only thought of others, and she herself was still sitting in distress.
But Jiang Hao didn’t pay any attention to her. He was here to visit Su Junting, so he ignored Zhou Yuanyuan.
However, Zhou Yuanyuan didn’t want to let Jiang Hao go so easily, and sneered: “Hehe, some people are really interesting. They came in empty-handed when they came to see the patient from a long distance. I don’t know how embarrassing it is!”
Zhou Yuanyuan looked at Li Sen, smiled, and said: “Even if it can’t compare to the four hundred and one jin of fruit that Li Sen brought us, just buy a piece of fruit for ten or eight yuan. It’s okay to think about it, haha, What kind of good friends are you talking about? It’s ridiculous!”
Jiang Hao’s face flushed when he heard the words. Although he knew that Zhou Yuanyuan was deliberately making things difficult for herself, it was indeed that she did not do it right.
Jiang Hao sighed. She smiled at Su Junting, and quickly said, “Then… I’ll go down and buy something, please wait for me.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao planned to go down and buy fruit, but just turned his head and asked Su Junting to stop. Up.
“Oh, forget Jiang Hao.” Su Junting looked at Zhou Yuanyuan and said angrily, “Just say what others are willing to say, anyway, I don’t mind, hehe. Don’t go.”
Su Junting’s words immediately let Jiang Hao again There was a warmth in my heart.
But Jiang Hao became even more uncomfortable, and hurriedly said, “Well, I won’t go out anymore. I will call and have someone bring something.” After
Jiang Hao finished speaking, he took out his phone and prepared. Call Ye Yunjie and ask her to bring some gifts.
When Jiang Hao did this, he felt that he was really sorry for Su Junting. Secondly, I also wanted to stop Zhou Yuanyuan’s mouth!
A few hundred pieces of fruit was enough to brag for so long, and Jiang Hao couldn’t stand Zhou Yuanyuan anymore.
Naturally, he knew that as long as he made a call, Ye Yunjie would definitely bring something that was a hundred times more expensive than the fruit, regardless of the cost, and then see what Zhou Yuanyuan said for himself!
But as soon as Jiang Hao picked out his phone, Su Junting hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Jiang Hao’s hand. She smiled and comforted: “Forget it Jiang Hao, don’t call, you won’t listen to me, right?”
Su Junting didn’t want to see such a result.
Jiang Hao saw that Su Junting insisted on not letting herself call, so he gave up thinking about it.
After all, Su Junting hasn’t recovered yet, so she definitely can’t bear the anger, and she doesn’t need to have Zhou Yuanyuan pointed at the wheat.
The time comes to suffer and suffer. Instead, it was Su Junting.
Jiang Hao sighed and said with a smile: “Well, I won’t fight anymore. What do you say today, I’ll listen to you. Hehe.”
Su Junting couldn’t help but smile when she heard that, she thought that Jiang Hao is like this Give in, even if it is for the sake of one’s own face. Zhou Yuanyuan should shut up too!
But Su Junting still mistakenly saw her best friend.
When Zhou Yuanyuan saw Jiang Hao put away her phone, she suddenly smiled contemptuously: “Hehe, it’s really disgusting, as expected, the drama is well-deserved, don’t stop playing? Just call. It’s like you can really let someone send it. It’s like something! Hurry up, I’ll watch it!”
Zhou Yuanyuan looked at Jiang Hao with a smirk, thinking that she was worried that she couldn’t find a chance to tease Jiang Hao, and he even gave him the opportunity at this time.
Jiang Hao looked at Zhou Yuanyuan, then at Su Junting, and finally sighed and silently plugged her phone back.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, and said to Zhou Yuanyuan: “Zhou Yuanyuan, I don’t want to be unhappy with you today. I just look at Junting’s face, so I hope you can keep it modest and don’t make everyone’s faces look bad.”
Jiang Hao was already very restrained, and said to Zhou Yuanyuan in a calm tone.
However, if Zhou Yuanyuan is smart enough, she can clearly hear that Jiang Hao is warning her, but it is obvious that she didn’t realize it at all, but instead felt that Jiang Hao was making excuses for her pretense.
She sneered and said with disdain: “Oh, don’t you restrain yourself and give Junting face? Why are you so hypocritical? If you are incompetent, just say that you are incompetent. Use Junting as a shield? Really? ridiculous!”
As soon as Zhou Yuanyuan finished her words, Li Sen on the side snorted, as if she was about to fight for her girlfriend, and said, “Hehe, yes, since you said all that just now, then you can call now. Let’s see how good you are? I’ve heard Yuanyuan talk about funny things about you recently!”
After speaking, Li Sen chuckled. The funny things he called were naturally made by Jiang Hao before. Those things.
Although Li Sen had never been in contact with Jiang Hao in the past, from Zhou Yuanyuan’s mouth, he had actually determined that Jiang Hao was simply a poor dick!
This kind of person, in front of him, what kind of force!
Both of them started to say so, Jiang Hao sighed, couldn’t help but sneered, then took out his mobile phone.
He looked at Su Junting, only smiled and dialed Ye Yunjie’s number directly…

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