I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 73

Junting, that must have been dropped by someone just now. Look at this, this is true!” Jiang Hao looked excited and handed the box in his hand to Su Junting again. Know, this time, no one will misunderstand themselves!
Aren’t those people mocking and slandering themselves just now? Now see what else they have to say!
This box contains not only the perfume, but also the invoice and vouchers from the time I bought the perfume by myself. These things can be inquired and cannot be faked. As long as these people take a look, all misunderstandings are solved!
“Hehe, Jun Ting, let everyone have a look, and see what ridiculous trash he used to deceive people this time!” Zhou Yuanyuan said without a smile.
The relatives of Su Junting’s family in a circle laughed and looked at the perfume box in Jiang Hao’s hand.
Obviously these people didn’t believe it either. They had reached this point. What else could Jiang Hao bring out.
At most, it was a bit better than the twenty-odd floor stalls just now.
But it was a loss. These people still don’t even value Jiang Hao.
Su Junting looked at the faces of these people, and then at Jiang Hao, who was looking forward to it, feeling very uncomfortable.
She really wanted to help Jiang Hao, but it was really useless. she knows. Today, if I were to let this matter continue to develop, these people might do what Jiang Hao would do!
Suddenly at this moment, Su Junting felt a little guilty towards Jiang Hao, because the injustices he encountered were all because of himself!
Two rows of tears gushed from Su Junting’s floor, grabbing the perfume box in Jiang Hao’s hand, and holding it in her arms without even looking.
Jiang Hao was stunned by Su Junting’s behavior!
What are you doing? You open it?
Jiang Hao frowned, and hurriedly said: “Jun Ting, take a look? You can show it to everyone!”
Su Junting heard Jiang Hao’s words, and said with a bit of sadness: “Don’t say Jiang Hao. , What the hell is going on with you? Can you stop doing this? You feel ridiculed, isn’t it?”
Su Junting’s emotions towards Jiang Hao are incredibly complicated!
She really didn’t know why Jiang Hao wanted this.
“Hehe, Jun Ting, everyone has said, let you show it to everyone, why are you holding it? Hurry up and open our eyes? I’ve grown up so much, but I haven’t seen it yet. What does fifty-eight perfume look like? So what!” Zhou Yuanyuan said to Su Junting with a mocking look, “Hehe, aren’t you willing to believe in this kind of rubbish? Do you see the virtue of this rubbish now?”
At this time, Su Junting’s relatives listened to Zhou Yuanyuan. Then, you started to talk about it.
“Yes, Jun Ting, what Yuanyuan said is okay? You show it to everyone. What are they giving this time? What if it is really fifty-eight thousand perfume? Haha…”
“Haha , Shit fifty-eight thousand? It’s so funny, what the hell do you think? What are you still poking here for? Hurry up and forget it!”
Su Junting looked at the relatives who pointed at Jiang Hao and couldn’t help adding a trace of grief.
Now his relatives are beginning to have such an attitude towards Jiang Hao, this is all thanks to Zhou Yuanyuan.
Now that Jiang Hao has become the opponent of criticism from the crowd, Zhou Yuanyuan must be too comfortable in her heart!
Haha, how can I have such friends? Su Junting smiled helplessly.
“Now you are satisfied? Now everyone is on your side, you are very happy, right?” Su Junting said to Zhou Yuanyuan indifferently,” You think that embarrassing Jiang Hao, embarrassing me, will make you a lot of pleasure, right? Haha, since that’s the case, let me forget it, let’s go, and we will never be friends anymore. ”
Su Junting turned her head and sat directly on the bed, and finally said, “I can’t stand a friend like you!” Su Junting’s words made Zhou Yuanyuan blind!
“Hey, what bullshit are you talking about, Su Junting?” Zhou Yuanyuan said angrily, “I am doing this for your own good, do you have any conscience?”
“Yes, Junting, you What are you talking about? Why are you kid now irrelevant?”
“Unreasonable, if your dad hears these words from you, Jun Ting will probably be pissed off. You quickly apologize to Yuanyuan!”
“Yes !” Yes, yes, hurry up and apologize!”
Those relatives immediately pointed at Su Junting, accusations and complaints one after another.
It’s just that Su Junting didn’t listen to anything at this time. She coldly glanced at her relatives, fell directly on the bed, and buried her head in the quilt.
“Okay, Su Junting, you can do it, for this kind of stupid, why do you tell me this? You can do it!” Zhou Yuanyuan was so mad at Su Junting’s words that she finally said loudly, “You really let me I’m sick, what do you really like about this rubbish? You broke off with me because of him? Okay, you broke off with me!”
After speaking, Zhou Yuanyuan grabbed Li Sen’s arm and walked out without looking back. .
The relatives of Su Junting’s family almost sighed long when they saw this situation. Some people were even a little unhappy, curled their lips, and left directly!
“Naive, Junting, you are still too young and don’t understand anything!”
“Yes. I think Yuanyuan is very mature, what is wrong with what they said? Think about it yourself, and leave the third sister and second brother… …”
A group of people accused Su Junting and all of them finally left.
And Su Junting, who was hiding in the quilt, also cried at this time.
At this time, only Jiang Hao and Zhang Jie were left in the room. Zhang Jie looked at Jiang Hao, hurriedly pointed at Su Junting, stared at him, and then went out.
Jiang Hao naturally understood that Zhang Jie was asking himself to comfort Su Junting.
Indeed. What happened today was originally because of myself.
Jiang Hao sighed, with a bit of guilt in his tone, and said: “Jun Ting, today…I’m sorry…”
On the other side, Zhou Yuanyuan walked out of the hospital angrily, tears filled her eyes.
“Fuck, this stupid idiot, I’m fucking with him!” Zhou Yuanyuan yelled at herself as she walked.
“Oh, well. Don’t be angry!” Li Sen hurriedly comforted Zhou Yuanyuan, “Hehe, look at that Su Junting, there are basically two attitudes towards you and Jiang Hao. You still can’t see that she is Is it interesting to be poor?”
Li Sen’s words made Zhou Yuanyuan gritted her teeth with hatred!
How can your best friend be interesting to people like Jiang Hao? This is something she absolutely does not allow.
“Hehe, that’s how Su Junting is, I think, you just did the right thing, and it’s the right thing to break up with this kind of person!” Li Sen said again, bothersomely.
However, his words directly touched Zhou Yuanyuan’s mold, she stopped abruptly, looked at Li Sen with a displeased expression, and said: “Impossible, huh. Jun Ting is my best friend. , I… what I just said was just angry, I… how could I break her relationship…”
Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help but said with a little frustration: “I am just this good friend now.”
Suddenly, Zhou Yuanyuan was in front of her. Yiliang, looking at Li Sen. He smiled and said: “Husband, your family relationship is so tough, how about you see, can you help Jun Ting rescue her father?”
“Huh?” Li Sen was shocked when he heard this. Whispered, ” What are you kidding? She just said that about you, are you still helping her now? Is your brain sick? ”
Zhou Yuanyuan smiled, and quickly took Li Sen’s arm and said, “Of course not. You think, now Jun Ting treats me like that because of Jiang Hao, but if I can save Jun Ting and her father , Then who is more useful at that time, naturally it will be clear at a glance, huh, and even through Junting’s father, I can keep Junting away from that stupid Jiang Hao!”
Li Sen was speechless when he heard this. , He even didn’t understand why these women said that they broke up with each other while thinking about how to reconcile the relationship.
“Oh my husband, can you help me!” Su Junting suddenly began to coquettish.
Li Sen hesitated. After all, he knew very well that the Su family had offended this time, but Jiuxing Group, even if it had a relationship with his family, would not be able to get involved.
Li Sen just wanted to refuse, but before he could speak, he suddenly felt a figure sway next to him, and a figure slammed into Zhou Yuanyuan next to him.

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