I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 733

When Lao Hei took Ning Kun to the Lin Family Garden, it was already dark.
Seeing Ning Kun get off the car, Old Dark nodded and drove away immediately, as if he had never appeared before.
And Chen Jingdao still sat in the lobby of Lin’s home with a plain expression, and the same was true of Old Man Lin, and both of them sat there silently.
Hearing the call to approach, Chen Jingdao opened his eyes and looked at the door. After a while, Ning Kun walked in and nodded to him.
Then he looked at Mr. Lin and said, “Mr. Lin, can I have a chat with Miss Lin?” Mr.
Lin was silent for a while, waved his hand casually and replied: “Forget it, Yan’er is unwell now. Please wait two days to come back.”
Chen Jingdao heard this, and the veins burst on his forehead: “Old dog Lin! Don’t be too much! My son is not cold, and whoever stops me now is going to have trouble with me!” He was about to leave. The old man Lin stopped, then slowly turned around and looked at Chen Jingdao gloomily.
He said in a cold tone: “Chen Jingdao, what did you call me just now?”
Although Chen Jingdao was very beautiful in Beifu in his early years, he was still a little flustered when facing Old Man Lin.
“Chen Jingdao, I respect you in your early years and you now, and I feel sorry for your son in my heart.”
Looking at the angry Chen Jingdao, Mr. Lin continued with a cold expression: “But don’t forget! My Yan’er is too. Victim! Put your face away!”
Ning Kun stepped forward and quickly grabbed Chen Jingdao, saying that Chen Jingdao had become a mad dog after hearing the news this time.
At the moment, the old man of the Lin family looks like this is the real mad dog!
After being pulled twice by Ning Kun, Chen Jingdao felt something wrong in his heart, so he hesitated and sighed: “Just let me see Yan’er. I just want to hear a word, who is it that hurt my Minggang? !”
Just as Old Man Lin was about to discuss theories with Chen Jingdao, there was a sound of footsteps from the back room, which sounded very light.
Both parties couldn’t help being interrupted by the sound, and then saw Lin Yan walking out in pajamas, and then kneeling before Chen Jingdao without a word.
“Uncle, the one who saved me was Ming Gang, but unfortunately I couldn’t save him, so he was pushed downstairs after being tortured by the gangster.”
Chen Jingdao heard this, tears burst into his eyes: “I know you did this time too. Suffered, but you want to tell me, is it the mouse that caused Ming Gang in my family?”
Lin Yan couldn’t help thinking of the gangsters who beat Jiang Hao that night, as well as the rats and others.
So there was a moment of silence, with hatred in his eyes, and he said, “The person who killed Brother Minggang is a gangster nicknamed Mouse!”
After saying this, Lin Yan covered her face and started crying bitterly.
The wound that was almost healed, but it happened to burst open at this time, causing Lin Yan’s pajamas to slowly ooze a ray of bright red.
Looking at Lin Yan’s injury, it didn’t look like a fake, and then I thought that Ning Kun found out during this time. These intelligence.
Chen Jingdao closed his eyes and stopped his tears before he said: “Well, you are enough. The rest is nothing to do with you.”
Old man Lin took out a cigarette and lit it slowly. With a sullen expression: “You said it has nothing to do with us, it means it has nothing to do with us? You need to find reason for this matter, don’t I need to find reason?”
Ning Kun stood up appropriately at this time, and then turned to Master Lin. He folded his hands and said, “I will disturb Mr. Lin today, and we will get together again in the future.” After saying this, Ning Kun quickly took Chen Jingdao out.
After leaving the gate of Lin’s house, they hurriedly got in the car and went straight to the company.
During this period, Chen Jingdao was totally lost, as if he had suffered a huge blow.
It is normal to say that he worked so hard for the Shen family overseas, but his son was killed by the Shen family in Beifu.
The Shen family who killed his son is still a branch of the overseas Shen family!
Thinking of this, Chen Jingdao couldn’t help but a touch of despair appeared in his eyes.
Ning Kun hadn’t noticed the look in Chen Jingdao’s eyes at this time. He sat in the co-pilot and took out the USB flash drive that Sally had given him.
Anhou played in the car and said, “This is a picture taken in a restaurant some time before the accident.”
Seeing the quarrel that broke out between Shen Qingshu and his son Chen Minggang in the picture, Chen Jing’s hands were tightly clenched. Fist closed his eyes.
After Ning Kun stretched out his hand for the old man Chen to soothe him twice, he hesitated and said: “I have carefully investigated, and no one dares to attack the young man when the Beifu is out of the Shen family.”
Chen Jingdao took two deep breaths and took out two pills , Swallowed tremblingly.
Then he gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t care about these things, so I will ask, who did it to my son!”
Ning Kun fell silent, then shook his head slightly and said, “Maybe something has happened to this matter. Surprisingly, the Shen family shouldn’t take action against the young master, or perhaps Shen Qingshu’s staff had a problem.” Chen Jingdao sneered twice after hearing this, and kept murmuring Shen Qingshu’s name.
After a while, he slapped the seat with his hand, and then roared angrily: “Shen Qingshu! I want you to pay!” In the lobby of the Lin family, after seeing Chen Jingdao leave, Mr. Lin quickly stepped forward and helped Sally up.
Then he was silent for a moment and said, “What do you think of Lin Dong?” The reason why he said this was to dispel the resentment in Lin Yan’s heart. No matter what Lin Dong did wrong, he was after all Lin Yan’s relatives.
Lin Yan sat in the chair and shook her head listlessly and replied: “What can I do? It’s like you said, he is my family after all.”
After saying this, Lin Yan laughed in her heart. With a cry, he added another sentence silently.
That is, no matter what she wants to do, the old grandmother will not let her do it.
Lin Dong has always been her pawn. Maybe she was one of the people who encouraged Lin Dong this time.
Thinking that this home is no longer the warm and warm home that it used to be, Lin Yan couldn’t help but feel a bleak taste in her heart.
In the true sense, family members treat themselves well, not even half as good as others.
Lin Yan was already a little tired, she hesitated slightly after looking at the guilty look on his face.
Lin Yan said, “Grandpa, there is something I want to discuss with you.” Grandpa Lin nodded after hearing it, and said flatly: “You can say it, if I can do it, I will definitely promise you. ”
take a deep breath, Lin Yan hesitated after watching Father Lin Chen Sheng said:.” I want to have a good rest for some time, do not call me during that time. “

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