I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 735

Shen Wennian looked at his son’s expression, he hesitated slightly, and then he stood up and said: “Brother Chen, wait a moment, is there any misunderstanding in this?” While saying this, Shen Wennian felt it in his heart. To a wave of suffocation!
If it weren’t for the relationship between Chen Jingdao and Shen Tianyang, why would he hold his breath to him so much now!
In addition, today Chen Jingdao invited all the partners of the Shen family he could invite, but he saw such a scene!
At this moment, Shen Wennian really had the heart to vomit blood, and he even wanted to step forward and slap Shen Qingshu twice to make him shut up!
While Chen Jingdao looked at Shen Qing Shuyin with a gloomy expression and smiled: “Yes! Misunderstanding! It’s all a misunderstanding! Then you tell me that my son’s death is also a misunderstanding!” With this, Chen Jingdao took off his own wear. He was wearing the necklace, and then raised it to Shen Wennian’s anger: “Come on, you tell me that my son is dead is also a misunderstanding, you let his ashes grow on him!”
“Chen Jingdao! Are you fucking crazy? !” It was said that Chen Jingdao was crazy when he came back this time, and Shen Wennian still didn’t believe it, and it looks like this now!
Which normal person would bottle his son’s ashes and put it on his body?
Chen Jingdao looked at the frightened Shen Wennianyin and laughed twice, and said in a sad tone: “Yes, I’m crazy, I’m seventy years old, just such a son!”
Chen Jingdao suddenly spit out these words. After taking a bite of blood, he pointed to Shen Wennian and said in a sad tone: “I have done so many things for your Shen family. I hope you can help and take care of my son. In the end, you take care of my son like this?”
“Brother Jing Dao, take care! ”
Brother Jing Dao, the grief has changed smoothly. It has already happened. There will be no results if you torture yourself so much!”
“Brother Jing Dao, grief, why are you ruining your body like this?”
Seeing Chen Jingdao vomiting blood, Ning Kun quickly dropped Shen Qingshu and ran to Chen Jingdao’s side, then held him firmly.
He took out a bottle of pills from his arms and fed Chen Jingdao to eat, then wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth with his hands.
“My boss has no shame in the Shen family. I want to ask you the Shen family, are you worthy of my boss?”
The partners of the Shen family around heard this. Look at me, I see you stood up after being silent for a while. Looking at Shen Wennian.
“Brother Shen, I guess I’m not worthy of doing business with your family.
I’ll leave today!” “What kind of thing is my Zhou family? Is it worthy of Gao Pan Shen’s family? Lao Zheng, wait for me!”
“Always thought I was the Yin family. The most insidious, but I didn’t expect your brother Shen to be even more skilled, admire and say goodbye!” After saying this, several people bowed their hands to Chen Jingdao and sighed: ” Brother Chen, let’s change your sorrow. Today’s testimony, we did it for you!” As soon as the voice fell, a few people turned around and planned to leave.
Shen Wennian knew that as long as these people walked out of their own door, the reputation of the Shen family in Beifu would be over!
Naturally, Shen Qingshu was also very clear about this. Seeing that everyone was about to walk out of the door, he knelt on the ground and said angrily: “Stop for me!” After hearing Shen Qingshu’s words, several old men stopped and turned sideways. Looking at Shen Qingshu, who was kneeling in a low voice, disdainfully smiled and said, “Why, can you still send us some old things back to heaven in advance?”
Shen Wennian watched his son kneel down, and his heart was also hurt! Peerless Tangmen fo then he looked at several old man shook his head and waved and said: “You are doing this, ah, this thing inside might really have misunderstood, how could I forget the past and not the kind of people who love it!”
Having With these words, Shen Wennian turned his head to look at Chen Jingdao who was sitting in his chair and panting, and whispered, “Brother Chen, this matter really has nothing to do with my Shen family!”
After Chen Jingdao smiled helplessly, he beckoned to Ning Kun, and Ning Kun quickly attached his ear to Chen Jingdao’s mouth.
Just listen to him whispering: “Bring the computer, show them, and they will see.”
Ning Kun nodded slightly, then looked at Chen Jingdao with a cold snort and turned around and took out the laptop in his bag. .
Then while plugging in the USB flash drive, she watched Shen Wennian tauntingly said: “I don’t know whether your Shen family will miss the old love, but I still know whether your Shen family is a thing.” While saying this, Ning Kun video Open it, and it plays slowly inside.
It was playing Shen Qingshu’s mockery of Chen Minggang and his disdainful statement that the Chen family was just a vassal of his own.
Since it is a cooperation, there will be the main and the second. Chen Jiashi is like this, and the other companies are naturally like this.
After watching the video, Shen Wennian was holding his face in pain, he didn’t want to say much anymore.
The other family members fell silent after watching the video. Since Shen Qingshu can treat the Chen family like this, there will be no pressure on them!
Thinking of this, everyone looks at me, and I see your eye contact for a while.
The person nicknamed Lao Zheng walked out and looked at Shen Wennian and took a deep breath, and then said with a serious expression: “Brother Shen, we will stop here from now on. I don’t believe Lao Zheng. I can still eat without your Shen family. Can’t afford to eat!”
Chen Jingdao looked at Shen Wennian’s painful expression, his eyes flashed with pleasure!
“Shen Wennian, you said it was a misunderstanding, this, is this a misunderstanding?” After a short breath, Chen Jingdao stood up with Ning Kun’s support, and then let out a desolate laugh.
Then he turned his head to look at Shen Qingshu who had already stood up from the ground and said bitterly: “You are so poisonous, I interrupted my Ganger’s limbs and threw them downstairs, and the steel bars penetrated his chest and lost blood to death!”
When things developed like this, Shen Wennian didn’t want to say more.
After today, I am afraid that the entire upper class of Beifu will look at themselves and their son in a strange way.
If he hadn’t understood Shen Qingshu’s methods well, he would have believed that his son had done this!
After Chen Jingdao coughed twice, Ning Kun assisted him and walked out, while not looking at the Shen family and his son said: “After today, Xincheng Group has nothing to do with the Shen family. Please take care of yourself!” After they left, Shen Wennian sat on the chair somewhat decadently.
Chen Jingdao did not ask for any compensation from himself, nor did he ask for any benefits from himself.
In the end, even if his son is dead, what can he do if he lays down a big country, in the end he is not someone else’s!
After everyone was gone, Shen Wennian suddenly laughed desolately!
“Ha, ha ha ha, my Shen family has a history of 100 years, and today is considered ruined!”
Shen Qingshu quickly knelt down and crawled over to Shen Wennian: “Dad, dad, you believe me, this thing is really not what I did!”
Look Shen Wennian’s eyes were a little bit sour when he saw his son who was prostrate in front of him.

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