I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 75

Seeing that Su Zhenye had already come out, and the person who picked him up was actually the boss of the Jiuxing Group, Zhou Yuanyuan’s heart suddenly became cold.
My credit has been cut off!
Originally, she thought that as long as she could rescue Su Junting’s father, she would be grateful to her by then, but now it seems that it is basically impossible.
Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help being a little depressed, but she still smiled and said: “I…I, I’m here to pick you up?”
Su Zhenye couldn’t help being curious when she heard this. Xin said: What is it, does she still know that I was released today?
Su Zhenye couldn’t help looking at Zhao Jiuyuan next to him, but found that Zhao Jiuyuan at this time was looking at the boy next to Zhou Yuanyuan in a trance.
He looked at Zhao Jiuyuan’s line of sight, and suddenly realized that Zhao Jiuyuan’s gaze was staring at Li Sen’s watch at this time, his expression seemed a little surprised!
“Mr. Zhao? What’s wrong with you?” Su Zhenye hurriedly asked gently.
Zhao Jiuyuan came back to his senses, but did not pay attention to Su Zhenye. Instead, he walked towards Li Sen with a smile on his face, even bending over, looking a little humble.
“Shen Shao. I really didn’t expect that I could meet you here. Miss Ye had already told me at the time. I can handle this by myself. You see that you actually came in person. This is simply a shame. its me!”
Zhao Jiuyuan was talking. While stretching out his hands, he seemed to be begging, and wanted to shake hands with Li Sen.
It’s just that his move really stunned all the people present.
Su Zhenye looked at the scene in front of him with a blank expression.
But soon, he remembered that just now, when Zhao Jiuyuan was talking to himself, he seemed to say that this time it was because a student of Su Junting came forward, and that student seemed to have a lot of background.
Su Zhenye looked at Li Sen, and then at Zhou Yuanyuan. He thought about it before and after, and suddenly realized it.
First Zhao Jiuyuan said to himself that it was a student of Su Junting who intervened and he was rescued.
And now Zhou Yuanyuan and Li Sen are here again, but they said just now that they are going out to pick up their own!
All this is right, it seems that Zhou Yuanyuan and this boy saved herself!
This is a life-saving grace! Otherwise, this time I have to make a ruin!
Su Zhenye’s old tears of excitement almost flowed out for a while, and he hurried up too, regardless of his identity, and bowed respectfully to Li Sen.
“Young man, thank you uncle…”
This time, Li Sen became even more confused!
He looked at Zhao Jiuyuan and couldn’t help but feel a little horrified. After all, he had seen this person in the past on TV and cocktail parties. The chairman of Jiuxing Group is also a famous figure in Chujiang!
But what is he doing today? Why do you nod and bow yourself?
And Su Junting’s father, bowed to himself when he came up? What are you playing?
Li Sen looked at Zhou Yuanyuan again. But at this time she also found her face dumbfounded.
“That…you…you seem to have admitted to the wrong person.” Li Sen was so frightened that he said timidly.
“How come!” Zhao Jiuyuan hurriedly smiled, and said, “I can see you today, and I just feel like I can’t be any more lucky! Then, Young Master Shen, look, if you have any time, it’s already noon, I I want to invite you to a light meal…”
“No, no, no, I see, this should be the right thing to do!” Su Zhenye hurriedly said, “Today is just a light meal, another day, I will have a banquet, thank you so much! “When
I heard Su Zhenye and Zhao Jiuyuan, Zhou Yuanyuan on the side became more confused.
She hurried over and asked curiously: “Uncle Su, you…what’s wrong with you? By the way, I forgot to introduce it to you. This is my boyfriend. Why are you inviting him to dinner? Me?”
“Haha, little girl, it seems that you don’t know it yet, in fact, it is your boyfriend who really saved your Uncle Su!”
Zhao Jiuyuan hurriedly said.
“That’s right, thanks to your boyfriend today!” Su Zhenye also said with a smile, “Yuanyuan, you really have a foresight. You have found such a capable boyfriend. I will see our family Junting in the future. I will borrow you.的光
里!” Su Junting, who was already confused when she heard these two people’s words, was even more at a loss at this time.
She couldn’t help but looked at Li Sen curiously, asking her heart what was going on? Could it be that Li Sen carried himself on his back and saved Su Junting’s father through the relationship?
It seems that this can only be explained, and when he asked Li Sen to help him just now, he hesitated like that. It seems that they were all pretending, but he actually wanted to surprise himself!
Thinking of this, Zhou Yuanyuan felt so happy in her heart!
She felt that her boyfriend hadn’t lied to herself before, and that his relationship was really so strong, even if it was a character like Zhao Jiuyuan, he would nod and bow at him.
Furthermore, he was so good to himself, he ended his thoughts ahead of time, and wanted to surprise himself when he looked back!
At this moment, Li Sen’s favorability in Zhou Yuanyuan’s heart is soaring!
At this moment, Li Sen alone was still in a daze.
He didn’t even react. What happened? Why did these two people suddenly treat themselves like this? You must know that the other party is Zhao Jiuyuan!
“Shen Shao?” Zhao Jiuyuan called again suddenly. He smiled flatteringly, “What’s wrong with you? Have a casual meal, what do you think?”
Listening to this title, Li Sen knew that this guy must have admitted the wrong person.
He couldn’t help looking at his watch, adding a reminder from Zhao Jiuyuan above. He suddenly remembered that he seemed to be on an occasion when he saw the Shen family, who was still known as the First Chinese Family, a certain big man wearing such a watch!
Could it be that Zhou Yuanyuan’s watch was a big figure from the Shen family?
And because Zhao Jiuyuan wears this watch, he thinks you are a big figure in the Shen family, right?
It seems that everything is clear now, but Li Sen’s heart is more up and down.
After all, I am pretending to be, but the Shen family, they give themselves face so much, wherever they are giving face, it is giving face to the Shen family.
In case one day. This incident was revealed, and with the energy of the Shen family, I guess it would be miserable!
Li Sen couldn’t help panicking for a while.
It’s just that when Zhao Jiuyuan treated himself with the same attitude and tone, Li Sen looked back and thought, but felt that it was not good. Sure enough, the children of the big family are different?
Li Sen was even secretly unwilling.
Why can someone from the Shen family be able to enjoy such treatment? But you can’t
Why is their Shen family born aloof?
Although Li Sen’s family background is not bad, after all, he still has a vision that he will one day. You can also look down on sentient beings from aloft like those big people who call for rain.
And isn’t it just an opportunity?
Although it is a bit risky, because once it is exposed, I guess the end will not be any better!
But at this time Li Sen’s brain was already hot, and he couldn’t manage that much.
He simply sighed in his heart, and then he looked up at Zhao Jiuyuan, then he smiled and said, “Will you ask me to eat? Hehe, where do you want me to eat?”
When Zhao Jiuyuan heard the words, he smiled at each other and almost pleased: “Then it depends on where you want to go. You are a VIP. I will naturally invite you to the best place!”
Zhao Jiuyuan thought for a while, patted his forehead and laughed. He said: “Haoyue Hotel, what do you think? The restaurant of their hotel is one of the top restaurants in Chujiang!”
Haoyue Hotel, this is indeed the best place in Chujiang. .
Li Sen couldn’t help feeling ecstatic. He had also eaten in the restaurant of Haoyue Hotel in the past, but he just took his brothers and friends to pretend to be forced, and he didn’t dare to do more.
But then, I still spent a lot of money.
It is Zhao Jiuyuan’s treat now. Just let go of eating by yourself.
“Okay, it’s Haoyue Hotel!” Li Sen agreed with a smile.
When Zhao Jiuyuan heard the words, he hurriedly smiled, ran to the side and drove his Andy a8 over. He opened the door respectfully and respectfully: “Shen Shao, please sit down. I will drive by myself today.”
Li Sen nodded triumphantly and hurriedly signaled to Zhou Yuanyuan. They sat in the back seat of the car together, and Zhao Jiuyuan hurriedly let Su Zhenye also took the seat of the co-pilot.
Andy’s car started. He slowly left the police station.
Even at this time, Zhou Yuanyuan still hadn’t recovered from her excitement.
“Haha, Haoyue Hotel, last time I went to the reception, I was shocked by it. I was still thinking about when I can go there again for a meal!”
Zhou Yuanyuan looked grateful Looking at Li Sen, she said: “Unexpectedly, only a few days ago, I went again, thank you so much, my dear!”
Zhou Yuanyuan put a heavy lip mark on Li Sen’s cheek, she felt extremely happy in her heart. .
” Haha, is this difficult? As long as you like it, I can take you to this place for dinner every day! “Li Sen said with a smug smile.
Hearing Li Sen’s words, Zhou Yuanyuan was so excited again that she got into Li Sen’s arms.
At this time, Li Sen’s heart was simply too excited.
In the past, he liked to pretend to be coercive in front of Zhou Yuanyuan, often bragging about something fundamentally unfounded.
But today, Zhao Jiuyuan was like this to himself. Obviously, he proved more or less that what he said before was either lying or true!
Li Sen is very happy, and there is even a kind of swelling of who I am!
But at this time, Zhou Yuanyuan still had some doubts about something.
After a long time, she raised her head, looked at Li Sen, and asked in the smallest voice: “By the way, my husband, why did the man call you Shen Shao?”

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