I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 767

The next day, after making all preparations, Jiang Hao took out his cell phone and contacted Sally.
During this time, he kept shutting himself up in order to minimize the news about himself.
The second is that he needs to think about Xue Yuning, this is not for the future, but for the present.
At present, his existence is a bit irritating to Xue Yuning. This is not only the injury left by Shen Tianyang to her, but also the alternative injury left by herself.
When thinking of these things, Jiang Hao regretted it in his heart. For a moment, he wondered whether things would completely change if he hadn’t met Xue Yuning.
But then such a small law just passed away with a smile, after all, what has happened cannot be turned back.
Putting on a black suit, Jiang Hao looked at the mirror and put on his shirt, then his tie.
Today he intends to formally declare his existence to Beifu in a decent image, instead of being the former Doctor Shen.
Jiang Hao, in black, looks quite charming. Fashion has always had only two colors, black and white.
Jiang Hao has a unique temperament. When he wears white, he looks so refined. This may be because of Shangdian.
But when he puts on black, everything will change.
Mystery, threat, and a hint of aggression.
There is also a temperament that makes women a little irresistible. He perfectly blends these things together, making it hard to imagine what such a man has experienced.
Women have worshiped the strong since ancient times. Money is a kind of power, and the body is also a kind of power.
Thinking of the temperament on Jiang Hao now, it seems to belong to the temperament of a strong man, calm and unhurried yet powerful!
Time slowly passed, and after a long silence in the mirror, the phone on Jiang Hao rang, and the person calling was Sally.
Old Hei drove Sally’s extended limousine and parked downstairs in Jiang Hao, quietly looking at the community where Jiang Hao lived.
Because of attending such an occasion, Sally also put on a close-fitting evening gown, which fully reflected her body curve.
Coupled with the temperament that Sally cultivated since childhood, as a superior person, it is even more fascinating.
Jiang Hao, who received the call, walked to the window and took a look, nodded slightly, then walked downstairs, and walked towards Sally’s lane.
Many people in the community courtyard are colleagues with Jiang Hao. Everyone knows that Jiang Hao has an ambiguous relationship with the eldest lady of the Lin family, but they never thought that he would even know other big people!
The moment they saw Jiang Hao in Sally’s car, many people couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss.
It feels like your friend bought a lottery ticket, watching the other party win the prize but not yourself, maybe there is a hint of jealousy.
Old Hei closed the car door and sat down in the cab. Sally nodded slightly and he sealed the small window between the cab and the back seat.
With a faint smile on Sally’s face, she took a closer look at Jiang Hao and said with some appreciation: “Although this dress doesn’t look very expensive, it matches you well.” Taking a deep breath, Jiang Hao covered it. After being angry at Shen Qingshu, he looked at Sally and smiled: “Who said it’s not expensive, this dress is made to order, it cost me seven or eight hundred.” 88
Jiang Hao looked at Sally and said the truth, but To Sally, Jiang Hao’s words just sounded more like a joke.
She smiled and couldn’t help but replied: “In this case, then I really want to see what kind of occasion is suitable for you to wear real clothes.”
Jiang Hao shrugged, although there are still many in his card. The money may be related to the life experience of a teenager.
Jiang Hao is not a person who likes extravagance and waste, nor does he have much demand for clothes.
If he wants to, he can deal with all kinds of celebrities in Beifu when he comes to Beifu the first day.
He was not a liar anyway, there was enough money in his card to be respectable, but he didn’t choose to do so.
Even everyday, like ordinary office workers, crowded with buses and subways.
There is no special car to pick you up when you go out. What you take is just public transportation, all because he doesn’t like extravagance and waste.
The other main reason was that Jiang Hao did not intend to show his strength in the past, and then let Shen Tianyang follow his whereabouts.
Although the money in the card in his hand has been laundered enough, Jiang Hao is still a little uneasy about the money.
After a moment of silence, Sally saw that Jiang Hao did not speak back, so she asked curiously: “Why are you dressing so formally tonight.”
Jiang Hao smiled after hearing this, “After all, I am your man tonight If your companion is not formal, wouldn’t it be a shame for you?”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s answer, there was even a hint of teasing in his tone, and Sally couldn’t help her blushing, looking very deeply. lovely.
“Do you think that even if you don’t dress so formal, I will be missing a male partner? I just want to show you the social circle of Beifu!”
Standard Tsundere, but Jiang Hao has no intention of admiring him at this time. There are more important things to do.
This time, the Shen family and the Xue family are jointly doing charity, and basically all the things put out for auction will be sent back to wherever they are.
Seeing Sally looking at the auction notebook with a pensive expression, Jiang Hao smiled disdainfully and said, “What’s the use of these things? I’m afraid there will only be one or two real treasures at this auction!”
Sally rolled her eyes without raising her head and said: “This is worth mentioning. The Shen family is considered to have lost the money at this auction, and she took out her own piece of nearly three hundred years old jade as the finale. ”
Jiang Hao smiled wickedly on his face when he heard this. I am afraid that Zhengshou’s own plan will not be used. I didn’t expect the opportunity to come so soon!
Then Jiang Hao excitedly turned the auction collection to the last page, and a pair of turquoise jade pendants were lying quietly in the box.
Seeing Jiang Hao, Sally turned here directly, so she chuckled and pointed her finger at the jade pendant, saying: “The jade pendants of dragon and phoenix pairs can be met but not sought, not to mention this style!”
“Hahaha, if you want to shoot In this case, I advise you to save it, the Shen family can’t let this thing out.”
Jiang Hao turned his head to look at Sally.
“Actually, I didn’t plan to take it. I was just thinking about how to use this dragon and phoenix jade pendant to target Shen Qingshu.”
Sally looked at Jiang Hao with a little worry. Some things were not just over with words , especially It’s a situation like Jiang Hao.
After pondering for a moment, Sally spoke tentatively: “You, have you ever thought of letting go of your hatred temporarily?”

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