I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 779

President Chen, why did the Shen family suddenly declare war on the Xincheng Group? Hasn’t Xincheng already handed it over to me? ”
Although Ning Kun has already planned to leave, the play that should be performed has to be finished, and there must always be a beginning and an end in order to not arouse others’ suspicion. What Ning Kun did not expect is that Chen Jingdao faced Ning Kun in this matter. Holding a trace of apology. After hearing Ning Kun’s words, Chen Jingdao turned to look at Ning Kun, with a trace of fatigue in his expression.
“Ning Kun, you are a good boy, I am relieved to give Xincheng to you, but This time the Shen family declared war on Xincheng not for you, but for me. ”
Ning Kun looked at Chen Jingdao with a flat expression, nodded at his words but didn’t comment too much. After all, everyone knew the ending. As expected
, Chen Jingdao waved his hand and walked in soon afterwards. A person.
Chen Jingdao looked at the person who came and nodded and then said: “This is my master’s son, he will take over your position, this time I am sorry for this bad old man. ”
After saying this, Chen Jingdao looked at the young man standing beside him and said: “Ran Sheng, get to know Ning Kun. He has taken care of Xincheng very well during this period. You have to talk to him more. Learn. ”
Ran Sheng is the son left by Chen Jingdao’s early master. He has been a manager in the investment department of Xincheng.
For Chen Jingdao, who raised himself and his mother since childhood, Ran Sheng would not hesitate even if he died for him, let alone Ti was at war with the Shen family. After hearing Chen Jingdao’s words, he nodded slightly and walked forward to Ning Kun and stretched out his hand in a solemn voice: “I know that you have also sorted out some contradictions within Xincheng during this period. . ”
Ning Kun looked at Ran Sheng and nodded slightly. In many cases, just a handshake can tell what kind of ability the other party has, and whether the ability is good. In just a moment, Ran Sheng even gave Ning Kun a slight threat. sense!
This caused Ning Kun to lose sight of Chen Jingdao for a while, and while keeping him by his side, he also let down such a powerful character in the company.
Chen Jingdao looked at Ning Kun and nodded and then said: “Okay, Ran Sheng, you go down and prepare, I’ll find you later.”
Ran Sheng turned his head and nodded to Chen Jingdao before leaving, the president Only Chen Jingdao and Ning Kun were left in the office.
Seeing Ning Kun’s calm expression, Chen Jingdao’s eyes flashed with admiration, and then he sat on the sofa and watched him open his mouth and said: “I have always admired you, and the most important thing is your calm and calm temperament.”
Ning Kun smiled helplessly at Chen Jingdao: “Now I am dismissed, right? Then I don’t need to hold on to you.”
After a burst of laughter, Chen Jingdao nodded at Ning Kun: “Actually, you don’t have to be reserved in front of me from the beginning. I like capable people.”
“Since you are so smart you shouldn’t fight the Shen family. You know it’s not the best time, especially now. The Xue family is still tied to the Shen family.”
Of course, now is not the best time. If Ning Kun’s idea is to wait at least another three months, it will be better to kill!
Chen Jingdao wasn’t a fool either, and Shang Hai had been up and down for nearly 50 years, so he didn’t know.
But he has no time, some things only she knows, such as his physical condition.
Some are born noble, some are born poor and humble, but one thing has not changed, that is a mockery of fate.
It seems to be so fair to everyone, regardless of differences in status, fate will always fall on people.
Thinking of this, Chen Jingdao reluctantly shook his head and looked at Ning Kun with a wry smile, cancer is always hard to tell.
“Actually, I don’t want to do anything to the Shen family now, but I have run out of time. I am in an advanced stage of cancer. You probably don’t know. I started receiving chemotherapy a month ago.”
There was a long silence in the room, Ning Kun looked at Chen Jingdao’s eyes with shock!
He never thought that such a powerful character would be defeated by a cancer!
“Well, when did this matter happen, why I don’t know at all?”
Frankly speaking, although Ning Kun is a pawn scattered by the headquarters next to Chen Jingdao, it has already caused Chen Jingdao after so many years of lurking. An unexplainable favor.
This kind of feeling is equivalent to being a teacher and a friend. Although he is very good, he is still confused when facing some things.
At such times, Chen Jingdao would stand up like a master, and then use his experience to slowly wake up Ning Kun.
When Chen Ming just died, he looked at Chen Jingdao’s sad expression.
If it weren’t for a strong mentality, he might not be able to help but tell him the truth about Chen Mingang.
Chen Jingdao looked at the shock in Ning Kun’s eyes and smiled slightly, as if he didn’t take this matter to heart.
“I am over 70 years old this year. Even if I don’t have this disease, I don’t have much life left.”
After saying this, Chen Jingdao shook his head slightly, and then took out a card from his body and placed it on the table. .
“There are more than 80 million in the card. It’s not that I don’t want to give it, but the company also needs to shrink funds during this period. It’s a little compensation for you.” Can more than 80 million buy the position of president of Xincheng Group? Of course impossible! This is almost like a joke!
But Ning Kun looked at the bank card on the desktop, as if he was looking at the last request of an old man.
“I think the most important thing for you now is to go to the hospital, not to fight the Shen family!”
After saying this, Ning Kun looked up at Chen Jingdao and continued: “If you are really worried, I will help you this time! ”
Chen Jingdao shook his head slightly when he heard the words. He had known long ago that Ning Kun is not a person of one mind with him.
This is why he will stay in the company to assist his son and bring Ning Kun with him.
Now that things have reached this point and he has lost value, if Ning Kun is allowed to stay, this Xincheng will really change hands to others.
“Take it, just take it as my compensation to you. There are some things that we don’t need to say too clearly, do they?”
Ning Kun fell silent when he heard this. Some things seemed to be concealed after all. He also knew that Chen Jingdao had already seen his identity.
After shook his head with a wry smile, Ning Kun couldn’t help asking: “When did you see through?”
He did not choose to answer Ning Kun’s question, but closed his eyes slightly, as if there was no one in front of him.

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