I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 786

Perhaps Ning Kun has his own intelligence channels, and soon he knocked on Sally’s office door with a document.
Lao Hei turned his head to look at Ning Kun who was standing at the door, with a complex expression in his eyes.
He originally hoped that Ning Kun could stay with him to assist Sally, because Sally will become a true leader in the near future.
Moreover, she will not only lead a small northern government, and even Chujiang and other places will be placed under Sally’s responsibility.
But what Lao Hei didn’t expect was that Ning Kun could still refuse Sally in the face of such a good future, which made him think more.
Ning Kun just smiled when facing Lao Hei’s complicated eyes, walked into the office blindly and placed the file in front of Sally.
“I have received news from Chu Jiang that more than one hundred second-level martial artists have come over, including a third-level leader who is from Shen Tianyang.”
Sally nodded calmly and said in a deep voice: ” Well, these people came to help the Shen family of the North House. It seems that Shen Wennian has bowed his head to Shen Tianyang.”
Receiving such an answer, Ning Kun frowned and said, “This is the first time Shen Tianyang has let the Shen family branch to him. Look down, it seems that he is very ambitious.”
Sally obviously has such a guess, but she did not say it.
Another reason is that the headquarter’s attitude towards Shen Tianyang is also a bit ambiguous. Thinking of the order for them to protect Jiang Hao, it seems that someone in the headquarter is also making some ideas.
After Sally raised her head and glanced at Ning Kun, she saw the same idea in the other’s eyes.
After everyone was silent for a while, Sally said flatly to Ning Kun, “What do you think about Jiang Hao?” Ning Kun shrugged, leaned on the desk and looked at Lao Hei, then said in a deep voice : ” My suggestion is to simply tell Jiang Hao the truth, and then see what he will do.”
Having said that, he hesitated for a moment, and then said in a deep voice: “Three days ago, I received some reports from the Beifu about Shen Tianyang, including a key figure, Shen Haoting.”
Sally closed her eyes and nodded for a while. Said: “Shen Haoting, the people of Shen’s sect, begged Shen Tianyang for mercy to save a life, and later died in the Xianyang Valley fight to protect Jiang Hao, am I right?”
Ning Kun looked at Sha in surprise. Li, I don’t understand that she just said a name, how could Sally say it in such detail!
Lao Hei smiled slightly at Ning Kun’s surprise, and then he said: “You may think you are very smart, but I tell you that the boss had the nickname of a personal computer before.”
Sally chuckled slightly before some. Suspiciously smiled: “There is no need to say these. I ask you Ning Kun, what is the reason you plan to tell Jiang Hao the truth?”
Ning Kun shivered unconsciously as Sally’s eyes flashed. .
For a moment, Ning Kun seemed to see a tiger in Sally’s eyes.
“Before Shen Haoting died, many people were unaccounted for. I think there was a woman among them. I think you all remember it. It is attached to the information.”
Sally frowned and nodded after thinking about it. “Well, this I have read this report. A woman who works for Shen Haoting has an unknown age, an unknown appearance, an unknown strength, and an unknown whereabouts.”
After these words, Sally smiled bitterly, “I don’t know the people over Chujiang. It seems that I don’t have any information about this woman.”
Ning Kun shook his head and said solemnly: “It’s not that there is no information, but the information has been tampered with or deleted. I want to tell Jiang Hao the truth. This is the reason.”
After looking at each other, Lao Hei and Sally were shocked in each other’s eyes. You must know that although the security of Beifu is not better than that of the headquarters, it is also a very important stronghold!
If you want to tamper with and delete such important information there, it is like a foolish dream!
Ning Kun Sally with old black shock obviously does not mind, he just chuckle or two then opening said:. “You can choose not to believe me, but I have to believe the findings,”
said these words At the time, he took out two more documents and a USB flash drive, then pointed to something and said, “This is the original record. I retrieved it from the headquarters backup overnight, which is completely different from Chu Jiang’s record. ”
You mean you want to use Jiang Hao’s identity to find out if someone is hiding inside us?”
Old Hei frowned when he looked at Ning Kun. After all, they were from the Beifu, not from Chujiang.
If you do this, it is likely to offend the person in charge of Chu Jiang.
Sally obviously had the same idea, but she was interrupted by Ning Kun before she could speak.
“No, there is another reason. I want to capture the hidden capital chain of Shen Haoting. Think about it, it would be a big gain!”
Although Shen Haoting did not live very well afterwards, the Shen family How could a person give in so easily.
While saying this, Ning Kun put his hands on the desk and stared at Sally: “This is not a small number, it allows many people to do a lot of things.”
“I’m afraid what you want most, I still want to know. What does the headquarters think of Jiang Hao?”
Sally was not fooled by Ning Kun. Although Shen Haoting’s fortunes must be amazing, they can’t be obtained casually. They are not so. More time to do some useless things.
If you think about it the other way round, if you tell Jiang Hao the truth, he will definitely do something more extraordinary because of his personality.
At this juncture, Ning Kun had no choice but to reveal a little bit of wind to Shen Tianyang’s men. With Shen Tianyang’s principle of never letting go, Jiang Hao would definitely be in big trouble.
At that time, the order issued from the headquarters can infer what the headquarters think of Jiang Hao.
After being silent for a long time, Lao He looked at Ning Kun Han and said, “Do you know what you are doing? Don’t try some things. This is Beifu!”
Sally also looked at Ning Kun with cold eyes. “I can accept your rejection of me, but I can’t accept your mischief in my place. There is no room for negotiation on this matter!”
Ning Kun seemed to be surprised at Sally’s reaction!
“You want to be clear, if we know the headquarters’ attitude towards Jiang Hao in advance, we might be able to support him in the headquarter first!”
Ning Kun’s idea is that simple. He doesn’t want to play any balance of power. thing.
If the people at the headquarters do not give him a chance to be in position, it doesn’t matter, he can make some preparations in advance, and then fight for the chance to be in position by himself!

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