I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 787

Ning Kun, are you crazy? This is not a place for you to play some conspiracy, get out of here! “While speaking, Sally couldn’t help being a little angry. Seeing Ning Kun’s face gradually became distorted, she suddenly felt that Ning Kun was so disgusting.
Obviously, Lao Hei was the same as Sally who treated Ning Kun.
I am quite dissatisfied with what I have done! “It may be that I am misguided. Your thoughts are not only an insult to the headquarters, but also to us! ”
The attitudes of Sally and Lao Hei are undoubtedly like a basin of cold water to Ning Kun, instantly extinguishing all the heat in his heart.
After a short silence, Ning Kun lowered his head, if not because he was still If he is not strong enough, he will surely slap Sally on the face!
This world is a world where the weak and the strong eat the strong. If people like him don’t think of a way to work hard, they will have another task waiting for him after this matter is over. !
he had enough of these tasks, he had enough, getting up every day to ask who you are, themselves somewhere!
he also had enough of danger all the time and everywhere to look into his eyes!
just a little If you are not careful, what is waiting for him will be an abyss that will never recover!
Old Black and Sally have not experienced this from the beginning, maybe because of Sally, Old Black directly followed Sally to help her Take care of some trivial matters. Otherwise, his fate will be different from his own, and he will be thrown out to be an undercover by those old men in the headquarters.
Ning Kun can’t help but smile a little sadly when he thinks of this, they will never understand their experience What’s wrong . After taking two deep breaths, he raised his head and looked at Sally and laughed at Lao Hei: “Well, I’m sorry, my thoughts are a bit dirty, you continue, I will go out first. ”
Sally looked at the desolation flashing in Ning Kun’s eyes when she turned around, she couldn’t help but froze for a moment, as if she had reacted to something.
“I would rather kun, before which department?”
The old black stood orgy had been looking Sally look dull opening:. “After graduation, was designated to the Second Division, and then was spread out Father”
Sally After hearing this, he looked at Lao He with a little surprise and said, “That is to say, he has been seeding outside since the beginning?” After hearing Sally’s words, Lao He fell silent, nodded slightly and did not say a word.
Seed is a joke, describing it as Ning Kun’s previous work.
It was sown as seeds by those in the headquarters, and then germinated and bloomed at an appropriate time, and then brought back the fruit. This was Ning Kun’s previous job.
After a long silence, Sally waved the old black to leave the office, and then sat in a daze in a chair by herself.
No one in this world is easy. She suddenly thought that perhaps Ning Kun wanted to climb so hard, the most fundamental reason was that she didn’t want to go to the days when she was scared every day.
Perhaps he did not resist at first, but when Mr. Chen Jingdao saw through him and still said nothing, he realized how dangerous it is to do this kind of thing.
Just as Sally was thinking about these things, the old black who walked out of the room looked at Ning Kun who was sitting on the grass field smoking a cigarette.
Then he walked over with a complicated expression and sat down beside him.
“You shouldn’t have said those things in the office just now. You want to climb up, but what do you mean to the boss.”
Ning Kun turned his head and looked at the old black sitting next to him, and then smiled mockingly. “Why, worry that I said what you all think?”
Old Hei shook his head slightly. Although he hadn’t experienced what Ning Kun experienced, he still knew a little bit about his thoughts.
Since Ning Kun came back and said that he was seen through by Chen Jingdao a long time ago, his whole person has become a little weird.
“You know, if this mission is not lurking next to Mr. Chen, I’m afraid now you can only smoke at my tombstone.”
Old Hei smiled slightly after hearing this, “Everything is over, you don’t need to be like now You will get better if you are so nervous.”
“It’s strange if I get better, I’m fed up with the life I am now!” With this, Ning Kun smiled at the man running naked on the grass field with snowflakes. “I would rather be like these little bunnies. I just need to wait for orders every day. I don’t want to go back and continue to perform tasks!”
The people who came out of the beast camp are very simple. No need for them to think about it.
Ning Kun had lived the same life as before, as he said, if Chen Jingdao was replaced by another person.
He might not even be able to find where the body is now. This is definitely not a joke.
He stood up in silence and patted Ning Kun on the shoulder: “Perhaps some things are terrible, but someone has to do it. If you can’t do it, then I will go.”
After saying this, the old black gave himself a root The smoke took a deep breath.
“Similarly, if I fail one day, I hope you can stand up, and then step on my corpse to assist the boss to continue walking.”
Then the old black turned and left without doing anything extra.
What the human heart thinks, the old black is unable to change.
Those who say that they can understand each other and have the same feelings are just a bunch of liars.
Everyone is different. Who can really understand each other and experience the feelings in the other’s heart?
No one knows what Ning Kun thinks in his heart, but the only thing he can do is to try his best, because now Ning Kun is very dangerous.
If he is not careful, he may go astray, which can be seen from his preparation to test the headquarters.
If this matter is known to the people at the headquarters, I am afraid Ning Kun will never think about coming back again. The worst result is that there will never be a person named Ning Kun in this world.
At this time, Jiang Hao, who had just seen the last patient in the hospital, was lying on his desk quite tired.
Nurse Xiaoli brought a cup of tea and put it in front of Jiang Hao with a smile: “Thanks for your hard work, Dr. Jiang, what are you doing with Miss Lin Family during this time?”
Jiang Hao picked up the cup and was about to drink water, and suddenly heard Xiaoli’s words almost squirted out!
“Cough cough cough, no, what did you just say? What happened to Miss Lin Family?”
Xiaoli blinked her big eyes innocently: “The people in the hospital know that you are talking with Miss Lin Family In love!”
Jiang Hao rolled his eyes helplessly, and didn’t bother to explain.
Seeing that Jiang Hao didn’t speak, Xiao Li continued to ask: “Just tell me, that’s Miss Lin Family!”

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