I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 79

“What the hell is going on Jiang Hao?” After seeing the contents of the express parcel, An Ning was also stunned, and looked at Jiang Hao incredulously.
The moment Jiang Hao saw what was exposed in the box, Jiang Hao’s face suddenly solidified, and he took out the contents of the box with a pale face, and suddenly found that it was a pile of dilapidated bricks and some shredded paper. sheet.
Jiang Haomeng hurriedly poured out the entire box, only to find that it was all inside.
This time he was completely dumbfounded, looking at all this blankly, in disbelief. He couldn’t even dream that he would go wrong here.
“An Ning, look at the person you’re looking for, what good did he do?” The long-haired girl, after seeing this scene, immediately fryed the pan, pointing at An Ning’s reluctant accusation.
As for the ponytail girl, at this time, she stared at Jiang Hao fiercely, and said angrily: “Hmph, I just saw something wrong with your expensive clothes, haha. I guessed it! ”
“What did you guess?” the long-haired girl asked in amazement, as if she didn’t quite understand what the ponytail girl meant.
The girl with a ponytail sneered, and said categorically: “Is it necessary to say? The hearing aid we asked him to help purchase is now gone, but it is him, a good dress and expensive shoes. It is also necessary to say? Of course, let us The donations raised by hard work. I spent it for myself! This kind of thing can be done, this kind of person is too disgusting!”
“Huh?” The long-haired girl suddenly realized that she was also fried, pointing Jiang Hao roared, “Are you fucking human? This is to be given to children in other schools for the deaf and dumb. You are embarrassed to spend this kind of money? Do you still have a conscience? Not a human being?”
” Huh , he is a scumbag, a beast!”
Besides, he didn’t know what was going on, and he didn’t even dare to think about it. You know, he entrusted Ye Yunjie to do this at first.
It’s just that what Jiang Hao feels most disgusting now is that he has let down peace!
After all, this is because people can trust themselves, so they ask themselves to help.
But the result? Things were messed up, and Anning was accused by others, which is too bad for them.
“Tranquility, you listen to my explanation, I really do not know how this is going, this …… I’m sure this must be being transferred packet, I …… I immediately called to ask!”
Peaceful at the moment, Looking at Jiang Hao with a sullen expression, he was also very annoyed and accused: “Oh, what is going on Jiang Hao? This is the donation we have collected in a few months, how can it be… hey! ”
But turning around, she hurriedly said to the other two girls: “Yueyue. Don’t talk nonsense, I know Jiang Hao, he will definitely not do this kind of thing, I think it must have happened. What’s the problem, let’s slowly figure it out, so don’t frame good people first?” An
Ning naturally didn’t want to make Jiang Hao be blamed before the matter was figured out, after all, this was her classmate.
But the ponytail girl didn’t care at all, she glanced at Anning contemptuously, and sneered: “Anning, peace, things are clear, you still speak for him? Huh, at the beginning, you vowed to promise to our entire community You said that this thing must be done, how do you explain it now?”
“Huh, I see, will you still have your share in this matter?” The ponytail girl squinted her eyes and fiercely Looking at tranquility.
Hearing this, An Ning suddenly looked terrified, full of grievances and said: “Yueyue, what are you talking about? How can you talk nonsense about this? You can say that I am not serious, but what do you mean by that? Say, Jiang Hao and I misappropriated this money for corruption?”
“Hmph, what’s the use of crying? Lose money quickly!” The ponytail girl said “Bah”. Turned his head and walked directly to the school club building, “Hmph, I’ll call all the clubs, and see what you guys say at that time!”
The long-haired girl also hurriedly followed, with a vicious expression on her face. Said: “Yes, yes, yes, you are doing this kind of thing, it’s really disgusting, wait, don’t spit out all the money today, you just wait for the lawsuit, we will call the police!”
Looking at the two The back of a girl looked at the mess on the ground again, Jiang Hao’s scalp was almost scratched by himself!
“What the hell is going on with you? That’s more than 30,000 yuan, what should I do now?” An
Ning squatted on the ground and started to cry.
The conditions in her family were not very good, and she always received help from the society in the past. She was still thinking about using this matter to give back to the society!
But it’s fine now. Not only did things mess up, but they also framed that they and Jiang Hao had embezzled the money!
Looking at the painful tranquility, Jiang Hao suddenly felt at a loss, he hurriedly said: “Oh, rest assured, I will figure this out. You can rest assured, I will not let you be wronged!”
Jiang Hao Scratching his head, I suddenly remembered that I had entrusted this matter to Ye Yunjie to do it at the beginning. Now that this kind of matter has happened, I should first ask Ye Yunjie to find out.
Jiang Hao quickly took out the phone. Hit Ye Yunjie directly.
Although Jiang Hao was also very angry, he still restrained his emotions and told Ye Yunjie exactly what happened!
“This… how could this happen?” On the other side of the phone, Ye Yunjie felt weird when she heard this, and said hurriedly, “Jiang Shao, I’m really sorry, I will find out about this, but I can Sure, this incident is not ours.”
And he also believed in Ye Yunjie’s ability. This matter is expected to come to light soon.
Jiang Hao faintly felt that this incident must have been deliberately aimed at him, and if he discovered the clues behind this incident, he would definitely not let him go.
Jiang Hao glanced at the tranquility still crying on the ground, and quickly wanted to comfort her.
But at this moment, as soon as Jiang Hao looked up, he saw the ponytail and long-haired girl who had just left, walking over in a hurry.
And behind the two of them, there were more than a dozen people.
These people are men and women, teachers and students at school.
The ponytail girl led the people toward this side while pointing at Jiang Hao. Pointing and saying something, a look of hostility.
“It’s him, President Xiao, this kind of people is simply too hateful, you must not let them go today!” The ponytail girl pointed at Jiang Hao viciously.
“That’s right! President Xiao, I have already called the police just now. Today’s matter must be dealt with severely. It is best to inform the whole school and drive such people out of Chujiang University!”
“That’s right, a mouse shit A pot of porridge broke! Must be thrown out…”
A group of people surrounded by young boys in their twenties.
The boy wears glasses with a flat head and no wrinkles in his white shirt.
His name is Xiao Qian, and he is not only the head of the school’s charity charity club, but also the leader of the student union.
Moreover, Xiao Qian is a bit handsome, so he is very popular in Chujiang University.
A long distance away, he first looked at Jiang Hao, then a scornful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
“Heh, this person? I remember that our caring club helped him before? Even if this person doesn’t know how to return, is it possible to return the gratitude and revenge?”
“Jiang Hao, right?” Xiao Qian walked up to Jiang Hao and looked at Jiang Hao’s clothes. He couldn’t help but sneered, “Yeah. It seems that you have a problem with your clothes?”
“This is me .” I bought it with money, please pay attention when you talk.” Jiang Hao said without showing any weakness, “There is a misunderstanding in this matter, I will explain it clearly soon!”
Jiang Hao looked at An Ning and said quickly. “In addition, I want to make it clear. This matter has nothing to do with Anning, so I hope you don’t frame her, otherwise, I will definitely pursue it!”
“It’s okay? Hehe, it’s ridiculous!” The ponytail girl, heard Jiang Ho’s words. Immediately jumped out and said loudly, “This incident had nothing to do with Anning, but she said she could help, but something went wrong, ha ha. You lie to you! ”
The long-haired girl He also said to the side: “That’s right, I see this, none of you are clean, so it’s better to make it clear by yourself. The provincial police are here for a while, then it’s not so kind to you!”
Hear With the words of these two, An Ning cried more miserably, and explained with tears: “It’s not me, it’s really not me, President Xiao…”
Xiao Qian looked at An Ning crying so miserably, he sighed slightly and said seriously. “Well, this big incident has already shocked the school leaders, so I must thoroughly investigate it!”
Xiao Qian looked at Jiang Hao contemptuously, and said coldly, “Don’t worry, I won’t If you wrong a good person, you will never let a bad person go! Okay, please, go sit in our club building!”
Xiao Qian pointed to the building not far away and smiled.
I’m afraid I might run away, right? Jiang Hao didn’t care, anyway, he was not afraid of the shadow slanting, so he would go there. Anyway, it won’t take long. As long as things come to light, he still has nothing to do.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao lifted An Ning on the ground and directly followed Xiao Qian and others towards the club building of Chujiang University.

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I laughed so much because of this sh*t story why always hero like this not have mim knowledge of how world works always forget main things and hinger to small things to be scolded and wronged

The author is just shallow minded and full of naivity thinking like one with no brain how can u not have a brainless character when you the author is also clueless and no sense of artistery. Jiang a big fool with no brains always ending up being shamed.

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