I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 80

The club headquarters of Chujiang University is a four-story building. The first floor is the school’s auditorium, and the second floor and above are the offices of the school’s various clubs.
Jiang Hao directly followed a group of people to the second floor. When passing by the first floor, he discovered that there seemed to be some activities in the school’s auditorium.
And Xiao Qian just glanced inside, and suddenly sighed heavily.
On the second floor, Jiang Hao was pushed into the club office. The two boys behind closed the door directly, allowing only a few core members of the club to come in, including the girl with ponytail and the girl with long hair.
Xiao Qian’s expression also changed suddenly. Before, he looked milder, but now his expression was much fierce.
“Let’s say, what should I do about this? Did you vomit the money out? Or we will wait for the police to come and let them search?” Xiao Qian asked.
“What do you mean by vomiting?” Jiang Hao retorted, “I said, there is a misunderstanding in this matter. I will solve it soon. Why do you think I misappropriated this money?”
“This What the hell do you have to ask?” The ponytail girl hurriedly stood up and pointed at Jiang Hao angrily, “Who didn’t know how poor you were in the past, so you can buy this dress? Who can you cheat? Didn’t you give it to me?”
“You are so special. Do you know how embarrassing you are for such a small bargain?” The ponytail girl said again, “You also saw the downstairs venue just now Right? Originally, we were going to hold a hearing aid donation ceremony at noon. This incident shocked the school leaders. Now that something has happened on your side, what should we do? It’s really a thing that has less success than failure!”
When the ponytail girl said this, Jiang Hao finally understood why Xiao Qian’s face would be so embarrassed when he first came upstairs downstairs when he passed the auditorium downstairs. It turned out that he couldn’t make a difference for a while!
At this time, when the other people heard this, they were all excited.
Some people even pointed to Jiang Hao’s nose and called him a scumbag.
“Haha, now do you know how much trouble you have caused?” Xiao Qian sneered, and said, “You can tell yourself, how to deal with this matter, anyway, I tell you, our club will definitely not give you this pot. “Yes!”
Xiao Qian glanced at his watch: “It is eleven o’clock, and the donation activity will start on time. By that time, school leaders and people from the school for the deaf will arrive soon. When I see it, go and follow Everyone, go ahead!”
Jiang Hao didn’t take it seriously when he heard Xiao Qian’s words. After all, this incident was not caused by himself. So he also has a clear conscience.
Don’t say it’s the school leader, even if it’s just another big person to ask questions, I don’t panic.
And it’s only 30,000 yuan. It’s really a big deal, so I just accepted the money and just paid it.
On the contrary, he felt that people like Xiao Qian made this matter as if it were so serious, which was simply ridiculous.
After Xiao Qian finished speaking, he pondered for a while, grinned, his eyes rolled, as if he had thought of something, and he hurriedly signaled the other people to go out with him.
Before he left, he didn’t forget to look at Jiang Hao in the room, and said to the Jiang Hao boy: “You must show me a good view of him!” The two boys nodded and banged the door shut.
At this time, only Jiang Hao and An Ning were left in the room, An Ning was still crying, looking very helpless.
Jiang Hao sighed, and hurried up to comfort a few words…
Outside the door, Xiao Qian went straight downstairs, and the ponytail girl and others followed.
“President, what can we do? There are more than 30,000, and the school leaders and the people at the school for the deaf are coming soon, what should we do?” The ponytail girl looked agitated. She naturally knew that even with this matter, Jiang Hao would be pushed out soon, but in the end the school leaders would still hold them accountable.
However, Xiao Qian didn’t say a word. He left the school club building. He lit a cigarette in the corner and couldn’t help but smiled. He looked at the ponytail girl and said, “You said, this matter, if the school is held accountable, let’s What will happen?” The ponytail girl was taken aback when he was asked, and after thinking about it, her expression was a little frightened: “It is estimated that we will be punished, and maybe we will thoroughly investigate the fund management of our club…”
Speaking of which, Ponytail The braided girl couldn’t help but panic again, and said nervously: “If we really want to conduct a thorough investigation, we have to manage the funds. Then when we took time off to travel to Dali before, we embezzled the more than 20,000 yuan that was never paid back…”
When the ponytail girl said this, several people were present. His complexion suddenly tightened, and he began to discuss with anxiety.
“Yeah, yeah, if this matter is found out by the school, then we’ll be over. This is a charity donation. We squandered it, I guess… I can’t fire us?”
“Oh, if this is true If something goes wrong, I guess it will happen. We used to take a hundred and eighty yuan from time to time, and the president steals the money that was distributed to everyone… Sooner or later, it would be tragic. Ah!”
“President, what can I do? In the past, you secretly distributed the money to us, and I bought cosmetics. This…what should I do?”
Xiao Qian couldn’t help but sneer at the panicked crowd. With a cry, he said: “Hehe, what are you afraid of because of your success?”
Everyone lowered their heads in shame, but they were still uneasy.
Xiao Qian stepped on the cigarette, and said slowly: “In fact, I also thought about this matter. The money we have spent over the past two years is more than 30,000 or 40,000. This account only needs to be paid. At that time, the school leaders verified that all of us had to be abolished and expelled? That was just the lightest punishment. If we didn’t guarantee everything, we had to go to prison!”
“What should I do then? I don’t want to go to jail, President…” The ponytail girl was almost crying.
When Xiao Qian saw this, he couldn’t help but smiled: “What should I do? Haha, what else can we do? Let’s confess to the school leaders on this matter, or…hehe, then we have to find a scapegoat!”
In fact, Xiao Qian said After so much, I just want to scare these people first, and then slowly lead them here.
And Xiao Qian knew that as long as he said that, these people would definitely think of finding a scapegoat in the first place, and at this time Jiang Hao upstairs was the right candidate?
“By the way, let’s say that Jiang Hao stole the money!” The ponytail girl almost screamed in surprise.
She looked around and saw that no one was in front of her. She slapped herself quickly, smiled, and said in a low voice: “I think he is the most suitable. Then, let’s not just push him on this matter.” , Let’s look up the accounts we got before, as long as we check the clear and accurate amount, we will push it on him. ”
Another girl with long hair. At this time, he seemed to have opened his mouth, and hurriedly said: “Yes, right, right, then, we will say that An Ning fits inside and outside. He stole the money! Anyway, as long as we people bite to death, they will be full of mouths. I don’t know how to say it!”
Xiao Qian suddenly smiled when he heard the words: “The idea is good, but…is it a bit of a loss?”
Xiao Qian said that, it was not a good intention, but just wanted to take all his responsibilities off. Go out, lest something happens later, these people confessed again, they told them to say so.
This is what they said by themselves, of course it has nothing to do with them!
“Hey, President, that Jiang Hao is not a good thing in the first place, so he was born with a scapegoat. He is looking for death by himself, so what are we going to do?

Yes, this matter is a matter of life and death. We must not be merciful. When the time comes, we will insist that he did it and say that we took the money from the bank and then they stole it…” “Yes. Yes yes, just say so! ”
The emotions these people said were exciting, and they were full of gloom just now, but at this time they were suddenly enlightened.
In their opinion, it doesn’t matter how Jiang Hao ends, as long as he can keep himself.
As long as these things are put on Jiang Hao, then their previous black accounts can be cleared up all at once.

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