I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 797

Jiang Hao accompanied Chen Jingdao and chatted briefly with Ran Sheng, and then left, and it seemed that no one knew how much money was in the card.
In fact, there is really nothing to ask about, after all, Chen Jingdao spent more than 30 billion to play with the Shen family this time, and this is his entire Shen family.
At this moment, the Lin family had already expressed their attitude as long as they put out the money for the reason. As for the rest, that was another meaning.
Soon the news of Xincheng Group Chen Jingdao’s assistance was spread like wildfire under Rising’s plan. Many people became hesitant after learning about it.
What is being tested now is the art of standing in line. As long as one step is wrong, the result will be wiped out.
But high risk means high return. If they succeed in standing right, the benefits they will get will be unimaginable.
Maybe they will be able to replicate Chen Jingdao’s success and turn a small company into a giant in Beifu. This is definitely not impossible!
But Jiang Hao didn’t take this to heart. What he was thinking about now was the first person Shen Tianyang sent to the Beifu to be stationed, that is, the more than one hundred people.
Sally and Ning Kun have already planned this matter. He just needs to cooperate, but if Ning Kun leaks out the news about him in Beifu, I am afraid that the people who come may not be more than a hundred people in this area.
The reason why Shen Tianyang has been able to dominate overseas for so many years is definitely not only relying on these personnel, Jiang Hao knows this.
Although he lost the Xianyang Valley battle, Jiang Hao had a general idea about the strength of Shen Tianyang’s men.
After returning to the hospital, Jiang Hao finally confessed to Dean Jiao after several considerations, quit his job, and quietly waited for Ning Kun’s news.
Almost two days after the incident, Ning Kun suddenly sent a text message to Jiang Hao. The content was nothing but only three words: “Here is someone.”
Who is here and how many are there? These Jiang Hao and Ning Kun already know, all they need to do is to act according to the plan.
Shen Wennian was very happy these past two days. The whole person seemed to be a few years younger. After the people from Shen Tianyang came, they quickly took over some things, which made Shen Qingshu less stressed.
But Shen Qingshu really didn’t look down on these people, because no matter how tough they were, they were nothing more than a group of servants to the Shen family.
Although their master is Shen Tianyang, as a branch of the Shen family, Shen Qingshu believes that he can become their master.
Not only people came with them, but also a lot of money. This money was what Shen Wennian wanted in his dreams.
As long as they have this money, they can continue to spend it hard with Xincheng. Once Xincheng’s funds are cut off, they will be able to carry out the acquisition plan with integrity and completely eliminate Chen Jingdao’s future!
But within two days of being happy, the news from Xincheng made Shen Wennian unhappy again, because Chen Jingdao also found a company to inject capital.
Unlike him, Chen Jingdao’s funding origins were completely inaccessible, and he didn’t even know who gave it.
This proves that someone in Beifu has already started to stand on Chen Jingdao’s side, and it seems that the other party is definitely funding Chen Jingdao, and then divide his own interests!
Thinking of this, Shen Wennian felt another trace of worry.
At the moment, this little money of my own family has finally been told to Shen Tianyang. If they still can’t beat the other party, then I am afraid that I can only declare bankruptcy.
Just when he thought of this, Shen Qingshu stood up and suggested to Shen Wennian: “If it really doesn’t work, find out Chen Jingdao’s activity time, and then let these people in Shen Tianyang deal with it briefly.”
What does the processing mean in the words, Shen Wennian knows it naturally, but if they do this in the Shen family, they will easily be found out!
Not only that, many families may find an excuse to start a war against the Shen family. If there are too many ants, they will kill the elephant!
Just when Shen Wennian was considering this matter, another rumor suddenly spread from Beifu!
Some people say that the relic of the Shen family was in the eastern suburbs of Beifu! And the other party is still cherished!
This news may be just a joke after dinner for others, but it is just some gossip.
But to these people who came to support the Shen family, it was like a shark in the deep sea, suddenly smelling a hint of blood!
They finally confirmed after several checks that Jiang Hao, who had disappeared for nearly half a year, finally showed up, and he was indeed in Beifu, and he had not left yet!
Thinking of this, the person who brought people to help the Shen family in Beifu quickly notified Shen Tianyang of the news!
It has been more than half a year since the last time that Jiang Hao was enclosed in Shanshilipu. At that time, Jiang Hao was only a level three.
And among the people sent by himself, there was exactly one third-level martial artist, as well as a number of second-level martial artists. As for the first-level people, let it go, going up is just a hindrance.
After confirming the strength gap between the two sides, Shen Tianyang immediately ordered people to catch Jiang Hao and get Shangdian!
After receiving the above instructions, these people quickly dispersed, and then cautiously checked the source of the news in Beifu.
Perhaps they seemed to be very cautious about these actions, but they didn’t know that these things had already been seen by Ning Kun.
Sally relaxed after watching the report submitted by Ning Kun. As long as the other party has no doubt, then Ning Kun’s plan is feasible!
Thinking of this, Sally looked at Ning Kun standing in front of her, smiled slightly and said, “When do you plan to start planning?”
Ning Kun was silent for a while, with a slight nervousness on her face. This was his first time. Develop an action plan in the true sense.
But still calmly said: “If there is no accident, I plan to start the action plan in two days. Now Jiang Hao has quit his job in the hospital and can cooperate with our actions at any time.”
Sally said slightly after a long silence . Nodded, in fact, if it weren’t for Shen Tianyang to do too much, Sally would never agree to this action.
After taking a deep breath, Sally signed the consent form for the action, and then handed it to Ning Kun and said in a deep voice, “After this matter is over, do you have any plans?” Ning Kun looked at Sally with a wry smile. Once you give up being a fish, then the only end is to be kept in a cage.
People who make fish like them not only have to be suspected by the enemy, but even after returning home, they have to accept being suspected by their own people.

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