I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 798

Time was changed, and those people in Shen Tianyang rushed to Shen’s house as soon as Ning Kun had expected them to arrive at Beifu.
Shen Wennian looked at the visitor with a gloomy expression. Even though he didn’t like the other party very much in his heart, he still forced a smile on his face and said: “You have worked hard from afar. You have worked hard, please come inside.”
The people who walked into Shen’s house totaled. The three of them, led by a straight-looking woman, smiled peacefully at Shen Wennian on her face, and then followed Shen Wennian with her two subordinates.
Wait until after she entered the room to sit down and watch Shen Wen in opening: “? Lord Shen polite, this time surely you here somewhat better than it,”
the saying goes, do not fight face beatings Jieduan not curse, this woman speaks an opening It made Shen Wennian’s face suddenly look a little ugly.
If it weren’t for the fact that the other party was Shen Tianyang’s subordinates, and whether the Shen family could survive the disaster this time, they would rely on the other party, Shen Wen would have patted the table to see off the guests.
Looking at the other party at the moment, although his face is calm, the slight disdain at the corner of his mouth is really uncomfortable.
“It’s okay, but it’s just a little trouble. I think everything will be okay when you come here this time?” The woman chuckled twice and then glanced at the teapot. The meaning was self-evident.
Shen Wennian frowned and wanted to get angry, but after taking a few deep breaths, he endured it, then poured a cup of tea for the woman and said, “I don’t know what you call it?” The woman lifted the cup and took a sip, then Looking at Shen Wennian with a smile: “Just call me Sanniang, and I will help you solve your troubles.”
Hearing this, Shen Wennian nodded slightly, but when he was about to speak, Sanniang Suddenly glanced at him.
Then faintly said: “But we also have some troubles here, and I hope Patriarch Shen can help, don’t know if it will work?”
If it is in other places, it would be difficult for Shen Wennian to do something, because all their networks are in Beifu.
But if Shen Wennian needed to do something in Beifu, it would not be much trouble.
So after hearing this, Shen Wenyoung smiled and nodded, then sat down and looked at the woman who claimed to be Sanniang and said: “This doesn’t matter, as long as I can do it, just say it.”
Sanniang looked deeply. He glanced at Shen Wennian, then turned his head and winked at his two subordinates. They nodded when they looked at each other and then left the room.
After the two of them were gone, Sanniang looked at God We Nian and said, “In fact, it’s not a big trouble. I just hope you can help me find someone in Beifu .” Shen Wennian nodded slightly after hearing this. Nodded and smiled: “There is nothing wrong with this, do you have a photo, what’s your name, and how old you are, as long as you give me these things, I will definitely give you news within three days.”
Seeing Shen Wennian’s self-confidence, Sanniang’s face was a little sad. The expression suddenly looked better.
Then he said, ”
My name is Jiang Hao, maybe I have changed my name now, but here is a picture of him. You can show it.” After saying this, Sanniang took out a folder and handed it over. This is something Shen Tianyang specifically confessed to Sanniang in order to come to Beifu to find Jiang Hao’s trace.
Shen Wennian picked up the folder and looked at it, then put it away and smiled: “Okay, I have agreed to this matter. I will give you an answer within three days. I just don’t know how you think about me?”
Sanniang chuckled. After two noises, he patted his palms, and one of her men suddenly walked in outside the door, and then took out a laptop and opened it on the table.
Sanniang pointed at the computer and smiled: “As long as you sign a contract, our family owner will transfer the money to you immediately. Of course, this is not to trust you, but just hope that everyone can cooperate happily.”
It is not that Shen Wennian has never seen such a battle after the ups and downs of Shang Hai for so many years.
It’s just that it was the first time that he treated others this way, and others treated him this way.
Thinking of this, Shen Wennian’s mouth flashed a complex look, and then lightly nodded and said solemnly: “Give me the contract, we’ll sign it now, and then I can do your business.”
Sanniang looked at Shen Wennian with nothing. Sluggish, so he nodded in satisfaction and took out the contract. After Shen Wennian signed it, he transferred the money.
Shen Wennian didn’t care about the specific figures. After all, Shen Tianyang is also the head of the Shen family overseas, so naturally he will not be generous.
There was only one thing that made Shen Wennian care about it, that was the person named Jiang Hao Sanniang asked him to find.
When I first looked at it, I didn’t think there was any problem, but after a closer look, Shen Wennian suddenly found that the other person looked like an old person!
Thinking of this, Shen Wennian was about to speak, but after thinking of the person’s identity, he fell silent again, and then said: “Since the matter is over, then I won’t send you off.”
Sanniang was obviously somewhat of Shen Wennian’s behavior. I was dissatisfied. I hadn’t eaten a bite of the meal when I came from afar, and I drove people away as soon as I was done.
Anyone would feel uncomfortable after changing this kind of behavior, but thinking that the other party would do things for Shen Tianyang like himself in the future, he had to gritted his teeth and stood up to leave.
But he didn’t want to meet Shen Qingshu who was going home when he first walked to the door. Shen Qingshu frowned when he saw Sanniang. He didn’t remember when his backyard was a place where strangers could come and go casually.
However, he only took a few glances and left without paying attention to Sanniang.
And Sanniang looked at Shen Qingshu carefully and then gently curled the corners of her mouth and said in a low voice: “This is probably Shen Wennian’s son, Shen Qingshu, right?”
Shen Qingshu, who had already gone far away, naturally did not hear Sanniang’s whispers, and Sanniang’s men quickly bowed their heads after hearing this, “Yes, I heard that Shen Wennian has been entrusting his family to take care of him all these time, and the purpose is to train him to become a Shen in Beifu. The successor of the family.”
Sanniang looked at Shen Qingshu with satisfaction and nodded and then smiled: “Well, it does seem to have such a demeanor now, I don’t know what the ability is.”
No matter where the person is, attract capable people. People are the most important thing, and Sanniang is no exception.
The reason why she can sit in this position is that besides her own hardship and her strength has reached level three, the most important reason is that she can manage contacts.
Although she is only one of Shen Tianyang’s subordinates, Shen Tianyang’s internal Many people care a little about her.
It is also for this reason that the fat man who came to Beifu to help the Shen family in Beifu this time fell on her!
You have to know how much money you give and how much money you deduct this time, she has the final say!

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