I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 837

Seeing Ning Kun’s appearance, Sally remembered what she had said to Lao Hei before, so she was silent for a while and then said: “Besides, Fu Fatty showed his feet in Hedong before. He is a member of the committee.”
Ning Kun looked a little surprised. Xiang Sally, he suddenly remembered that Lao Hei had been staring at Fatty Fu mysteriously during the recent period, and then he thought of Sally’s words.
After a moment of silence, Ning Kun looked at Sally and said, “You mean, will Fatty Fu be wiped out?”
Sally smiled and did not answer, but turned back to the office, and then quietly Looking at the folders on the desktop.
“The incident of the Shen family will definitely cause Shen Tianyang’s backlash. When the time comes, Fatty Fu is targeted by Shen Tianyang because he has made great contributions in this matter. We feel very sorry about this.”
After saying this, Sally turned her head and looked towards it. Ning Kun smiled and said: “Do you know what I mean now?”
Ning Kun is not a fool, Sally has been so obvious, if he still doesn’t understand it, that’s the problem.
Thinking of the other party’s identity and thinking of Sally’s decision, Ning Kun swallowed and said in a dry voice, “Have you ever thought about the consequences of doing this? You will be the next head of the 13th subject right away. Is it really appropriate?” When she heard Ning Kun’s words, Sally put away the smile on her face. She didn’t know why the people above still didn’t believe herself after such a long time.
At this time Sally was a little tired of them, after all, no one could bear the temptation again and again.
The point is that she has not lost her belief in the thirteen subjects, and the people they photographed to test her have lost the belief in thirteen subjects!
This part-time job is an intolerable failure, so Sally is so angry and furious.
“I’ve had enough of those people. If they really can’t do their best to intervene in, I will let them see what kind of person I Sally is!” As soon as the voice fell, the office door suddenly Rang.
Sally and Ning Kun looked at the door at the same time. After a moment of silence, Ning Kun lowered his head and walked to the door to open it.
Lao Hei was standing at the door with a serious face, and when he saw Ning Kun opening the door, he loosened the expression on his face.
“Oh, you are here, I said why I can’t find you everywhere, and I will turn off the phone when I call you.”
Ning Kun shook his head slightly and said in a deep voice, “I just started the plan today. I want to stare at Shen Tianyang. The people under our hands, at the same time, to prevent our internal accidents, so we turned off our mobile phones, maybe we forgot to turn them on.”
After saying this, Ning Kun stepped aside and pointed to the sofa and said: “Come in and sit, just right. We were just discussing something.”
Old Hei glanced at Sally who was sitting on the sofa, then nodded and went into the office to sit down.
“I just heard a little bit of what you said before at the door, boss, did you tell Ning Kun thoroughly?”
Sally shrugged and looked at Lao Hei with a smile: “This is your old classmate, what can I say? I have finished talking about it , and how to deal with the next thing is up to you two.” After saying this, Sally got up and left the office. She knew that Ning Kun needed the most time now, because he It may not be able to accept this reality for a while.
After watching Sally leave the office, Lao Hei loosened the collar buttons on her clothes and smiled: “What I’m most annoying about is wearing a suit, which makes people breathless, so I have to wear a tie!”
After that, Lao Hei glanced at Ning Kun with a squinted smile, and then smiled: “Sit down, maybe the boss just didn’t tell you something thoroughly, so I’ll talk to you again, there are no outsiders here anyway.”
Ning Kun sighed helplessly. Then he walked to the sofa and sat down and looked at Old Hei: “Have you discussed this matter privately before. Why didn’t you have any surprised expression on your face just now?”
Old Hei nodded when he heard this. He followed Sally as soon as he came out of school, watching her change from a little girl to a girl now.
There are many things that he and Sally can talk about better, so Sally naturally discusses such matters with him first.
Thinking of this, Lao He looked at Ning Kun and sighed deeply: “Yes, I have known the identity of Fatty Fu before, and I have also seen some of his actions in Hedong.”
Looking at Ning Kun’s face With such an expression as expected, Old Hei gave a wry smile and said, “But this is not the main reason. After all, to put it bluntly, it seems that Fatty Fu is much better from the people on Chu Jiang’s side.”
Ning-kun smiled and nodded Interface:. “Yes, ah, at least he did not tampering with our internal data, nor our internal secret got out, otherwise the current status of veterans should have been publicity about it,”
say Here, the expression on Ning Kun’s face changed suddenly: “But that’s not the reason Fu Fatty died. You know his identity, do you know you still don’t stop the boss?”
Ning Kun looked at the old black with an angry expression. He bet his whole life on Sally!
If Sally has any accidents because of this incident, don’t say that Lao Hei and him, even all the staff in Beifu will be implicated!
“Don’t you know why they want to be independent of the thirteen subjects? Don’t you know how much full force they have?”
Old Black looked at Ning Kun and closed his eyes and shook his head: “I know, but this It can’t be her presumptuous reason. If we continue to let him go like this, it will only be a matter of betraying us sooner or later!”
After saying this, Lao Hei stepped forward and grabbed Ning Kun by the collar, then walked to the balcony and pointed outside the villa. The man in black responsible for vigilance.
“Look at them, look at them! If Fu Fatty makes a mistake, everyone here will be implicated!”
After saying this, Lao Hei grabbed Ning Kun’s collar with both hands and said coldly, “Are you willing to watch these brothers die? Are you willing to watch the boss leave sadly from now on?”
Ning Kun’s lips moved slightly at this time At once, it seems that something is stuck in my throat and I want to say it.
Ann looked at the rare look of Lao Hei, Ning Kun chose to remain silent after all.
Perhaps Old Hei was right. The fact that Fu Fatty did nothing wrong now does not mean that he will not do it wrong in the future.
Moreover, according to the information sent from Hedong, there are quite a few things that Fatty Fu did in Hedong.
If he dared to make a wrong step in Beifu, only God knows what the consequences will be at this critical period.
After taking two deep breaths, Ning Kun tried his best to calm the restlessness in his heart, then looked at Lao Hei and said, “In this case, what are you going to do?”

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