I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 843

There are only a handful of people still using this method, and the most frightening one is the famous 13 subjects!
They are everywhere in the interior, and every ordinary person may be their eyeliner, and they also have one of the most famous training institutions, the animal camp.
I heard that the elimination ratio of the animal camp is 100 to 79, the death rate is 100 to 45, and the disability rate is more than 38%!
After such rigorous training, all the people who come out of it are weapons of the world.
Thinking of this, even though Sanniang had the strength of a third-level martial artist, she still couldn’t help feeling chills in her heart.
After Sanniang’s deputy grenade knew that she had caught a tongue here, he called and asked if it would be handed over to him for interrogation or Sanniang would come by himself.
The reason why Lei said this is because interrogating such things will inevitably be a little bloody. Everyone knows Lei’s feelings for Sanniang. He would not like too much red on Sanniang’s hands.
However, Sanniang declined, because she wanted to see how hard a person in the thirteen subjects is.
Before, she had followed Shen Tianyang to deal with many things overseas, but she had never seen anyone in the 13th subject.
After entering the room, Sanniang smiled at the bound man, then stretched out his hand to remove his hood and looked at him quietly.
The moment the two looked at each other, Sanniang suddenly felt that the other party was not alone at all, his eyes were so cold.
“Do you know where this is?” The man looked at Sanniang quietly, his lips as thin as a blade, as if he hadn’t heard anything.
Sanniang looked at him for a while and then suddenly smiled: “I know who you are, 13 subjects, right, you don’t need to hide from me.” After the man was silent for a long time, he smiled, his eyes flashed After a trace of disdain, a strong killing intent is hidden!
Sanniang has never seen a person showing such a strong killing intent after discovering that he has become a prisoner!
This made her a little bit chilling, but at the same time she became interested in these thirteen subjects, because she deliberately learned about it when she was overseas with Shen Tianyang a long time ago.
Although there is very little information about the thirteen subjects, Sanniang did his best to piece together some notes.
Thinking of the evaluations of the 13 subjects in the materials she had read, Sanniang took out a small bag from her body and opened it, which was filled with various surgical knives.
“You don’t like to talk, it doesn’t matter, we have a lot of time to talk slowly.”
After saying this, Sanniang picked up a scalpel and played with the light carefully, admiring the cold light from the blade.
“Don’t worry, I have a well-equipped medical team behind me. They will ensure that you can watch me open your body a little bit soberly.” A slight diffidence flashed in the man’s eyes after hearing this, but he sank again soon Go down.
After a long time, he said in a dry voice: “Give me a pleasure, I may be able to tell you something, otherwise, you may have to pay four more people to grab another one.”
Seeing the other person speak After she was over, Sanniang turned her head and smiled with some joy: “So you can talk, I always thought you were a dumb.” As soon as the voice fell, she inserted the scalpel straight into the man’s thigh and saw the expression on his face. Wensi could not help but open her mouth and praised: “The 13 subjects are well-deserved, come here, bring a glass of water in, and then move a chair!”
Someone outside the room arranged something to send in, and then took the man from the cross. Put it down and tied to a chair.
Sanniang smiled and watched the man lift the cup and said, “Drink slowly, I think about it. Let’s start with the most basics. What’s your name?”
“You know the 13 subjects so well, don’t you know the ten? The people in Sanke Beast Camp have always had code names and no names?”
A faint color flashed in Sanniang’s eyes, and then nodded and said: “Well, then, do you admit that you are from the 13th branch beast camp?” The man looked at Sanniang contemptuously and smiled violently. Take a mouthful, then panted and said, “Yes, the students of the 35th phase of the 13th Branch Animal Camp are under the first team of Beifu.”
“Why did you arrest my people? I don’t think I offend you in any way.”
Sanniang lightly lit a cigarette for herself, the man hesitated a little while looking at her, his eyes rested on Sanniang’s hand unconsciously.
Sensing this, Sanniang looked down at her hand, then lit the cigarette with a light smile, and then handed it to the man’s mouth.
After taking a deep breath, the man looked at Sanniang and nodded comfortably: “You are fine, but I still have to tell you that you will die.”
Sanniang shrugged after hearing this, “Every one of us will die. , You should answer my question now instead of reminding me of this.”
“Hey hey, you invaded Beifu at will, and you asked us why we arrested your people, what a joke!”
After saying this, the man took a deep breath After taking a breath, he looked down at his leg and saw wisps of redness oozing down the wound.
So after a grinning smile, she looked at Sanniang and continued: “Maybe I tell you that you won’t believe it, you are already a turtle in the urn.”
After a smile, Sanniang took out a scalpel and pierced the back of the man’s hand. on the table.
Seeing that the expression on his face was still unmoving, he laughed and said: “You are really good at concentration, but why do you say that we are turtles in the urn?”
“People in the beast camp will have a chip in their bodies, which records our identity. You can locate it on the one hand, do you know it now?”
“Damn it!”
Sanniang didn’t have the slightest suspicion when she heard this, and immediately asked someone to bring in a scanner, and then scanned the whole body of the man.
A small unknown object was found on his arm, and then Sanniang carefully cut his arm with a scalpel and took out a capsule!
During this period, the man was laughing loudly. When Sanniang took out the capsule from his arm, he smiled and said: “Do you think you can run away?” It was only for a moment that Sanniang even wanted to swallow the capsule alive. This guy!
“I won’t bother you to care if I can escape, but you must not be able to walk out of this warehouse alive, I wish you a better life, go to death!”
Said Sanniang’s scalpel suddenly cut across the man’s neck. The red liquid sprayed in the air, bringing a strange red on Sanniang’s face!
After finishing this matter, she took a towel and wiped her face, and then called one of her subordinates and said in a deep voice: “Arrange the transfer of the car immediately, all the irrelevant things are lost!” The subordinate nodded and turned to leave. , Suddenly people on the 30th and 40th in the entire warehouse are busy!
And while Sally was busy transferring, Ning Kun reported the matter to Sally in the first place!
After Sally located the chip in the body of each person in the animal camp, she found that team member was in the third warehouse of the Beifu Chengbei Industrial Zone!

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