I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 858

It was a big event for Sally to leave Beifu, but not many people knew about it, including Lin Yan.
Lin Yan was present on the day when the Shen family was shocked, so she saw a lot of things and also had some doubts about Jiang Hao.
In fact, if it weren’t for Sally, Lin Yan would treat Jiang Hao as if she were a stranger. She really didn’t know how to contact someone who had concealed her identity for so long.
After Jiang Hao considered that he was going to Hedong soon, he decided to go to Lin Yan and other humane individuals after all.
Lao Hei and Ning Kun naturally knew why this was. The two came to Jiang Hao’s room at the same time and watched him quietly pack things.
Ning Kun chuckled and walked forward and said in a deep voice , “Hedong is likely to encounter a lot of troubles in the past, have you considered it carefully?” Jiang Hao, who was packing his things, stopped when he heard this. , Immediately replied: “Don’t forget my identity, you don’t need to go, but I must go.”
As the last heir of the Shen family, Jiang Hao has the responsibility and reason to go to Beifu, because The Shen family in Beifu is there.
Only one Shen Tianyang was brought out by Shen Haoting’s death, followed by Shen Wennian and his gang from the Shen family in Beifu, but Jiang Hao knew that there must be more than these two in this matter.
It’s not easy to say it. Even the 13th department’s documents can’t find the truth about what happened back then. How can Jiang Hao judge that the Shen family in Hedong is not his enemy.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but laughed bitterly. For a while, he was thinking, could he live a good life as long as he let go of his hatred?
But when he was thinking like this, Shen Tianyang gave him a lesson on such thinking and told him what is reality.
After shook his head gently, Jiang Hao sat on the bed with some information that Sally had given him about the Shen family in Hedong.
He picked up the information and looked at Ning Kun with a smile: “Have you seen everything on this, do you have any ideas?”
Ning Kun shrugged when he heard this. He had compiled these materials for Sally, but he had never contacted people from the Shen family in Hedong. These were also sent by the Hedong branch.
At this time, Lao Hei put his hands on his chest and said: “The Shen family in Hedong is no better than the Shen family in Beifu, so I suggest you try to keep a low profile when you go there.”
After saying this, Lao He sighed and took out a bank card from his arms Throw it to Jiang Hao.
“This is about the profit of your Baihua Yulu Pills formula. Although the boss said that he won’t pay you any dividends, she actually saves it for you all the time.”
Jiang Hao curled his lips and put away the bank card on the bed. , And then put it in the bag.
He wasn’t worried about the problem with the money. After all, he had a lot of money that he could use now. The main problem was the Shen family in Hedong.
Ning Kun sneered when Jiang Hao didn’t care, and did not explain, but said in a deep voice, “I will go with you this time in Hedong, so I hope we can make three chapters.”
Jiang Hao chuckles. After two sounds, while packing up his clothes, he said, “Say it, I’ll listen.”
“The first is that you can’t act casually. I know you are good at being a martial artist, and you are a fourth-level martial artist. Soon after he was graded, he hadn’t stabilized at all.”
After saying this, Ning Kun looked at Jiang Hao deeply. The scene in the warehouse where Jiang Hao was unconscious was the best performance.
Although he now possesses Level 4 abilities, he still can’t control it well. If he uses it a little bit improperly, he may be backlashed!
There may be no problem once or twice, but if this continues for a long time, the meridians in Jiang Hao’s body simply can’t stand the tossing.
Because of this, Ning Kun put forward this point, otherwise, if Jiang Hao’s temper comes up and ignore it, he can’t stop it at all!
Jiang Hao might have guessed what Ning Kun meant, so he took a light look at Ning Kun and nodded in agreement. This is not a big deal to him.
“The second is about your identity. I will arrange all these things, and you must not interfere.”
Old Hei stood at the door and heard this. He glanced at Ning Kun a little strangely and said: “Isn’t the identity the boss already Are you ready for him? Why do you need to prepare another identity for him?”
Ning Kun glanced at Old Hei helplessly: “What do you know, the identity that the boss prepared for him simply cannot withstand the investigation, I At that time, he will choose a person from the Hedong branch as his identity background.”
After saying this, Ning Kun glanced at Jiang Hao. What he worried most was that Jiang Hao’s identity would be found out. In a place like Hedong, it would be too simple for the Shen family to let a person disappear!
So he decided to cheat, but he had to cheat within the acceptable range of the Shen family in Hedong, so that they would not dare to do anything to Jiang Hao because of fear.
Under such circumstances, the identity of the thirteen subjects has undoubtedly become the best choice. After all, the Shen family in Hedong is also inland, and they would not want to offend the thirteen subjects.
Jiang Hao looked up at Ning Kun and then faintly replied: “It doesn’t matter. In fact, I think it’s okay to expose my identity, so that people who are loyal to the Shen family can contact me.”
“But do you want However, the person who covets which Shangdian is behind you is not only one Shen Tianyang, but also many Shen Tianyang.”
After saying this, Ning Kun threw a folder in front of Jiang Hao.
Then continued to speak: “In fact, we only learned later that Shen Wennian had found out your true identity, but why didn’t he tell Shen Tianyang, I think you should be clear.”
Jiang Hao looked at the folder in front of him after a moment of silence. There was a wry smile on his face.
Shang Dian is of great significance to him, and to those from the Shen family, it also represents something completely different!
After taking a deep breath, Jiang Hao put everything in a bit tiredly, then got up and avoided Ning Kun and walked to the door with his back facing Old Hei.
“Let’s talk about Hedong later. Anyway, we have been going to Hedong for a long time, and we don’t care about the delay for a while.”
Jiang Hao left as soon as the voice fell, and Ning Kun looked at Jiang angrily behind him. Hao’s back shouted: “I’m doing this for you, do you know! Do you think I’m willing to be with you?”
Lao Hei looked at Jiang Hao’s back and shook his head, and said in a low tone, “Forget it. Well, he was under pressure during this period of time. Finally, the Shen family in Beifu collapsed, and he should relax.”
Ning Kun glanced at Jiang Hao’s back when he heard this. “If it wasn’t for him For the sake of my identity, I won’t stop here!”

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