I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 86

“You…” Wu Zuoren couldn’t help being furious, and pointed to Ye Yunjie. “What do you mean by you?”
Ye Yunjie smiled indifferently: “It’s meaningless, just telling you, did you provoke you? What should be provoked, and what shouldn’t be done!”
“Who are you not aiming at? Why are you aiming at him?” Ye Yunjie’s eyes tightened, and her tone seemed to be threatening, and said. “Do you know what playing with fire means to self- immolate ?” Ye Yunjie’s words, Wu Zuoren and the others who couldn’t help but froze for a moment, a little confused.
After all, they were dealing with Jiang Hao’s affairs, and suddenly someone came in from outside, speaking to them in this tone, which was unreasonable.
“Who are you? What do you mean?” Wu Zuoren didn’t take Ye Yunjie’s words seriously at all, and said loudly, “What happened to me dealing with him? I deal with students. When do you need people to take care of it ?” Ye Yunjie obviously did.
Angrily, he slapped the table fiercely , and scolded: “Deal with him? Why do you deal with him? I can tell you directly, if you don’t give me a reasonable explanation today, then don’t blame me for being impolite!” Ye Yunjie was stern. Looking at each other, in fact, she could have killed him with a single phone call, but this matter is ultimately related to Jiang Hao’s reputation, so Ye Yunjie still suppressed her heart and wanted to figure out what was going on.
Wu Zuoren also saw it when he went to the toilet at this time. Ye Yunjie guessed it was some relatives and friends of Jiang Hao who came to cheer.
But Jiang Hao’s poor conditions, are there any relatives who can have high-ranking officials?
Wu Zuoren laughed in his heart, saying that Ye Yunjie was pretending at best!
He sneered and said:” Okay, then I will tell you that the reason why we have to deal with and expel Jiang Hao is because he stole money, and the school is preparing to donate hearing aids to the deaf school! ”
Wu Zuoren narrowed his eyes and sneered: “I dare to steal this kind of money. I just want to know, this Jiang Hao, what else he can’t do?”
“Stealing money?” Ye Yunjie couldn’t help being a little surprised. ”
Five thousand yuan!” Director Liang on the side hurriedly got up and interrupted. “Furthermore, Jiang Hao even squandered the money wantonly. Look at the clothes on his body, they were bought with stolen charity!”
Director Liang finished speaking, and many teachers and leaders present pointed to Jiang Hao and whispered. Get up, eyes are full of contempt!
It’s just that the words passed into Ye Yunjie’s ears, and she chuckled.
“You said he stole money?” Ye Yunjie said silently, “And it’s still fifty thousand?”
Ye Yunjie felt that this is the biggest joke in the world. Jiang Hao is Shen Haoting’s son. He wants to spend money, even if he is desperate. Splurge, Shen Haoting’s family will not be spent a lifetime.
Now these people actually frame Jiang Hao as a thief? The thief who stole the charity donations, or these people are crazy.
Otherwise, they are deliberately targeting Jiang Hao.
But no matter what the reason, these people angered Ye Yunjie’s Ni Lin!
She followed Shen Haoting’s order to greet Jiang Hao in Chujiang, but she didn’t let them humiliate Jiang Hao for nothing!
Her complexion suddenly turned cold, and she looked at Wu Zuoren and everyone indifferently, and said coldly: “Anything else? Since you said that. I think you must have evidence? Show me the evidence.”
Ye Yunjie said in a tone. It looks very plain, but there is no lack of chill in the plain.
She just wanted to see what tricks these people hadn’t played!
“Evidence? Of course we have evidence!” Wu Zuoren hurriedly informed Director Liang.” Go and find the few people in the Love Club. Didn’t they personally take the Jiang Hao people and get it? Now you go call them and make it clear, don’t act as if we are wronging people! ”
Director Liang nodded hurriedly, and ran out.
But Wu Zuoren looked at Ye Yunjie more proudly at this time, and said with a smile: “Hehe, don’t you want evidence? I will give you evidence soon. We have several witnesses. I think you will still be able to. What are you talking about!”
Ye Yunjie nodded and looked at Jiang Hao. She also wanted to see what kind of evidence they were talking about!
In a short while. Director Liang turned back again, followed by four or five men and women behind him, including Xiao Qian, the ponytail girl and others.
“Principal Wu, I have already called.” Director Liang said humblely.
“Yeah. Well, Xiao Qian, there are people who don’t believe that Jiang Hao stole the public welfare fund of your society. You can prove it now. How did you catch Jiang Hao in the first place, and how did you get the money from others? ”
Xiao Qian is the leader of the student union of Chujiang University, and Wu Zuoren has a lot of contact with him, and he has a good impression of this person. So he naturally believed in Xiao Qian’s words!
After all, looking at students with excellent academic performance on the surface, how could they lie?
Xiao Qian nodded hurriedly, and said in a whisper, it was probably because Jiang Hao had stolen the money before and ran away. As a result, several of them stayed guard day and night in turn, and finally caught Jiang Hao.
“How about it. Do you believe it now? One person or two can lie, but this is something that many people in their entire community have experienced personally. I don’t believe you can quibble!” Wu Zuoren said triumphantly.
Perhaps the lie that Xiao Qian told was perfect, but such a story reached Ye Yunjie’s ears, and she didn’t notice anything except it felt ridiculous.
“Well, can I ask him a few more questions?” Ye Yunjie looked at Wu Zuoren and asked with a smile.
Wu Zuoren nodded with a righteous and confident expression: “Well, since you still don’t give up, just ask, I see how long you can quibble. Xiao Qian, what people ask, just answer directly.”
Xiao Qian nodded respectfully after hearing this. But I couldn’t help but feel a little more flustered.
“You…what do you want to ask?”
Ye Yunjie smiled contemptuously: “I just want to ask you, when did you catch Jiang Hao?” When
Ye Yunjie said this, Xiao Qian was stunned and his eyes rolled left and right. Transferred. Subconsciously scratched his head.
To be honest, before this morning, he and Jiang Hao hadn’t had two chances to contact Jiang Hao at all. How can this be said?
He couldn’t help but look at the others. But found that the others are also looking at each other.
Xiao Qian couldn’t help being a little upset, and gritted his teeth, casually said: “We caught him last night, it’s quiet in the middle of the night!” “What time?” Ye Yunjie said lightly.
“Uh…nine…no. It’s over ten o’clock, I…I can’t remember a bit!” Xiao Qian panicked.
Even his panic, even Wu Zuoren was a little confused.
Ye Yunjie smiled and asked: “Are you sure?”

Really … sure!” As soon as Xiao Qian’s voice fell, Ye Yunjie clapped his hands fiercely, and threw the two tickets over and smashed them directly on Xiao Qian’s face.
“You fart, this is Jiang Hao’s flight ticket from Haidu to Chujiang this morning. How did you catch him last night?” Ye Yunjie said angrily.
As soon as Ye Yunjie said this, the leaders of the schools couldn’t help in an uproar. Director Liang rushed over, picked up the ticket and looked at it, and couldn’t help shaking his head repeatedly.
The ticket is real, and even if it is a fake, you can check it with Civil Aviation.
“This…what the hell is going on, Xiao Qian?” Director Liang held the ticket and asked with a tangled expression, “You…”
At this time, the others also looked at Xiao Qian in amazement, wanting to see how he answered.
These people at this time couldn’t help but question a little.
“I…I remembered it wrong, I really remembered it wrong…” Xiao Qian shed cold sweat directly, defending, “Yes… this morning, he should have just returned to school, so he went directly to us The money was stolen there!”
Ye Yunjie’s face suddenly became gloomy again when she heard this, and then shouted to come in. Two young men in black suits, each carrying a box, walked in from outside.
“Haha, okay, then you show evidence?” Ye Yunjie sneered and asked, “Do you have evidence?”
Xiao Qian hurriedly pointed to the people behind him, but found that he was apart from these few people. , There is no other evidence at all.
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help but smiled: “Okay, very good, are you gone, right? I have!”

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