I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 87

After speaking, Ye Yunjie directly asked a young man to bring a laptop, and then pushed directly in front of the crowd.
“What…what are you doing?” Wu Zuoren wondered.
Ye Yunjie nodded to the young man, and the young man hurriedly started to operate, and then a surveillance video appeared on the computer screen.
Ye Yunjie smiled, but her smile was full of contempt and mockery.
“If you have no problem with your IQ, you should be able to see that this is a video from your school gate.” Ye Yunjie said, “This is shown on the screen. At 10:28 in the morning, Jiang Hao appeared on the screen. Inside, and ran into a girl in the dooryard, and then he took out a box from the hall!”
Everyone nodded when they saw the video, and continued to look down curiously.
Ye Yunjie continued: “Well, about a minute later, these two little girls and another girl appeared in the picture. Together they witnessed Jiang Hao opening the box, and then found that there were some bricks and tiles inside. Then the two girls pointed to Jiang Hao. Then they left!” The camera moved forward for a moment, and Ye Yunjie continued: “About a few minutes later, this Xiao Qian appeared in the video with a group of people. Then they took Jiang Hao away from here and took him directly to their club office! And it was not until you were in the school auditorium just now. Jiang Hao was taken out of the room when those things happened!”
Ye Yunjie sneered and looked at Xiao Qian , Questioned: “Then I would like to ask, Jiang Hao has been locked in the club office by you, and there are two people guarding the door. When did he steal your money? Is it possible that his theft, Or did you personally instruct it as the president?”
Xiao Qian’s face was pale when he was asked, and the school leaders suddenly realized that something was wrong, and their faces were very ugly.
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help but smiled, and turned her head to question the school leaders: “Haha, I am even more curious that as long as you school leaders, one of you go to the school security office to check the surveillance video, I wonder what the truth is. Isn’t it clear at a glance? Oh, ha ha, it turns out that your school’s leaders deal with things by relying on hearsay and misleading guesses? Ha ha, that’s really ridiculous… ”
Ye Yunjie’s irony, it’s simply It was as uncomfortable as a needle stick, and everyone present was extremely uncomfortable. But there is no alternative, because the fact is.
It’s that simple to find out the truth, but they were stunned that no one did it, but here, after hearing Xiao Qian’s side words, they finally arbitrarily classified Jiang Hao as a thief, and even expelled him from school!
Wu Zuoren glared at Xiao Qian fiercely, and he felt that his face was shameless because of him!
Naturally, Wu Zuoren knew very well that if this matter were spread outside, it would be even more powerful than the thief taught by Chujiang University, this kind of news headline!
And it also means that my career is probably over!
“Xiao Qian, how do you explain what happened today?” Wu Zuoren suddenly stood up and pointed to Xiao Qian and shouted angrily, “You must give me an explanation, a reasonable explanation, or you will wait for punishment!”
Xiao Qian When Wu Zuoren slapped the table on the table, he shivered all over his body in fright. He looked at Wu Zuoren sadly when he suddenly noticed. I was so naive before.
Originally, he thought that as long as he added fuel and jealousy today, this shit bowl would definitely be buckled on Jiang Hao’s head, but in any case, he couldn’t think of it, that Ye Yunjie was killed on the way!
Moreover, this woman seems to have come prepared, and even went directly to the guard to ask for video materials!
“Principal Wu, I…” Xiao Qian was speechless, panicking.
But at this moment, Ye Yunjie smiled again and continued: “It is estimated that at this stage of the field, you wine pouches and rice bags , should you still question the price? Don’t worry, I still have evidence here!” Ye Yunjie finished. Then, he gave a wink at the young man who was playing with the computer. The young man turned the screen interface again, and then a series of screenshots of WeChat chat appeared on the screen.
This screenshot is nothing else, it is the chat history between Jiang Hao and An Ning at the time, but it was picked off by Ye Yunjie at this time.
“Did you see? This is the little girl named An Ning who wants to entrust Jiang Hao to purchase hearing aids from Haidu, and the transfer of 30,000 yuan in the chat history. That is what you call the donation!”
Ye Yunjie then waved her hand, and another young man under her hurriedly put a suitcase on the conference table. As soon as the suitcase was opened, it contained a hundred hearing aids and lay in it.
“This is what Jiang Hao received before. It was originally packed!” Ye Yunjie said, “It’s just being repackaged. As for how to repackage, I will say later, I just want you to open your dog’s eyes now. Take a good look, you originally commissioned Jiang Hao to purchase only 30 ordinary hearing aids! And these?”
Ye Yunjie paused, drew an invoice from her handbag, and threw it directly in front of Wu Zuoren.
“These things are the best products currently available in China. The market price is more than 2,000 yuan. Hehe, for your 30,000 yuan, you can buy more than ten at best. On the contrary, it is Jiang Hao. He paid for it out of his own pocket and sold it all at once. A hundred!” As soon as Ye Yunjie finished speaking, the leaders and teachers of the dozens of schools present were shocked instantly.
Everyone looked at each other, and some even started talking in a low voice.
“Two thousand. One hundred, but it’s two hundred thousand. In other words, Jiang Hao paid 170,000 out of his pocket to buy these things?”
When Ye Yunjie heard this conversation, she couldn’t help but looked at the man mockingly, playing with it: “Hehe, did you see it? This is what you call a thief, what you do, please take a look at you school leaders again, may I ask that In the 30,000 yuan donation, is there a penny of yours?” Ye Yunjie’s words once again made many people bow their heads in embarrassment.
That’s true. Some of them are actually in charge of fundraising activities, but how many times did they donate funds themselves?
“Let such a group of hypocrites characterize a true benevolent person, a thief, you people, it’s really OK!” Ye Yunjie sarcastically said.
Ye Yunjie didn’t have a dirty word on her mouth. But every sentence is extremely vicious.
Of course she will punish these people for a while, but before she punishes them, she has to give back all the humiliation Jiang Hao suffered before, all the little things that have not been lost!
Why didn’t they do anything. Rather than distinguish black and white, right and wrong? But those who really do good things will be punished, expelled, or even taken away for investigation?
Was damaged by Ye Yunjie for so long. The leaders and teachers of the dozens of schools didn’t dare to say a word.
After all, the evidence is now clear, and it can be fully proved that Jiang Hao did not do this.
These people have done something wrong, and of course they dare not say a word!
“Excuse me. Now, do you think Jiang Hao is a thief?” Ye Yunjie asked finally.
Everyone was silent and hesitated for a long time before Wu Zuoren squeezed out an uncomfortable smile and stood up and said, “Ah, ha, this… this lady, I see, today’s things are all misunderstandings, all Misunderstanding, you see, today’s misunderstanding has been resolved, and we also believe that Jiang Hao did not do those things…”
Wu Zuoren paused, then continued:” Otherwise, you take away Jiang Hao first, and we will revoke his punishment. On the police side, we will also communicate with them so that they can thoroughly investigate this matter. What do you think? ”
This is perfunctory! Ye Yunjie is not invisible.
After talking for a long time, Wu Zuoren only said to revoke Jiang Hao’s punishment, but what about his due apology? Why didn’t you mention a word?
Ye Yunjie’s face suddenly turned cold, and she looked at Wu Zuoren with gloomy eyes, and questioned: “This is over?”
Wu Zuoren was taken aback: “Ah…Is there anything else?”
“Of course!” Ye Yunjie cut the line. You have to apologize to him, and kneel down!”

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