I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 866

Sally was pulled by his hair, a slight pain flashed across her face, but she still looked at the dead people seriously.
Just because she wanted to remember them, because Sally seldom talked to them, and even if they died silently, Sally didn’t say anything.
At least let them stay in their minds, at least let themselves remember what these people who died to protect themselves looked like.
When Zhao Tianzhong and Chen Shilong watched Sally sneerly, they looked at each other insignificantly, and the time was almost up.
Judging from the time they expected in advance, Sally’s support should be coming soon!
Sure enough, just when this idea emerged in Chen Shilong’s heart, more than 20 people were rushing over from a distance, and the first one was the old black they had played against!
Zhao Tianzhong quickly put a small camera on his chest when people were not paying attention, and when the old black and the others rushed over, he turned on the camera to face them!
“Oh, isn’t this Old Hei? The one next to him seems to be Jiang Hao, right? Our boss wants you too tight!”
Jiang Hao and Old Hei and Ning Kun sitting in the car monitoring the situation in the field, three People also noticed that Lin Yan was actually caught by Zhao Tianzhong!
Jiang Hao almost couldn’t help but want to rush forward. Fortunately, Old Hei hurriedly stopped, and then he frowned when he looked at Sally in Shen Wennian’s hand.
“What do you want, say it, if you can be satisfied, I will definitely satisfy you, please let the boss and the lady go!”
Zhao Tianzhong grabbed Lin Yan’s neck and lifted it up and looked around, looking at Lin Yan’s choking face There was an unnatural blush.
He grinned twice and then said: “I don’t want to let it go. She looks delicious, hahaha!”
Chen Shilong shrugged and waved his hand: “Old opponent, you don’t look like the first time we met, how come you suddenly become so courageous and courageous?”
After saying this, Chen Shilong was somewhat casual. After taking a look at Jiang Hao, he laughed and said, “You just said that you can meet all our requirements, right, then leave him to us, maybe you can get one of these two people back!”
Jiang Hao heard These words suddenly surged in blood, pointing at Zhao Tianzhong and cursing: “The bastard gave me Lin Yan, or I will break your bones every inch!”
Zhao Tianzhong looked at Jiang Hao anxiously. , The smile on his face deepened, and after a crazy laugh, he pinched Lin Yan’s neck and slammed it twice.
“Be more desperate, maybe I’ll follow you, hahaha, you look really helpless now!”
Shen Wennian felt a little uncomfortable since the old black brought people here. What he originally wanted was just When Sally was robbed, he left here immediately, and then found a place to interrogate slowly before trying to find a way.
But when he saw Sally, he forgot the time without knowing it, and just wanted to humiliate her and let her experience how she felt that day!
As a result, such a delay allowed Sally’s subordinates to seize the opportunity. Now the two sides are facing each other here. The longer the time, the more disadvantaged he is!
Thinking of this, Shen Wennian pinched Sally’s neck and looked at Lao Hei and said; “Let’s make a deal, two for two, you bring my son and Jin Shengwu over, I let Sally and Lin Yan, what’s up? !” After Jiang Hao heard this, he was about to say yes, and the old black hit Jiang Hao on the neck with a fierce move.
Before Jiang Hao asked a question, he whispered in Jiang Hao’s ear: “Don’t promise, we can’t find his son now, let alone them. As for Jin Shengwu already dead from his injuries, it is estimated that there is no ash now. One point!”
Hearing these two sentences, Jiang Hao looked at the old black in amazement, unexpectedly that things would turn out to be like this.
After the old black raised his hands and took a deep breath walked up watching Shen Wen in opening: “? You want your son is no problem, but we did not find him, how can we give How about you”
finish After talking, he turned his head to look at Chen Shilong and Zhao Tianzhong and smiled: “As for you, Brother Jin Shengwu is still in the hospital with serious injuries. How can we pick you up?” Chen Shilong and Zhao Tianzhong looked at each other. , They all saw a trace of worry in the eyes of the other party, thinking that Old Hei’s words were a little watery.
Among them, Zhao Tianzhong and Jin Shengwu have the deepest relationship. The two have been partners with each other for more than ten years, even longer than Chen Shilong!
Listening to the words of Old Hei at this moment, Zhao Tianzhong obviously smelled a bad smell from inside!
Cruel by nature, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Lin Yan’s arm, and looked at the old black viciously, “Are you going to play, right? Are you going to play with me, right, okay! I will play with you slowly today!”
As Zhao Tianzhong’s voice fell, a sad scream and a roar filled the sky with a desperate “no”.
Jiang Hao watched as Zhao Tianzhong broke Lin Yan’s arm, and he laughed happily as he watched Jiang Hao’s desolate look.
“Aren’t you going to play, okay, continue to play, I will accompany you to play slowly, and return my brother to me!”
Chen Shilong also put away the smirk on his face at this time, looking sullenly at the old black and silent After a while, he licked the corner of his mouth.
“I can give you three minutes, let me see my brother, otherwise, after three minutes, her other arm will probably have the same experience.”
Old Hei looked at Lin Yan, who had passed out in shock. Lin Yan at this moment looked like a delicate butterfly, but it was a butterfly with half of its wings torn apart.
Ning Kun was already sitting in the car with tears of dissatisfaction on his face, and a corner of his mouth muttered to everyone, “This group of beasts! This group of beasts!”
Sally, who was caught in Shen Wennian’s hand, looked at Lin Yan who was in a coma, and suddenly laughed in a low voice, slowly becoming louder and louder.
For some reason, Sally, who was supposed to be just an ordinary person, with the release of laughter, even made Shen Wennian feel a little uneasy.
He immediately slammed Sally’s head with his hand and said angrily: “No laugh! No laugh! I said you laugh, you stinky woman!”
Old Hei watched Lin Yan lose an arm, and Sally was also caught by Shen Wennian. I beat my head with my hand once, and my heart was so painful that I couldn’t breathe!
At this moment, everyone in the audience suddenly felt something was wrong!
They unconsciously shifted their gaze to Jiang Hao’s body, because they didn’t know why, Jiang Hao’s whole body slowly rose into the air as if he had escaped gravity.
At the same time, they all noticed that a powerful force was running fast inside Jiang Hao!
“Do you like pain, then feel the pain.”

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