I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 868

Ning Kun smiled compassionately, then raised the spear in his hand and pointed at Chen Shilong. A shot was fired, and Chen Shilong’s arms flew up.
He grinned slyly as he watched Chen Shilong’s pain, and said with a smile: “This is to avenge Miss Lin!”
Lao Hei rushed up with the long knife in his hand, lay down and swept, wherever the blade’s cold light passed, Chen Shilong doubled Once the legs are cold, they will never feel their legs anymore!
Lao Hei gritted his teeth while watching him fall to the ground and grinned: “This is to avenge the young lady, we are the two.”
After saying this, he turned around and returned to Ning Kun holding the somewhat confused Sally. In the car, no matter what happened here, Sally had to hold on.
At this moment Chu Jiang was still waiting for her as the new team leader, and Sally didn’t even have time to feel sad.
Jiang Hao faintly looked at Chen Shilong, who looked at him with a look of fear, and a milky white light gradually condensed on his arm.
“Do you like this pain? I will let you experience it slowly!” As soon as the voice fell, Jiang Hao waved his hand, and Chen Shilong’s last arm was cut to the ground, and he was finally dizzy with happiness. Past.
Looking at the messy scene, Ning Kun slowly lighted himself a cigarette, then stood beside Jiang Hao, and brought the cigarette to his mouth, but was surprised to find that Jiang Hao was just standing so dizzy. past.
Lao Hei glanced at Ning Kun and then at Jiang Hao with a helpless sigh: “Why are you still in a daze? Hurry up and call someone to clean up the scene, and also tidy up the car and go back first!”
Ning Kun listened. Then he nodded quickly, helped Lao Hei stand up from the ground, then picked up Sally and returned to the car.
Twenty beast guards also hurriedly started to clean up the scene. They collected all the urns of the twenty beast guards who had been sacrificed before, and moved the bodies of the brothers who had just sacrificed into the car.
Fortunately, they drove several cars when they came out, otherwise so many might not fit!
At the same time that such a big incident happened on the Beifu side, Shen Tianyang, who had received the news from Chujiang, also knew about these things.
Hearing that Chen Shilong, Zhao Tianzhong and Shen Wennian were all tragically killed by Jiang Hao, his expression became a little heavier.
Although there is a certain difference in strength between the third-level warrior and the fourth-level warrior, this kind of crushing effect is definitely not achieved!
Thinking of this, Shen Tianyang stood in front of the window with his hands on his back and looked outside quietly, thinking of the strength of the Shen family back then!
“That day, afraid to change, ah, I did not think he was still a Fanghuguishan do stupid things, evidently the little bastard has to climb up!”
At this moment, Father Lin Jialin North House also hurriedly packed his things, is On the way to Tianzhu Villa.
He later heard about Lin Yan going to the airport from his subordinates, saying that Lin Yan was going to travel and relax, and think about his own affairs by the way.
At first, Mr. Lin didn’t take this matter to heart, but when he heard about what happened on the airport road, Mr. Lin was completely stupid!
When he dialed Jiang Hao’s number again, the message was that he had been turned off and no one answered him. Only then did Old Man Lin realize that something was wrong!
After leaving the house in a hurry, he found that many rich family members were on the way to Tianzhu Villa at this time, and even the old man Chen Jingdao was also following the road.
The Xue family and Xue Chongli’s car were also among them. Looking at these people, Old Man Lin felt even worse.
When they arrived at Tianzhu Villa, Ning Kun at the door was picking up people in a decent suit.
Just after Chen Jingdao and Xue Chongli had both entered, Old Man Lin walked up and looked at Ning Kun and asked, “Your boss, are you at home at this moment?”
Ning Kun looked at the expression on Old Man Lin’s face, thinking that Lin Yan had lost an arm. , He immediately spoke unnaturally on his face: “Don’t worry, our boss is here, but we have to wait for a while. You can go in and sit for a while.”
In this way, after Elder Lin followed in dazedly, he found that there were really many people gathered here.
After seeing Old Man Lin coming, Chen Jingdao took the initiative to step forward and stretched out his hand to pat his shoulder and said: “Old Man Lin, you are here too, how about it? No one is wrong at home, right?”
Hearing this, Lin The old man panicked and looked at Chen Jingdao and said with some anxiety: “I don’t know, Yan’er said today that she is going to travel. On the way to the airport, I don’t know if she encountered this.”
Sitting aside When Xue Chongli heard this, he was silent for a moment, and then walked forward and stood beside Old Man Lin and said, “Don’t worry, I have seen the child of Yan’er. Ji Ren has a natural state, and she will do nothing. ”
Listening to the comfort of the two, Old Man Lin sighed and nodded, “I hope so, I hope nothing will happen.”
Many people know that what happened on the airport highway is not only about Sally. There is even Shen Wennian among them.
Many people present basically had some holidays with Shen Wennian, and Chen Jingdao was among the best.
Although they are not worried about retaliation from Shen Wennian, these small households are worried about being hit by Shen Wennian, and they all gathered here at Tianzhu Villa, hoping that Sally can give them an answer.
Who knew that Sally had avoided seeing her after coming over, and she didn’t know what happened.
At this time, Lao Hei was standing in the corridor smoking a little anxiously. Although these people in the room are nothing but one or two people, the meaning of so many people gathered together is completely different.
Such a scene was completely beyond his control, and Sally seemed to have not recovered from her senses, sitting in the room silently.
Finally after a while, Ning Kun walked into Sally’s room a little anxiously, looked at her and said solemnly: “Boss, people with a little identity in Beifu are here, what should you do, you go out to meet them? ”
Sally didn’t know what Ning Kun said, still looking down at her hand.
At this moment, Sally seemed to be able to see the dots of blood from her hands, both her own and Lin Yan’s.
It’s not that she didn’t hear Ning Kun’s words, nor did she know the importance of things, but Sally at this moment really didn’t want to talk to anyone!
Seeing that Ning Kun hadn’t asked Sally for a long time, Old Hei walked in anxiously and looked at Sally who was sitting on the bed. He said solemnly, “Boss, you should wake up a bit. They are not the ones who can just send them out. ”
After saying this, Old Hei sighed deeply.
‘What happened on the airport expressway affected not only them, but even many people within us were affected. Thirty beast guards died before and after Beifu alone, and the headquarters was also calling to ask what happened. ! “

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