I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 869

After Sally lowered her head and listened to the words of Lao Hei in silence, a wave of fluctuations flashed in her eyes.
After a sigh, Sally slowly said, “Has the headquarters of Beifu send someone to ask?”
Ning Kun and Lao Hei looked at each other and saw surprises in each other’s eyes. Then Lao He was depressed. Excited, she said, ”
I have already started asking questions the first time I called, but I never asked the second time.” After hearing these words, Sally sneered: “In this case, it looks like The headquarters should have launched an investigation into this matter, and the rest of the matter has nothing to do with us.”
Sally knew that such a big incident had happened in the Beifu, and she was the person in charge of the Beifu branch. Go to the road to kill!
If the headquarters does not investigate this matter, I am afraid that people in other branches will not sit idly by, so Shen Tianyang will definitely catch fire this time!
It is estimated that he probably never expected that his two third-level martial artists would fall here with Shen Wennian, right?
After taking two deep breaths, Sally raised her head and looked at Ning Kun coldly and said, “How is Miss Lin’s injury now? Grandpa is sitting outside. I need you to face him. Courage.” After a moment of silence, Ning Kun shook his head and said: “Miss Lin’s arm is lacerated. Our staff at the North House can’t handle it for the time being, so she is still in a coma.”
Sally’s eyes dimmed. Leng directly cursed: “Trash! Lin Yan is just an ordinary person. How can you tell me to explain to her grandpa?”
Seeing this, Lao Hei quickly coughed and said, “Don’t forget. Isn’t Jiang Hao a doctor? I believe he will have a way?”
Sally’s mood suddenly became a little complicated when it came to Jiang Hao.
Originally, I had planned to calm down with Jiang Hao for a while and think about the relationship between each other.
However, the arrival of Chen Shilong and Zhao Tianzhong and others made this matter a little more complicated, and Lin Yan was even involved.
Sally never dreamed that Lin Yan would stand up desperately when she saw that she was threatened.
On the one hand, it was her feelings for Jiang Hao, and on the other hand, facing Lin Yan’s guilt, Sally lowered her head to meditate for a moment and then sighed softly: “What is Jiang Hao’s status now?”
“Zhen Qi is overdrawn, now He was in a coma. In fact, not long after the warehouse incident, he was so overdrawn this time. I am afraid that the meridians in his body have already been seriously damaged!”
After saying this, Lao Hei continued with some worry: “It looks like this For a while, it’s best not to let Jiang Hao take action, otherwise the consequences will be hard to predict if this continues.”
Ning Kun stood aside and nodded after hearing this. Sally stood up for a moment in thought and said coldly: “Even so. If you don’t want him to continue to do it, then Shen Tianyang needs to be a little sensible. Let’s go, and go out to meet them.”
After saying this, Sally took Lao Hei and Ning Kun out of the room and came to the hall. Many people involuntarily cast their eyes to Sally.
Among them, Old Man Lin and Chen Jingdao had the most blazing eyes, but at any rate, everyone still had some sense of measure and didn’t panic.
After Sally sat down, the Xue family Xue Chongli first saluted Sally and then solemnly said: “I, Xue Chongli, pledged my life here. This matter has absolutely nothing to do with our Xue family!”
Chen Jingdao was cold. After taking a look at Xue Chongli, Chen Jingdao hadn’t used the Xue family for a long time because of the marriage between the Xue family and the Shen family.
Xue Chongli knew that Chen Jingdao was unhappy with him, but he still endured it. After all, his position was a bit embarrassing in such a sensitive period.
Sally looked at Xue Chongli and nodded slightly, and then said: “I know that this incident has nothing to do with your Xue family. I believe everyone here now knows who I am, right?”
Maybe someone was not clear before, but when looking at the beast guards under Sally, they all had an answer in each other’s hearts.
Sally watched everyone fell into silence, so she spoke softly: “Since everyone knows who I am, then I want to tell you that Beifu is our Beifu, not the Beifu of his overseas Shen family, understand?”
Xue Chongli After hearing this, she nodded silently, knowing why Sally wanted to attack the Shen family in Beifu.
When Chen Jingdao heard this, he also smiled and said: “Of course, I understand what Miss Sally means, but he is not easy to provoke Shen Tianyang. This time the incident is estimated to have a great impact.” The reason for this, Chen Jingdao actually The Four Elements still had a thought, and wanted to see if Sally was willing to protect them.
If Sally is willing to protect them, she will give everyone a charter next, so that he doesn’t have to worry that Shen Tianyang will retaliate against his Xincheng Group.
And Sally glanced at Chen Jingdao faintly, and shook her head after a moment of silence: “I will suppress the impact of this incident.
Everyone will try to keep a low profile during this time. I will go to Chujiang immediately next.” Everyone knows now. Chu Jiang is just like Shen Tianyang’s place, Sally still said that she was going to Chu Jiang under such circumstances, making everyone present can’t help but be stunned.
When Chen Jingdao heard this, he even put away the faint dissatisfaction in his heart. After all, Sally had already achieved this level, so what could he say.
And the old man Lin looked at Sally with a little worry at the moment: “My Lin family has been in Beifu for more than two hundred years. I am not worried about their Shen family, but my granddaughter is on the scene today. I don’t know Sally. Miss, did you see it?”
Only God knows how nervous Old Man Lin looked at Sally when he asked this.
Lin Nan and his son were ineffective, and there was no one in the Lin family branch that could make him attractive.
The huge family business was all weighed on Lin Yan alone, and if something unexpected happened to her at this moment, Old Man Lin would really lose his heart to live!
Sally looked at the trembling look of Old Man Lin, was silent for a long time and suddenly bowed to him!
“Miss Lin lost an arm in order to save me. Now I am in a coma, and my person is being treated!”
Sally also thought of concealing the news of Lin Yan’s serious injury. After all, Father Lin was so old and suddenly heard This thing may not be able to bear it!
But looking at Elder Lin’s hopeful eyes, she finally chose to tell the truth.
Suddenly, Mr. Lin’s eyes widened when he heard the news, and he almost couldn’t get up!
Thanks to Chen Jingdao hurriedly supporting Old Man Lin, and then after helping him with two breaths, he slowed down!

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