I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 873

At this moment, in a magnificent villa in Shen’s house in Hedong, a middle-aged man with a face of Chinese characters and a height of about 1.85 meters was looking down at the documents in his hand.
The document was sent by Shen Tianyang, and the sender was waiting outside quietly at this time.
While reading the letter, the man pondered something carefully, when suddenly a young man with a slightly feminine face walked into the room.
He looked at the man with a cold snort of disdain, and then said: “Big brother, this matter is just that Shen Tianyang wants to pull us out to be guns, just ignore it.”
The young man who spoke was one of the three masters of the Shen family in Hedong. One is Shen Sihai, and the man sitting at the desk is Shen Sihai’s eldest brother, Shen Feng!
Listening to his brother’s words, Shen Sihai actually had the same idea in his heart, thinking that Shen Tianyang was just pulling himself out as a gun.
When the Sect of the Shen family was still there, their Shen family in the east of the river had a lot of power, and Shen Tianyang seemed to be deeply moved by him.
Thinking of this, Shen Feng rubbed his eyebrows with a headache and said helplessly: “No matter what, he Shen Tianyang is also a member of our 36th family. If we let it go, wouldn’t it be possible for outsiders to read the joke?”
Shen Sihai After sitting on the chair with a cold snort, he replied: “It’s fine for others to look at the jokes, but if Shen Tianyang was one of the murderers, I would laugh at myself.” I am ashamed to say that they are branches of the Shen family. Until so many years, I haven’t figured out what happened that year. I only know that the Shen family suddenly disappeared overnight.
Nothing was left, not even a letter, not even one of the 36 families knew the reason.
Shen Sihai believed that such a weird thing happened to others, after all, they were not as strong as their own.
But if it happened to the Shen family’s sect, it would feel weird no matter how you look at it.
Because of this, many people wanted to get in touch with them for so many years, but after so many years, their Hedong Shen family refused one by one.
This time looking at the hands of Shen Tian Yang for help letters, Shen Feng somewhat sad to see for myself the open road to heavy seas after his brother cigarette:. “You over there now investigate how well I always feel that Shen Tianyang some problems”
year In order to prevent everyone from getting along for a long time, there will be some stumbling and stumbling places in the Shen family.
On the one hand, it is to prevent everyone from fighting each other, and on the other hand, it is to expand outward with the Shen family as the core.
But who would have thought that after the Shen family’s sect was destroyed officially because of such an arrangement, they didn’t even know to go for support!
As a result, Shen Tianhao, the Patriarch of the Shen Family in Hedong, almost passed away from illness, so the Patriarch of the Shen Family in Hedong had passed it over to Shen Feng a long time ago.
At this time, Shen Sihai watched his elder brother shook his head slightly, and then said: “There is no investigation yet. I am afraid that they may have noticed it, so they will hide those news.”
Shen Feng said after hearing the interface: “No matter what. In this way, no matter what, I must find the bloodline left behind by the Shen clan family back then!” The reason why Shen Feng is so obsessed with the bloodline of the Shen clan family is to fulfill his father’s wish and want to see Shen again. Home rise!
At this time, the 36 families of the Shen family were fighting each other, and everyone had suffered a lot over the years. The more important reason was that this matter was like a stone, which was always pressed in Shen Tianhao’s heart.
And Shen Feng did this to fulfill a dream of his father.
For this matter, Shen Sihai also often ran around, spending only a handful of time at home a year, and he has experienced life and death dozens of times!
At the beginning, Shen Feng felt a little distressed about his younger brother, so he asked him to do these things, but Shen Sihai refused.
In his words, the bright and strong appearance of the Shen family in Hedong must have, because that is the responsibility that Shen Feng, as the son of the Shen family, must bear.
It’s up to him to take care of other things for people. Originally, Shen Sihai would not have been reduced to this. Unfortunately, after the news of the destruction of the Shen family’s clan came out, many people who had previously depended on them began to flee, for fear of being involved. In one thing!
After all, they are just a group of people who come to work, not the kind of people who can sell themselves without blinking anytime and anywhere!
After the two brothers sat in the room silent for a while, perhaps in a cautious state of mind, Shen Feng still refused Shen Tianyang’s help.
After replying an email to Shen Tianyang, he said calmly: “You go out to see the person who delivered the letter and see if he has anything else with him. If not, let the other person go back.”
Shen Sihai heard this. He nodded slightly. When he walked to the door, he didn’t know what he had remembered. He turned and turned back to look at Shen Feng and said, “I have heard people say before that there seems to be a person named Shenyang in Beifu, do you want me to go? Look it up?”
Shen Feng chuckled twice when he heard this, then shook his head and said: “No, if it is really from our Shen family, the other party will definitely find a way to get in touch with me, if not, you go. It’s also embarrassing
, let’s forget it.” After hearing this, Shen Sihai shrugged and left the office. They didn’t know that it was because of Shen Feng’s words that they directly staggered their identities with Jiang Hao until it was very long. After a while, they met before they understood.
On the other side, Shen Tianyang was sitting at the computer desk watching and pressing the documents. What made him most uncomfortable was the report on the battle of the Shen family in Hedong.
On the one hand, the Shen family in Hedong would not be short of funds, and on the other hand, there would be no shortage of personnel, but when he was besieged by the 13th branch.
Regardless of their sincerity, the Shen family in Hedong has always been indifferent to answering their own questions. This makes Shen Tianyang, who has always been beautiful, deeply ashamed!
Compared to this incident, what made Shen Tianyang more headaches was that at this time, an uninvited guest was on his way.
The person who came was very troublesome, because the other party was the person in charge of the second division of the thirteen subjects, Feng Tianci!
Feng Tianci himself was a third-level martial artist, Shen Tianyang did not take him seriously, but the power represented behind him made Shen Tianyang have to be careful.
No matter how good he was overseas before, when he comes back here, all the rules of the game must abide by other people’s playing methods, or the other party will get out of the game!
Feng Tianci sat facing Shen Tianyang at this time, and the two had looked at each other without speaking for nearly half an hour.

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