I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 877

Ning Kun smiled at Jiang Hao’s surprised expression, then pointed to the back of Lao Mao and said, “Why do you think he can control the route to Hedong like the Xue family?”
After that, Ning Kun’s The expression on his face looked strange.
“To tell you the truth, the city in Hedong is not like our Beifu. You know this. The crime rate there has always been high. To be more thorough, it is a sinful city.”
Regarding this matter, Jiang Hao still knows, because this is what the old black told him before.
At this moment, I heard Ning Kun mention it again, so he started to speak with some curiosity: “If this is the case, why have you never governed Hedong?”
Looking at the puzzled look on Jiang Hao’s face, Ning Kun couldn’t help but smile a little with self-deprecation .
“Even if we want to govern that city, they have to be willing to do it. The key is that they are used to that kind of life.” It may be ridiculous to say that many people have lived in prison for decades. If he was suddenly free, he would feel a little uncomfortable.
Even if he releases the other party, he will find a way to go back, thinking that it is his home.
He Dong is such a city. The people in that city have become accustomed to that kind of life. If one day really gets better, they will question whether something worse will happen!
This may be regarded as a kind of sadness, after experiencing worse things, they will no longer think about the future.
Thinking of this, Ning Kun gently shook his head and said, “Perhaps because that city is hopeless. Fortunately, there is the Shen family in Hedong. They are the only local arbitration.”
Jiang Hao had been in Sally before . I learned some things about the Shen family in Hedong from the information given to him. From the information above, it seems that the Shen family in Hedong is a local arbitration institution.
No matter what happened, they would allocate a dedicated staff to resolve disputes for some people.
I remember that when Jiang Hao saw this place, he said with a smile that the Shen clan was to better control Hedong, but he did not expect that his subordinates would become the arbitration of Hedong!
Thinking of it at this moment, Jiang Hao smiled and said: “Perhaps this is a mistake, it’s a good thing.”
Ning Kun nodded and agreed. If there is no Shen family, He Dong might be able to. Even more erosive, even whether it can continue to exist is a problem!
While the two were meditating, Lao Mao walked over with two small notebooks in his hand, and then handed one to Jiang Hao and Ning Kun.
Ning Kun looked at the old hat and smiled and then said: “To be honest, you should wear a blindfold, otherwise people in your car will probably consider whether to jump.”
This is not a joke, nor is it humorous. , But Lao Mao looked at Ning Kun but nodded with a smile, somehow not sure what he was thinking.
Jiang Hao glanced at Ning Kun with a weird look, and when the old hat returned to the driver’s seat to start the truck, he said, “I don’t think it is a good thing to laugh at someone’s disability.”
Ning Kun was stunned when he heard this. After a while, he burst into laughter, pointing to Jiang Hao and laughing a little breathless.
“Hahaha, you, is your kid pitying him? I tell you, if he knows about it, you won’t even want to ride this car anymore!”
Looking at Jiang Hao looking a little confused, Ning Kun casually After lighting a cigarette, he took a deep breath.
“Which eye of the old hat was actually dug out by him. To talk about this, it would be a little far away.”
Jiang Hao looked at Ning Kun’s complex expression, and said curiously: “Anyway, now It’s okay, just tell me.”
Hearing this, Ning Kun nodded after hesitating for a moment, and slowly began to speak with the melody of the bumpy truck.
“It was about three years ago. At that time, I was still in school and didn’t come out. The place where the internship was arranged was in Hedong. I told you about this. You should know about it.”
Seeing Jiang Hao point to himself Nodded, Ning Kun spit out a mouthful of green smoke and continued: “Old Hat has been running on this line for more than ten years at that time, that is, the time he sent me to Hedong, his eyes were blind.”
Jiang Hao Hearing this, he said with some curiosity: “Why are his eyes blind?”
“Because I saw things I shouldn’t see and met people I shouldn’t meet, that’s a famous tiger in Hedong, named Yu Shao. Bai is the young proprietor of the Hedong Qinghe Club.”
Jiang Hao had been in Chujiang before and was not very aware of the Qinghe Club, but as long as he walked in the direction of Hedong, no one would not know the Qinghe Club.
They have been established for more than 30 years, and there are about 20,000 people under their help. They can be said to cover the sky with one hand in Hedong.
When Lao Mao sent Ning Kun to Hedong that time, he accidentally ran into Yu Shaobai, the young master of Qinghehui at the time, but because he didn’t recognize him.
Yu Shaobai said at the time that since these eyes can’t see people, what’s the use of keeping them.
After hearing this, the old hat was also a ruthless person. He put his hand on his eye socket and buckled it out, and then held his hands in front of Yu Shaobai.
Originally, Yu Shaobai wanted Ning Kun’s pair of tricks, but the old hat still gritted his teeth and pleaded, saying that Ning Kun was not a person in their circle, and that it was the first time he came to Hedong, which was able to save.
Although one eye is missing, after this incident, everyone on the road in Hedong will give Lao Mao a bit of face.
Because Yu Shaobai once said when he left, since the old hat gave him a gift, then he has to take care of it.
Although it seems that Yu Shaobai is sensible in the world, in fact, it is just a stick and carrot gameplay!
After saying these things, Ning Kun turned his head and looked at Jiang Hao and smiled: “If you stay in Hedong, others don’t need to know it, but this Yu Shaobai and Qinghe Club must remember, otherwise it will cause trouble. , I can’t keep it.”
Jiang Hao said with an angry expression on his face here: “Didn’t the Thirteen Branch also have a branch in Hedong? Could it be that the other party is so arrogant!”
Ning Kun looked at Jiang Hao coldly At a glance, Hedong’s situation is complicated, and there are some things they can’t find reason even if they want to interfere.
And the people there have a common problem, that is xenophobia, extreme xenophobia, which is why Lao Mao had to take them to the black street before sending them to Hedong.
This is to give them a special ID card similar to Hedong, as long as others look at it, they will know that they are Hedong people!
Although such a place is like a garbage cemetery, for some people, it can be regarded as a paradise of dreams!

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