I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 878

In Hedong, as long as you have the strength, you can try it no matter where you are.
They don’t care about what you have experienced before, and they don’t care who you are. They only care if you have the strength to make everyone rich!
Hedong has an independent economic system, and they are more often like the ancient times long ago, paying attention to the exchange of goods.
They will only use money when facing outside business, but this does not mean that Hedong is a barren place.
It’s a bit funny to say, although that city has been corrupted hopelessly, the funds flowing out of it every year are definitely not much less than any other city!
While this surprised many people, it also attracted the attention of some upper class people, who looked at Hedong as if they were looking at a place of dreams!
Perhaps because of this, there are more people going to Hedong to explore, and Hedong people will gradually become a little xenophobic.
Thinking of this, Ning Kun took a deep breath and looked at Jiang Hao and said, “You actually only have one purpose when you go to Hedong this time, and that is to contact the Shen family in Hedong and investigate their intentions.”
Jiang Hao nodded. Then he said in a deep voice: “I understand, but before that, I would like to meet this Qinghe meeting, including that Yu Shaobai.”
“I won’t worry about others, but if you want to meet Yu Shaobai Once you touch it, then I advise you to put this idea out. The other party is not someone you can afford now.”
Even though he said that, looking at Jiang Hao’s injury seemed to be about the same, so it was bad. He smiled and said: “Why don’t you pretend to be my bodyguard, so Yu Shaobai might come into contact with us.”
Ning Kun is really right about this, no matter how rich or powerful it is. There are a few who can attract martial artists to the fourth level.
The first- and second-tier martial artists are the least valuable, because although their level is extremely difficult to get started, with a little training, the opponent can be comparable to the second-tier people!
And the third-level martial artist is like a watershed. If you are short of money, you can spend a little bit with Yu Shaobai. He will not come to you when he is fine.
Since you have to be taken care of by the other party on time, you will not say a word when Yu Shaobai hopes!
It’s like a tenant. The landlord will waive your rent. It was equal at that time. You must stand up when he needs it.
Not knowing what happened, Ning Kun suddenly got up from the car and frowned thoughtfully at the way they came.
When Jiang Hao saw this, he started a little strangely and said: “What’s the matter, did you forget something and didn’t take it?”
Ning Kun nodded hurriedly when he heard this and said solemnly, “I have a box with us for the beast guard. The kind of armor we wear is the best protective tool in our hands!
Jiang Hao took out a box under him, then threw it to Ning Kun, closed his eyes and said in a deep voice: “You think I’m as stupid as you are. Yes, how could I forget to take such an important thing! ”
Just after saying this, Jiang Hao looked at Ning Kun and couldn’t help falling into silence.
Not to mention whether the Hedong Shen family would be on their side, just relying on the way they came, Hedong is not a good piece. A good place.
Even a person like Ning Kun who has been lurking in the thirteen subjects for such a long time is worried that he will be slaughtered, so he carries such a strong defensive armor with him.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao will do this OK, a worrisome thought arose in his heart.
Just when Jiang Hao was about to leave for Hedong, at this time in Chujiang City, Sally was sitting quietly in front of Shen Tianyang.
Although the two had only met for the first time, But they all know that, in private, I don’t know how many hands I have had with each other!
What’s interesting is that neither Sally nor Shen Tianyang put each other in their eyes.
For Sally, Shen Tianyang only relied on his brain, so you never found her place.
But at this time, looking at the woman sitting in front of him who was smiling but not smiling, Shen Tianyang sneered twice and then said: “Your uncle just left the other day, but I didn’t expect you to come again. It looks like you are bullying! ”
Sally looked at Shen Tianyang and smiled weirdly, then stretched out her hand to play with the pen in her hand and said absent-mindedly: “No, no, no, I’m just here to say hello to you.” After saying this, Sally looked in her eyes. Very aggressive looking at Shen Tianyang.
“Maybe my uncle told you that day, as long as I appear in Chujiang, it means that the two of us are officially fighting.”
Seeing Shen Tianyang’s calm and calm face, Sally gave a secret compliment and laughed. “If the uncle did not tell you anything, then I will let you know now.”
While Sally was looking at Shen Tianyang, Shen Tianyang was also looking at Sally.
The two sides are like two beasts locked in cages. Both are already feeling hungry and thirsty for each other and desperately need something to fill their stomachs.
For Shen Tianyang, if he could swallow Sally in one bite, the benefits would be amazing!
But considering Sally’s identity, Shen Tianyang is a little jealous. God knows if those lunatics who have been thinking about saving the world will turn their faces on this matter!
After all, it was not that they had never done such a thing before, and even the retaliatory action against him some time ago made Shen Tianyang somewhat overwhelmed!
Thinking of this, Shen Tianyang closed his eyes and meditated for a moment, then looked at Sally and smiled: “Well then, let’s stop chatting, or talk about business.”
Having said that, he lit a cigar for himself, and then Seeing Sally grinned and said, “Let’s talk about your uncle first, and run over to declare war with me without knowing anything. I am very distressed about this matter!”
No matter how famous Chen Shilong and Zhao Tianzhong were before Shen Tianyang, Shen Tianyang must deny that he has two such men.
Otherwise, Sally will be given a reason for the war, and they don’t even have the most basic preparations!
Looking at Shen Tianyang’s office, Sally started to persuade her with some helplessness: “You should think about it. After all, this is Chu River, and it’s still inland. You can’t beat us.”
Sally said at this moment . Words are more like a provocation to Shen Tianyang than advice or persuasion!
He looked at Sally was silent for a long while before they recovered, then laughed opening: “?? Girl, you really know what I want to say, or do you think I see you so your house,”
said After this, Shen Tianyang got up and faced the window, quietly looking at the tall buildings outside.
“I said a word many years ago. Sooner or later, the Shen family sect will rise and fall in front of me. Have you heard of it?”

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