I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 879

At this time, Shen Tianyang’s eyes towards Sally did not show any weakness at all, in other words, because he knew what he was facing, he couldn’t show weakness.
In many cases, if you cannot be tough, you will be stepped on by others. This is human nature.
Human society is like a zoo, where each animal has its own class. If you want to cross the line, you have to pay a price.
Either the feats of the war will become ten thousand dead, or the strong men will never return.
At this time, Sally stared at Shen Tianyang closely, not sure what he was thinking in her heart.
If Shen Tianyang really refuses to show weakness, then the next battle between Shisanke and the Shen family will be inevitable.
After taking a deep breath, Sally looked at Shen Tianyang and said: “Since you said that, then there is nothing to talk about between us. Prepare to accept the war.”
After saying this, Sally got up and walked out. After leaving Shen Tianyang’s office and waiting for his company, Sally looked back at the top of the building.
Although separated by the glass, she faintly felt that someone on the roof seemed to be spying on herself.
Just as Sally walked downstairs, a car drove towards her. Sally’s third uncle sat in the car and looked at her with a smile.
“I don’t know how to say hello to my third uncle when I come back. I run around every day. Is this a place where you can come casually.”
Looking at the third uncle who loved her since childhood, Sally smiled and sat down. Get in the car, then hold Sanshu’s arm and say, “I’m not doing anything wrong when I’m back, just come over and say hello.” Sanshu smiled and watched Sally act like a baby like she did when she was a child, and nodded slightly. Then he said: “Your uncle has already come over to say hello before. Shen Tianyang knows what to do.”
After saying this, the third uncle was silent for a while and then said: “That child of the Shen family, isn’t it? In your hands?”
Sally had already thought about what her family wanted to do with Jiang Hao.
Now see Uncle initiative held up, then put away the smile on the face of Chen Sheng said:. “Now no longer in my hands, and I let him go east, east and see Shen idea of what”
looked at his His niece, the third uncle sighed slightly after being silent for a long time and said: “You shouldn’t let him go, let alone let him go to Shen’s house in Hedong.”
Whether it’s to Sally, Ning Kun or Shi For Sanke, Hedong is a somewhat complicated place.
The Shen family there also became a little more complicated. If they wanted to use Jiang Hao to do something, Thirteen Kee could only watch.
The third uncle didn’t believe that Sally would have expected it, but she still chose to do it. Apart from absolute confidence, he couldn’t think of any reason for her to make such a decision.
After the two of them sat in the car silent for a while, the third uncle drew a cigar to light himself up, then took a faint sip and then said in a deep voice: “Some things are not as simple as you think. When the clan sect was still there, his attitude was a bit ambiguous.”
“You mean, Jiang Hao probably couldn’t test their attitude in the past, right?” The third uncle nodded and said: ” Judging from the information sent back from your side, Jiang Hao holds Shang Dian in his hands, and Shang Dian is not in the hands of the Shen family, so the Shen family in Hedong will never doubt Jiang Hao’s identity.”
But there is another sentence Sanshu did not have. After that, it is that Jiang Hao at this moment is like a child pushing a cart of gold, anyone can go to him to get a hand, and everyone is thinking about his gold.
Shen Tianyang is so, so who can guarantee that the Shen family in Hedong will not do such a thing?
When the sect of the Shen family was destroyed, many people were wondering who killed him and why.
As a result, it turns out that what they wanted was to get the honor of the Shen family!
Thinking of this, the third uncle looked at Sally sadly and said: “If you really have to make a choice, then I would rather choose Shen Tianyang to get the Shangdian than to see the Shen family in Hedong get the Shangdian.”
Sally heard this. Nodding silently, he also understood what Sanshu thought.
After all, the Shen family in Hedong has been in such a city for so long, who knows what they have become now.
Those who are close to Zhu Chi and those who are black are not just a joke. The environment is also an important factor that prompts people to make changes.
If the Shen family in Hedong were assimilated by that city, the consequences would be unimaginable once they got the Shangdian!
It was only at this moment that Sally felt a little flustered.
She couldn’t help but raised her head to look at the third uncle and said: “How many people do we still have in Hedong now, can you ask them to help take care of Jiang Hao, or just stare at the actions of Hedong Shen’s house?”
Third uncle smoked a cigar. After quietly pondering for a moment, she glanced at the pleading Sally, then nodded and said: “Don’t worry, I will let the people below take care of this matter.”
When he said this, in fact, San Shu’s heart There is not much confidence in it.
One of the main reasons is that they have too few staff in the Hedong branch, not only the manpower of his three departments, but also other departments.
It is too difficult to expect them to do something.
But looking at Sally’s eyes at this moment, he couldn’t bear to say rejection, so he had to say yes.
As the car drove slowly all the way, Sally recovered at this time, and asked curiously: “Uncle San, where are we going to go?”
“Where can we go, of course to meet It’s your father, you haven’t seen him for such a long time, don’t you want him?”
Hearing this, Sally showed a complex expression on her face.
No matter what the man is, he is his own biological father, and it is of course false to say that he does not want to miss.
Just remembering what she had told them before coming back, Sally was a little bit overwhelmed for a while.
The third uncle watched Sally fell into silence, then he sighed and said: “No matter what he is, you are a father-daughter relationship, you can’t keep cold like this.”
After saying this, the third uncle turned his head to look. There are busy traffic outside the car window.
“In the future, he will slowly hand over the 13 subjects, so while you are all still, let’s have a good chat.”
Sally nodded slightly after hearing this, and gradually let go of her heart. Some dislike for that man.
On the way Sally went to see her father, Jiang Hao and Ning Kun were sitting in the car absently.
Lao Mao was very silent all the way, including Ning Kun, which made Jiang Hao a little dignified.

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