I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 882

Jiang Hao squinted at the old hat and nodded at the same time: “Yes, just a woman, just let it go. We are still in a hurry to reach Hedong!” The old hat looked back at Jiang Hao and Ning Kun. ,, with a cold snort, he looked at the other party and said: “You are lucky this time, otherwise no one will care about the many corpses on the roadside!” As soon as the voice fell, the old hat turned and prepared to get into the car, but unexpectedly the woman hurriedly Kneeling on the ground, looking at the old hat, he said: “I beg you to give me some money, I beg you!”
Seeing the woman crying, Jiang Hao was a little bit intolerant to Ning Kun. The voice said: “This woman is not unspeakable, or do we help her?”
Perhaps Ning Kun has seen more of such things, or perhaps he can’t believe in women’s words. After all, this is Hedong, except Those who know the basics, otherwise it is best not to believe in anyone.
So Ning Kun just sneered when he heard Jiang Hao’s words, and then sat in the car and closed his eyes, planning to take a rest.
Having time to pity this woman who doesn’t know where he comes from, he might as well sleep well for a while.
Lao Mao’s reaction was similar to Ning Kun’s, and the same. After hearing the woman’s words, he became confused, and got into the car as if he had heard nothing.
After seeing this scene, the woman gritted her teeth slightly, then rushed up and bumped her head against the car body, and suddenly a ray of redness came out of her forehead!
Old hat stared at the woman. Jiang Hao thought he was irritating the other’s self-love. Who knew that Old hat actually called out: “You crazy woman! Do you know my car was just finished washing? It came out!” The woman seemed to have not heard what the old hat said, and slammed into the front of the car.
Seeing Lao Mao’s anger, she said with a sullen expression on her face: “Either you give me the money today, or I will crash and die in your car, depending on what you say!”
Qinghe will be on this road. He really killed someone, so this matter is really a bit troublesome.
Thinking of this, the old hat looked at the woman’s face suddenly a little unpleasant.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help looking at the woman, so he jumped out of the car and walked over and said, “You stop, aren’t you just asking for money, as for such a method?” The woman turned her head when she heard this. I looked up and down Jiang Hao, and saw that although his clothes were normal, but he was very neat and not as filthy as consciously.
So his eyes lit up and he said, “Are you willing to give money? I won’t hit your car if you give the money. Can I help you clean the car!”
Jiang Hao glanced at the old hat, old hat somewhat helplessly. He lightly lit a cigarette for himself and said, “Don’t look at me, there are still many people like this on the road. You are willing to give me money and it has nothing to do with me!”
Ning Kun glanced at Jiang helplessly. After Hao, she shook her head slightly, then jumped out of the car and walked to the woman.
“Let’s talk about it, how much does it cost to let us go, don’t make you look like you are wronged, there are not many clean people in Hedong.”
At first , the woman looked at Xiang Jiang Hao’s eyes with a little gratitude, but she heard Ning Kun After talking, she bit her lip and said, “I don’t want much, you can give me two hundred dollars!”
Two hundred dollars is indeed not much for Jiang Hao and others, but for ordinary people passing by. That said, it’s no less.
After Ning Kun raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth, he reached out and took out two hundred yuan from the clothes, and then threw it on the woman.
Here is two hundred yuan, so you don’t need to wipe the car, so hurry up, we are still in a hurry.
Jiang Hao looked at Ning Kun and felt that such actions were a bit too much. Maybe Hedong is indeed not a good city for him, but it is not so bad that everyone is bad.
The woman picked up the money on the ground and took a deep look at Ning Kun and then nodded: “Since you gave me the money, then I will also give you a word. If you walk 30 or 40 miles ahead, something will happen, you ask for it. Blessed.”
After saying this, the woman ran aside, picked up the rotten gun that was thrown on the ground by the old hat and turned and left.
Looking at her back, Jiang Hao looked a little confused for a moment. Although he had seen a lot of things along the way, he really hadn’t met such a woman.
The old hat looked at Jiang Hao with a funny look and then said: “Young man, I also see you pleasing to your eyes, so I remind you that in Hedong, if you can pretend to be poor, try to pretend to be poor, otherwise you will know that rich people are not. So easy to do.”
After hearing this, Ning Kun glanced at the old hat with a smile, stretched out his hand and patted Jiang Hao’s shoulder and said: “Old hat is right, Hedong is not Beifu, nor is Chujiang, here he is. You’d better not try to sabotage or challenge.”
After saying this, he pointed to the direction where the woman disappeared and said: “Women like that are usually taken in by special people, and they must be robbed every day. How much money can I go back, otherwise I will only be beaten.”
Jiang Hao fell silent after hearing this. Perhaps it was indeed a little different from what he had imagined, and many things were completely different from what he had come into contact with.
After shook his head slightly, Jiang Hao got into the car in silence, then sat in a daze in the car.
Ning Kun sighed slightly when he saw him like that, and then looked at Old Hat apologetically and said, “Keep driving, let alone the crazy woman.”
Old Hat shrugged and started the car, and waited until Ning Kun got in the car. From now on, I continued to move on, as if nothing had happened.
It was just a touch of red on the body, which looked a little dazzling.
With the bumps of the worn-out truck, Jiang Hao’s thoughts also became hazy.
Looking at Ning Kun beside him, he was silent for a moment and then said: “How did this city in Hedong come, do you know?” It may be that the wind at dusk was a bit cold, and Ning Kun tightened his clothes. He opened his mouth and said, “You should know that there is a prison in Hedong. There are 33 floors above and 77 floors below, making a total of 110 floors.”
After hearing this, Jiang Hao nodded. He still knows about this, because this is the most terrifying prison.
No one has ever run out of it, and among those who enter, there is almost no one who is not heinous!
After Jiang Hao Ning Kun see nodded and smiled: “Later, once the accident occurred, the prison’s security system failures, many people ran out from the inside, and then, east of the river becomes a painting look like now.”
He said After finishing this, Ning Kun took a deep breath and shook his head: “You may not know that this place will be more chaotic twenty years ago. Many people call this the real purgatory.”
Jiang Hao was silent for a long time. After a while, he whispered: “But like purgatory there will be good people, right?

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