I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 89

“Wu Zuoren, what did you do? I’m going to be killed by you! You immediately roll over to me right now!” The dignified President of Chujiang University actually exploded directly on the phone With the foul language, Wu Zuoren knew what was going on in an instant.
But there are some doubts. What happened to make Wang Wenqing so angry?
“Lead… Leader, what’s the matter? I… What did I do?” Wu Zuoren frowned and said.
Of course he would not associate Wang Wenqing scolding himself with Ye Yunjie and Jianghao.
At this time, he just felt that there should be some major mistake in his work, which was probably a fatal problem. That’s why Wang Wenqing is like this.
But he thought about it, but he couldn’t remember it!
“What’s wrong with me? I want to ask what’s wrong with you!” Wang Wenqing seemed to be more angry and irritable. “Who did you offend? Just just now, the leaders of the Provincial Education Department directly When the call came to me, I yelled at me first, and then ordered me to suspend your job. I would say something badly, so I can comfort people! Where are you now? Appear in front of me immediately!”
After speaking, Wang Wenqing hung up. The phone was disconnected.
Hear what Wang Wenqing said. Wu Zuoren’s face was blue and he was flustered!
Damn, the provincial government, this has passed the Municipal Education Bureau and directly asked Wang Wenqing to account for himself?
Wu Zuoren’s brain is about to explode. Didn’t think of who did I offend?
But soon, a thought flashed through his mind, and he stared blankly at the door of the conference room, where Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie had left.
A thought suddenly popped out of his mind, and then his whole body was startled in a cold sweat!
“No, no, impossible, these two people are so…”
“Principal Wu? What’s wrong with you?” A teacher next to him gently patted Wu Zuoren, and asked with a little doubt.
Wu Zuoren looked at the man, his face was extremely ugly, he seemed to be talking to himself, and as if he was talking to the man, he muttered: “It’s over…this is over…”
After speaking, Wu Zuoren hurriedly went outside. Go.
But as soon as he was about to take a step, he was stopped by everyone. A male teacher hurriedly asked, “Principal Wu, is the call from Principal Wang? He…what did he say? I think your face is so ugly, I am afraid something is wrong. Huh?”
Wu Zuoren looked up at the man with an extremely ugly face, and said in a low tone: “I…I was suspended.”
Hearing this, everyone present was shocked, and everyone looked at each other. Looking at Wu Zuoren, I couldn’t believe it!
“Why?” a female teacher exclaimed, “Principal Wu, you are going to run for the position of principal Wang next year, you…you are suspended at this time. This is very bad for you!”
“That’s right, and that Why have you suspended your job? You have been working diligently!”
“I heard President Wang said just now, who did you offend? Really? You don’t offend anyone on weekdays? Who is this? Are you going to die?”
Wu Zuoren raised his head in dismay, looked at the person who was speaking, and then at the direction of the door, his eyes were complicated and he didn’t speak.
But soon, everyone present understood what he meant, and an unbelievable expression suddenly appeared on everyone’s faces.
“This…Isn’t it possible? That Jiang Hao’s family is from the countryside, and that woman, who seems to be quite rich, doesn’t mean that she can get to the provincial government, right?”
Soon, Wu Zuoren’s face turned from white to blue, his eyes narrowed, and he couldn’t help but snorted coldly: “Okay, it’s really amazing, do you really think this can do me anything? Haha, it’s naive!”
Wu Zuoren fiercely He patted the table and said to himself with a gloomy look: “You are really offending me, you want to play, right? Let’s try it!”
Obviously, this is the inverse of Wu Zuoren. Scale, he broke out completely.
Naturally, the people present also knew that Wu Zuoren had a lot of connections in Chujiang and even the provincial capital, and it was estimated that he was ready to make a real move.
When someone saw it, he hurried up and boasted: “Yes, we are not afraid of him. Based on your contacts, I think that woman is not your opponent at all!”
“Yes, what is that woman, Principal Wu’s house.” My son, they start a trading company. The company’s annual turnover is calculated in billions. Is that woman comparable?”
“Hmph, dare to stabbing a knife in the back, I think you don’t need to be polite with them anymore. Now, let’s just kill him…”
Wu Zuoren looked at these words and couldn’t help but smile. In a negative tone, he said: “The matter is now, do you think I can let them go? Look at it, now, I will let them know. What is despair!”
After speaking, Wu Zuoren took another photo. Go to the table and then take out the phone to search for the numbers of a few acquaintances.
This thing marks that Wu Zuoren is about to do it, and the few people on the side are suddenly interested, looking forward to see how Wu Zuoren will fight back.
But just as Wu Zuoren’s cell phone was taken out, there was a call suddenly, and it was Wu Zuoren’s son.
“Hey, it’s a coincidence. President Wu, you just let your son settle this matter. He is a powerful man!”
Wu Zuoren smiled and nodded, then connected the phone:”
Before Wu Zuoren had finished speaking, Wu Zuoren’s son on the other side of the phone interrupted him directly. The tone is very quick.
“Dad, what are you asking me to find a relationship? I called you just to ask you to help me find a relationship!” Wu Zuoren’s son said anxiously.
“Ah?” Wu Zuoren was taken aback, “Xiaojun, what’s the matter? You…what’s wrong with you?” Wu Xiaojun on the other end of the phone was already crying, and said excitedly: “I’m taking all the goods that belong to the family now. , I was blocked by the customs. I just called all the time and it was useless. The other party just refused to release the goods. I was calculated by someone, so I wanted to ask you to help me find a way…”
” What?” Hearing this, Wu Zuoren was also stunned, and the whole human heart raised his throat.
You know, the batch of goods Wu Xiaojun said, but their Wu family mortgaged several real estate cars, and also borrowed more than 10 million yuan from relatives and friends, only to purchase a high-end milk powder from Australia.
Originally, they had spotted the current domestic imports of high-end milk powder because of the out-of-stock period and prepared to make a fortune at once.
But I don’t want to, something worth hundreds of millions of dollars, this time will be blocked!
To know. The milk powder they bought this time has a shelf life of only a few months, and the customs confines the goods, even if the procedures are finally cleared out, the other party agrees to release the goods. It will take several months.
But when the shelf life expired at that time, their milk powder completely turned into a pile of wasteland, and there was no more use for it!
Hundreds of millions, all of my own net worth, and more than 10 million borrowed by family and friends. It was just like that…
Wu Zuoren’s mind went blank suddenly, and he felt that the world was spinning around for a while, and the whole person thumped and sat on the chair, almost fainting.
“Principal Wu, what’s wrong with you?”
“Yo. What’s wrong with this?”
” Principal Wu, are you okay?
“When the people on the side saw this, they hurriedly gathered up, and asked nervously one by one.
But Wu Zuoren was still pale and said nothing.
Wu Zuoren knew very well that he had hardly sinned against others, but today he was suspended from his job and his son was seized one after another. Both happened after Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie left. Even fools thought of the reason.
Wu Zuoren couldn’t help smiling wryly, thinking he thought he was too much, and wanted to find someone to clean up the other party!
But before and after half an hour, I was completely killed by the game. Where is my opponent?
It was so naive, Wu Zuoren almost choked up, heartbroken.
But at this moment, his phone rang again, and Wu Zuoren glanced in horror. It turned out that it was the principal Wang Wenqing calling again.

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