I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 90

Wu Zuoren saw the phone, and a glimmer of hope suddenly rose in his heart.
He felt that this must be Principal Wang who helped him settle the suspension. He called to report the good news to himself!
After all, as Wang Wenqing’s subordinate, he has been working hard for many years, and he is also the successor of Wang Wenqing’s appointment. Wang Wenqing will never stand idly by when he encounters such things.
It must be so!
That’s it now. I can also keep one.
Besides, as long as you don’t lose your position as deputy principal, you can still get the goods out through your relationship when you look back.
It’s not yet known who will die by that time!
Thinking of this, Wu Zuoren’s heart was full of anticipation, and he hurriedly connected to the phone with excitement on his face: “Hey, Wang’s school. I know you will not leave me. Is my suspension cancelled? Haha, I really am. Thank you so much, don’t worry. When I look back, I will definitely ask you to eat…”
“Eat a fart!”
Wu Zuoren didn’t finish speaking, and Wang Wenqing on the other side of the phone suddenly cursed, his tone seemed even more angry than before!
Wu Zuoren was even more at a loss: “You… President Wang, what’s the matter? Did the punishment not be cancelled?”
“Cancel! Wu Zuoren, Wu Zuoren, what have you done? I will retire next year. It’s coming, because of you, I have memorized a punishment for being airborne from the provincial office!”
Wang Wenqing on the other end of the phone looked extremely angry, and his voice seemed to shatter the microphone.
Indeed, they have been diligent all their lives, and they have piled up honorary titles and certificates. Seeing that they have retired, they have received such a big punishment, and they will blow up on everyone!
But when Wu Zuoren heard the words, he was simply confused.
“Wh… why? How could this be?” Wu Zuoren stubbornly said, “President Wang, listen to my explanation, this matter is really misunderstood, I…”
“What are you!” Wang Wenqing furiously beat After breaking Wu Zuoren, he continued. “Don’t say anything, I will inform you directly now that you have been expelled. This is a notice of punishment by the provincial government, and you are used as a negative example to inform the education circle of the province.”
“Expulsion?” Wu Zuoren whole person My breath is frozen, I dare not say anything, “Principal Wang, you… are you sure, don’t tease me!” “Tease you? Ha ha, Wu Zuoren, are you so confused?” Wang Wenqing cursed. “I’m telling you, now people say that during your employment, not only your private life is disorderly, but there are also financial problems. You just wait to be investigated!”
“Hmph, I tell you, no one can blame others for this, it’s your own ass Not clean!”
Finished talking. Wang Wenqing hung up the phone directly.
“This…this fucking wants to kill me.” Wu Zuoren sat there with an angry face.
He really couldn’t believe it. In less than half an hour, he was worth hundreds of millions of dollars and the respected vice president of Chujiang University became a debt of tens of millions and was ordered to be expelled. Idiot!
Who is it that I offended? Wu Zuoren’s heart is almost dead.
He never expected that a little Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, who looked at her young age, could put himself to death between raising his hands?
Of course he didn’t want to be finished like this. After a long time in a panic, Wu Zuoren suddenly thought of something and rushed out as if desperately.
Wu Zuoren seems crazy. The rest of the people present were stunned at this moment. Where is this still the prestigious and stable Chujiang University vice president Wu Zuoren? It’s like a bereaved dog.
Obviously they didn’t catch it at all. The content of the conversation between Wu Zuoren and Wang Wenqing.
These people couldn’t help talking about it, and they couldn’t think of a reason.
At this time, Xiao Qian and the others also looked at each other. The ponytail girl quietly approached Xiao Qian and asked in a low voice: “President, now…are we all right now?”
Xiao Qian thought for a while. Just now Wu Zuoren said everything, and this time let them go. Although Wu Zuoren has been suspended now, he is still the vice-principal anyway. No one should dare to violate this order, right?
Thinking of this, Xiao Qian couldn’t help but smile, and said to the ponytail girl: “Huh, don’t worry, it’s all right!” It’s just that he is too optimistic. Because just after he finished speaking, the door of the conference room was pushed open, and a young man in his thirties in a suit and leather shoes walked in.
“Secretary Yao? Why are you here?” Director Liang was slightly surprised when he saw the visitor.
This young man is no one else but Wang Wenqing’s secretary.
He looked at the people in the conference room, and finally his eyes fell on Xiao Qian.
“Let me announce the sanctions issued by President Wang.” said the male secretary.
“Punishment? Whose punishment? President Wu? He has already left?” Director Liang said.
The male secretary smiled upon hearing the words: “Wu Zuoren? Hehe, he doesn’t need to be punished, because he has already been fired!”
This sentence seemed to stir up a wave of waves. The many teachers in the entire conference room instantly Take a breath!
“Open, expelled? Didn’t you just mean suspension? How can this be expelled?” Director Liang asked in astonishment.
“Really? This… this thing can’t be a joke!” The male secretary looked at these people and smiled dismissively: “Why, it’s surprising? He is offending, I guess it was early in the provincial government. I have mastered his old bottom. Now the provincial government has shaken off all his past improper relationships and financial problems, and is organizing an investigation team to come and investigate in depth!”
The young man looked at the people present who were usually close to Wu Zuoren meaningfully: “At that time, it is estimated that a large number of people will be implicated? Ha ha. Some people, who are usually improper, should they panic now? Humph, let’s do it and cherish it!” The male secretary said. Those teachers and leaders who were still full of spirits instantly turned pale, and looked at each other nervously, cold sweat shed.
These people. It can be regarded as Wu Zuoren’s “direct line”. Wu Zuoren was investigated, and they were definitely going to follow him.
It’s weird that these people are not nervous, and it’s even more weird that they are not worried!
Some people even trembled nervously, muttering to themselves: “This, this, what can I do…”
The male secretary, looking at the embarrassed appearance of these people, just smiled, but didn’t say much. .
They are all colleagues in a university. Who is behind that, they still don’t know?
At this moment, Xiao Qian and several people whispered to each other as if they were discussing something, they turned their heads and left.
After all, Jiang Hao is no longer a scapegoat, but the hole in their funds is still not plugged. They are going to find a place to discuss this matter.
But Xiao Qian just took a step, just two steps away, suddenly heard the male secretary shout: “Stop, where do you want to go?”
Xiao Qian was taken aback, turned to look at the male secretary, and barely squeezed a smile. : “Is there something…Is it something? It has nothing to do with us…”
“It doesn’t matter?” The male secretary chuckled, “Are you sure? Did you forget why I came here? I am Sending punishment, do you think I am here to punish them?”
Xiao Qian’s face suddenly changed when he heard the male secretary’s words, and an ominous premonition instantly enveloped his heart.
“Difficult… is it punishing us?” Xiao Qian asked with difficulty.” What did we do? Stop joking.
“The male secretary sneered: “Just kidding? I don’t have that mind! ”
He suddenly took out a piece of paper from his pocket, and then said solemnly: “Xiao Qian, Ma Lijuan…The seven people I have read by name, I want to inform you, after the school leadership researched, and reported to the Municipal Education Bureau for approval, Starting today, several of you have been expelled from our school. ”
When Xiao Qian heard this, he didn’t catch the phone he was holding, and fell to the ground with a snap.
And several other people, especially girls, cried instantly.
“Why fire us?”
“This is not true, how can we drive us? How can I tell my parents when I go home? They will kill me…”
“It must be a mistake? What did we do wrong? Why do we fire us?” The male secretary looked at the boy who spoke last, and couldn’t help but smiled: “What did we do wrong? Don’t you know it yourself?”

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