I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 894

Jiang Hao looked after the security of the dress, turned to his own colleagues shouted: “! Hey, Xiao Meng, help me see, I sent this man to interview children, newcomers do not know where”
is practicing assembly Xiao Meng, the gunman, turned his back to Jiang Hao and the others. He stretched out his hand and made a gesture, indicating that after he heard it, the security guard led Jiang Hao into the school.
Something different from what Jiang Hao imagined was that the school in front of him was similar to what he had seen in Chujiang or Beifu.
If you put aside the graffiti everywhere on the wall, and the strange costumes of some students, it is barely acceptable.
“Although the school is better than the outside a little, but not much better, where you still have to pay attention in class when some security, some students might try to do something stupid, I hope you’re not a real physical education teacher.”
Is Jiang While Hao looked at the school curiously, the security guard suddenly spoke first.
Jiang Hao glanced at him with a little surprise, and then wondered: “You, are you also from Li Miao?”
Hearing this, he looked at Jiang Hao and smiled, the expression on his serious face finally calmed down.
“Yes, in fact, as long as Chengnan belongs to the thirteen subjects, they are basically under the jurisdiction of Li Miao, and the three responsible persons are in charge of their respective areas.”
After saying this, he reached out to Jiang Hao and continued: “Hello , The first time I met, my name is Jing Erhu.”
Jiang Hao looked at Jing Erhu with a wry smile and then shook his head and stretched out his hand: “When we first met, my name is Jiang Hao. I hope we can take care of each other in the future.”
Jing Erhu smiled. After nodding, he sent Jiang Hao to the teaching downstairs: “The person who interviewed you upstairs is also ours, but you don’t say anything. Just answer the questions according to the normal interview.”
Seeing Erhu’s face confidently With a smile, Jiang Hao really wanted to tell him, in fact, if it wasn’t for Ning Kun to cheat himself, he really didn’t want to pass the interview.
But looking at Erhu’s brilliant smile, he sighed and looked at it, then turned and walked towards the teaching building.
The news of a new physical education teacher soon spread throughout the school like wings.
These students all day long, apart from thinking with their friends how to get those who do not obey them to the ground, the biggest fun is to study the teachers in the school that are easy to provoke and which teachers are not.
Just as Jiang Hao walked into the teaching building, a boy who seemed familiar just passed him by.
After Jiang Hao took a closer look at the other party, he realized that the person in front of him was the target he was going to contact, Shen Qingzhi, the son of the third eldest son of the Shen family!
But right now he has no identity, so he hasn’t shown any superfluous expressions for a hundred years, still walking his own way, just smiled and said hello to him.
The Shen family has never concealed Shen Qingzhi’s identity. In terms of the Shen family’s identity and status in Hedong, he also has a faintly leading temperament in school.
Seeing that Jiang Hao took the initiative to smile at himself, he just nodded, which was regarded as a response, and walked out of the teaching building.
After finally waiting for Jiang Hao to come to the interview party, an empty room, a woman, a table, and a chair are things for the interview.
The woman looked at Jiang Hao and nodded and then said: “Have you ever been a physical education teacher?”
Jiang Hao looked at him with a calm and serious expression and said, “Don’t talk about doing it. When I was studying, my physical education class might not be full after a semester. Can go to ten knots!” The woman nodded her head calmly, and then continued to speak: “What do you think is the best way to educate children?”
“Fight! Bear children will fight if they are not obedient, and give them a complete In childhood, let them follow the path of their parents, and they must also bear the suffering of their parents!”
Upon hearing this, the woman’s expression changed a little, as if she wanted to laugh, but she was abruptly held back.
So after a light cough, he had no choice but to speak: “Ah, please be more serious. We are interviewing.”
Jiang Hao looked at the other person with an innocent look and said, “Don’t you think it should be, childhood is not just about eating, drinking and having fun, but also having responsibility and love!”
It seems that she no longer wants to argue with Jiang Hao, she shook her head Then he said: “Do you have any requirements for salary?”
“The monthly salary is more than 10,000, with a house and a car, arranging a wife, preferably a canteen. I am lazy and don’t like to cook.”
Looking at Jiang Hao’s idiot , Thousands of sacred beasts in the hearts of the women interviewed by Jiang Hao rush past!
If you don’t consider that all of this is Li Miao’s arrangement, she will probably open the table directly, then yell at Jiang Hao and then shout “Go!”!
But considering the instructions Li Miao gave her, the woman looked at Jiang Hao with a look on her face as if she had been filled with more than ten mouthfuls of unidentified objects with a foul smell, and said: “Congratulations on your successful interview. Please go downstairs to handle it. Let’s take a look at the entry procedures.”
Jiang Hao never expected that he would be able to succeed in the interview even if he was so foolish!
Seeing the expression on the woman’s face, he sat down in the chair and said slumpedly: “Oh, it’s still careless after all. He said that the interview can be passed normally, but he can also pass the abnormality!”
After saying this, Jiang said. Hao put away his things and walked out of the room, then followed a person who had been waiting at the door for a long time to go through the entry formalities.
At this moment, in the principal’s office, a woman in professional attire was watching Jiang Hao’s interview video with interest.
The secretary stood next to her and said helplessly: “Boss, how can you recruit such a person near the school! I don’t know what the interviewer thinks, why he recruited such a person, it’s just a violent maniac! “The woman smiled while watching the video and said, “You don’t understand. To some students, you need to use this kind of education policy, but there are too few teachers in this school that can do this. Let me down!”
On the other side, Li Miao was following the complaint call from his subordinates!
“Head, are you sure that the person you sent will have no problem with his brain? He doesn’t play cards as often as he does!”
Although it was a simple matter, it ended without Jiang Hao. Be so messy!
Li Miao looked at the video of the interview and wanted to laugh, but he endured it and comforted him: “Okay, let’s relax. Then you just need to treat him as if you didn’t see him. When he doesn’t exist. Hahaha.”
Jiang Hao, who was going through the entry formalities at this time, didn’t know yet. He had already aroused the interest of others on his first day, and that was the look from the principal’s office!
Jiang Hao is still immersed in his worries. After all, he is about to face a bunch of bear kids who are tossing around all day long. Everyone will be a little troubled!

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