I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 895

Time: the first day of entry formalities!
Combat content: According to the school’s requirements, bear children are physically tortured, no, it is exercise!
Wearing a piece of sportswear, Jiang Hao felt quite comfortable. I have to say that it is indeed a surprise to have such comfortable clothes in a place like Hedong!
They seem to be particularly fond of things to enjoy, and want the best of everything, not the most suitable!
Take this set worn by Jiang Hao at the moment as an example, it cost Ning Kun nearly three thousand oceans, and his distress made him tremble. This is his own money!
Seeing Jiang Haozheng standing in front of the mirror with a cocky face, Ning Kun spoke in disgust, “You better be careful, don’t be pissed off by those bear kids!”
Jiang Hao looked back at Ning. Kun Hou said with disdain: “Don’t worry, my psychological endurance is still very strong. What can a few bear kids do to me.”
After saying this, he couldn’t help thinking of the people he saw in the school building yesterday.
So after a moment of silence, he said: “When I went to the interview yesterday, it seemed that I saw the target, Shen Qingzhi.”
Ning Kun assembled the pistol, and then carefully checked each bullet and said, “What’s so strange about this. , Li Miao originally arranged you to his class on purpose, so as to make it easier for you to contact him.”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao nodded silently and said, “But I don’t know why. I always feel a little uneasy in my heart, I can’t tell where it came from.” After Ting and the two were silent for a while, Ning Kun assembled the pistol, then threw it to Jiang Hao and laughed: “No matter what your uneasiness is Where did I come from? That’s the only thing I can do. Let’s leave it to you to perform!”
Jiang Hao looked at the gun in his hand, and after a moment of silence, he slowly walked out of the hotel and walked out of the hotel on his waist. Han San, who had been waiting for a long time, walked over.
“How about it, sir, let me take you to school today, do you need to enter the induction gift I gave you?”
Hearing this, he said in silence for a while: “There really is such a thing, Ha Dong Someone actually opened an insurance company. Don’t they worry about bankruptcy!”
Ning Kun laughed at Jiang Hao’s surprised expression, then pointed to the number above and said: “Hahaha, don’t think about it, this I just painted it by hand!”
Seeing Han Sanyi’s smug look, Jiang Hao shook his head helplessly, and fell into silence.
Waiting for Jiang Hao to arrive at the school gate, Han San looked at Jiang Hao with a smile and whispered: “Don’t be kidding, come out safely, here for students to go to school, every day you are a challenge.”
Jiang Hao got out of the car and back. While walking towards Han San, he waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, I believe this challenge will not last too long!”
Jiang Hao’s arrival yesterday has already attracted the attention of some people. Hao is here again.
Coupled with Shen Qingzhi, who bumped into Jiang Hao yesterday, many people have involuntarily guessed that Jiang Hao is the new physical education teacher in their school!
Sure enough, when Jiang Hao walked into Shen Qingzhi’s class, many students were making noises and didn’t put Jiang Hao in their eyes!
Although it was a morning class, the noise was so loud that Jiang Hao couldn’t help but feel the urge to hit someone!
“Don’t quarrel with me! Tell me about you, one by one, just like the domestic ducks, croaking all day.”
It seems that Jiang Hao offended them. For a while, the students in the classroom stopped. After the action on hand, he looked at Jiang Hao with cold eyes!
Just when they were about to rush up to educate Jiang Hao severely, a gunshot sounded. Many students knew what this meant, so they sat down quickly and looked at Jiang Hao upright, as if nothing happened just now. The same happened!
“Do you know what it means to respect the teacher and respect the way, do you know what it means to be discipline in class! You don’t understand anything, what books do you still read!”
Shen Qingzhi sat in the corner, watching Jiang Hao listen carefully and slightly Nodded.
A little boy sitting next to him said, “Hey, Qingzhi, look at this new teacher, it seems a little bit different, why don’t we find a chance to clean him up later?”
Shen Qingzhi looked at him. After a glance at the boy, he smiled disdainfully and said: “I’m going to you, I’m not that boring, and I don’t have time to do such meaningless things.”
Hearing Shen Qingzhi’s answer, the boy shrugged, and he didn’t seem to be angry. , Just shook his head with regret and sighed.
“Show me the blackboard, now I’ll introduce it to everyone!”
After saying this, Jiang Hao picked up a piece of chalk, turned around and wrote his name on the blackboard, and then looked at the students in front of him.
“My name is Jiang Hao, you can call me Teacher Jiang in the future, of course, I don’t mind if you call me Boss Jiang, in fact I can still cover it!”
It seems that Jiang Hao’s sentence is more grounded in Hedong If he was angry, he suddenly became a little laughter in class.
Jiang Hao looked at the students below, smiled slightly, and then took out a whistle and shouted: “Now let’s start the first physical education class, let’s go, take you out for a walk!” The whole class is magnificent. When forty or fifty people heard this, they rushed out like wild horses.
Among them, even the girls became a little excited when they heard that they were taking physical education classes. It seemed that no matter how old students were, they didn’t like the feeling of sitting in the classroom.
Jiang Hao slowly followed behind them and looked at everyone with a smile. He didn’t know if it was an illusion. When he looked at them, Jiang Hao felt that he was also a lot younger!
Such a big movement naturally caused dissatisfaction among other classes, so some teachers walked out to look at Xiang Jiang Hao. They saw that they were the new physical education teacher, and Jiang Hao’s smile was bright.
The thought of cursing people was suppressed, and the corner of his mouth suddenly popped out: “Mr. Jiang, where are the students for physical education?”
Jiang Hao looked at the teacher and smiled, then walked behind the students. On the grass field.
“Come, tell me, why do people exercise?”
Several students were quite disdainful of Jiang Hao’s question. One student sat on the grass field lazily basking in the sun and looked at Jiang Hao: “Because not exercising will make you weak and obese. The ability to resist declines, and then a series of problems arise.”
After the student said this, he unceremoniously continued to complain: “Please, it’s not a child, don’t we know the truth about this.”
Jiang After hearing this, Haha laughed and nodded and said, “That’s right, but the most important point is that if you are weak, you will be bullied and then beaten, you know!”

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