I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 920

Yu Shaobai knew that after Yin Jiuzhao saw his side, perhaps he would never see him again in the future.
Thinking of this, he looked at Yin Jiuzhao, who looked plain, and shook his head slightly, then took out a piece of jade pendant from his body and handed it to him.
“The one I have worn since I was young is the only thing on my body that does not belong to my father. You can keep it. Maybe it will play a role.”
After saying this, Yu Shaobai continued to speak with a mocking expression. “Everyone is saying that man will conquer the sky, but he has absolute worship and awe of the sky in his heart. This is man.”
Yin Jiuzhao took Yu Pei and took a closer look. It was not the first time he saw this piece. Yu Pei, but he did not expect that someone like Yu Shaobai would give something so important to him to a dying person.
Unconsciously, Yin Jiuzhao’s eye sockets felt moist. After smiling, he looked at Yu Shaobai and said: “If I can, if I survive this time by chance, this life will be yours in the future. All.”
Hearing this, Yu Shaobai turned his head and smiled playfully at Yin Jiuzhao: “Isn’t your life always owned by me? When is it your turn to be the master?”
Joking Although it cannot change the reality, it can make people feel a little more relaxed.
Looking at the young master who was smiling at him, Yin Jiuzhao suddenly felt that perhaps the years he had spent in front of Yu Shaobai were the days he really lived.
Thinking of this, he suddenly turned around and faintly dropped a sentence of “I’m going” before disappearing into the night.
For him, now he has found the goal to continue living, and that is to serve Yu Shaobai well.
On the other hand, this matter is of great significance to him right now, and he wants to witness with his own eyes whether this matter can succeed!
Perhaps Yin Jiuzhao was very unrestrained when he walked, but he didn’t know that at the moment he left Yu Shaobai, his heart seemed to be torn apart, and there was an extra hole in an instant.
And Yu Shaobai, who was sitting on the chair with his back turned to Yin Jiuzhao and chuckling, also had a trace of tears in his eyes.
Both knew that this meeting was likely to be the last.
Just when Yin Jiuzhao stepped out of Yu Shaobai’s house, a cold light suddenly drew across his jaw. Fortunately, he felt it in advance and took a step back before it could be avoided.
Looking at the frowning young man in front of him, Yin Jiuzhao smiled and said: “Don’t worry, it’s me, but because I have worn that robe for too long, I want to take it off this time and try it.”
Hui looked at it. Yin Jiuzhao, don’t know why, suddenly felt in his heart that there was something different between the other party and just now.
Just when he was a little doubtful, Yin Jiuzhao’s momentum changed completely, and his momentum gradually became higher and higher, full of threats!
Looking at such an opponent, Hui quickly backed away for a certain distance, and then looked at Yin Jiuzhao carefully.
“If you came to kill me three days ago, maybe I wouldn’t even be able to resist at that time, but I can’t do it now.” While saying this, Yin Jiuzhao’s whole body was shaken, and his upper body was instantly broken into pieces. Pieces of cloth were flying in the air.
“Now I have my goal of living, and I have a reason to continue living, so I can’t die here. I’m sorry, I’m probably going to disappoint that bad old man!”
Hui looked coldly at Yin Jiu’s claw and gritted his teeth. After that, it disappeared into the air in an instant, accompanied by some dim lights, and a flash of cold light flashed around from time to time.
Facing such a situation, Yin Jiuzhao sneered twice, then suddenly turned around with a punch, directly hitting Hui’s face!
However, he did not expect that he was short in stature, and instantly escaped. The dagger in his hand also left a gift on his arm!
Despite this, the expression on Yin Jiu Claw’s face was still unmoving, and such a loss was really normal for him.
As his descendant, Yin Jiuzhao knew very well that Yu Qinghe must have erased all his shortcomings from him, and it is even possible that even Bai’s shortcomings have been erased from him.
In comparison, he is more like a tool.
This kind of essence has good and bad, the advantage is that he will become very pure, and will not affect his mood because of verbal humiliation.
But the disadvantage is also particularly obvious, that is, he will not notice anyone other than the target at all.
Thinking of this, Yin Jiuzhao didn’t know why he suddenly felt pity for Hui, perhaps because the other party had the same experience as himself.
He suddenly said: “When fighting, you should observe your opponent more, but you can’t say that your mind is too devoted. There are many things you have to pay attention to.”
When he said this, Yin Jiuzhaoshen The shape flashed suddenly, and it danced with the breeze, and even Hui couldn’t find it.
When Hui noticed a trace of danger, Yin Jiuzhao had already punched him in the back.
Hui didn’t have time to escape and could only take a hard one, and then rolled around on the spot quickly, gritting his teeth and looking at Yin Jiu Claws with a smile on his front.
At first, when he looked at the other party, he didn’t realize how high his cultivation base was, but with the change just now, it seems that his cultivation base has also increased!
The secret method of temporarily increasing the cultivation base is not without, but if you want to increase to the height of Yin Jiuzhao, I am afraid that the price you need to pay will not be too low!
So Hui gritted his teeth and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then said: “You may not be able to hold on for three minutes. This is just warming up. How much time do you have?”
It turns out that he was right. Hui Hui frowned slightly and then replied in a deep voice: “Yes, I really only have three minutes, but do you think you can win me in three minutes?”
After saying this, he saw Hui and did not answer. So after a smile, his figure rioted!
There was a sentence floating in the air: “But I can take you in three minutes, do you believe it?” In just a few rounds, Yin Jiuzhao’s speed, endurance and strength have been tremendous. Boost!
Hui couldn’t believe that this was the person who looked a little old and old, he didn’t even have time to avoid the opponent’s attack!
“Maybe that bad old man didn’t tell you before. A long time ago, I was the strongest in the entire Qinghe Club!” As soon as the voice fell, Yin Jiu Claw gritted his teeth and his aura increased again. At this moment, he suddenly seemed to It is the threshold of the fourth-level martial artist!
Enlightenment between life and death, such a thing may be a good thing for others, but to Hui, who is fighting Yin Jiuzhao at this moment, it seems so dangerous!
Looking at the blood stains on his gray face, Yin Jiuzhao slightly closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, realizing it between life and death and smiled.
“You better go, otherwise you will continue to stay, I’m afraid you won’t be able to complete the task, you have to stay here.”

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