Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1

Seaside Water Township is the best residential area in Yinzhou City, and the house price is also the most expensive in Yinzhou City.
A two-story villa with three hundred square feet is located in the best location in Seaside Water Township.
Twenty-five-year-old Zhang Xuan crawled on the ground, holding a white cloth in his hand, wrung it out on the bucket beside him and carefully wiped the expensive floor under him.
In the courtyard of the villa, that parked Porsche, Ferrari, are dusty.
These look luxurious, but none of them belong to Zhang Xuan, he is just a superfluous to the Lin family, “married” to the first magnate in Yinzhou City, the president of the Lin Group, Lin Qinghan.
As Lin Qinghan’s husband, in the month he was a member of the Lin family, he did all the work of a servant, and never went to bed with Lin Qinghan, for the simple reason that Lin Qinghan looked down on him.
The only thing that belongs to Zhang Xuan in this villa is probably the very worn out bicycle in the courtyard.
Zhang Xuan was wearing a white undershirt, beach pants, humming an unknown ditty in his mouth, with a happy expression on his face.
“Phew, two more houses, today’s task is complete.”
A global limited edition Aston Martin stopped in front of the villa, this car, the entire city of Yinzhou, people who can afford to buy, but qualified to buy, none, even the Lin family.
Car down a young male, wearing Versace limited edition clothing, can buy this kind of clothes, that has a pivotal position in the country.
The youth took off the sunglasses on his face, revealing his handsome face, pushed the door and walked into the villa compound, and with a glance through the huge floor-to-ceiling window, saw Zhang Xuan, who was lying on the ground, pouting and wiping the floor.
The handsome young man covered his forehead, “My God, boss, you are at least a person who is known as Satan by the world’s helmsmen, do not want to change into a housekeeper ah? Oh no, I should say, housewife!”
The youth pushed the door, walked into the villa, and lit himself a Gao Xi Ba Cuban cigar, the rich aroma wafted up when the cigar was lit.
Crawling on the floor, Zhang Xuan did not even look at the man, continued to wipe the floor, said: “You know what, this is called love! Put out your damn cigarette for me, you know, my wife does not like to smell smoke.”
“Yo, are these the words that come out of our big smoker’s mouth?” The handsome young man skimmed his mouth, or honestly put out his cigarette, “That, boss, do you want to go for a drink tonight, that chick from the royal family of Switzerland called me again today, dying to meet you, if you agree, she will land on her private plane in Yinzhou at the first opportunity.”
“Shit! I’m a man with a wife, what Swiss royal family, tell her to get lost.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand impatiently, “And you, get out of here, can’t you see I’m scrubbing the floor here?”
“Ugh.” The handsome youth sighed, “What a heartless man, well, I’ll tell that chick, boss, are you really going to give up everything? The whole underground world is going crazy this month after you disappeared.”
“Bullshit about giving up everything!” Zhang Xuan stood up from the ground and slapped the back of the handsome youth’s head, “Old man now, but I own the whole world!”
Zhang Xuan said while pointing his finger at the TV wall in the living room, where there was a wedding photo of him and a woman standing together, the woman on the photo, with light makeup, smiled slightly, as if she was as beautiful as an angel.
“All right, all right, they say that women in love have no intelligence, I see that men are just like that, then I will go first.” The handsome youth shook his head helplessly, exited the villa gate and walked towards the limited edition Aston Martin, while opening the car door, the handsome youth suddenly gave a beat, “Right boss, you put Master Sherpa’s most valuable things and these garbage into one piece, I guess Sherpa will be very heartbroken when he sees it.”
The handsome youth nudged the luxury cars in the courtyard that had fallen into dust.
“Bullshit valuable, the bike is not just for riding, you want to send you!” Zhang Xuan waved his hand with a careless face.
“Forget it.” The handsome young man shook his head, “I don’t want to ride this auction price of 1.3 billion dollars on the street, let’s go ah boss.”
The Aston Martin sounded a motor roar and disappeared in front of the villa.
Zhang Xuan walked to the courtyard, looked at the worn out bike and muttered to himself, “1.3 billion? Not as valuable as a hair on my wife’s head.”
After saying that, Zhang Xuan kicked the bike down, the cell phone in his pocket rang while the bike fell to the ground, Zhang Xuan took out this thousand dollars worth of Huawei cell phone and took a look, there was a text message with the following content.
“Dear Lord Satan, the Saudi royal family implores us to send ten escorts to protect the safety of the royal family members, the price is three oil fields, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Rice ……”
Zhang Xuan just scanned the text message without even finishing reading the content and deleted it, looked at the floor of the villa house and said to himself, “Really, there are still two rooms that have not been wiped.”
Zhang Xuan put the phone into his pants pocket, and again lay down on the floor, puckered up his butt, and carefully wiped the floor.
When Zhang Xuan had cleaned the villa, it was already 6:00 pm.
A Mercedes-Benz drove into the villa compound.
As soon as Zhang Xuan heard the sound of the engine, he immediately ran to the villa door.
The fiery red Mercedes GT was as beautiful as a cheetah, making people unable to move their eyes, but it was dwarfed by the woman who came down from the car, even the avid car lovers, at this time, would not pay attention to the Mercedes GT, but put their eyes on the woman.
A simple white shirt with a black skirt, because this woman became no longer ordinary, with a black silk slender legs like a gift from God is perfect, slender, straight.
Three thousand black silk draped behind the head, the woman every step, will make this head of black hair flutter.
Her fair skin is softer than a baby’s, and her perfect features are impeccable.
This is a perfect woman who combines temperament, good looks and wealth.
If you have to say the beauty of the shortcomings, probably the woman’s cold as ice expression.
After the woman got off, she didn’t even look at Zhang Xuan standing in front of the villa door, and walked straight into the door.
“Old …… Lin, you’re back.” Zhang Xuan looked at the woman in front of him with a pleasing face, at first ready to export the name because the woman a look and collected back.
Lin Qinghan, the general manager of the Lin Group, Zhang Xuan’s legal wife who received a license a month ago.
Lin Qinghan as soon as she saw Zhang Xuan, there was a wave of disgust in her heart, she hates, there are two kinds of people, a greasy mouth, and a lazy, very coincidentally, these two, Zhang Xuan accounted for.
In Lin Qinghan’s eyes, Zhang Xuan is a person who does nothing all day long, idle, who does not seek advancement, and wants to live a better life than others by joining the family, taking the 20,000 yuan salary given to him by his father every month!
The Lin family is a single lineage, to Lin Qinghan’s father’s generation, gave birth to a daughter, in order to prevent the Lin family incense cut off, can only find someone to join the superfluous, Lin Qinghan can not understand, why her father chose such a person, she protested to her father countless times, but the results are useless.
The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.
“Mr. Lin, this busy day tired, tea has been brewed for you.” With a pleasing smile on his face, Zhang Xuan handed Lin Qinghan a cup of hot tea.

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