Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 2

Lin Qinghan looked at the smile on Zhang Xuan’s face, heart flooded with a burst of nausea, she was sorry for Zhang Xuan many times, brush the toilet, wipe the floor with a rag, rather than the courtyard of the sports car dust, but also not allow Zhang Xuan touch, not allow Zhang Xuan to smoke, too much, however, Zhang Xuan is not resistant to these at all, said not smoking, not a cigarette, a few times, Lin Qinghan also deliberately home early from work, just to catch Zhang Xuan a little problem, and then shoo him away, but the results time and again let Lin Qinghan disappointed.
She looked at the flattery on Zhang Xuan’s face, and an idea sprang up in her heart.
The first thing you can do is to take everything, not to be submissive, I’ll let you suffer!
Thinking of this, Lin Qinghan leaned back on the sofa and said to Zhang Xuan in a voice devoid of emotion: “Tired, go get me a basin of footwash.”
“Okay!” Zhang Xuan did not hesitate for a second and immediately ran to the bathroom.
Soon, a tub of moderately warm footwash water was brought to Lin Qinghan by Zhang Xuan.
“Mr. Lin, your foot wash.” Zhang Xuan squatted in front of Lin Qinghan’s long and slender legs and put down the footwash basin.
Lin Qinghan stomped off her high heels, lifted those delicate jade feet to Zhang Xuan’s eyes, and said in a condescending tone, “You wash them for me.”
“I’ll wash them for you?” Zhang Xuan looked at the pair of jade feet in front of him and froze for two seconds.
Seeing Zhang Xuan’s expression, Lin Qinghan’s delicate mouth curled slightly and coldly snorted, “What, no? If you don’t want to, get lost!”
“Yes, of course I do!” Zhang Xuan nodded vigorously, with a smile on his face and a hint of excitement in his heart, it seems that his efforts this month were not in vain, this is the first time that physical contact with his wife, or her initiative!
Zhang Xuan from froze to a smile on the face of the change in expression, Lin Qinghan see clearly, in the eyes of Lin Qinghan, is completely clear to see this person, for money, anything can do!
Men, not afraid of being poor, but afraid of having no backbone!
In Lin Qinghan’s opinion, Zhang Xuan is the kind of man without backbone, this kind of man, should be ruthlessly humiliated! She deliberately raised her delicate jade feet, as if instructing a subordinate, “Wash it.”
Zhang Xuan looked at the pair of jade feet, black stockings over the feet, silky, silky smooth, with a gentle pull of the hand, black silk with a crease, along this straight long legs down, leg-splitting stockings without much hindrance was Zhang Xuan pulled to the knee.
The black stockings carry a faint fragrance, after removing them all, the exquisite jade feet presented in front of Zhang Xuan’s eyes, the muscles are soft and tender, like soaking in pure milk every day, crystal clear, is a work of art, like a piece of pure white jade, is the most demanding people, can not pick a little flaw.
Lin Qinghan leaned back on the sofa, she could clearly feel a pair of rough hands rubbing on the bottom of her feet, bringing a burst of tingling and comfort, Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan who was pressing his feet in front of him, the disgust in his eyes was even greater, she never thought that a man, for money can be humble to such an extent, simply disgusting!
Lin Qinghan was just about to kick Zhang Xuan away and tell him to get lost, when the ringing of her cell phone interrupted what she was about to do next.
The call was from the company’s secretary Li, Lin Qinghan picked up the phone, not knowing what secretary Li said on the phone, causing Lin Qinghan’s eyebrows to furrow together.
“Tell him, don’t be delusional! My Lin’s, too, is not a soft persimmon that anyone can pinch!”
Lin Qinghan finished, directly threw the phone aside, leaned on the sofa, jade fingers gently rubbed his temples, feeling a burst of distraction, even a kick away from Zhang Xuan’s matter to forget.
At this time, a warmth from the bottom of Lin Qinghan’s feet, along the perfectly straight long legs, spread upwards, this comfortable warmth, so that Lin Qinghan’s irritable mood felt a touch of calm, tightly wrinkled willow brows also softened some.
Zhang Xuan put the pair of jade feet in his hands into the basin of warm water, carefully, carefully rubbed and pressed, he tilted his head and raised his eyes, saw Lin Qinghan’s frowning appearance, the woman’s appearance, and just picked up the phone, so that Zhang Xuan heart a sleeping beast awakened.
Who messed with her! Who dares!
This is the first time Zhang Xuan saw this look of Lin Qinghan, from the year Zhang Xuan was five years old, he knew this woman in front of him.
When he was five years old, Zhang Xuan and his mother almost froze to death on the street in the winter, Lin Qinghan stepped out of her father’s car and handed Zhang Xuan a cotton coat and a hundred dollars in cash, the cotton coat got Zhang Xuan and his mother through the winter, and the hundred dollars allowed Zhang Xuan to buy medicine to reduce his mother’s fever.
When Zhang Xuan was seven years old, he got food poisoning from eating spoiled food from the dumpster. The Lin family’s charity funded the rescue of six street children, including Zhang Xuan.
When Zhang Xuan was ten years old, he attended a charity school founded by the Lin family, and his mother found a job as a janitor at the school.
When Zhang Xuan was fourteen, his mother was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. In order not to drag Zhang Xuan down, his mother left a suicide note and leapt down from the seventh floor.
In her suicide note, her mother told Zhang Xuan that he could not establish a grave for himself, but he must repay the kindness of the Lin family, without which Zhang Xuan would have died on the streets at the age of five, not to mention his schooling.
The Lin family saved Zhang Xuan’s life twice, Zhang Xuan has long vowed in his heart that in his life, he must repay the Lin family’s kindness, and at the age of five, the girl who gave him a cotton shirt, like an angel who brings light, lived in Zhang Xuan’s heart.
Zhang Xuan’s memory, only this woman’s sweet smile, never saw her frown like this.
Zhang Xuan rubbed the soles of Lin Qinghan’s feet, he is familiar with every point of the human body, for Lin Qinghan relief, his control of strength, even professional masseurs can not compare.
Unconsciously, Lin Qinghan’s entire body sagged, lazily leaning on the wide sofa, she was indeed too tired, sleepiness came along with the comfort on her feet.
Lin Qinghan half lying on the soft sofa, her posture makes her white shirt in front of her slightly piled up in front of her body, shirt buttons and buttons, also because of her posture opened a small mouth, Zhang Xuan eyes a little skimming, you can see through these small mouth, Lin Qinghan that flat belly, and then look up, is the black intimate clothing.
Lin Qinghan was completely unaware of anything, the comfort coming from the bottom of her feet, the mental sleepiness, let her sleep, let out a calm breathing sound, a head of black hair messy scattered on the sofa backrest, like a fairy tale sleeping beauty as beautiful.
Zhang Xuan carefully for Lin Qinghan massage, often people keep a posture half squatting for more than fifteen minutes, the legs will be numb, unbearable, Zhang Xuan squatting for more than half an hour, then gently dry Lin Qinghan pair of jade feet, slowly put on the sofa, and find a towel quilt for Lin Qinghan cover.

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