Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 106

Black Thunder is powerful, but always a gangster organization, and the Golden Triangle’s armed groups, compared to the bullshit, just a prickly peak, to destroy an armed group, a black Thunder, and how can threaten Zhang Xuan.
For Zhang Xuan, Han gentle is absolutely confident.
Black Hong see Han gentle face did not show a little emotion, shook his head, “We have an old saying, called the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger, I think, used to describe you at this time, more apt.”
“Oh? How do you say?” Han tenderly lifted the broken hair at the temples of his ears with his hand, and asked with interest.
“There are ancient martial arts in China, the Four Extremes Sect, have you heard of it?” Hei Hong gently sipped his tea.
“No.” Han tenderly shook his head.
Black Hong slowly blowing into the tea cup for a while, before continuing: “China, has been known as the world’s countless powers, but with the passage of time, the Chinese martial arts gradually declined, everyone thinks that the Chinese martial arts, but some strong body, body cultivation method, do not know, the ancient martial arts of the terrible!”
Hei Hong put the tea cup on the table, his eyes Ling.
“The Four Extremes Sect, is one of the best, the Four Extremes Sect Master, back then, with the strength of one person, fighting thirty-seven people alone, defeating all the opponents!”
“God!” A society leader opened his mouth wide subconsciously.
What is the concept of one person fighting thirty-seven people alone? Does ancient martial arts really exist in China?
The people here all showed shocked eyes.
Hei Hong looked at the expressions of the people around him with satisfaction and continued, “As we all know, a few years ago, there was a group of trans-river dragons crossing the Ning Province, each one of them was fierce and famous.”
“This I know!” Black Hong’s voice just fell, there is a person to take the next straw, “when those people, can set off a huge wave in the entire Ning Province, those people are ferocious, strength and strong, just a few of their brothers, they have suppressed the countless field, so that many associations at the time of the big brother to them are respectful, I heard that a few of them are also special forces retired, quite powerful hands. ”
“I have also heard of this matter.”
“You just heard, I have really seen those few people, ah, each is a murderous desperado, when a gambling stall did not open eyes to provoke them, the brothers killed into the gambling stall, the next day, the gambling stall closed, and now have not opened, it is said that dozens of people died! The city was in a storm, but then, not much heard of these people.”
“Good.” Black Hong nodded, “the reason you can not hear the news of those people, because, these few people, not open eyes to provoke the Four Extremes Sect Master, by the Four Extremes Sect Master in seven moves all abolished.”
The moment Hei Hong’s words fell, the table was in an uproar!
At the beginning of those few over the river dragon, it can be said that the wind in the road, no one knows, no one knows, strong, cruel means, when everyone thought that the future of this Ning Province underground associations, will be dominated by these people, but unknowingly, we did not have news of these people, when many people are still speculating, what is the reason, but no one knows.
Until today, they only know the answer, so ferocious people, but was invalidated within seven moves, the four polar door master, in the end what role!
Chinese ancient martial arts, when really so powerful?
“Black boss, you say so much, and what does it have to do with that blood?” Han gentle leaned on the seat, expression flat asked, Hei Hong said these, others are surprised, she is not surprised, compared with those done by the prickly peak, this Four Extremes Sect Master did those things, like child’s play.
“A blood, is the Four Extremes Sect Master’s own son, you killed, the Four Extremes Sect Master’s, own son!”
Hei Hong’s words were not shocking.
Once these words came out, the eyes of everyone in the room, all focused on Han gentle, that look, some with gloating, some with pity, to provoke such a powerful character, Qing Ye, it is estimated that there are not many days.
“Then what is the meaning of the black boss? Our Green Leaf just disbanded? Or ……” Han gentle face still did not change much.
“Who killed the blood, you handed over who, this matter you Green Leaf do not need to get involved, I dare to ensure that you Green Leaf continue to survive, after this Silver State, also belong to your Green Leaf management!”
“What if you don’t hand it over?” Han gentle asked again.
“Girl! I think you are young, do not want you to misunderstand yourself, if you do not hand over, Green Leaf, at any time will be replaced!” Heilong, who had always been pleasant and pleasant, at this time, his eyes were shining, and his tone was quite stern.
Han gentle smile, “black boss, in fact, and not to hide from you, even if I people handed over, your mouth of the four polar doors, can not take him.”
Viper stood behind Han gentle, heard this, nodded with deep feeling, he is the one who has seen Zhang Xuan and prickly peak hands, that killing decisiveness, he felt a chill just watching.
Black Hong slapped the table, the cup of tea are gradually out, “Little girl, you are a little arrogant, the Four Extremes Sect’s power, not you can imagine!”
“Black boss, the power of the Four Extremes Sect, I can not imagine, but wait you see the person, his power, the same is not what you can imagine.” Han gentle mouth hooked up a smile, raised the phone, “He arrived.”
As soon as Han’s gentle voice fell, the door of the Eight Immortals Building was pushed open from the outside.
Zhang Xuan hands in pockets, standing at the door of the Eight Immortals building to sweep a circle, gaze on each of the community leader swept, and finally looked at Han gentle, “how to make a scene? Directly kill or go through the procedure?”
“Is this the person?” Hei Hong asked Han Gentle with a puzzled face.
“Yes, it’s him.” Han gentle nodded and made a gesture of please go ahead, “The person who killed Ah blood was also sent by him, you can go talk to him.”
Hei Hong did not say anything and waved his hand at the youth behind him who had been playing with his phone.
The youth showed an impatient look and tapped his finger on the phone a few times, when the phone made a pentakill sound, the youth put the phone in his pocket and walked towards Zhang Xuan.
Every step the youth took, he twisted his joints and made a sound.
“Hey, don’t you twist it off.” Zhang Xuan looked at the youth’s appearance of twisting his head so hard that he couldn’t help but remind him.
When the youth was less than five meters away from Zhang Xuan, he suddenly attacked, he stepped forward and swung both hands in unison towards Zhang Xuan’s chest.
The moment the youth swung his fist, Zhang Xuan looked at Han Gentle, who shook his head slightly at Zhang Xuan, meaning there was no need to kill.
Zhang Xuan understood, gave up no less than ten possibilities to directly kill the other party, he a side dodge.
The youth sneered and looked back with a whip leg towards Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan obediently drew a seat from his side to resist the whip leg.
The youth’s calf collided with the wooden chair, and in an instant, the wooden chair split apart, which shows how heavy the youth’s leg was.

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