Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 105

When Zhang Xuan returned home after a busy day, he smelled the rich fragrance of rice coming from the house.
“Did Milan cook again?”
Zhang Xuan didn’t even think about the fact that Lin Qinghan could cook this time.
Sure enough, once he entered the house, Lin Qinghan was sitting at the dining table, looking at the kitchen with a face full of expectation.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.
“Qinghan, a friend has come.” Zhang Xuan greeted naturally, every time when Milan was around, he would call Lin Qinghan that way.
Lin Qinghan excitedly introduced to Zhang Xuan: “This is Li Ke, Milan’s friend in the Enamel Kingdom, you don’t know yet, right? Milan and Li Ke, but they cook food for the Enamel Kingdom’s royal family, you are blessed with royalty, Li Ke, this is Zhang Xuan.”
“Hello.” Ri Ke took the initiative to extend her hand to Zhang Xuan.
“Hello.” Zhang Xuan reached out to hold the other party’s fingertips, but was thinking about what Lin Qinghan had said.
The Enamel Kingdom’s royal family?
Zhang Xuan’s mind then thought of someone, the current chef of the Enamel Kingdom Royal Family, who had been pleading with himself to teach him some culinary skills, and one year even told himself that he had found two good Chinese talents, and that there were only two Chinese people under his collective of chefs, could it be that Milan and Ri Ke were the disciples that person had found?
Zhang Xuan’s eyes swept over Li Ke with some oddity, and then looked at Milan who was busy in the kitchen.
His own wife’s best friend, it is likely to become his own apprentice?
The first time they met, they looked all over the body like this, a person would be uncomfortable in the heart, but Li Ke did not say anything, she knew the nature of Zhang Xuan, a relationship liar, this time to come, Li Ke also intends to cooperate with Milan, demolish this person.
Today, Milan did not cook any enamel country cuisine, but made some home-cooked dishes, the fragrance came out, Lin Qinghan could not resist long ago.
Zhang Xuan now also saw that his wife, through and through is a snacker, usually did not show it, once encountered delicious, the nature of food immediately exposed.
When eating, the three women are communicating with each other, the topic of conversation, mostly cosmetics, clothing brands and so on, Zhang Xuan can not intervene, quickly finished eating, looking for an excuse to go out.
Just before going home, Han gentle called Zhang Xuan, said that tonight Black Thunder’s boss will bring people to negotiate.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
Therefore, although the city of Silver City is a piece of fat, but Black Thunder does not dare to swallow, or even let a green leaf society, in Silver City grow up.
But to say that Black Thunder can completely give up the city of Silver City, that is not possible.
Eight Immortals Building.
In front of the one-person high statue of Guan Gong, the incense stand has been filled.
Han tender wearing a tight leather clothes, posture, graceful, sitting on the largest of the eight immortals table on the main seat, black thunder three leader Viper hand wrapped in gauze, standing behind Han tender.
Eight immortals in the building, there are not many community members, but only a few ten people, but these ten people, that are the Ning Province underground associations, the heads of major associations.
Black Thunder’s boss, a middle-aged man in his fifties, he has an ordinary face, wearing a very ordinary sportswear, if people see him on the road, no one would think that he is the leader of the entire Ning Province underground underworld.
Hei Hong, at the age of twenty, has been fighting in the road, many people have heard of his deeds.
At the side of Hei Hong, stood a youthful-faced youth, the atmosphere in the Eight Immortals building seemed silent, but the youth stood there, holding a cell phone, carefully playing the game, the sound of the game’s background music hovered in the Eight Immortals building.
Black Hong looked at Han gentle, opened his mouth, his voice seemed a little hoarse, “really heroes out of the youth, before coming today, how I never thought that the current head of the Green Leaf, is a little girl, ate a big circle society, destroyed so many people in my Black Thunder, even the body can not be found, really powerful.”
Strangely enough, when Hei Hong was saying this, there was no anger at all on his face, and there was even praise among his eyes.
“In fact, whether you exterminate the Great Circle Society, or kill my people, I do not care, at your age, I am more ruthless than you, I can see from you, I saw my shadow at the time, but you should never leave a single person alive, A blood is someone you can not move.”
The youth who was playing the mobile game suddenly raised his head and showed a weird smile to Han tender, “A blood is my brother.”
Han tender see the youth a mouthful of white teeth, there is no reason to feel some palpitations.
Black Hong saw Han gentle did not say anything, he smiled, “little girl, you are still young, many things do not understand, in this world, there are too many things you can not imagine, there are too many people you can not provoke.”
For Hei Hong’s words, Han tender deep feelings, with the growth of age, the world, again and again refreshing her perception.
In her earliest days of fighting crime and eliminating evil, she felt that the kind of people who dare to fight with a knife are villains, and later, the kind of people who fight with a knife are just ponies, and there are more terrible things, such as, killing.
All along, Han gentle has been gradually exposed to these, until she met Zhang Xuan, witnessed Zhang Xuan in the eight immortal building killing scene, witnessed the stabbing peak in the night bar dance, in the mouth of the sharp edge three captain Jin Xin, she heard so many more things she did not dare to think before.
Indeed, as Hei Hong said, this world, far from their own imagination.
“On the road, there are rules of the road.” Black Hong lifted the cup of tea in front of him and blew gently at his mouth, “You kill my people, eat big circle society, are all matters of the road, you have the ability, you do it, I have nothing to say, but you kill Ah blood, is another matter, this to discuss a statement, little girl, I will not make it difficult for you, who moved at that time, you let who stand out.”
“He’ll be right here.” Han gentle spoke.
Although, Han Gentle did not know what those, unimaginable things that Hei Hong was referring to, Han Gentle was confident that those were not enough to threaten Zhang Xuan.
What kind of organization is the sharp edge, Han gentle as a person within the system, couldn’t be clearer, the people there, directly obey the supreme commander, every single one of them, are the elite of the elite! Even they, to one of Zhang Xuan’s men, have to be cautious and cautious again, then Zhang Xuan?
For the question of what exactly is Zhang Xuan’s identity, Han gentle has never bothered to think about it, because she knows that she simply can not imagine that much, her own perception, is really too limited.

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