Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 123

Zhang Cheng also felt that the plot is a bit bloodthirsty, and Zhang Xuan embarrassed smile, “is this brother-in-law, originally Qing Ye internal people do not serve Miss, the results of the Qing Ye and several things happened, my big brother Pao Zi head, originally the second leader of the Qing Ye, several fire fights were seriously injured, and now hands were completely wasted, coveting my brother’s position, people popped up. ”
Zhang Xuan nodded thoughtfully, he and the head of the leopard fought, the head of the leopard’s strength has a general idea, against ordinary people, the head of the leopard is a master, but for practitioners, the head of the leopard’s skills are very general, and the recent Qing Ye several fire fights, Zhang Xuan also know, facing those people, the head of the leopard is obviously not an opponent, several hands, the head of the leopard are not lightly wounded, and all said and done, on kinship, they have to call the head of the leopard called auntie it.
This kind of mob thing, in the past, Zhang Xuan certainly do not bother, but now well, himself and Han gentle also happened so much, Qing Ye civil unrest, they can not sit idly by.
Zhang Xuan also asked Zhang Cheng, “He just said the Dragon, who is it?”
Zhang Cheng replied: “Dragon is in this part of the university city to see the field, very capable of fighting, it is said to be the provincial runner-up retired, over the years, my big brother Leopard head has been sitting in the position of second in command, Dragon heart is very unconvinced, now my big brother was injured, he immediately anxious to ascend to the top, just do not dare to show too obviously, just let his people in the university city bullying bully us. ”
Zhang Xuan listened with some amusement, this kind of Zhang Cheng said gruff to the matter, in Zhang Xuan’s view, just like a child playing.
Zhang Xuan is not without encounter with this kind of power plotting and usurpation of things, just he encountered, often is to bury the bomb to exterminate, please killers to exterminate, like this Dragon’s approach, the difference in the style of painting is really some powerful.
“All right.” Listen to this thing is so, Zhang Xuan not much mood to manage, Han gentle treatment of this so-called Dragon should not have any problems.
Because just Guo Qiang’s matter, the three women in the box and sang a few songs, are not interested, a few people are also ready to leave.
As a result, just out of the bar door, you can see the bar door surrounded by a black press of people, led by the two young people with knives who just held down Zhang Cheng, Guo Qiang was supported by people standing aside.
At the sight of this situation, Zhang Cheng’s face immediately darkened.
“Guo Qiang, you want to do this to the end?”
“Zhang Cheng, it’s none of your business now! I want to settle accounts with him!” Guo Qiang pointed at Zhang Xuan, “Kid, weren’t you just crazy? Now go ahead and show me?”
Zhang Xuan looked at the black pressed group of people gathered outside the bar, the number of at least thirty people.
Faced with these people, Zhang Xuan looked calm.
“Brother-in-law, let’s call the police.” Xu Wan three women are a little afraid to stand behind Zhang Xuan, this kind of formation, the boys look scared, let alone their girls.
“It’s okay.” Zhang Xuan patted Xu Wan’s shoulder, comforted, he took a step forward, looking at the thirty people in front of him, said, “Who wants to do it, stand out!”
The moment Zhang Xuan’s words fell, the thirty people surrounding the bar, you look at me, I look at you, no one took the first step.
This scene, Zhang Xuan has long expected, these people, looking at the crowd, but to be frank, are to come to the hustle and bustle, really want to help Guo Qiang revenge people, the first time they see their own hands.
Guo Qiang saw that he called the people did not move, his face was a little embarrassed, to the side of the little brother made a wink.
The little brother saw his side there are so many people present, the heart also has the bottom, deep breath, big step out, “I’m going to move you today, what?”
The little brother just finished speaking, was Zhang Xuan grabbed the collar, backhanded two slaps up, hit the crisp and loud, directly to the little brother on the spot confused.
“Get lost!” Zhang Xuan kicked the little brother back into the crowd and continued to speak, “Who else wants to make a move?”
These thirty people, none of them dared to make a sound, including the two youths with machetes on their waists, now also do not dare to shout.
Such a scene, it can be said that people want to laugh, more than thirty people aggressive, but the result was one person scared to say anything.
Just when the atmosphere was a little awkward, a frivolous voice, outside the crowd sounded.
“Who is it? Making trouble in our Qing Ye’s territory?”
Hearing this voice, Guo Qiang and the others all looked happy, while Zhang Cheng, on the other hand, had a darker face.
The crowd spread out a lane, a short man, only one meter six in height, with his hands behind his back, walked towards Zhang Xuan from this lane, the rest of the people, all respectfully called out to Brother Tiger.
“Who is this again?” Zhang Xuan asked strangely, every time when something big happened in Qing Ye, Zhang Xuan could not see so many people in Qing Ye, today is good, and the dragon and the tiger.
Zhang Cheng whispered: “Brother Tiger, is the right arm of Brother Long, with him here, Brother Long is naturally not far away, if Brother Long were to be here, today’s matter would not be easy.”
Zhang Cheng’s face was ugly, obviously, he was still very scrupulous about that so-called Brother Long.
Tiger, who is only six meters tall, walked up to Zhang Xuan, lit himself a cigarette, and looked up at Zhang Xuan, “Kid, you’re crazy, huh? Do you know whose territory this is?”
Zhang Cheng took the initiative to speak out, “Brother Tiger, this matter should not be blamed on us, it is Guo Qiang he ……”
“Shut up!” Tiger bellowed and glared at Zhang Cheng, “Let you speak? Unruly thing!”
“Right …… sorry.” Zhang Cheng lowered his head and looked very formal, “It’s just that Brother Tiger ……”
“Let you shut up, did not hear?” Brother Tiger threw the cigarette in his hand viciously to Zhang Cheng, sparks splashed Zhang Cheng all over, Zhang Cheng did not dare to move a little.
Tiger eyes back on Zhang Xuan, “just you asked, who else is going to do it? Our Qing Ye’s people, are you able to fight?”
“Brother Tiger, this has nothing to do with my brother-in-law, it’s just me and Guo Qiang’s private ……”
“I fucking told you to shut up!” Brother Tiger lifted his foot and kicked it directly toward Zhang Cheng’s body.
A cold aura flashed in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, hands clenched fists, just ready to make a move, and heard a stern cry ring out.
“Tiger! Go, something’s wrong!” Outside the crowd, a rather impatient voice rang out.
At the same time, the people surrounding in front of Zhang Xuan bowed in unison and shouted out to Brother Long.
Zhang Xuan also happened to see this so-called Brother Long, a lean and sturdy man, exposed in the air calves full of explosive strength, at a glance you know is a practitioner.
The original face is not happy Tiger, after hearing the three words, Zhang Xuan viciously said you are lucky, Zhang Xuan did a wipe the neck action.
Zhang Xuan’s cell phone, also at this time rang, Han gentle anxious voice rang in the phone.
“Zhang Xuan, Black Thunder is here with the Four Pole Sect!”

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