Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 122

The university city’s wine street, Zhang Xuan or the first time with a drinking mentality to it, the roadside vendors, the aroma of snacks, all make Zhang Xuan feel very interesting.
Xu Wan a few people are very experienced in choosing a KTV, opened a box, asked for a beer package, sat inside and began to sing.
Zhang Cheng, the two little brothers and handed Zhang Xuan cigarettes and poured wine for Zhang Xuan, making Zhang Xuan are a little embarrassed.
About 9:30 p.m., the sky has completely darkened, Zhang Xuan and other people are also playing in the head, the door of the box was suddenly kicked open.
Kicked open the door of the box, is a short hair inch youth, also looks like a student, in this inch youth behind, also followed by a few young brothers.
Zhang Cheng, who was still singing, frowned at the sight of this man and put down his microphone, “Guo Qiang, what do you mean?”
The inch-headed young man called Guo Qiang stretched a lazy back, hands clasped in the back of the head, eyes casually in the box surveyed a circle, said: “Nothing, just want to see, why, to the wine street, do not know first to give me a hello?”
Zhang Cheng’s little brother Quan Qiang stood up and cursed at Guo Qiang: “What are you, let our brother Cheng say hello to you!”
Another junior brother Yang Feng also snorted coldly, “They are all from the Green Leaf Society, do you think you are qualified to make our brother Cheng give you greetings?”
“Do you want to die!” Guo Qiang’s little brother likewise opened his mouth to curse.
“It’s okay, let them show off with their mouths.” Guo Qiang did not care to wave his hand to his little brother, continued, “Zhang Cheng, I think you should not call yourself the Green Leaf Society, just your brother that waste, now say out, is not enough to be ashamed, leopard head? Oh, already a waste of a person, right! What face do you have to call yourself the leader of the Green Leaf, now the leader should be replaced by our Brother Long!”
“What did you say!” As soon as Zhang Cheng heard this, he directly rose up, waving his fist and rushed towards Guo Qiang.
Guo Qiang did not even move, two people came out directly behind him, pressed Zhang Cheng against the wall, so that Zhang Cheng could not move, these two people are not students at first glance, the machete at the waist shocking.
Guo Qiang did not even look at Zhang Cheng, his eyes on the three women in the box, “Zhang Cheng, you said you arrived at the wine street, did not first come to greet me, how to solve this matter? How about letting these few beautiful women, accompany us brothers to talk?”
Zhang Cheng was pressed against the wall by two people, gritting his teeth to squeeze out a sentence, “Guo Qiang, you do not get an inch!”
“You’re going too far? So what if I am?” Guo Qiang laughed a little, not even putting Zhang Cheng and the others in his eyes.
Guo Qiang said, and came inside the private room.
“If you take another step forward, I’ll break your legs.” Zhang Xuan, who had been sitting there without speaking, picked up a glass of cold beer and took a big sip.
Originally because the other side of the waist two machetes some fear of Quan Qiang and Yang Feng, as soon as Zhang Xuan spoke, the heart immediately put down a large part.
Yes, brother-in-law is here, what are you afraid of ah!
Zhang Xuan’s presence, as if they immediately inserted a needle in the heart of the sea.
The day Zhang Xuan did in the gambling stall, they can still vividly remember, facing dozens of professional fighters, Zhang Xuan alone to hold the field, no one dared to resist, and those professional fighters than, Guo Qiang is a bullshit ah!
Guo Qiang subconsciously stood in place, looked at Zhang Xuan, “What are you?”
Zhang Cheng, who was held down, laughed, “Guo Qiang, my brother-in-law is here today, I don’t want to cause trouble, and I advise you not to cause trouble either.”
“Is that so? What if I’m inclined to cause trouble?” Guo Qiang gave Zhang Xuan a provocative glance, deliberately pretending, with slow movements, lifted his right leg and took a step forward.
On Guo Qiang’s face, there was a contemptuous smile that seemed to say to Zhang Xuan, you try to move me one.
Zhang Xuan sat on the seat, watched Guo Qiang’s foot slowly raised, and then fell, in the moment Guo Qiang’s palm touched the ground, Zhang Xuan backhanded draw up the bottle on the table, against Guo Qiang’s head, threw it heavily.
Beer bottle in Guo Qiang’s head should be broken, Guo Qiang also subconsciously cover the brain, back a few steps.
“You fucking …… ah!”
Guo Qiang mouth just released vicious words, felt a sharp pain from the leg, the pain so that he could no longer say anything else, only scream.
Zhang Xuan will be broken wine bottle, forcefully stuck in Guo Qiang’s calf, blood flowed on the spot, such a direct bloody scene, so that the two people holding down Zhang Cheng can not help but suck a breath of cold air.
They are active in the university city near the drinking place, hanging machetes on the waist, but also to scare the college students, really let them do something, that is absolutely not dare.
Zhang Xuan listened to Guo Qiang’s screams, coldly snorted, “No strength, do not learn others out to pretend, roll!”
Guo Qiang sat on the ground and looked at his bleeding calf, his eyes were red and his body was shaking with fear.
The two men holding down Zhang Cheng glanced at each other and forced themselves to settle down, after saying to Zhang Xuan, “Buddy, which way, our Qing Ye’s people, not you can just beat them up!”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan lightly laughed, returned to the sofa and sat down, poured himself a glass of beer, “I count to three, which of you still dare to stand in this booth, I will abolish who.”
Zhang Xuan picked up the glass, did not raise his eyes, “One.”
In the Zhang Xuan said abolished who, Guo Qiang brought these people felt a heartbeat, they just saw with their own eyes how this ruthless person in front of them, no hesitation ah.
“Two.” Zhang Xuan put the wine glass to his mouth and drank it down in one gulp.
“Good! You have guts, I want to see how you can walk out of this street today!” The two people holding down Zhang Cheng let go of their hands and dragged Guo Qiang, who was sitting on the ground holding his legs and shedding tears, out of the box.
The compartment became quiet again.
Zhang Cheng breathed a sigh of relief and smiled bitterly at Zhang Xuan, “Brother-in-law, this time let you see the joke.”
Zhang Xuan frowned and said curiously, “There is a conflict within your Green Leaf Society?”
Zhang Cheng nodded and said, “Brother-in-law, you do not know, our Green Leaf Society, has always been the largest underground society in Yinzhou, but said underground society, the boss Lei Gong but forbade us to do all illegal and disorderly things, except for the necessary firefight, do not let the members of the Green Leaf Society touch gambling and white goods, but also do not let the black hands of those on the road to the University City, it can be said that the Green Leaf Society is an underground umbrella, but some time ago, the Green Leaf successive changes, the boss Lei Gong abdicated and gave the president to the first lady, which led to many people privately disobeyed, so ……”
“So it split into two factions?” Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes, this is the plot of the movie ah!

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